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ザーボン, Zābon
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten:
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Sometime before the Age 700
Date of Death: December 20, Age 762
Birth Power Level: 100
Maximum Power Level: 30,000
Personal Pronouns: わたし
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 131.4 lbs
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Gold
Rank: General
Organizations: Frieza's Empire (unknown - Age 762)
Favorite Food: Chukberry's bodily fluids
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Being fancy, being pretty

Zarbon (ザーボン, Zābon) is an alien in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the first saga as well as the special "Outbreak: Paved In Blood". He is introduced in the chapter "Wittles And A File".

Personality and Canon History[edit | edit source]

Please visit the canon page to see all about Zarbon's canon appearance and character. As the usage of Zarbon in The Forgotten is canon following, his personality is the same as what is on that page; thus, pointless to copy here.

History[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[edit | edit source]

Prince Vegeta Saga[edit | edit source]

Zarbon was a captain working under Frieza, and he was briefly featured in the first saga of The Forgotten. His role in the saga was mainly to act as a commentator on The Benefactor and to bring to Frieza's attention the recklessness of his actions. Eventually, through his most talented means, Zarbon convinced Frieza that The Benefactor was too much of a threat to the stability of their empire, and was granted permission to execute The Benefactor. While it could be said that Zarbon was jealous and/or scared of The Benefactor and that The Benefactor really didn't like Zarbon, there was never an outlasting grudge between the two. The Benefactor never pursued any notion to kill Zarbon after his failed execution; as such, Zarbon was not seen again in all of The Forgotten after the Prince Vegeta Saga.

Outbreak: Paved In Blood[edit | edit source]

Zarbon was seen briefly in this special. He picked up the power level readings coming from The Benefactor's planet and brought the information to Lord Frieza. Frieza then ordered Zarbon gather up a legion of soldiers and take him to the planet. Zarbon later watched as Frieza met The Benefactor and even gave the suggestion for The Benefactor's name to his overlord. He later departed the planet with Frieza and The Benefactor, being one of only three beings to leave that planet alive.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zarbon has no fan-made moves in The Forgotten, as he never fights anyone in the story.
  • Zarbon's theme is Barbie Girl.

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