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Zaecor I is the creator of the Original Dragonball, and the first and last Dark Namekian, corrupted by the dark energies he absorbed over the years.Write the first section of your page here.


Born on Namek many many years ago. He was trained in the ways of a Namekian Mystic for many years, and with this knowledge he search the universe for more and more power using his mind. He found a mystical power, far in the future which had just appeared, and using this extreme power, he created The Dragonball, which granted him extreme power and Immortality. He used this power to conquer the whole of namek, becoming the first Namekian Empoerer, and led an age of "Peace" for many many years. The legendary warrior, Dendan, however was able to overthrow him many years later. to stop dendan using his dragonball, he deformed the dragonball, spreading most of its power throughout time and space, but hiding some of it inside his youngest son, Piccolo, who he sent off Namek in a ship to ensure the powers safety. Unfortunately, the sheer power released when the dragonball was split again started to rip namek apart, and Zaecor fled. Namek was later fixed by the legendary Tarun son of Dendan(Guru), who created new dragonballs to stabalise the planet from another source of energy, this time the energy of Bardock.

Zaecor fled through space for many years, until he realised it was safe for him to reform the dragonball and gain his ultimate power, and so he searched and searched to find that power again, during this time he destroyed many civilisations and enslaved them with his power to help him find the power of the Dragonball. That power, he then found on earth, in the form of the Earthern Dragonballs, and in his son Piccolo, who had created them from the very same power. And so he decended on Earth, ready to do anything to reclaim his great power.