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Zaf is the new proclaimed leader of the Planet Trade Organization, who proclaimed this rank after the fall of Frieza and his family. He has recruited three others, who lead each side of the Galaxys soldiers. He is the leader of all of the Galaxys, however, mostly the Norths Galaxy, despite his place in command


  • I am the Overlord! You Are Just Trash! (An attack where Zaf creates a Super Nova and a Death Ball in one hand, smaller then usual, then, mixes it into an attack that may, if powerful enough, destroy a whole solar system)
  • This is the end. For all of Eternity! (An attack where Zaf kicks his opponent multiple times, then, punches his opponent away, ending it with a technique close to the Masendan)
  • Death Beam
  • Death Ball
  • Supernova
  • Ki Blast
  • Full Power Energy Wave Volley