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Zaiko by xxxmeteoraxxx-d4fevn8
Anime name Xicor
Manga name Zaikoru
Alternate names Strongest Saiyan Alive, Devil`s Child
Debut DBZ: New Saiyan Age Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball Z (BurningCow)
Race Saiyan
Date of birth 10 years after Kyuri marries Selari
Date of death By Kronos

He Sacrifices

Height 123 cm/4'0" (child)

176 cm/5'9" (adult)

Weight 26 kg/57 lbs. (child)

61 kg/134 lbs. (adult)

Affiliations Kyuri (father)

Selari (mother)

King Vegeta(grandfather)

Mukudori (grandmother)



Bulma (aunt)

Gure (aunt)

Trunks (cousin)

Bra (cousin)

Zaiko is the son of Kyuri and Selari and he is considered the Strongest Saiyan Alive until his death, which soon passed on to Goku and Vegeta. He is a Kyurian by law, and a pure Saiyan Elite by history like Kyuri unlike his mother. After his death as a child and Kronos being defeated, he was revived back by Kronos himself to take care (in a bad way) of the Z Fighters. He was recognized throughout his planet as a kind hearted prince but later on he returns as a negative and dark minded adult.


As an AdultEdit

Xicor is often seen being arrogant and views all life forms with low power levels as pathetic. He is nothing like his father Kyuri after he grew up,nor does he even care a slightest bit about his mother and father dying. He gained respect for Kronos for reviving him back even though Kronos himself killed Xicor. However, he does seem to have grudge for Kronos as he had killed him but his respect was such that he even went to Earth only to kill Goku and the others by Krono`s order (though he may have just wanted to kill Goku just to his "position"). The impure, evil son of the mighty Saiyan also brags about being the perfect being he claims and declares that he will be the ruler of the universe.The truth in reality is that Xicor seems to be misguided, due to being told that Goku was often boasting of his powers and that he ruled over the whole universe. Gohan tried convincing Xicor that what he says his not true but the Western Supreme Kai just changes his mind, saying that what these "insignificant pests" say are lies.

Plot OverviewEdit

Death Edit

After arriving on Planet Rigor, everybody was shocked that the might Kyuri was defeated by some Saiyans. After being seen by doctors, they discover he is forever paralyzed and the only cure is the Mukunoki Plant which is only available on Planet Earth, the plant that nearly controls all of the plants of Planet Earth. Selari meanwhile tries to convince her kind hearted son Xicor ( the strongest Saiyan ever alive) to kill the Z Fighters. Xicor unaccepts. Selari decides to summon the Evil Namekian Magician Kronos secretly to put a spell under Xicor to destroy the Z Fighters but instead Kronos absorbs Xicor`s powers and becomes more powerful than Kyuri and thus kills both Xicor and Selari. Kyuri then after learns that, bursts in anger and then wakes up from paralyzation as to everybody`s thinking of miracle. Kyuri couldn`t stop the ever powerful Kronos and died in the result and Planet Rigor was ruled by Kronos also it was named Planet Kronos.


After being defeated, Kronos escaped from the battlefield on Uranus using a spaceship from where Goku, Pan and Trunks arrived

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