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ゼントリクス, Zentorikusu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Gender: Female
God of: Air
Preferred Plane: Mytos, Underworld
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 3%
Rank in the 12 Divines: 8th
Personal Pronouns: 妾 (われわ)
Rank: Original Divine
Family: Qualos (son)
Zeruos (son)
Beinus (son)
Gersia (daughter)

Zentryx was one of the original Twelve Divines. She was primarily a god of air, though she was responsible for allowing energy (or life-force) into the universe. This would eventually manifest itself through strong beings such as Goku. Zentryx usually takes the form of a fiery phoenix.


Zentryx was the secondborn of the Twelve Divines and was the first female born. Aside from helping Iantos create the universe, she had little role in the Theogony. She banished the Keishin to the Underworld, and later came to be regarded as one of the more revered gods down there. Unlike many other gods, Zentrxy would occasionally go down to the Underworld and visit the Makaios, and thus her legend grew. Even the fickle demons worshiped her as their mother.


  • Mother of the sky
  • Who whispers in the wind
  • Whose wings colored the sky
  • First breath
  • Wind-rider

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