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This article, Z Fighters Vs, is a fan-made crossover between Dragon Ball and another universe.


This is about how the Z-Fighters have to fight against other groups of Heroes and Villains.

Chapter One: Z Fighters and Mortal Kombat

Matchups: Goku vs Kung Lao, Gotenks vs Johnny Cage, Vegeta vs Liu Kang, Piccolo vs Raiden. More will be decided later.

Raiden vs Piccolo[edit | edit source]

Raiden and Piccolo both step into the ring! 

"Okay fighters are you ready?! The 180th World's Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament is now underway we have a vast array of fighters for across the galaxy gathered here today. Only 16 will make it past the preliminaries into the real tournament! Let the elimination match begin!" said the Announcer.

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