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Dragon Ball SN
Date of Birth
Age 799
Date of Death
Other Family
Gohan (Father)

Videl (Mother)

Pan (Sister)

Goten (Uncle)

Goku (Grandfather)

Chi Chi (Grandmother)

Trunks (Godfather)

Zeon is the son of Gohan and Videl who was born years after Goku left Earth. He is a main protagnist of Dragon Ball SN.

Dragon Ball SN[]

Early Life[]

Zeon was born several years after Goku left. He was told by Pan about his grandfather, and often wished to meet him. He competed in 5 World Tournaments, always losing against Hercule, who wanted to go out as a champ.

31st World Tournament Saga to Rigor Saga:[]

Dr. Bronze Saga to Future 22 Saga:[]

Typhoon Saga to Meridian Saga:[]

Otherworld Tournament Saga to Bahumat Saga:[]

32nd World Tournament Saga:[]

Transformations and Power Ups[]

Super Saiyan:[]

Gained at an early age, Zeon can become a Super Saiyan at will.

Super Saiyan 2:[]

Mastering it during SN, Zeon uses his Super Saiyan 2 form mostly during an Ultimate Attack, but will occasionally use it in combat.