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Z Thrashers
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June 4, Age 774 (Age 785) in " Dragon Ball GT )(Reactivated) (


Age 779 (Age 812) in " after the events of Dragon Ball GT )


Earth, organized namely in Goku's House (originally) organized namely in Capsule Corp (recent)


Trunks (de facto)
Gohan (when Trunks is absent)
Piccolo (when Gohan or Trunks are absent)
Pan (after Trunks and Goten retired)
Bido (takes command when Trunks or Gohan is absent)

Main Members:



See "Supporters" in article below for more


The West City Onslaught
Grand Adventure
Grand Tour conflict


''''Z Thrashers ( Zスラッシャーズ ,Zetto surasshāzu) also known as the Z Team by Goten; are a small group of warriors located on Earth, the group is a spawned adaption to the Z Fighters. Their primary duty is to save the earth from major threats like its group predecsscor and protect the seven magical Dragon Balls from the hands of evil. Trunks is the de facto leader of the group due to his sharp knowledge and being more stronger than his other teammates, Trunks' stragetic nature helps when in situations they can't handle. As time passed the team grew quite efficent, but not nearly as efficent as it's Z Fighters counterparts as only a few individuals in addtion to some former enemeies and heroes joined the group, even though by this flaw of the groups expansion they manage to ahead of winning in victory. The team consists of Goten and Trunks the two sons of Goku and Vegeta and Bido an ex-glactic warrior of Bojack and their supporters which includes the Z Fighters. Its co-members consist of both Goten's older brother, Gohan and Piccolo. In Dragon Ball GT, Pan becomes an official member of the team and its offcial leader after Goten and Trunks retire.'



During the near conclusions of the Buu Saga, Trunks and Goten were revelently weary on how slow things were after the deafeat of Kid Buu. With all the former hereos having no time to attend the two saiyans-hybrids' needs the two young children of Goku and Vegeta concocted an idea of on having their own figure to train with. Holding up a contest on who would be the most sucessful the competitation was null & void as none of the figheters had the fatigue like that of a saiyan warrior, thus this ended stage one of their plan. With failure getting the best of them Goten remembered all the top martial artist with in the sanctity of Other World, hence pleading an offer of the Eternal Dragon, once Shenron appears the kids grantly make their wish as the wish was granted they prisely got what they wanted (but not the way they expected). As soon the Dragon left they were approached by their new play toy. Astounded on their new figure, they run up to him and greet themselves before they train, in esence of silence their new trainer spoke no words and stood in with a sinister look. As Goten and Trunks begin to realize this the hulking man they wished back attacked them and showed no mercy. Afterwards the kids realized that the wish horribly went wrong and were stuck with one of their father's past foes. After bringing their new foe to Goten's house they hid him for quite sometime and tried to train their new friend to be a good guy, slowly their new foe grew on the two little boys and revealed his name as Bido (one of Bojack's underlings), as an aspect the kids thought it was a funny name and liked their new friend. This was the start of a whole new adventure and friendship between friend & foe.

The Z Thrashers didn't offically assemble until the sudden onslaught of West City by the intergalctic warrior Bojack and the rest of his gang after being ressurected by Bido.


After the Buu Saga[]

Following the defeat of Kid Buu, Earth retains its peace once again; During this time of peace much of the has settled into a normal life with many like Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan and Goku getting jobs and attending to their families respectively. Through much of this time a little after the defeat of Buu, both Goten and Trunks have grown bored. With the Earth having no real threat for the past two years the young Saiyans have grown tired of a peaceful world. Trunks proposes they look for something to satisfy their entertainment they look to their fathers for training however their father's have become too busy much to the boys disappointment. While circling around the city in the afternoon, Goten faces the realization that there might not be any 

Bido's scheme[]

Months after Bido's revival; Trunks trains with the galaxy solider. With blow for blow; Bido desparetely tries to match up with the young Saiyan's power, but to no prevail, Trunks tauntly encourages Bido to train more and so he does. One night while resting in the guest room, Bido recollects in the past when he pilaged the universe with his comrades; disgusted by his newfound life living amongst the very same people whom killed him thus imprisoning him in Hell; he looks through the window gazing upon the rest of West City and angrily snares upon it. Bido then goes to train outside of Capsule Corp, rigoursly through the hours he trains beyond any feats the Race of Hera could ever acheive; soon taking his limits into the Gravity Room, he intensifies his training to measure up the Saiyans' strength. Not knowledagble on technology he tries to work the Gravity Machine and succesfully manages to do so. Bido increases the forces to 800 times gravity, however with the lack of proper training in Hell, his body has grown weak and vulnerable, his overconfidence surprises him when he almost succumbs to the pressure of the gravity. Quickly regaining control, Bido presses on with his training to near-death experiences in which his body suffered through with severe injuries; conflicted he won't be able to exact his revenge against the Z Figthers, Bido then remembered the day of his resurrection in months prior and to something Goten had mentioned; it was soon after Bido devised a plan. In the morning soon to follow, Goten leaves for West City, Bido is invited down for breakfast by Bulma (putting aside her differences) he denies the offer, but soon his stomach rumbles which Bulma responds to in laughter. Bulma goes back down she notices the warrior's wounds which follows to her curiosity, but she soon dimisses as an attempt upshow both Vegeta and Trunks. Goten arrives to the Caspule Corp looking for the gang and has breakfast with them.

The boys and Bido enjoy their meal, when suddenly Vegeta walks into the kitchen. Tension soon arises as Vegeta addresses to Bido in activities in the Gravity Room. Bido is in shock, but Vegeta cuts him off before he can respond; Vegeta could already sense Bido's energy increase from the night he trained; still aware of his misdeeds in the past Vegeta keeps a close eye on Bido and then walks out. With a serious look on his face, Bido gives off a grimacing snare out of imitimdation from Vegeta; Bulma soon tries to break the tension and saying that "Vegeta's always this way", and Trunks soon comforts Bido with a pat on the back saying "he has nothing to fear". A little while after Bido circles through the building while keeping his plan in mind; Bido looks down in the atrium seeing Goten and Trunks in play; as he looks on he soon acknowledges the two young Saiyan for their courage and strength, giving off a stern-like smile and walks away. Bido soon discovered the laboratory where Bulma is working; she invites him in, Bido looks on in amazement, because the Race of Hera had no need for technological equipment these were all new to the soldier himself. Bulma satisfied in his interest quickly scolds him as he starts to touch thing, Bido flinches by the surprise, but quickly comes back with a rebuttle. Bulma quickly finds her composure and shows off Bido some of here inventions, Bido notices a small round device gleam on Bulma's desk, Bulma responds to Bido's curiosity and informs him on the Dragon Radar, that it can locate all seven of the wish orbs, and when all placed together with sent forth Shenron and the user shall be granted with three wishes (however this depends on the demand of the given wish); she then explains how it's because of this and the Dragon Balls both Goten and Trunks were able to wish Bido back to life. This to Bido made his plan a lot more easier, he soon thanked Bulma for everything and then walked away with evil intents; his plan was to resurrect rest of the Galaxy Soldiers and wish back Bojack.

Inside Job[]

For the next few weeks, Bido secretely collected the Dragon Balls and kept them hidden, though it was proven to be more difficult with Vegeta more aware of his intents. One day, Bido is confronted by Vegeta as he goes to collect the sixth and seventh balls, while in mid-flight, Vegeta stops the galaxy soldier to ask where he is going, Bido looks with a serious expression and remains slient, Vegeta soon demands an answer from him and starts to lose his patience explaining in an ultimatum he will kill him right before he stands and sends back to Hell. Vegeta being suspcious for the last few weeks proves himself correct, but wants to hear Bido confess, however Bido tries to change the subject which Vegeta soon cuts off, Bido asks Vegeta "You deluded fool, why hold so much malice towards me?" citing he was only following orders, Vegeta was aware of this act having witnessed it from Frieza's soldiers and his comrade, Nappa's constant boot-licking and having no sense of thought for himself and quickly dimissies Bido's question. Bido then soon confesses with a lie saying he was going to train in solitude far away from the civilization; Vegeta finds this convincing though is still highly suspcious, he soon acccepts Bido's bluff and leaves.

Still not trusting Bido, Vegeta holds up a gathering with Goku and the others, knowing the actions of what most of their past villains will pull off, Piccolo agress with Vegeta that they should keep an eye on Bido; however Goku responds in defense saying that he has not cause any known trouble Krillin quickly agrees, but does points if Bido has evil intetions they'll stop him, Bulma comes to agree with the warriors saying that he had some interest in the Dragon Radar tieing into the connection of its disappearance. Both Trunks and Goten overhear the conversation annd rush out in Bido's defense, Vegeta scolds the boys in reminding them it was their fault for even wishing back one of their past enemies not knowing the consequences; Goku calms the tension down with saying the kids knew no better and were bored; this because everybody was too busy for them. Vegeta scoffs in reply that it merely an excuse and that the boys were very aware of their actions and could find other ways to entertain themselves; saying they're Saiyans though they strife for a excitement especially in a fight; Vegeta goes on to say he has met Saiyans who've never comitted an act this stupid not since Nappa's disobdience against his fight with Goku. Unbeknowest to them, Bido has laid in the shadows hearing their conversation, he opens with toothy grin on how stupid the group as generously allowed him into their lives.

Pursuit of Bido and Bojack's Resurrection[]

Now having collected the seventh ball he leaves which the warriors soon pick up on. They soon give chase, Bido's plan is going accordingly and soon delivers with his Brave Gatling technique with an Underground Energy Ball to follow. This distracted most of the Z Fighters, Bido successfully slipped away, but was still given chase by Vegeta, Krillin and later Piccolo. They manage to catch up and corner him; soon followed by Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Yamcha, leaving himself surrouned. Piccolo exclaims to Bido he has no where to run, but before they can subdue him, Goku asks "What is your goal in all this?", Bido smirks and laughs evily, he explains his plan was so simple and yet easy, however he admits it was proving to be difficult out of interference from Vegeta. Thanks to Bulma and to the kids he was able quickly gain the trust of the group long enough for him to easily snatch the Dragon Radar and find the Dragon Balls he was told about. Vegeta grits his teeth in frustration and that his suspicions were indeed correct. Bido soon reveals his plan that while living amongst the Saiyans and the earthlings, he couldn't bare this peace and compassion everybody gave with his mind driven on vengenace for being killed by Gohan many years ago and be reduced to a weak husk being imprisoned in Hell he merely waited for the right moment to exact his revenge and revive Bojack and the other Galaxy Soliders and reclaim the world as their's. Goten and Trunks left in shock by the betrayal the Z Fighters look in anger Krillin states he'll never succeed in his plan, but Bido soon interjects saying he already has by showing them all the Dragon Balls, seeing this sight, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Goku soon charge in after Bido however, waiting at the final moment, descends immediately to avoid their attack causing them to hit each other, Bido soon flys gracefully in the air as the Z Fighters give chase, Gohan stops Bido and they both stand-off. Bido, still remembering his death by Gohan, states he will get his revenge and now is the time. While still carrying the seventh ball, Bido furiously lunges at Gohan and the two warrios fight blow for blow devastating the landscape. Bido notices how much weaker Gohan has become living under peace for so long and knows he has the upper hand, despite Gohan sucessfully landing several blows even in his Super Saiyan form. Bido then uses a technique that leaves Gohan almost incapacitated which then Tien and Yamacha come to Gohan's aid in attempt to stop Bido, but like before Bido advances over the fighters. In all the confusion, Vegeta comes to his senses takes another go at Bido with Piccolo, Krillin and Goku. All four the warriors, eventually triumphing over Bido landing several hits with Vegeta finishes him off by crashing into large rock formation near a rocky terrain. Bido is incapacitated as Vegeta closes in on him, barely recovery from the attack he regains conciousness, implanted into the rocky floor. Vegeta mockingly addresses to Bido he was delaying the inevitable and how he has been outbested by Saiyan prince, soon charging up a Ki Blast to finish him off. Bido smugly looks on to Vegeta and says "heh...you sure about that?" Soon a blast of Bido's comes from beneath Vegeta's feet capturing the Saiyan in the red energy before he could react. Bido looks on in pleasure as the Saiyan screams in agony, as the rest of Z Fighters look in terror. As the energy depletes into thin, Vegeta, almost lifeless falls to ground reverting back to his normal form while Bido mockingly laughs by saying "Nighty, nighty sweet prince". Furious, Goku fires a Kamehameha towards Bido, but uses an afterimage to escape and use the Dragon Balls. Trunks and Goten soon regain conciousness after hearing Vegeta's scream, looking upon the devastation they sense Gohan, Vegeta and Tien's energy are low and soon rush to their aid, ignoring Bido the moment he appears, they find Vegeta motionless on the ground much to Trunks' horror he rushes down to help his father's aid in hopes he is alive feeling his energy fading fast, Piccolo jumps to the rescue and uses a kiai to the chest to restart his heart. Vegeta starts to breathe again much to everybody's rejoice.

Meanwhile, Bido prepares the Dragon Balls, gradually pleased with success he becomes estatic and laughs that the world will live in fear of Galaxy Soldiers again and summons forth Shenron. The sky starts to darken as storm clouds surround it in every part of the world, the Z Fighters notice this as well as Bulma, Dende, and Chi-Chi. Blinding yellow light from the Dragon Balls soon expand and thus out comes Shenron, in amazement Bido laughs insanely as the dragon comes to form. The dragon appears before, Bido stating its introduction and ask for Bido to all three wishes. Bido grins and ask for the eternal dragon to resurrect his fallen comrades and bring the forth to his location. With the wish having high demands of energy Shenron and fulfils the wish by sacrificing the third wish. Shenron then states Bido has only one wish left much to his confusion he scolds the dragon as to why. Shenron explains that this wish he granted was beyond his creator's power thus using the third and second in exchange to accomplish the task. Leaving, Bido frustrated by such concept he soon regains his composure and thus enacts the last to live for all eternity, but Z Fighters soon catch up and stop Bido from making the wish, as payback Vegeta delivers a kick in face that sends Bido flying to a rock formation. Goku ask for the dragon leave and does so reciting signature "Fare Well" quote. The balls ascend up into the lighting sky. Leaving out of the gaping hole, created after Vegeta flung Bido into it, regains conciousness only to see in the dark sky with the faint yellow light the Dragon Balls ascending, much to his shock and let's out an angry shout, soon the balls disperse and scatter across the world once again.

The gang rejoice in a temporary victory, then gaze upon Bido, appearing in solace defeat he becomes enraged, lunges and attacks the fighters, but is soon stopped by loud authoritative voice, Bido snaps back into reality as he looks up over the ledge. Krillin also looks up and soon, with a horrid sight soon Goku and the other Z Fighters gaze up to see 4 menacing figures. The voice humbly addresses to Z Fighters it has been a long time since they last met and were beginning to grow bored down in their "prison". The figure then turns to Gohan and compliments on how he surprised in Gohan's strength in beating him, but arrogantly states it will never happen again. The figures are soon revealed to be Bojack, Zangya, Bujin and Gokua. The Z Fighters all look on with serious and horrid looks, with Vegeta angrily looking upon the sight of their resurrection being fulfilled, and in thought on how stupid he was to not have killed Bido upon his confront with him earlier.

The Onslaught on West City[]

With the past villains of Gohan now resurrected, Bido looks upon the Z Fighters knowing the increased slightly in number. He notices Trunks and the other soliders believe him to be son of warrior whom fought them long ago, but Bido soon corrects this and says the child is that same warrior. Gokua maliciously looks at Trunks in thoughts of exacting his vengence long ago, Trunks takes this front as a challenge, but Vegeta stands in front of Trunks and threats they'll not lay a finger on him, Bojack scoffs at this threat leaving a reminder to Vegeta that he failed to beat him the last time. Goku steps forward in taking Bojack and his crew, Bojack immediatley noticing his face congrats Goku for releasing him of his prison on King Kai's planet. Goku comically replies on how reckless he was for the incident with Cell, from a go-lucky mood it soon changes to a stern look and addresses to Bojack to leave earth now and not abuse the second chance he and his crew have been given. Goku cynically states to galactic leader that the odds aren't stacked in their favor and them being wished back was a useless wish. Bojack embraces on Goku's sense of comedy, but denies the offer of leaving on the grounds he and his crew were made embarassments and that the universe must be punished for this and respect the name of Bojack and his Galactic Soldiers. Piccolo steps removes his armor in preparance for the fight and tells Goku they'll never change their ways as directed to Bido, Bido looks on with a gritty grin, as he chuckles to say "You have place in this world, Master Bojack is true high ruler of this world and pieces of garbage like yourselves should grovel at his knees!", Zangya looks in interest of Bido mockingly comment on how much he's changed since his departure from the Other World, he reacts and tells she has no business of progress on Earth. Goten immediately scolds, Bido calling him a "traitor" and a "rat" thinking of all the good times and saying he was like their uncle to them, Bido smiled sadistically noting that it was in my advantage to wish his comrades and dared not considered the Saiyans his equals or allies. Trunks replies stating Bido's actions on why didn't plan this from the start; addresses that Trunks and his family had a lot of fun having around and that he seemed to be changing for the greater good. Bujin laughs at this with Zangya replying on how feeble-minded, Bido has let himself to resort too by befriending the earthlings. Bido denies ever having pleasurable time with the young Saiyans and states he would've left if he could, and was just using them and the hospitality to his own gain in becoming stronger. Bojack cuts the conversation short for it as gone long enough and soon the fight begins.

Z Fighters fight effortlessly against the Galactic Soliders, but are easily overpowered. Bojack claims they have grown much weaker through these peaceful times, but sadistically congratulates them on trying, as even Goku as fallen to these foes much to Bojack's disappointment. Goku is put into a corner and uses his Super Saiyan 3 form to tip the scales, Bojack is highly impressed by Goku's new feats while Bido and others look on in intimidation. Though Goku started to get the upper hand of galactic leader, his rigourous training in Hell proved to be formidable even to Goku's Super Saiyan 3, Bojack finishes off Goku with ease and leaves them to die where they are. Bojack discusses on relocating, but first addresses Bido on the long wait for wishing him back. Bido pleas that it proved to be difficult at the very least since Vegeta was already growing suspcious of his intentions, with the given addition that Bido has trained to surpress his powers, Bojack seemingly sees this as a excuse, but agress that these warriors are bit to handle for some subordinates alone, references that Bido was weak, discouraged the solider a bit. Bojack asks where is the nearest city they can wreck havoc to as message to Earth's citizens. Bido replies that a place called West City isn't too far from here, the invaders soon make venture to West City. Arriving within West City the first act soldiers to create strongs winds as they fly pass through the streets, leveling several blocks. Bojack then lands on top of a collasped build piled amongst rubble and to the citizen's of West City they'll meet their demise by hands of Galactic Soliders, Bojack leads the attack and they fire a large Energy Palm Wave killing numerous of humans and decimating part of the city, after this they procedede to level the city some more.

Afterwards the Z Fighters have regained conciousness, after losing the first battle against the Bojack's crew, they notice high levels of destruction from West City, Trunks enraged flys off to save his mother with Goten following in pursuit. Before departing to save the city Vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, and Yamcha follow. Still leveling the city, Bojack is confronted by a several officers threatening arrest him, Bojack gives a smile and walks menacingly towards the officers, threatning they'll shoot, Bojack then charges at full speed towards them viciously pumbling them to death, with a only few remaing to survive, Bojack in proceeds killing the last few (all except) with an energy wave. With the city in ruins, Bido levels half of West City, Zangya attacks the southern part, Bujin heads to the northern part and destroys a mall, and Gokua swiftly destroys the center part of West City while also killing a civilian whom tried to be a hero. Bulma and her parents looked in sheer horror, wondering how things go up to this point; with no time to remorse Bulma quickly tries to make haste, her parents refusing to leave their pets behind, she insists this time they leave much to their dismay they agree. As they race towards the outside their house is destroyed by Bido. The injured Galactic soldier chuckles as he approaches Bulma and parents, he uses Brave Gatling to keep to kill them. In the attempt he uses Psycho Thread to take Briefs hostage, Bulma pleas that he doesn't kill them.

While Bojack playfully pursues the remaining police officer, he figures the time for play is over and prepares to move in for the kill by crushing his neck, but he is interuppted when a ki blast comes from no where, suddenly he is power tackled by both Goten and Trunks, Bojack is stunned, but quickly recovers much in anger, but is all of sudden sent by Krillin. Soon all the Z Fighters arrive and disperse in taking care of the other evil departed, Piccolo and Krillin take on Bujin, Tien and Yamcha fight Zangya, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks fights with Gokua (later Bido), and Goku fends off Bojack. Considering this would be a good warm-up, Bojack transforms tackles with countless of blows with Goku countering, then transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 to try even out the match although knowning this isn't his true power. Piccolo and Krillin surprise Bujin with a tackle and soon commense their fight, Piccolo addresses Krillin on performing a tactic in defeating the minion, Yamcha and Tien perform a tag-team against Zangya despite her advances in the fight, however despite the advances of their opponents they show a lot of effort. As Vegeta and the kids race to find Bulma, Gokua ambushes them and pins Vegeta to the ground, Gokua then turns to Trunks proceedes with his vengenace however Vegeta is not through. Trunks and Goten proceed to turn Super Saiyan and aid in the fight. As the other Z Fighters continue fight his minions, Bojack and Goku exchange blow for blow leveling the already decimated buildings, feeling Goku needs some encourage to fight him seriously he assumes his transformations and pumbles Goku all around the city and soon grand slams the Saiyan to ground crushing with his foot. The other fighters sensing they make to finish their fight to save Goku and find Bulma, but unfortunately left their guards down doing so with Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks all kicked down by their adversaries.

With things already worse, Goten and Trunks use a Friend Kamehameha as a desperate to attempt finish off Gokua, but Gokua single handly intercepts the attack. With no other choices the young Saiyans perform fuse into Gotenks; the fused Saiyan battles Gokua with ease and succssfully acomplishes in almost defeating the space pirate. This resorts him to assume his full-powered form which then starts to topple the young Saiyans in their fused state. As they hold their own against the brute, he wields his sword which try to dodge, using some tactic they trick Gokua and afterimage to give them enough time to perform a Galactic Donut they manage to coil with the energy ring, but manages to break free much to shock of Gotenks, relectuantly this gives Vegeta the time to use his Big Bang Attack to finish Gokua off and sends the Bojack's subordinate flying as he's distinergrated by the large ball of energy. Soon enough Bido then arrives, with Vegeta and Gotenks to start fighting him. Bido fights the Saiyans, but is at a disadvantage desperate he uses Briefs as his hostages. Gotenks and Vegeta look in horror with suddenly Goten and Trunks defusing, Bido takes this advantage to his pleasure and pumbles the Saiyans.

Bido's clamity and Final Battle[]

During the battle with Bojack and his galactic warriors could offically be considered the first the Z-Team engaged an enemy together. As the Z Fighters fight in vain their powers were no match for the combined onslaught, Goten and Trunks, though despite the actions what Bido commited, still try to believe that Bido is good inside and try to convince him why would he would do such a thing and betray their friendship, in this sudden glipmse of his flashback seeing what great fun he had with the kids made him go into a dilemma; streessing on who he should side against. Bojack growing impatient starts to attack Goten and Trunks. Bojack addresses, Bido on that he is a Galactic Soldier of the Hera race, they are warriors and don't stand in question their actions however Bido continues to stare blankly in to space, without a sudden movement or response, Bojack retaliates by finishing off Goten, Trunks and the other fighters mercilessly and with seeing this Bido snaps and attacks his leader. In this treachery Bojack and the remaining minions attack Bido with all their might (even though the rest hesistant) at this point there was a reason why Bido's name means "brutal" as he singal handly defeated both Zangya and Bujin in the end. However Bojack still managed to overpower, Bido despite him being his transformed state, one of Bojack's acts of attacking Bido is tackling him to a building, kicking him in the stomach and then grabbing his head, dragging across the floor and into another building. Goten and Trunks aid Bido in destroying Bojack.


With the battle finally over, Bido descends to the ground with Goten and Trunks to follow, in a stand off for what he has done, Z Fighters look at Bido with caution as he looks back with a stern look. Vegeta then rushes and tackles him to the ground whilst getting ready to charge up an energy sphere to kill him off. Trunks pleas to the prince not to kill him, Vegeta ignores his son's plea and harnasses more energy into the sphere, continuing with his plea, Trunk, Goku stands beside Vegeta and in the same plea, reminding Vegeta what had happened to him when he came to Earth many years ago, much to Vegeta's dismay, upon looking at the downed Bido, cancels his attack and walks off with a pout in disgust. At this point Goten and Trunks forgave Bido for his treachery (though half of the other Z Fighters still believe he'd pull off another dirty trick). With city in ruins the group were concerned by large amount of people killed in the onslaught knowing it will, but Piccolo reminded them that since Shenron only granted one wish that in the next four months the Dragon Balls will be of use again. Four months had passed with West City still under construction, Z Fighters gathered all seven Dragon Balls and wished back all the people that were killed by Bojack, but Vegeta staked that the wish must be specific insteading right into it "Hold it...before you go off the handle in resurrecting everybody we have to make this wish specific so don't screw things up". Piccolo agrees to this saying that if they were to request the dragon to resurrect only people Bojack and his men killed, since Bido disbanded from them, that the humans also killed by Bido would remain in Other World. So they proceed to ask for the wish resurrecting everybody that died by the hands of Bido, Bojack and his minions.While things returned back to normal and the Earth once again retained peace; the kids and Bido organized together at Capsule Corp as Goten states that they are a team now. Trunks with ethusiam agrees, leaving Bido with much to think on. For the next hour they try to pick a good name for their team respectively "Dragon Power" (Trunks) "Saiyan Chasers" (Goten) "Bido and the Dynamic Duo" (Bido), in the end Goten thought of a name that tied in well with the Z Fighters; the group their fathers are among. Trunks thought this was a great idea and both the young Saiyans tried to conceive up name that sounded cool, whilst still recovering from his injuries Bulma comes to patch up his wounds on purpose she accidentally hurt, Bido, in relevance he deseved it. He scolds her stating that he was given a real thrashing by his boss which mocks on his sensitivity. The name for the team suddenly popped into the kids heads inadvertently thanks to Bido thus the duo agreed to the name Z Thrashers, which thus both Bulma and Bido agreed upon.

Dynasty Conflict Saga[]

Vacation gone wrong[]

Peaceful World Saga[]

After the ongoing defeat of Buu and following the events of Dragon Ball Super, 4 years passed since then with the Z Fighters temporarily disbanding, to support their families or retiring for good from the group. Having grown older, Goten and Trunks disband from their group, in relation to other interests, and Bido leaving to settle for a new life and continue his training.

Temporary reunion[]

Roughly 2 weeks before the 28th World Tournament, the group temporarily becomes active when encountering an entity named, Raikupa, pleading for the Saiyans and Heran to help defeat a monster terrorizing his home. The group follows the strange being, despite suspcions, are trapped by Raikupa to fight a giant crocodile-like animal. Trunks, Goten and Bido are easily able to subdue the animal, whilst defeating Raikupa and celebrate with one last cheer upon their reunion.

During the World Tournament, Z Fighters and Thrashers enter, with Goten and Trunks fighting against Buu and Otokosuk, (respectively), but are soon changed when Buu tampers with the numbers using his magic, in favor of Goku. Bido partakes in the Tournament as well but changes his mind, citing it would not be a fair match and requests a challenge. In the middle of Tournament, Goku leaves with the reincarnated Kid Buu, Uub, training him to be the next defender of Earth. He asks both Goten and Trunks to act as temporary leaders of the Earth. Due to Goku and Uub's depature the Tournament is cancelled. Goten and Pan decide to have an exhibition match afterwards to entertain their family and friends, with Pan defeating him with little effort, Bido continuously mocks Goten on his lack of training, citing his disbelief on how a small girl could defeat a "powerful" warrior such as him.

Later years[]

Z thrashers gt by asuma17-d5vmm6y

Z Thrashers during Dragon Ball GT

During Dragon Ball GT, 10 years have passed. The Z Thrashers having disbanded, with Trunks for the most part tending to the Z Fighters which consist of Goku and Pan, to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls and avoid the Earth blowing up. Goten settling more into a social life takes training less seriously by this point. Bido continuously trains in order to keep the Earth safe, during the 10 year timeskip he eventually forms a romantic relationship and lives in Purple City, having acustomed to living on Earth long enough.

Team Members[]

Primary Members[]

These are the established characters of the Z Thrashers during Dragon Ball Z and/or Dragon Ball GT who actively fought against their enemies.

  • Goten - The second and last son of Goku, whose appearance closely resembles his father's. He is a Saiyan/Human hybrid. He is close friends with Trunks and is the co-founder of the Z Thrashers.
  • Trunks - Vegeta's only son. He is a Saiyan/Human hybrid. He is close friends with Goten and often insults him. He is the co-founder of the Z Thrashers and is its leader.
  • Piccolo - A Namekian. Once Goku's arch rival, he becomes one of his greatest allies. He co-founded the team with Goku. During the Majin Buu Saga he helps the boys to learn the Fusion Technique in their battle against Majin Buu. He is only next in leadership when either Trunks, Gohan or Bido are absent. Shows lack of trust against Bido.
  • Gohan - The eldest son of Goku. He is the first Saiyan/Human hybrid. Usually will join the team on all sorts of adventure, no matter how crazy or bizarre. He is only next in leadership when either Trunks, Bido or Piccolo are absent.
  • Bido - One of the last surviors of the Race of Hera and ex-subordinate to Bojack. Bido was once loyal to Bojack aiding in him terrorizing the galaxies with the other Galactic Soldiers, Zangya, Bujin, and Gokua. He was ruthless in his attacks and stopped at nothing to abide by his leader, whom he refers to as "master". It was through their act in Dormideous Sector that caused several genocidal tendencies. However he and the other Galactic Soldiers were defeated by King Kai and imprisoned in his planet for all eternity, however due to unbeknownst, Goku teleporting brought a self-destructing, Cell to King Kai's planet in hopes of saving the Earth, Cell destroyed King Kai's planet breaking the link that imprisoned Bojack and his crew, leaving them unbound to escape. In the movie, Bojack Unbound, Bojack along with his hencmen travel to Earth and infltrate the World Martial Arts Tournament that was funded by X.S. Cash. Upon one his first acts, Bido kills Doskoi, by snapping his neck, he then proceeds to look at the camera to the audience admitting what he did and was proud of fit. Bido then proceeds along with the other henchmen to fight Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Piccolo, Vegeta and Gohan. In the climax, Gohan transforms into his Super Saiyan 2 form, Bojack orders both Bido and Bujin to stop Gohan, but to no prevail. Bido is killed when he rushes after Gohan and is broken in half instantly, evaporating on impact. For 9 years Bido remained in Hell, until Goten and Trunks accidentally wished him back to life in order to wish for fighter that could entertain them. After wishing back his fallen comrades he soon redeems himself, when Bojack attacks Goten and Trunks, assists in killing Zangya, Bujin and Bojack. He has since then befriend the young Saiyans and the Z Fighters, acting as their uncle figure; joining the ranks as a defender of Earth. By Dragon Ball GT, Bido had become head cheif of the Z Thrashers group, meaning he kept himself connected after all these years. He looks after Pan oftenly, much to her dismay and most often times trains in combat; though she is often annoyed by him she pays her respects and often calls him as her great uncle. It is unknown how many members are among  the Z Thrashers as of this time, but it is known by Pan that the members of group all highly look up to Bido for support and treat as their father figure to some extant.
  • Pan - The granddaughter of Goku, and daughter to Gohan. In Dragon Ball Super, She was born around Age 779, as infant she already homed in on great feats of strength, inherited by her Saiyan genes. She helps gather the Black Star Dragon Balls and defeat all the villains who escape from Hell in Dragon Ball GT. Around the time GT she becomes a member of the Z Thrashers and acted as its leader by the Goten and Trunks had retired as leaders. It is unknown which other members have joined since then, but it is known that Bido kept himself connected with the group, acting as its head chief. One hundred years later, she is the last member of the Z Fighters still alive, and she likely finds the new generation of Z fighters with Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.

Fused Members[]

  • Gotenks - A warrior made by Goten and Trunks through a special technique called The Fusion Dance.
  • Gokule - Though existing hypothetically only, this warrior is made through a fusion between Goku and Mr. Satan when they use the Potara earrings.
  • Tiencha - Though existing hypothetically only, this warrior is made through a fusion between Tien Shinhan and Yamcha after they perform the Fusion Dance.
  • Majuub - A warrior made by Uub and Majin Buu fusing permanently to fight Baby.

Associated Members[]

  • Android 18 - An android originally built only for evil, she eventually marries Krillin and changes her ways.
  • Goku - The main character who is a co-founder of the Z Team. Goku is a Saiyan. He is the father of both Gohan, Goten, and is the grandfather of Pan. He makes a few appearances in the series and frequently goes on the team's adventures.
  • Vegeta - The Saiyan Prince. Goku's arch rival. He is the father of both Trunks and Bulla and the husband of Bulma. He is also the son-in law of the Briefs. He makes a few appearances in the series and frequently goes on the team's adventures.
  • Mr. Buu - Once an evil magical being, he betrayed Babidi, befriended Hercule, and battled his evil incarnation, Evil Buu, as well as aided Goku and Vegeta in the conflict against his evil counterpart, Kid Buu. Later assimilated with Uub to form Majuub. He makes a few appearances in the series and frequently goes on the team's adventures.
  • King Vegeta - Once a king of the Saiyan warrior race, he was aware of the evil plans of the tyrant, Frieza, and was quickly subdued. Long after the eradication of the saiyans, he was revived by Goten & Trunks and later reunites with his son, Vegeta. He at first detests upon his generation being followed by Vegeta's family, for Vegeta allowing himself to show high senses of compassion, but later accepts the outcome, acknowledging him to one of the strongest of their fallen race. After adapting to life on earth, he eventually leaves West City travels as a nomad biker. Like Vegeta his set goal is to become as strong as his son. It is unknown of his wherabouts, but seldom times visits his family.
  • Master Roshi - A turtle hermit, he was Goku's second official mentor (after Grandpa Gohan). His fights are limited to movies and Dragon Ball. He also fought alongside the Z-Fighters during Frieza's revenge in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and the Resurrection ‘F’ Saga of Dragon Ball Super and at the request of Goku agreed to fight for the survival of Universe 7 in the Multiverse Survival Arc.While knowing he is the weakest member of the team he along with everyone else believed in his value as a member due to his arsenal of incapacitation attacks such as his Lighting Shock Surprise and his go to sleep technique.
  • Kami - A Namekian who is the Guardian of Earth and creator of the Dragon Balls, his fights are limited to movies and the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai under the guise of Hero. He ultimately fuses with Piccolo during the Cell saga.
  • Yajirobe - A human samurai who never really wants to help Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters unless there is food involved. Though, he does help the Z Warriors by delivering Senzu Beans from Korin. He also played a big part in defeating Vegeta by cutting off his tail.
  • Launch - A longtime friend of Z Fighters Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. She has few appearances after the end of Dragon Ball. She later returns and visits the Z Fighters, she currently appears every now and then on the team's adventures, usually beating them up.
  • Pikkon - A deceased warrior of an unknown species from the West Quadrant, he helps Goku and Vegeta by holding off Janemba and helps Goku in the Great Saiyaman saga to stop the villains in Hell.
  • Android 17 - A traitorous android who killed Dr. Gero. He helps Piccolo fight against Cell before being absorbed. He maintains a solitary life, but eventually helps Goku later so he can summon energy for the Super Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu.
  • Android 16 - An android who was originally created to destroy Goku, but was regarded as a failure by Dr. Gero. After his first battle with Cell, he turns to the side of good and offers to fight alongside the Z Fighters at the Cell Games
  • Android 8 - An android and Goku's childhood friend. He currently lives with Suno in Jingle Village. He makes a few appearances in the series.
  • King Chappa - A king and a martial arts master. He was a champion in the World Martial Tournament 3 times in a running. Coincidentally, he is Goku's first opponent in both of the preliminary matches of the 22nd and 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. King Chappa is mentioned to have won a tournament without even being touched. Though it is not specified in the manga if the tournament he competed in was a World Martial Arts Tournament, during the King Piccolo Saga in the anime, Chappa is revealed to be one of the targets on Tambourine's hitlist and is killed by the demon; this indicates that the tournament in which he fought was in fact a World Martial Arts Tournament. Since the records on Tambourine's list only goes back ten years, thus convering only the 20th, 21st, and 22nd World Tournaments, King Chappa would have had to have won the tournament prior to Goku's first entry: the 20th World Martial Arts Tournament. After the defeat of King Piccolo, Chappa was later revived along with the others that fell victim to Piccolo's destruction. Chappa reappears in Z Thrashers, As a favor to Goku, in improving their training skills, he later on becomes one of Goten and Trunks martial arts instructors in order to teach the boys on different tatics and strengths without using their powers. He makes a recurring appearance in the Z Thrashers.
  • Hercule - The champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament and Videl's father. He is made a member after helping complete the Super Spirit Bomb by telling all the people to give their energy to Goku in order to defeat Kid Buu. He is assisted by both Goten and Trunks after he confronts an alien race set to take over earth.
  • Catman - A fighter who participated in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament during Goku's youth.  Despite being called Catman, he shows no cat-like traits, but acquires many cat-like feats. He is not seen fighting in the Elimination Rounds but he apparently lost them since he was not one of the eight finalists. He makes few appearances in Z Thrashers encountering Goten and Trunks while on their adventures. Despite him being of old age at the record times, he still bears the appearance of his youth from many years ago.
  • Krillin - A human, he is Goku's best friend and former schoolmate and rival. He retires in Dragon Ball GT living with his family at Kame House. He is the brain of the Z Fighter group (just under Piccolo) as he is often left to figure things out. In Dragon Ball Super Krillin supports his family by working as a Police Officer, he is soon again an active member and serves a promient role during the fight with Frieza in the Golden Frieza Saga, going under tense training with Goku by facing manifestations of their most powerful past villains, all the way up to the Universal Survival Saga by participating in the Tournament of Power.
  • Yamcha - A human, once a fearsome desert bandit. Chronologically, he is Goku's first fighting ally. Also retires in Dragon Ball GT, and one of the first to be in the Z Fighters. Though weaker than his alien allies, Yamcha forms a useful support. In Dragon Ball Super he temporarily rejoins and plays a prominent role during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 baseball match, becoming not only the Team Universe 7's team captain, but their champion at this time. Upon the start of the Tournament of Power in the Universal Survival Saga, Yamcha tries to prove himself worthy to the group and tries to be recruited in on the action however Goku never recruits him. In Super he takes up training, but not as seriously and by Dragon Ball GT, Yamcha stops training all together.
  • Tien Shinhan - A human with a third eye who has hit a peak of enlightenment. He is a former assassin and Goku's former rival. He also retires in Dragon Ball GT, although he continues to train, unlike Krillin and Yamcha. By Dragon Ball Super, Tien is once again an active member, buying time for others.
  • Monkey D. Luffy - The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy first met the Z Fighters during the Cross Epoch event. Sailing the seas of the grandline searching the great treasure, One Piece; Luffy stops at nothing when it comes to an adventure or the safety of his crew his goal... to become King of the Pirates.
  • Nami - The Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and a high class theif, Nami first met the Z Fighters during the Cross Epoch event. She is officially the third member the crew and will stop nothing to try and get money.
  • Zoro - The swordsmen of the Straw Hat Pirates and is the brute force (just under Franky and Chopper). His goal is to become the worlds strongest swordsmen and he is just as headstrong as Vegeta.
  • Tony Tony Chopper - The doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Chopper first met the Z Fighters during the Cross Epoch event.  Chopper is a reindeer that ate a Devil Fruit called the Hito Hito no Mi. He came from Drum Island, which makes him the only member of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew who was born on the Grand Line. He is the sixth member of the crew and the fifth to join Luffy, as well as being the youngest member on board.
  • Nico Robin - is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was originally introduced as the vice president of Baroque Works, known as Miss All Sunday,[3] before joining the Straw Hats. She is the seventh member of the crew, the sixth to join, and, like Nami and Usopp, is the second to rejoin, her dream at best is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history. To Goten she is known as Miss Hand Lady usually asking to perform amazing tricks with the power of her devil fruit, with no arguement she always gladly does so.
  • Franky -
  • Brook -


These characters are established allies of the Z Fighters during Dragon Ball Z and/or Dragon Ball GT who did not actively fight against the team's enemies.

  • Bulma - The human wife of Vegeta and Goku's long time friend, she is a brilliant scientist and is also the daughter of the richest couple in the world. She is also the mother of Trunks and Bulla.
  • Chi-Chi - The human wife of Goku and mother of Gohan and Goten
  • Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief - Parents of Bulma, and the grandparents of Trunks and Bulla. They're the  owners of Capsule Corporation.
  • Ox-King - Chi-Chi's father, who lives on top of Fire Mountain. He is the grandfather of both Gohan and Goten
  • Korin - An 800 year old cat that lives at the top of Korin Tower. He supplies the Z Fighters with Senzu Beans whenever he is able to
  • King Kai - The king of the North Galaxy, he teaches Goku techniques such as the Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb.
  • Kabito - Supreme Kai's personal bodyguard. He can heal people and materialize new clothes for them, and eventually fuses with Supreme Kai, creating Kibito Kai.
  • Supreme Kai - An even higher division than King Kai, he was the ruler of the east quadrant of the universe. He eventually fuses with his bodyguard Kibito, creating Kibito Kai. As of Super, he and Kibito have since be separated due to unbearability of having to stay fused forever.
  • Kabito Kai - The result of the fusion of Supreme Kai and his bodyguard Kibito. He can use an enhanced version of the Instant Transmission ability called Instantaneous Movement.
  • Old Kai - An ancient ancestor of the Kaioshin who was trapped inside the Z Sword for eons by a powerful enemy. He performs a ritual that awakens Gohan's full power.
  • Fortuneteller Baba - The human sister of Master Roshi and a median between Other World and Earth.
  • Dende - A Namekian with healing powers and Gohan's childhood friend, he becomes Kami's replacement as Earth's Guardian.
  • Mr. Popo - A genie with eternal life, who is The Kami's assistant and also the caretaker and gardener of Kami's Lookout.
  • Oolong - Goku's shapeshifting pig friend.
  • Puar - A shapeshifting cat who is Yamcha's best friend.
  • Turtle - Master Roshi's turtle friend.
  • Giru - A small Machine Mutant that appears in Dragon Ball GT. He accompanies Goku, Pan and Trunks on their quest to locate the Black Star Dragon Balls after consuming the Dragon Radar for energy, and the radar integrates into his software.
  • Bulla - Vegeta and Bulma's daughter and second child.
  • Marron - Krillin and Android 18's daughter.
  • World Tournament Announcer - The man who hosts every World Martial Arts Tournament, he becomes an acquaintance with the Z Fighters over the years. His role is often very minor and serves his purpose as the Announcer; however he has a more of frequent role in the Z Thrashers spinoff. Normally his association with the Z Fighters often leads him into crazy situations with him being so acquainted in fact he often is asked to baby sit Goten and Trunks or the duo tends to pest him during his freetime, out of normal occasions this usually happens when the task can't be handled to other characters or Goten and Trunks are bored.
  • Tarble - The younger brother of Vegeta and uncle of Trunks and Bulla.
  • Gure - Tarble's wife and the sister-in law of Vegeta. Aunt of Trunks and Bulla.
  • Olibu - An incredibly powerful famed human from the North Quadrant who has many legends based on him. He, too, is seen taunting Kid Buu in the final episodes.