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"Zeo" he is a Saiyan that never had reached his Super Saiyan Form but he had unlocked his potential, he was the long lost brother of Pan. he also appeared in[]
the Upcoming game for the Playstation 2, "Dragon Ball Z: Apocalypse"[]


He wears a Purple Jacket and a blue undershirt, he also wears dark brown Pants.[]

he also has a Sword Similar to Trunks.


Flight- This is a Normal Ability for Saiyans.

Finish Buster- This Move was Adapted to Zeo from his Dad.[]
Shining Slash- Another Move adapted by his Dad.[]
Buster Cannon- It is another move adapted by his Father.[]
Burning Slash Buster- This is another one of his moves adapted by Trunks[]

also this is his Ultimate Attack, Unlike his dad This move Mixes his Finish

Buster with his dad's Burning Slash Move.

Video Games[]

Dragon Ball Z: Apocalypse[]