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This page, Zryggheympe, is property of KidVegeta.

Planet Nitro 015
Planet Nitro 015
Featured in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Hidden Memories of Chaiva
Pronunciation zrug-eymp
Adjective Zryggheympean
Alternate Names Planet Nitro 015
Parent star type B-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 629.3 d
Satellites 2
Satellite names Zykal, Grinuk
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 5360.3 km
Polar radius 5342.4 km
Surface area 41.2% land
58.8% water
Mass 2.95543×1025 kg
4.95 M
Equatorial surface gravity 68.649 m/s2
7 g
Axial tilt 44.17°
Surface temperature
Minimum -28.7 °C
Mean 18.4 °C
Maximum 43.2 °C
Composition 82.37% nitrogen (N2)
15.63% oxygen (O2)
1.28% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.56% argon
0.11% water vapor (H2O)
0.05% trace elements
Sentient Species Savil, Ocarans, Planet Trade Organization members
Sentient species 1 population 0
Sentient species 2 population 100
Sentient species 3 population 7,532
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 6 (natives), Tier 2 (resettlement)

Zryggheympe (also known as Planet Nitro 015) is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is in Lord Nitro's territory.


Zryggheympe was home to two sentient species, the Savil and the Ocarans. For many years, the Savil suppressed the Ocarans and built vast, splendid cities. However, their greed and neglect proved to be their downfall. After years of being treated as animals, the Ocarans staged a remarkable planet-wide massacre of the other race. The Ocarans were brutal and savage, and soon they completely eradicated the Savil. Thereafter, they lived in the Savil cities. Ocarans were not advanced enough to create their own cities, so they could not maintain the Savil ones. Soon, they fell into ruin and the Ocarans returned to their swamps and hovels. The planet remained in its natural state thereafter. Of course, Nitro soon found the Ocarans, and he enslaved them to his side. He took most of the Ocarans off of the planet, deciding to put them into breeding facilities on other worlds. This rapidly depopulated their homeworld. After the collapse of the Planet Trade Organization, this planet was left untouched by the wars. Since the native Ocarans were not space-faring, they were not major players in the war.

Zryggheympe itself is a world filled with toxic swamps. The entire planet is filled with trees and bogs, and there aren't any true oceans or dry lands on the entire planet. The planet goes through long seasons of rain, but other than that, it does not have much in the way of climate. The regions near the poles are slightly colder than the area near the equator, but the difference is insignificant overall.

In Age 749, Fassfu, Kaesh, and Chaiva were deployed to the planet to repel a group of reaving space pirates. They were successful in wiping out all of the pirates, though several outposts were damaged and thousands of natives and soldiers were killed.

Notable facts[]

  • The entire planet of Zryggheympe is one big swamp. Thus, this planet has no other terrain on it.
  • Because this planet does not have varying terrain, its climate is mostly the same throughout the planet.
  • Zryggheympe is the only named Nitro planet in KidVegeta's universe.
  • Kirka was born on this planet.


  • Zryggheympe's Savil population:
    • At height: 2,384,287,631.
    • At lowest point: 0.
  • Zryggheympe's Ocaran population:
    • At height: 41,248.
    • At lowest point: 7,532.
  • Zryggheympe's Planet Trade Organization population:
    • At height: 100.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Zryggheympe is still around.

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