Zash is a unique kind of Gurasean. He can control the speed of himself and others by pressing his palms onto the air or an object and think of the person though it messes up his brain, his ability asides from that is to collect data, he is quite snappy and short-tempered. He joins the Galactic Patrol after the Gurasean War arc (Mid DBG) aswell, he is the tritagonist of Dragon Ball Gamma alongside Bakuda and Netto .

Anime name Zash
Manga name Zash
Debut Dragon Ball Gamma - Gurasean War Saga:
Appears in Dragon Ball Gamma (Tritaigonist)

Dragon Ball Gamma: Goku's Debut (Tritaigonist) Dragon Ball Fighterz: Ultimate DLC Pack (Z Union, Character, Music, Lobby Avatar)

Race Gurasean
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 754
Status Alive
Height 6"01 (2m)
Weight 53.0 kg (53,000.0g)
Occupation Galactic Patrol (Head Elite Officer)
Allegiance Chaotic Good
Likes Getting Priority

Traveling and Battling Tough Opponents

Dislikes Crybabies

Rude or Mean People, Liars, Some of his Brothers and Being Taunted

Affiliations 10 Brothers

Netto (Ki Brothers, has exact same ki type)

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Zash was the youngest Elite Mercenary alive in Gurasean History, he had great abilities and studied how to get stronger and maximize your ki control ever since he was 2! He patrolls the areas sometimes and hags around friends, he is popular in his area, he was trained becasue his mother gave birth to many children, 10 and they ranged from being 10 years older, 8 years older, 7 years older, 6 years older, 3 years older, him being his age, 1 year younger, 4 years younger, 6 years younger and 9 years younger. So each brother had a reason for not being as good, 1 was Lazy, 2 was Weak, 3 was Shy, 4 was Very Disobedient, 6 was Extroverted and didn't like to fight, and 7 - 10 were too young. He was trained because he had the biggest birth power level though brother 2 was stated to have much more potential, he had the second highest, in the submissions, they had to fight a tower of people, there were 5, Here is the power range:

  • 1 = 100 - 5,000
  • 2 = 7,000 - 15,000
  • 3 = 20,000 - 100,000
  • 4 = 130,000 - 960,960
  • 5 = 1 Million +

When he was 9, he reached 4 but had power left in him, he started to rebel against his dad as tried to make friends but he had to be in the Juniors program, everyone there was a brat and he often had a bad time in general there. Eventually, when he was 13, he was ranked up and could defeat everyone on flor 15, he was growing up, but became more soical, he tried to get out but couldn't as once you are in, you stay there for life. Guraseans would some times catch him talk bad about some elders he hates. When he was 15, he finally became an elite. A week passes and then he encounters Bakuda and Netto but the rest is in Dragon Ball Gamma.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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