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Zubin is a Z fighter who appears in the Zeel Saga of Dragonball NG.


Zubin has blue skin and green hair similar to Zarbon. His hair is styled similar to that of a 17th Century wig. His hair style and clothes suggest that he's from a noble family.


Zeel Saga[]

Zubin enters the 64th World Tournament and is defeated in the quarter finals. Vegeta remarks that he looks similar to his old enemy Zarbon while Zubin dosen't know if he's Zarbon's descendant.

Android #27 Saga[]

Zubin appears watching Goku, Vegeta, Xiccon and Gohan fight #27.

Majin Burnyu Saga[]

Zubin only watches the stronger fighters battle in this saga and is almost killed by Evil Burnyu.

Omashi Saga[]

Zubin left Earth along with the other Z fighters 13 years prior to this saga. Gokuan and Earth's new defence squad find the Z fighters on a remote planet and bring them back to Earth. Zubin takes part in the final battle against Okkutoshi but is killed by the demon king and is revived by the Dragonballs.



The ability to manipulate energy.


The ability to use your ki to fly.

Chasing bullets[]

Zubin makes a small ki blast from each of his fingers and fires them at his enemy at a great speed.

Paralyze sting[]

Zubin paralyzes the enemy that slowly drains their strength.

Monster form[]

It's unknown whether or not Zubin can transform into an ugly monster like Zarbon, however, he states that many people in his family can transform.


  • In Dragonball NG's 4th ending, Zubin is seen back to back with Zarbon. This indicates that they're related.
  • In the Demon Lord saga, Zarbon is seen in an otherworld Vs underworld match with Zubin which ends up with Zubin winning.
  • Zubin's stated powerlevel (according to the NG series' creator) is 98,000,000.