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Anime name Zukai
Manga name Zukai
Debut Dragon Ball: Dark Origins
Appears in Dragon Ball: Dark Origins
Race Saiyan
Height 5 ft.
Weight 35 lbs.
Affiliations Shalla (mate)

"You're the tree, I'm the storm."
Bringing This Upon Yourselves

Zukai is a original character created by Zeon1. He is the protagnist of Dragon Ball: Dark Origins. His name is a pun on the vegetable Zucchini.


Zukai wears clothing similar to Bardock, but has short armguards on his shoulders. His hair is spiky and sticks up, except for a single hair that hangs over his left eye. His is thickly muscled, but it is distributed so he can move quickly.


For most of the time, Zukai has a similar personality to most Saiyans, being proud and bloodthristy, gambling and drinking. However, he has moments of tenderness and compassion, either with Carrin, or with Shalla, his mate. These moments are rare.


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  • Comander Carrin- When they first met, Zukai had a grudging respect for his CO, but after becoming a Captain, they became close friends. When Carrin was killed, Zukai actually cried.
  • Shalla- While in private he is compassionate and loving, when they are on a mission he treats her like any other member of his squad (though he does go to extra lengths to protect her).


  • His theme is Cut Above by Avery Watts.