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Z/Super Saga ((ゼット) /スーパー Zetto/Sūpā) is the first saga of Dragon Ball Advanced.

Main events[edit | edit source]

  • New Characters
  • Return of Future Trunks

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pre-revamp story[edit | edit source]

For the pre-revamp story please see - this page.

Enter Dial[edit | edit source]

Future Trunks and Future Mai make their first appearance as Future Saiyaman #1 and Future Saiyaman #2 respectively as they are fighting a group of bandits until they are summoned by Chronoa to be made aware of their crimes.

Chronoa allows Future Trunks to work for his redemption as a member of her Time Patrol but after a few recent changes and an era that Chronoa forbids Future Trunks from going to he uses the Advanced Eternal Dragon - Face - in order to create a warrior suitable for the task. That warrior was named Dial.

Future Trunks personally trained Dial while Future Mai tutored him allowing his mind to advance from Newborn-Mind to Child-Mind.

Saiyan Invasion[edit | edit source]

However, Dial was soon sent to the Saiyan Invasion era to correct time pertaining to the Saiyans and fought against Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta and the Saibamen in the respective time periods. Raditz used the powers of the Dark Magic transformation, Supervillain, and Great Ape forms against Dial but ultimately they were not a match for Dial's growing power and Raditz was defeated.

During his battle with Raditz - Dial spotted a masked warrior influencing the battle and later battled against Turles and Slug. Dial would later encounter Slug and Turles again during a Parallel Mission along with a band of mercenaries that they paid to help them which were - Amond, Cacao, Daiz, Rasin, Lakasei, Zeeun Commander Zeeun, Angila, Wings, Medamatcha, Kakuja, and Gyoshu. Dial easily dispatched the mercenary in his 2nd Form while Medamatcha was dispatched by Slug. Dial's actions triggered Turles' Super Saiyan transformation but they were sent away by Future Trunks after he intimidated by transforming into Super Saiyan 2. Dial accidentally ate the Fruit of the Tree of Might that he was meant to give to Chronoa and gained a power boost.

Dial fought with the Z-Fighters against the Saibaman was able to cut their numbers down, however, he mistakenly believed that only Krillin was the one to destroy all remaining Saibaman in the correct timeline and as a result caused Chronoa to scold him for "altering the past" but she was able to correct history.

Dial later fought against several strengthened versions of Saibamen as well as evolved Saibamen from Age 1000. Dial transformed into his 3rd Form and easily dispatched them before reverting to his 1st Form. After seeing Tien being thrashed by Nappa; Dial teamed-up with Piccolo & Krillin before Tien attempted to use Spirit Neo Tri-Beam against Nappa but it failed and resulted in Tien's death prompting Dial to back-up Krillin against Nappa.

However, even with his powers enhanced by Dial - Krillin was defeated as an enhanced Piccolo to over before Gohan and Dial stepped in. Dial's battle was interrupted by the Black-Masked Saiyan and fought against Great Ape Gohan and Great Ape Nappa as time was halted. Eventually, Future Trunks entered the free and neutralised both Great Apes before fighting his father using Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta was able to break free of the mask and went with Dial and Trunks to the Time Nest.

Dial later encountered another masked fighter that Dial coined him as the Golden-Masked Fighter and battle against him as Goku fought Nappa. Chronoa boosted Goku's power after Nappa entered the Villainous Mode. Goku soon turned his attention to the Golden-Masked Fighter with help from Gohan and Krillin until Dial to over for Gohan and Krillin. Vegeta later intercepted the battle and battled the fighter at Mount Kiwi while Goku took on Vegeta's Sayian Invasion self. Much of the fight with the "scouter" Vegeta went as history remembered while Vegeta eventually began using Super Saiyan God SS Evolved against the Golden-Masked fighter and later retreated from the fight by orders of Chronoa.

Vegeta would later agree to train Dial personally while leaving the nurturing to Future Trunks and Future Mai.

Battle on Namek[edit | edit source]

After extensive training from Vegeta - Dial was sent to the Battle on Namek period and fought against the Ginyu Force as well as encountered Slug. Dial was able to get his potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru along with Slug and the two battled against each other as Goku battled Ginyu. However, Dial was knocked into the path of Ginyu's Change Beam and the two swapped bodies forcing the two to use each others' bodies.

After the defeat of Ginyu, the elite warrior was forced into the Giant form in order to battle against Dial again but was ultimately defeated as he encountered Golden-Masked Gohan once again and battled him alongside Vegeta.

Vegeta later became enraged when the Golden-Masked Fighter killed the past version of Bulma which allowed him to transform into Super Saiyan God 2 and nearly killed Gohan forcing Future Trunks to save him.

Dial and a worn-out Vegeta would then encounter Towa and Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) who identify themselves as the cause of the distortions. After a brief battle with Mira - Dial and Vegeta were forced from the era.

After the final defeat of the Golden-Masked Fighter, as well as Ginyu - each of the fighters, decided to train until the next Time Distortion which would turn out to be during the battle with Frieza. Dial fought against Frieza with the assistance of Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan and later Piccolo before Goku finally showed up. For a brief moment - Dial's battle was interrupted by a version of Frieza from the present with his Golden form enhanced by the Supervillain form, however, Chronoa was able to send him away.

With True Form Frieza enhanced by the Dark Magic transformation he was able to fight against True Form Dial and an enhanced Goku on almost equal grounds. As Goku was preparing the Spirit Bomb, Piccolo battled Dark Frieza until Dial took over and was able to keep him from Goku even with Frost being sent in to stop him eventually Agnilasa entered the fray and fought Dial and Frost. Dial dodged Agnilasa's Hyperspace Saucer but Frost was slain by the attack.

Following the use of the Spirit Bomb - Dial began to leave Frieza stopped him and grabbed him by the neck as hit Piccolo with Death Beam before using Ruthless Blow to mortally wound Dial. Dial was able to get Frieza to resist the powers of the Dark Magic transformation allowing him to correct the timeline mostly but after Gohan's ki disappeared Dial went off to discover why and encountered Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta where he was easily defeated but was able to split a Senzu Bean between him and Namek era Gohan while the present era battled against the two but after Dial was healed - he entered his First Form and battled with the present era Gohan.

Demon Hunt[edit | edit source]

The final occurrence with Frieza is when Towa summons Mecha-Frieza to Panet Yardrat while Goku was training on the planet. However, the Time Patrol promptly responded and managed to prevent the attack and restore the future to its natural flow.

Gohan would later summon present era Frieza to Toki Toki City and in order to have him train Dial in hopes that a member of his own kind would allow Dial to reach a deeper potential. Frieza agreed and offered to train Dial after Chronoa agreed to change one thing about his past and one thing only. Meanwhile, Towa met with Mornpagne in order to get a new fighter and device to further her plans while Slug sought him out to regain his youth before being sent with Future Slug to Future Trunks' destroyed timeline via the use of modified "red" Time Rings.

As Dial trained under Frieza - Gohan and Turles went to the Future Trunks' destroyed timeline and fought against mercenaries from Planet Slug as well as Slug and Future Slug. Turles was able to dispatch the mercenaries before joining Gohan in his fight against Slug and Future Slug.

As Frieza trained Dial - Gohan and Turles battle Slug and Future Slug. Frieza learned due to Dial being the first Sentient Stick Figure - he was able to receive the powers of a progenitor and was able to learn that Dial has an Accelerated Growth Rate. Gohan was able to use the Golden-Mask to the regain the powers it offered and overpower both Slug and Future Slug while Turles was only able to overpower Slug until he used Dark Magic transformation. After Slug drove his arm right through Turles' chest, Gohan kicked Slug away as he gave Turles a Senzu Bean and healed Turles. Gohan proceeded to use Dark Special Beam Cannon and managed to pierce - Future Slug through the chest as Slug attempted to use Darkness Twin Star against Gohan but the energy bullets were deflected away. Turles looked on as Gohan sent Future Slug and Slug flying away and into a cliff. The Namekians landed in a lake and remained underwater as Gohan looked to Turles. Slug noticed the gaping hole in Future Slug and noted that their individual powers won't be enough as Slug powered down to his base form.

Slug proceeded to use the Namekian Fusion with Future Slug and overpowered both Gohan and Turles before Goku arrived and immediately assumed Ultra Instinct Sign. Meanwhile, Dial was able to complete Frieza's training and defeat a Time Rift version of Frieza using his new Super Evolution form.

Slug was able to counter Goku's speed but was still caught offguard by his movements while using Ultra Instinct Sign. However, Goku managed to take control of the fight using the completed Ultra Instinct. Goku was able to deflect an energy attack sent by Slug before proceeding to swat him away. However, Past Vegeta and Past Ginyu arrived to inform Slug that his mission was cancelled and returned to Towa's hideout.

Meanwhile - Dial fought against Cooler from a Time Rift that he made but recklessly made Cooler much stronger than him and was almost killed in his self-imposed test. Future Mai scolded Dial for his recklessness before Dial was sent away to be healed from his wounds.

Battle with Cell and the Time Breakers[edit | edit source]

The Time Patrol send Dial to the Cell Games era after learning of the change to the era. Dial faced against Cell before facing against Mr. Satan after the champ was forced into the Dark Magic transformation, however, Dial was able to knock him down only for the champ to be forced into Supervillain was evenly matched to Dark Mr. Satan but after receiving energy from the Z-Fighters and other members of the Time Patrol - Dial was able to evolve Super Evolution to Super Fourth Transformation. Dial was able to defeat Dark Mr. Satan and release him from the control of Towa's power.

Dial later fought with Z-Fighters against the Dark Cell Juniors and was overpowered by them due to them being forced into Villainous Mode. After Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2 - Dial transformed into the Super Evolution and assisted Gohan against the strengthened Cell Juniors as Gohan was empowered by Chronoa and Goku from the Time Nest. Dial soon backed up Gohan against Cell while he was empowered by Towa. Gohan also received the Dark Magic transformation and used against Supervillain Cell. The battle played out mostly similar to Gohan's historical battle with Cell, however, Dial was frozen in time by Towa and after he was unfrozen he was mortally wounded by Dark Super Perfect Cell - he found that Cell had returned after Self-Destruction technique, however, like with Frieza - Dial managed to convince Cell to resistant Towa's power. Cell thanked Dial by using the same technique Frieza used to kill Krillin on him. Dial was later revived by Shenron.

Dial was later summoned back to the Time Nest and sent to help Future Trunks in the battle against Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced). Mira fought and overpowered against Future Trunks even with the Time Patroller at Super Saiyan 3. Dial arrived and proceeded to overtake the battle even with an upgraded Agnilasa arriving to help Mira, however, Dial was able to use his own power to achieve Super Fourth Transformation once again, however, due to it being his own power this time - he wasn't as powerful but was still powerful enough to overpower base form Mira and the Upgraded fused Android. However, Mira powered up to Supervillain allowing Mira to battle Dial on equal grounds. Future Trunks proceeded to try to help Dial and kicked Mira in the head but Mira wasn't fazed by the attack. Future Trunks was shocked as Mira grabbed Future Trunks's ankle but Dial proceeded to deliver a heavy blow to Mira's gut - sending Mira across the ground and as Future Trunks was also launched but was freed from Mira's grasp.

Past Ginyu, Past Vegeta, Raditz, and Slug arrive and landed near Agnilasa. Future Trunks looked over at Past Vegeta and went over to battle him as Past Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and then Super Saiyan 3 as Past Ginyu responded in kind as Raditz and Nappa decided to show their training by transforming into Super Saiyan. Future Trunks was able to punch Past Vegeta back as Past Ginyu knocked back Future Trunks with Raditz and Nappa fire a barrage of ki blast. Dial was knocked to the ground by Slug but he recovered rather quickly and proceeded to deliver a flurry of punches and kicks to Mira. Slug intercepts again and sent him flying with a kick.

Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan reattached his mask which was noticeably repaired and fixed allowing him to regain his powers from it as he went over to knock down the Saiyans and help Future Trunks in his battle while Goku and Vegeta went over to back-up Dial by attacking Slug.

After receiving a few attacks from Slug - Goku and Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan but are still overpowered as Dial and Mira fight mostly on equal grounds as Dial was confused why he isn't as powerful as before with Future Trunks telling him that he tapped into this form again through his own power rather than the power he received from others which was why Dial wasn't as strong. Raditz and Nappa attempted to use Fusion but Gohan and Future Trunks intercepted them and managed to knock them away before they can. Towa arrived and call for a retreat telling him that she's sent something motion as a time ripple rushed over Future Trunks causing him to feel an uneasy surge of power. The Time Breakers retreated as Chronoa forced her Time Patrollers to return and she revealed that a change has been made in Future Trunks's destroyed timeline.

Chronoa was able to track the ripple all the way back to Cell's timeline which was affecting all timelines. It was revealed that Cell was revived and intercepted his past self allowing him to obtain his Perfect form. Turles was sent to Age 788 and arrived just after the Trunks of Cell's Timeline was killed. Turles noticed Cell was in his Perfect form while he sensed a second Cell. He turned to the second Cell and the second Cell revealed to Turles that he was the one of that Gohan killed and was recently revived. Super Perfect Cell proceeded to attack Turles as Cell's past self assisting him. Chronoa was confused as to why Cell was still around when his past had been changed. Turles demanded to know why Cell was still around and Towa revealed that was because of her protective spell. She said that it protects any of her subordinates from Time Paradoxes which allowed Cell and his past self exist at the same time and fight together.

Turles transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and was able to overpower Cell's past self but Cell himself was able to battle Turles on equal grounds. Cell revealed that Towa shared her power with him and has allowed him to reach new heights. Cell proceeded to power-up before transforming into a new form. Turles was shocked at just how much energy Cell was outputting and even more so as it completely dwarfed Turles's power at Super Saiyan 2. Cell revealed that the power was the result of intense training both physical and image training while also Towa granting him the change to use Namekian's fusion technique on his own counterpart from the destroyed timeline.

Turles noted the strong purple-coloured aura that surrounded Cell as he flew up and proceeded to deliver a thunderous right hook to Turles' gut followed by an equal hard knee to also to the gut followed up with a kick to ribs which launched Turles into the ground. Cell proceeded to charge up Supernova but instead of one - he fired multiple similar to Piccolo's Scatter Shot. Turles proceeded to prepare to block the energy spheres but instead, each energy sphere was surrounding him and Chronoa realised that this was very similar to Piccolo's guided Scatter Shot technique. Turles braced for impact as he knew that there was no way out as Cell jokingly stated that Turles will die in a failed past as proceeded to direct each of the energy to hit. The explosion engulfed the entire area and even reached space. Future Trunks and Gohan were shocked by the sheer power that Cell possessed.

As the dust settled from the explosion - Cell was shocked to see the planet still intact and that Turles wasn't even wounded by the attack, however, Turles decided instead of giving an answer to just attack Cell but none of his attacks wound the Bio-Android as Turles remembered to the point that the energy spheres were just about to make contact and a mirage of Demigra introduced himself to Dial and stated that he was going to send the energy spheres away as well as create a fake explosion to think Cell hit him. Cell stated that he didn't care how Turles survived and said he was going to take him down no matter what.

Raditz and Nappa arrived with Past Ginyu and look over to Turles. Cell noticed them and told Towa that he didn't need help but Towa told him that they aren't here to back him up. Nappa and Raditz fuse as Gohan arrived to help but Natz attacked him to stop him. Cell grabbed his past self by the head and lifted him off the ground to demonstrate just how different his now as Cell towered over his past self. Past Ginyu transformed into Super Saiyan and managed to stop Gohan from equipping the Golden-Masked by destroying it.

Cell immediately recognised Gohan and as he threw away his past self like a discarded glove - he rushed over to take his revenge. Cell immediately overpowered Gohan before realising that he was not as strong as he was when Gohan was child which prompted Cell to ask if Gohan neglected his training. Gohan confirmed to which Cell voiced his disappointment in Gohan and stated that Gohan wasn't worth killing now. Gohan cursed his inability to gain the power from the mask but Chronoa told him that such a thing was just clutch and it merely amplified his power. She instructed him to believe in himself and that even wishes evolve his Earthling side - he'll need to focus on the culmination of all of his martial arts training. Gohan began focusing his mind and as he did - Cell noted a glow around him while Turles noticed an unusual aura as his battled against Natz & Past Ginyu.

Cell smirked as he felt Gohan's growing but became confused as his ki suddenly vanished without explanation. Cell wondered if Gohan was getting weaker and proceeded to fire Dark Kamehameha. Frieza watched the battle and seemed to be intrigued by Cell's power and after being told that Cell possess his and King Cold's cells - Frieza likened Cell's form to that of the Fourth Transformation.

The explosion from Cell's Dark Kamehameha blankets the entire area with dust, however, before Cell could celebrate his supposed victory - Gohan appears behind with a familiar aura around him and proceeded to send the Bio-Android flying with an elbow to back of the head. Goku observed the battle and quickly confirmed that Gohan was indeed using Ultra Instinct Sign.

Meanwhile, Dial was sent to Cell's Timeline - few hours before Cell killed Future Trunks - where the Trunks of Cell's Timeline was battling Future Android 17 and Future Android 18. Towa was watching the battle as she expressed her annoyance at Gohan ruining her plans and proceeded to use her Dark Magic to enhance the power of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18. Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 proceeded to relentlessly attack Future Trunks before ultimately end him the same way they ended Future Gohan. At least - that's what they thought but Dial was able to save him in time and proceeded to face the pair on his own. Dial easily overpowered the cyborgs as he deflected their Dark Power Blitz energy waves and proceeded to knock the twins down with a short rush attack.

Back at the battlefield with Gohan and Cell; Gohan was easily dodging each of Cell's attack and proceeded to knock him away with a kick. Gohan and Cell proceeded to rush at each other, but as they did - Gohan's returns to his normal state and receives a hard punch to the gut.

While back with the battle with the Cyborgs - Dial continues to overpower them until the mirage of Demigra appears behind uses his abilities to force them into Villainous Mode raising their power and forces Dial to enter his Fourth Transformation and was able to fight them on equal terms. Future Android 17 proceeded to bombard Dial with ki blasts while Future Android 18 relentlessly assaulted him with a flurry of kicks and punches. Future Trunks arrived from the Time Vault and proceeded to intercept an attack from Future Android 17 and kicked him back as he knocked back Future Android 18.

Future Trunks transformed into Super Saiyan proceeded to battle against the cyborgs and seemed to be equal in power. Future Trunks proceeded to deflect a few ki blasts from Android 17 before using Forced Spirit Fission to some of the power that his received from Towa and Demigra's mirage before proceeding to fire God Breaker at point-blank range destroying the cyborg before turning his attention on the shocked Future Android 18 and proceeded to uses Instant Transmission to get behind and destroyed her with Buster Cannon.

Future Trunks went over to Dial and told him that they'll need to live so that Towa can correct the timeline only to be met with Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta; the pair, although reluctantly used a pair of Potara Earrings given to them to fuse into Vegeyu. Vegeyu immediately powered up to Super Saiyan and overpowered the pair with ease as Future Trunks tried to explain Potara Fusion to Dial. Future Trunks responded with transforming into Super Saiyan 3 and Dial transformed into Super Fourth Transformation which enable the pair to fight almost on equal terms with Super Vegeyu. However, Vegeyu immediately assumed Super Saiyan: Villainous Mode thanks to Demigra's mirage and proceeded to attack the pair with Galick Kamehameha but they dodged attack as Dark Vegeyu followed up a heavy kick to Dial's gut followed with a punch to Future Trunks sending them flying. Dial and Future Trunks recovered from the attack proceeded to stand back to back as they used Heat Dome Attack combining their energy attacks into an even larger energy wave than the standard Heat Dome Attack, however, Dark Vegeyu managed to counter with his Kiai causing an energy struggle as the pair tried poured every ounce of their strength into their attack as Dark Vegeyu continued to hold the attack back.

Future Trunks proceeded to use Instant Transmission to get behind Dark Vegeyu and used Forced Spirit Fission to separate Dark Vegeyu back into Past Vegeta and Past Ginyu. Past Vegeta attempted to attack with Dark Giga Blaster but Dial knocked the pair down with a punch. Dial crushed their Potara Earrings to prevent them from fusing again before grabbing Past Ginyu by his collar and punched him in the gut followed up with a headbutt before throwing him over to Towa and told her to leave as she clearly failed in her mission. Mira attempted to attack but Towa called him off and told him that she has a better plan.

Chronoa managed to teleport Gohan to Future Trunks and Dial before Cell was able to kill him and proceeded to heal as a surge of energy rushes over them with Chronoa confirming that it's a time ripple. They have no idea what's causing it as the planet proceeds to violently shake. Demigra's mirage approached Dial and introduced himself as he cloaked him and Dial with a cloud of dark energy to prevent Future Trunks and Gohan from seeing him. Demigra offers to take him to the change. Seeing no other choice - Dial agreed and Demigra managed to sneak some magic onto Dial as he teleported Dial to Age 766 of Cell's Timeline.

Dial was unable to contact Chronoa with Demigra telling him that he was about to face the incoming change and so he removed all distractions. Dial sensed to high power levels hurtling towards to which he likened to Cell's.

Dial sensed not only that Cell's energy was different but that there was now a second Cell coming towards them. Present Cell and Future Cell arrived on the battlefield in their Perfect forms. Towa explained to Mira that she simply fished Future Cell from Future Trunks' destroyed timeline prior to when they originally recruited him. However, as they battled Super Fourth Form Dial; Future Cell and Present Cell were vastly overpowered forcing Towa to enhance Perfect Cell to Super Perfect Form while Demigra opened a wormhole - sending Future Cell back to his correct timeline while allowing Cell to pass through as the Bio-Android stood side-by-side with Super Perfect Present Cell.

Future Trunks and Gohan watched as Chronoa corrected the timeline while looking concerned. However, Chronoa was able to pinpoint the cause of the ripple effect as she explained that it was trying to erase both Gohan and Future Trunks, but thanks to her Time Pass - they are immune to temporal paradoxes.

Towa aimed her staff at Future Trunks (Cell's Timeline) as the news of Future Goku's death is announced and proceeded to fire an energy wave at them, but Dial was able to spot the energy attack in time and rushed over as Super Perfect Present Cell and Perfection Evolved Cell attempted to stop him. Chronoa was able to locate the targetted era - Age 766 of Cell's Timeline - and sent Future Trunks. Future Trunks manages to arrive in time and deflects the energy wave into the sky. Future Trunks immediately enters Super Saiyan and proceeded to attack Super Perfect Present Cell until his knocked back by Perfection Evolved Cell. Future Trunks proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 3 and attempted to strike Present Cell but he managed to repel him upon entering Supervillain.

Gohan approached Cell and told him that he was going to start taking the fight seriously and proceeded to be able to re-enter Ultra Instinct -Sign- once again but this time Cell was ready for him as he proceeded to transform into his Golden form. Golden Cell was able to counter Gohan's moves by using Imprisonment Ball to halt his feet before landing a powerful hook punch to his stomach with such force that the impact sends shockwaves across the planet and sends everyone except the Time Patrollers flying and flattens most of East District before following up his punch and powerful yet swift uppercut to Gohan's chin, knocking him away, and sending him crashing into several mountains. Super Perfect Cell managed to knock Future Trunks with a kick as Dial and was almost hit by Cell's Golden Kamehameha but Chronoa was able to open a wormhole and send it crashing into an uninhabited planet.

Goku and Vegeta arrived on the battlefield in Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan God SS Evolved respectively and attacked Golden Cell together. Golden Cell was surprised at Goku's and Vegeta's respective powers, and attempts to take them down but Vegeta and Future Trunks proceeded to use Forced Spirit Fission against Cell as Goku held him off allowing Vegeta and Future Trunks to separates Future Cell from Cell. Cell reverts back to his Perfection Evolved state but the loss of Future Cell causes him to undergo another change. Dial suggest the name Perfection Semi-Evolved; Cell accepts the name and proceeds to overpower Potential Unleashed Gohan and Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks before turning his attention to Dial, Vegeta, and Goku. Present Cell and Future Cell enter Perfection Semi-Evolved demonstrating the ability to enter the form as well.

Chronoa reconstructs Gohan's Golden-Mask allowing him to equip as Golden-Masked Gohan joined Super Fourth Transformation Dial, Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta, and Ultra Instinct Goku. Cell, Future Cell, and Present Cell proceeded to rush at their respective opponent, however, the four Time Patrollers managed to kick them away and Chronoa takes the opportunity to attach a Power-Sealing Collar around Cell forcing him back into his Super Perfect form as Future Trunks proceeded to restrain Cell as Dial, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta proceed to launch Super Buster Cannon, Dark Masenko, Supreme Kamehameha, and Hyper Galick Gun against Present Cell and Future Cell - the pair disintegrates along with their respective cores.

Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Dial, and Gohan reverted to respective base (true) forms and returned to the Time Nest as Chronoa corrected the timeline. Chronoa informs Cell that the collar will be removed when Chronoa "felt" like removing it. Chronoa was about to ask why Dial suddenly disappeared from her but he feels a sharp pain in his chest as dark magical energy pours from his body and forms the shape of a D. Chronoa seems to recognise it but before she explains it she says she'll remove it first as she begins removing it.

Chronoa managed to remove the Demon God emblem from Dial and sent to a mountainous region in Age 850 - resulting in a massive explosion. Chronoa reveals to the Time Patrollers about the identity of Demigra and she reveals that Demigra suddenly changed 75 Million years before Age and she was forced to seal him in the Crack of Time. Demigra began trying to usurp her predecessor's position and attempted to undermine her predecessor by changing history. Once Chronoa was made the Supreme Kai of Time - she sealed Demigra away in the Crack of Time.

Cell attempted to respond but Chronoa shot back at him that Demigra doesn't have allies or friends just puppets and schmucks willing to believe that one act of kindness is enough to convince them to side with him. Vegeta and Gohan back-up her claim by revealing their time as a Masked warrior with a fraction of Demigra's true powers granted to them. Goku, Future Trunks, and Future Mai chose to remain quiet as Dial asked Cell if he was okay with being nothing more than a puppet meant to divert their attention. Cell considered Dial's question before looking back at him and ask whether or not he's a puppet for Chronoa. Dial responded by telling him that he chooses to be part of the Time Patrol to both preserve history and a chance to fight against history's strongest warriors. Dial made a vow to Cell and said that if Cell personally trains Dial - he'll remove the collar and let him go back to his proper era with his new power. Cell revealed that he was revived a few months after the Cell Games and doing so would change history and he'd rather fight Gohan as he is now. Dial understood that it was Goku's cells making Cell say such things and told he'll place him in an era that would be appropriate. Cell agreed as Dial took to Toki Toki City to train.

Goku and Vegeta discussed Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta allegiance with Towa but Future Trunks explained that they joined for the chance of getting stronger and new power. As they were discussing the matters - Raditz and Nappa appeared in the Time Nest. Goku and Vegeta prepared to fight them but Raditz immediately told them that they were defecting after Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) tried to abandon them. Vegeta was sceptical as was Goku, but Future Trunks was willing to accept their defection but told that he'll strike them down himself - if it turns out that they are just playing them. Vegeta was approached by Sour and asked if wanted to continue training as Sour had to leave soon - Vegeta agreed as Nappa and Raditz asked to receive training as well. Sour initially refused but after giving him a tasty treat - he accepted and took them with him to train them.

Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) was training Past Ginyu, Past Vegeta, and Slug aggressively and continued to fault them on every misstep. Slug's uniform was completely destroyed while Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta are several holes and cuts in their respective uniforms resulting in Towa repairing their outfit and scolding Mira for training them to hard as they are still necessary. Towa returned to updating and upgrading Agnilasa with the recent data from the battle with Cell.

Goku was training Gohan and Turles to help Gohan master Ultra Instinct while helping Turles reach Super Saiyan 3.

Meanwhile - at an unknown location in Age 850; electricity began to sprawl across the ground before turning into an energy sphere which melts the area around it and left a gaping hole in the ground as An individual resembling Mira appears along with Octopapa and robot that sounds similar to Tao. Octopapa identifies the individual as Mira and the robot as Taoku. Mira asks Taoku if they have arrived in the correct world this time and Taoku coldly remarks in the affirmative. Mira told Octopapa that they're going to retrieve Towa and take her back to the Xeno World.

However, a mirage of Demigra appeared before them as Mira entered Super Saiyan E-type and proceeded to attack Demigra but he simply passed through him as Demigra stated that he was just a mirage. Octopapa was about to assist but Mira instructed him not to interfere. Mira reflected on his time when had absorbed Fin as well as the time he used the Supervillain State and reflected on in his Ultimate Battle Form and Weakened Battle Form. Mira demanded Demigra to return Towa but Demigra refused to heed Mira's demands and attempted to bind him with magic but Mira dodged his attacks and proceeded to absorb Octopapa and Taoku. Demigra was shocked at Mira's new power as the Bio-Android proceeded to attack Demigra, but his offensive was halted as Bio-Warrior Mira had arrived and used a restraining technique to behind his counterpart. Mira tried to snap Towa out of whatever spell Demigra had her under but she simply prepared a sealing spell and managed to seal him inside a seed for a Tree of Might.

Meanwhile back at Toki Toki City - Dial exited the Room of Spirit and Time along with Cell. Cell admits that he is impressed that Dial was able to learn all his moves and developed quickly, and simply states that if Dial wished to identify himself as his student than he has his blessing. Cell requested the removal of the ring and Chronoa removed it as she sent him to Earth of Age 850.

Chronoa asked Dial if he was ready to return to work and Dial nodded at her. Dial observed the Scroll of Eternity and absorbed a battle involving Innocent Buu with Super Saiyan 3 Goku being absorbed but before he could see the outcome - he told Chronoa that he identified to change and will be leaving immediately. Chronoa nodded at him as he teleported away with Chronoa commenting that he seemed more mature.

Fall of the Time Breakers[edit | edit source]

Dial arrived in Age 774 just after Goku turned Super Saiyan 3. Chronoa restored Goku's memories Dial's presence during the Cell Games and the other Time Distortions as Dial blasted a piece of Buu's body before it reached him. Babidi was confused as Innocent Buu was confused by Dial's presence and attempted to turn him into chocolate but Dial dodged the attack as Towa forced Innocent Buu into the Dark Magic state. Goku and Dial managed to hold him off before Towa forces him into Supervillain, however, due to possessing Grand Supreme Kai's godly ki - Innocent Buu was able to resist the control and punched Towa away.

Babidi scolded Buu for hitting Towa but Buu stated that he hates being controlled and refuses to let Towa use "cheap magic" on him. Buu grabbed Towa by the neck only for Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) kick him into the water below. Innocent Buu proceeded to redirect Towa's magic and opened a Time Rift allowing a piece of Super Buu's antenna to pass-through but Buu consumes it before proceeding to create fission of himself using Towa's Magic. Naname was born and immediately teamed up with Buu to take fight both Goku and Dial as well as Towa and Mira.

Turles arrived on the battle as Dial was leaning against rock - battered and bruised. Turles looked over to Mira told him that he'll get his revenge from controlling him his whole life. Turles powered up to Super Saiyan and continued powering up causing massive storms and large waves around him as Dial stood back-up and was surprised by Turles's power. Dial continued to back-up Goku as he kicked Naname away, but was knocked back as Mira kicked both Goku and Dial before elbowing Buu into a small land mass below.

Naname and Buu proceeded to use a combined Majin Kamehameha on Mira but the Bio-Warrior responded with Galick Beam Cannon and managed to force the pair's attack back as Mira entered Supervillain. Mira looked over to Turles as he continued powering up and was amused by Turles's development. As an explosion of ki came from Turles as most of the fighters are knocked back by the surge of energy. As the everything settles and the dust dissipates around Turles - he is revealed to have reached Super Saiyan 3 and immediately went after Mira. However, Mira simply punched him in the gut and sent him flying into the ground. Turles followed up with Hyper Kill Driver but Mira simply used by Flame Shower Breath to send it back into Turles - resulting in a massive explosion.

Goku and Dial were confused as they continued with their battle against Buu and Naname. The dust settled and the land mass that Turles on was completely obliterated as Turles was missing as the ocean rushed over the crater. Dial looked over and called out Turles' name as he confirmed to Goku that he couldn't sense his ki. Goku wondered if the Time Rift was interrupting their ability to sense ki and told Dial to try to close it as he took on Buu and Naname on his own. Chronoa agreed with Goku's suggestion and told him to fly over to the Rift and cross his arms while keeping his fingers pointed at the Rift. Chronoa confirmd that the Time Rift that Buu opened was similar to one's that are used for Parallel Missions and not to worry about it as nothing in the main timeline was altered.

Dial followed Chronoa's instruction and at her command to direct his ki at the Rift - his energy begins to form around the rift. Goku battled Naname and Buu alone and was almost overwhelmed by the pair but Goku could tell that Naname wasn't as powerful as Buu. Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta arrived in the era and powered up to their maximum power before transforming into Super Saiyan and prepared to destroyed Buu but Mira commanded to leave as their were given different orders, however, they blasted Mira and told him not to interfere as they intend to destroy Buu and go after Dial. Past Ginyu was annoyed that Dial was assisting enemies of Frieza and Past Vegeta couldn't stand that version of himself was working with Dial, and so they've concluded to exterminate Dial. Dial and Mira stated that there reasons were nonsensical but they ignored him. Dial stopped his sealing spell and grabbed the pair before flying into the Time Rift.

He arrived in the Time Rift and was almost knocked down by Vegito as the fused Saiyan was battling Super Buu. Dial noticed the missing antenna piece from Super Buu but Majin simply regenerated it. Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta bombarded Dial with a blast of ki. Vegito and Super Buu were confused but Dial told the fused Saiyan to focus on his battle as he battling Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta on his own.

Meanwhile - Turles resurfaced from his redirected attack and was instructed by Chronoa to continue Dial's sealing spell on the Rift. Turles asked if the sealing it would endanger Dial but Chronoa stated that her Time Pass will protect him but also Towa's Protection was still on Past Vegeta and Past Ginyu so they will also survive the Rift being sealed. Turles proceeded to comply and proceeded to continue to seal the rift as Goku continued to fight off Buu and Naname.

Turles managed to seal Time Rift as Naname slammed into the seabed while Goku backhanded Buu. Mira and Towa decided to accept their defeat and left allowing Chronoa to correct the timeline as Turles left the era while inside of the Time Rift; Vegito and Super Buu vanished as Dial continued his battle with Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta. Meanwhile - Naname was revealed to still be around but was confused as Towa approached him and told him that she gave him her protection and has a task with him and warped him away. Chronoa proceeded to stabilise the Time Rift from Dial's side at his request as he stated that he was going to take down the pair personally.

Dial knocked back Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta causing them to revert to their base forms, however, they managed to recover and proceeded to stand together as Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta declared that their best option is to fuse.

Past Ginyu and Past Vegeta proceeded to use the fusion technique to fuse into Gigeta. Dial could sense that Gigeta was going to be a problem and transformed into his Fourth Transformation and told him that he was ready for him.

Gigeta began his assault on Dial with a flurry of punches and kicks, and managed to knock him to the ground a powerful kick. Dial proceeded to dart at Gigeta but the fused warrior delivered a hard uppercut after soaring up to Dial, he managed to dodge Dial's counterattack and followed up by slamming his right elbow into Dial's face before spinning on the spot and smashing him into the ground below with a downward kick.

Meanwhile, Turles noticed another change and Chronoa noticed that it was occurring at Innocent Buu's house. The distortion was revealed to contain Bee - Buu's and Mr. Satan's dog - being subjected to Towa's Dark Magic as Chronoa noticed that not only Towa has used her Dark Magic on him but also forced Bee to become Giant. Turles wasted no time to head to the era.

Turles flew in front of Bee to get his attention after he had knocked Buu to the ground and was about to kill Mr. Satan. Turles transformed into Super Saiyan and proceeded to try and attack Bee but the canine fired Bloody Sauce from his mouth. Turles managed to dodge the attack and knock Bee to the ground with a kick to the abdomen. Bee followed up with Baked Sphere and after it failed he attempted Rage Saucer but Turles was able to dodge the attack. Bee entered Supervillain and immediately blasted the area with Chou Makouhou.

Raditz and Nappa immediately transform into Super Saiyan to assist Turles. Turles emerged from the rubble battered and bruised from Bee's last attack. Three Saiyans attacked together and managed to overwhelm the Golden Retriever.

Turles transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and used Hyper Kill Driver on Bee but the giant Dog received even more power allowing it to swat all three Saiyans away with his tail. Turles transformed into Super Saiyan 3 in response and began charging his ki into another Hyper Kill Driver but this time he proceeds to move his hands above his head as the Kill Driver continually expanded in size. Turles proceeded to launch at Bee but the dog was able to dodge the attack but the explosion from the energy ring was large enough to hit Bee anyway.

Another change occurred as the battle with Bee continued; Future Trunks observed the change and noticed that Agnilasa has arrived in Central City after Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack. Vegeta entered the Time Vault but before Future Trunks was about to go to the era - Chronoa sensed that Trunks from Age 786 was also brought to the Time Period and decided to send Vegeta instead. Vegeta asked for an outfit to give Trunks and Chronoa materialised a new outfit.

Back at the battlefield with Bee; Turles was knocked to the ground after the dust had settled while Nappa and Raditz are knocked away. Both Nappa and Raditz are knocked into Turles as he proceeded to stand before Bee and told his fellow Saiyans to let him handle the battle. But Raditz refused to back down as well as Nappa. Turles was amused by their determination and fighting spirit as Raditz and Nappa used the response of need to ascend to Super Saiyan 2, however, even with their new power - Bee was able to take them down. Nappa and Raditz revert to their base form. Turles suggested for them to fuse but Nappa admitted that he doesn't particularly like the Fusion technique to which Turles responded by asking him to choose between losing to a dog or fusing and winning. Turles proceeded to distract Bee in order to allow the pair to fuse.

After being knocked to the ground - Natz appeared in front of Bee and knocked him back with a kick. Natz told Bee that he was taking over the fight - prompting Bee to launch a barrage of corrupted ki at Natz, however, the fused Saiyan easily dodges each ki blast before proceeding to transform into Super Saiyan. Natz blasted his Sunday DX at Bee but the giant Dog dodged it and attempted to swat Natz away with his tail but Natz grabbed the canine's tail and proceeded to throw him onto his back before following up with a powerful kick to the gut.

At Towa's Hideout - Towa meets up with Mornpagne and revealed that she was able to acquire the means to further her plan by revealing Naname. She had imprison him in the Hibernation Pod in order to increase the godly ki that Naname received from Innocent Buu due to Grand Supreme Kai's power as well as siphon it off to use the energy. Mornpagne told her that Naname's power may not be enough to which Towa agreed but said it'd be worth finding out.

Natz heeded Chronoa request to just knock Bee out and not kill him, and proceeded to do so with a kick to the cranium - knocking the Dog out. Bee proceeded to revert back to normal before returning to the Time Vault. Chronoa corrected the timeline as another change occurs.

Meanwhile back in the Time Rift - Dial emerged from some debris and was revealed to be heavily bruised from his fight with Gigeta. Dial concluded that his best hope will be using the Super Fourth Transformation.

Dial began his transformation but his transformation was cut short as he was struck in the back by an energy attack before being kicked into a mountain. Dial recovered from the attack and noted Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced). Gigeta berates Mira for interfering but Mira becomes annoyed with them for disobeying orders and told not to interfere. Dial managed to send Mira flying with punch prompting the Bio-Warrior to transform into Supervillain. Dial responded by blasting the ground in front of before getting behind a mountain in order to transform into his Super Fourth Transformation.

Mira used Galick Beam Cannon on him, but Dial managed to the dodge the attack and blasted him with Galick Gun. With a heavy punch to the cheek; Mira was sent crashing into the ground, however, Mira was able to recover from the attack and proceeded to fire a barrage of corrupted ki in every direction - destroying most of the area. Dial easily dodged Mira's Bloody Sauce and continued dodge each following attack as Mira attempted to use Rage Saucer, Baked Sphere, Bomber DX, Shining Friday, and even Weekend. Dial stated that Mira couldn't beat him with his stolen attacks but as Dial proceeded to turn to face Mira - he was blasted by Mira's Death Beam with him following up his attack with Death Slash and proceeded to end his onslaught with Death Ball.

Dial asked Mira why he just used a bunch of "stolen" attacks against him to which Mira simply stated that he did it because he can. Mira proceeded to dart directly at Dial and knee him in the gut which sends the Time Patroller flying into a cliff. Mira proceeded to use Dark Kamehameha on Dial. Still, Dial was able to dodge the attack in time before proceeding to smash his fist into Mira's cranium - stunning the Bio-Warrior and sending him flying into several rock formations.

Gigeta proceeded to try to interfere with the battle, but Mira and Dial were able to avoid him as they punched each other in the face. Dial attempted to try attack Mira from behind, but the Bio-Warrior was able to grab Dial's wrist and sent him crashing into the ground with a kick. Dial proceeds to go in for his infamous "Cranium Shock" attack but smashing his fist into Mira's head and sends him crashing into a mountain before launching Finish Buster at him. Mira managed to avoid the attack and proceeded to use Kamehameha and follows immediately with Super Kamehameha. Dial was surprised that Mira was still "showcasing" his energy attacks to him and called Mira a "show-off".

Mira grab Dial by the tail and proceeded to slam the Time Patroller in the cliff followed by throwing him up to air before proceeding to slam his fist into Dial's gut before sending him into another mountain with a kick. Dial recovered from the attack and proceeded pepper Mira with a barrage of Ki blasts. Dial then grabbed Mira by the leg and swung him into a tree before following up with another barrage of ki. Mira prepares his Serious Bomb as Dial proceeded to charge his Super Galick Gun. They fire their respective attacks each other resulting in a energy clash with neither seemingly letting up. The energy clash result in both attacks detonating and blanketing the area with dust. Gigeta emerges from the dust and angrily dashes over to Mira telling him that he has sat on the side long enough and will not let Mira interrupt any longer. Gigeta easily overpowers Mira before proceeding to use his own Supervillain state. Gigeta powers up using Darkness Mixer before pummelling Mira with Rage Saucer followed by knocking the Bio-Warrior back with Baked Sphere. Mira was able to recover but was knocked back by Gigeta's Bloody Sauce attack.

Mira crashed into a desert causing him to become stuck in some dry quicksand. As sunk into the quicksand; he lamented Gigeta's belief that he no longer needed the Time Breakers due to his new power, but began to become an enraged by Gigeta's desertion and betrayal. Fissures begin to appear across the desert as tremors begin to appear across the planet. The dry quicksand was then sent into a spiralling vortex that caught Dial offguard. A large reddish aura exploded from the centre of the vortex with Mira bursting through as his armour broke away. A red aura surrounded Mira like a red outline as he ascended and proceeded to disperse his Supervillain state. Mira proceeded to fire energy sphere from his with Dial commenting that the power felt similar to his Galick Beam Cannon, but stopped his commentary long enough to dodge the attack and watched it explode in the vacuum of space with the explosion and energy of the attack being large enough to throw concern Dial's way as well Gigeta's way. Gigeta dropped his Supervillain State in favour of Super Saiyan as he prepared for Mira's next attack. Dial tried to intercept but Mira effortlessly thrashed the time patroller as Gigeta proceeded to avoid Mira's attack and sent him back with a punch to face. Gigeta realised that Mira's has entered his so-called "Rampaging" form and wondered if the state was a result of his cells from Kale and Broly. Gigeta manages to overwhelm Mira with physical force before transforming into Super Saiyan 3 and proceeded to knock Mira to the ground with a thunderous punch. The attack caused Mira to revert to his base form and allowed Dial to use Buster Cannon against the Bio-Warrior seemingly destroying Mira completely.

Towa arrived on the battlefield and managed to remain unnoticed as she fished out something from a small fissure before turning to Gigeta. She complimented that Gigeta was able to show such promise before telling him that if he doesn't need the Time Breakers anymore then he doesn't need her protection anymore as she uses her magic to lift her protection. Dial immediately understood what the consequences of Towa's actions are as Gigeta's body began to glow. Gigeta began to panic and darted at Dial, and proceeded to smash his fist into Dial's forehead. Gigeta realised that Dial's Time Pass protects him and proceeded to freeze Dial in place, and used Body Change on him. Dial was shocked to be in Gigeta's body while Gigeta seemed to be victorious for a moment in Dial's body until he noticed the glow fade from Gigeta's body and switch to Dial's Body. Dial told Gigeta that Chronoa's Time Pass is bound to the soul not the body so he's going to be erased either way.

Gigeta began to panic and proceeded to try to attack Dial, but Dial was able to dodge him as Chronoa managed to contact him and told him if Gigeta is erased in Dial's Body; then his body will be erased along with him. Dial began to panic and told Gigeta to switch back, but Gigeta smirked and said that his body will separate soon and soon he'll be victorious either way. Gigeta begins to disintegrate as Dial looked on in horror and begged for his body back. Dial flew over to Gigeta in attempt to grab him, but Gigeta faded away before he can reach him. Chronoa called Dial to return to the Time Nest immediately.

Dial returned and Chronoa used her powers to nullify the time limit on Gigeta's body preventing it from separating. Dial decided to go see Face to have his body rebuilt and restored. Chronoa dismissed Dial allowing him to get his body back as she contacted Turles and told him that another issued has come up and required him to return.

Dial stood before Face and requested for the Eternal Dragon to rebuild his body exactly as it was when Gigeta stole it. Dial followed by with his second wish of being returned to his body. As he did; Gigeta's body fell to the ground with Dial using his final wish to have the body preserved.

Elsewhere; Towa returns to her hideout and looked over to Naname as the Majin was being kept in a device that seemed to be draining the Majin's energy. Towa approached Mornpagne's Cell, but it was empty with Demigra appearing to Towa and told her that she has failed in her objective and that she's can now consider herself "fired". Towa attempted to attack Demigra, but the Demon God easily dodges her attack before using his stone spit on her to have trapped as stone. Demigra turns to Agnilasa and Slug and told them that he's now running the show and for them to prepare for battle with the Time Patrol.

Chronoa announced another distortion and Dial offered to go immediately. Dial arrived at The Lookout where Piccolo was under the influences of the Dark Magic transformation. Dial sensed Gohan's past self currently fighting against a powered-up Super Buu and implores Chronoa to send someone to help. Gohan equips his Golden-Mask and told Chronoa to send him to help his past self. Gohan appeared next to his past self and silently approached Buu.

Elsewhere in Age 779 after the past version of Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks went to fight Goku Black - Trunks from Age 784 was brought to the era. Agnilasa tried to hit Trunks with Baked Sphere and followed up with Bloody Sauce, but Trunks managed to dodge the attack. Trunks immediately powered-up to Super Saiyan as Chronoa decided to send Vegeta to help his son. Vegeta arrived and powered up to Super Saiyan and proceeded to attack Agnilasa. Agnilasa smugly told the two that his received a number of upgrades thanks to Towa and proceeded to power up revealing his new "Darkness" form.

Dial and Gotenks crash into through the main building as Piccolo continued his attack on Dial and Gotenks. Dial noticed Demigra's Mirage demanded to know why he was attacking them. Demigra's Mirage used his magic to upgrade Piccolo to Villainous Mode. Piccolo used Bloody Sauce several times on Gotenks, but the fused warrior easily dodged the attempts while Dial burst from the floor below Piccolo and proceeded to deliver an uppercut to Piccolo - sending him flying into the left tower. Piccolo responded with Hellzone Grenade against Dial and nearly overwhelmed, however, the Time Patroller managed to survive and used Spinning Tail Attack against Piccolo sending him into the ground.

Turles, Raditz, and Nappa arrive to assist Dial with Nappa and Raditz powering up to Super Saiyan 2, and Turles transforming into Super Saiyan. However, Dial was able to hold off Piccolo with Gotenks' help. Slug arrived at the battle site just as Dial kicked Piccolo into the entrance to the Room of Spirit and Time. The three Saiyans proceeded to fight against Slug to keep him from interfering as Gotenks and Dial continued their fight with Piccolo.

Dial proceeded to use Vanishing Buster against Piccolo, however, the Dark Namekian managed to deflect it away. Dial managed to exploit the fact that Piccolo dropped his guard a little to deflect energy wave to land a heavy punch to the Namekian's jaw sending him flying into the ground of the Lookout. Just as Dial was about to attack Piccolo - he sensed an immense ki headed for him which turned out to be Super Buu with Gohan and his past self tailing behind.

Dial tried to save Piccolo from a piece of Super Buu that was closing in on the Namekian, but before Piccolo and Gotenks were taken. Super Buu tried to also take Dial and Slug, but the both them were able to protect themselves with a Barrier as Super Buu absorbs Piccolo and Gotenks. Gohan landed on the Lookout and stood with Turles, Raditz, and Nappa while the past version of Gohan was confused by the appearance of Raditz and Nappa.

Elsewhere; Agnilasa was easily overpowering Trunks and Vegeta and sent them flying into the ground with a kick stating that he was just getting started.

Dial and Slug arrived within Super Buu and immediately flew in opposition directions before facing each other. Slug proceeded to use Seared Twin Star, however, Dial counters with Perfect Barrier as the energy bullets collided resulting in a small explosion. Chronoa proceeded to use her powers to grant Dial all of his abilities while Demigra does the same for Slug. Slug proceeded to enter Villainous Mode and began overpowering Dial.

Gohan continued to assist his past self and proceeded to kick Super Buu in the gut causing Dial and Slug to be knocked slightly around as Super Buu crashes into the ground. Demigra proceeded to place Super Buu under the Dark Magic transformation before hiding his mirage once again. Super Buu proceeded to attack the pair with Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, however, while the current Gohan was prepared for the attack; his past self wasn't. Super Buu proceeded to use Bloody Sauce followed by Rage Saucer after Golden-Masked Gohan dodged the energy sphere, however, Rage Saucer fails. Turles proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 3 and proceeded to attack along with Nappa and Raditz. The trio of Saiyans attack Super Buu and slowly begin to overpower him before Demigra proceeded to empower Super Buu further with Villainous Mode. Super Buu effortlessly overpowered all three Saiyans and turned his attention backed to Gohan and his past self.

Dial proceeded to knee Slug in the gut followed by a heavy punch to the face before striking him down with his tail. Slug proceeded to use Darkness Blaster against Dial, however, Dial was able to deflect the attack away. Dial proceeded to knee Slug into the gut once again before hurling him into the ground. Dial proceeded to slammed down onto Slug's gut causing him to revert from his Villainous Mode. Dial proceeded to land across from Slug as the Namekian proceeded to get up. He told Dial that thanks to Naname; the remaining members of the Time Breakers were able to gain a backup plan when Villainous Mode failed; Slug began to power-up revealing a reddish aura around him and revealed his Aura of a God state before punching Dial in the gut and sending him across the ground.

Gohan and his past self continued the battle with Super Buu as Demigra granted Villainous Mode to Gohan's past self. Gohan proceeded to use Darkness Masenko while his past self used [[Dark Special Beam Canon (SSJJ)|Dark Special Beam Cannon resulting in the energy beams combining together and becoming Dark Masenko Beam Cannon. Super Buu's legs and the right side of his torso are destroyed by the attack as a result of the attack. Dial and Slug were able to protect themselves as Gohan and his past self continued the battle, however, Super Buu regenerated.

Tien from Age 774 arrived at the battlefield and attempted to aid the two, but Super Buu was able to dodge his attack and delivered a heavy punch to Tien's gut. Super Buu proceeded to use Special Beam Cannon against Tien and pierced his chest. Gohan went over to give Tien a Senzu Bean as Gohan's past self continued the fight with Super Buu and was able to fight on equal terms with Gohan's past self as Tien fed on the Senzu Bean. Tien worked at that the Gohan standing before him was a version of Gohan from another era and asked what was going on. After telling Tien about everything happening; he proceeded to agree to help and after Gohan's past self was knocked to the ground. Gohan proceeded to fire Dark Kamehameha as Tien followed up with Tri-Beam combining the energy attack into Kamehame Tri-Beam. Most of Super Buu was destroyed the attack as Dial and Slug protect themselves from the attack, however, Super Buu regenerated from the attack.

Super Buu applauded them for their efforts and brought their attach to his missing arm as Gohan's past self was getting back up. Super Buu used his arm to absorb Villainous Mode Gohan and take on his Gohan absorbed form. Super Buu fired Kamehameha at them and managed to severely wound Tien while moderately wounding Gohan and destroyed his Golden-Mask. Vegeta's past self arrived on the battlefield but Goku's past self was nowhere to be seen so Goku arrived in his place and managed to convince Vegeta into fusing with him via Potara Earrings.

Vegito emerged following the fusion and immediately transformed into Super Saiyan.

Super Buu rushed Vegito but the fused Super Saiyan was able to kick him into the with a swift kick to the face. Demigra proceeded to place Super Buu under Villainous Mode and in response; Vegito transformed into Super Saiyan 3.

Inside Buu, Dial and Slug continue their fight. The thrashing within Buu seemed to begin cause some discomfort in Buu as he clutched his stomach in pain while trying to attack Vegito only to be kicked into the ground. Dial realises that due to Slug's current transformation - he is unable to sense his ki and forced to rely on his eyes. As a result; Dial misjudged Slug's movements and completely missed the Namekian as he attempted to elbow him in the face only for Slug to appear on Dial's left instead and deliver a heavy strike to face.

Outside Buu, Buu once again clasped his stomach in pain as he was about to attack Vegito only to be knocked into the ground with a kick to the back of the head. With the two punches to Buu's gut, Vegito followed with an uppercut the Buu's chin and kicks them away. He continued with another punch to the stomach and sent him flying with a roundhouse kick. Chronoa reminded Vegito that Dial was still inside Buu battling Slug and to make sure not to accidentally strike in the progress. Vegito replied that he remembered, but told her that he has faith in Dial to succeed. Vegito taunts Buu prompting the Majin to fly over to him only for Vegito to strike Buu in the head with a flying kick before teleporting and landing downward punches and uppercuts in rapid succession before drop-kicking Buu away before sending him into the ground with a knee to the back.

Ruckus outside managed to knock drop Slug's guard allowing Dial to strike the Namekian in the gut followed with an elbow to the face before kicking him away. However, Slug recovered rather quickly and flew back over to Dial. The Time Patrol attempted to attack Slug, but Slug dodged the punch and proceeded to kick Dial to the ground before knocking him into Buu's stomach acids.

Meanwhile; Vegito continued his battle with Buu and proceeded to use Spirit Excalibur and severed Buu diagonally from the left shoulder before proceeding with Big Bang Flash; destroying Buu's right side, however, his left side manages to regenerate his right side and proceeded to follow up with an attempt to attack Buu with a flurry of punches and kicks only for Vegito to dodge every attempt. Vegito proceeded to follow-up with Gravity Bash and managed to knock Buu into the ground. The resulting crater wedges the Majin into the ground. Super Buu proceeded to use Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, however, as Vegito was preparing to attack the Ghosts; five of the Ghosts used Kamehameha while the remaining five used Masenko, however, due to fact that present Goku fused with Vegeta of Age 774 instead of Goku's past self; Vegito was prepared for the attack and used an Explosive Wave to reflect the energy waves back at the ghosts and proceeded to deliver a punch to Buu's face.

Dial quickly flew out of the acids and landed on a piece of chocolate within in Buu's stomach before stumbling back over. Dial proceeded to use Finish Buster, however, Slug appeared behind him and caused him to redirect to Super Buu's stomach giving him ingestion.

Vegito realised Buu's pained looks were the look of ingestion and proceeded to attack Buu with a kick to the chest and the Majin into the ground. Buu proceeded to use his magic to transform Nappa and the rock he was unconscious into an outhouse before using it. Angered; Super Buu proceeded to use Angry Explosion resulting in a massive explosion that vaporises the outhouse, Raditz, and almost vaporises Tien and Turles, but Vegito was able to save them in time. Chronoa managed to have the pair revived with Nappa being restored to his proper body. Vegito looked over to where Buu was and seemed angry, but Chronoa told Vegito that Nappa and Raditz were revived. Vegito proceeded to attack Super Buu as the Majin seemed to settle and was struck in the chin with an uppercut from Vegito before being kicked into the edge of the crater.

Nappa and Raditz regrouped by a clothing stall and Nappa tapped a communication device on his wrist and demands to know why Demigra let Buu kill them. Demigra told them that it was necessary to sell their "desertion story" a little better. Demigra asked them if they had managed to reach Super Saiyan 3 yet, but they say they haven't. An energy beam pierces through Nappa's heart prompting Raditz to look behind him and realise that Frieza was the one that executed Nappa. Future Trunks demanded to know why and Frieza threw a video recorder to Future Trunks that reveals that the two were only playing the Time Patrol.

Back at the battlefield; Vegito severs Buu's head with his Spirit Excalibur, however, the Majin simply reattaches his head and proceeded to go on another attempted onslaught only for Vegito to dodge every attack and blast the Majin with a ki blast. Vegito realised that Buu hasn't restored his antenna yet and noticed it by some rocks. Vegito proceeded to use it to his advantaged by deliberately forcing Buu to area of the antenna with a flurry of punches before kicking him into a rock. Vegito proceeded to give Buu a countdown to come up with a way to defeat him and Super Buu promptly noticed the antenna piece and used it to absorb Vegito.

Upon arrival; Vegito landed in Buu's stomach and proceeded to rendezvous with Dial with Buu's head due to Dial and Slug managing to relocate to Buu's head. However, Vegito defused upon arrival with Dial confused as an hour hasn't passed yet. Demigra's mirage appeared in Buu's head and revealed that he caused the fusion to become undone as Goku sensed his past self and wished them luck after Chronoa called him back.

Goku arrived back at the Time Nest as he informed Chronoa of his past self arriving within Super Buu's. Dial was surprised to see Goku and Vegeta as the pair power-up to Super Saiyan 2 at Dial's suggestion before severing the pods causing Super Buu to revert to his pre-absorption state. Super Buu arrived in his head and proceeded to attack Goku and Vegeta. Demigra proceeded to "borrow" some power from Towa to allow Super Buu to enter the Supervillain state. Goku realises the level of power that Super Buu currently possesses and began to plead with Vegeta to do the Fusion Dance with him. Dial told him that he'll hold off Buu and Slug while they get prepared.

Vegeta finally relented and with Dial's help; King Kai of Age 774 instructs the pair. Meanwhile; Dial proceeded to fend off both Slug and Super Buu. Dial was overwhelmed by the combined efforts of Slug and Super Buu resulting in him being battered and bruised from a coordinated assault. An explosion of ki behind Dial signified that Gogeta's fusion was complete as he stood behind Dial in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Gogeta quickly rushed to attack Super Buu and easily knocked him down while Dial continued his battle with Slug.

Dial noticed that Gogeta and Super Buu seemed even in power but Gogeta responded with transforming into Super Saiyan 3 with Gogeta proceeding to smack Buu around his own head while Dial continued his fight against Slug. Dial and Slug proceeded to fire a ki blast at each other resulting in the ki blast exploding. Slug proceeded to slam his fist into Dial's gut and sent him across Buu's head with a kick. Dial remembered from his training with Frieza and the way Frieza explained the Ultimate Evolution to him.

Meanwhile; Future Trunks was confused by Frieza why killed Nappa and wondered if he did out of loyalty to the Time Patrol, but Frieza told him that he remembered Chronoa's offer to him and simply replied that an opportunity arose for him to kill a Saiyan and so he took it. Future Trunks turned to Raditz and placed Ki-Sealing Cuffs on him and looking him in a cell. Raditz refused to answer his questions as Turles mocked and told him that he was basically a slave for Demigra. Raditz mocked them and asked them how their sudden "betrayal" was at all believable considering how sudden it was. Turles began to remind Raditz of the abuse he faced from Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) and Towa during training and asked if he had forgotten. Raditz admitted that he hated Mira for his methods, but he garnered results and he was far stronger than he was before. Turles responded by telling Raditz that he didn't believe him and that he was trying to convince himself that being with Time Breakers is the right decision simply because of his hatred of Goku.

Back in Age 774; Gogeta continued to fight off Super Buu as Slug observed the battle. Gogeta proceeded to overwhelm him with a barrage of ki followed by flurry of kicks and proceeded to knock him away with a backfist to the back of the head. Gogeta proceeded to pummel Super Buu while Slug continued to torture Dial and knocked him across the ground.

Turles continued to lecture Raditz by telling how Vegeta defied Frieza and was able to acquire his goals without some slave-driver telling him what to do. Raditz began realising that Turles was speaking the truth and admitted that he had no loyalty for Demigra. Demigra's Mirage appeared before Turles and Raditz, and attempted to kill the pair but Future Trunks was able to deflect the energy blast. Raditz asked for Turles to free him and let him go to Dial. Turles agreed to do so.

Back in Age 774; Slug was about to strike Dial once more, but Raditz appeared in his Super Saiyan form. Raditz smirked at Slug and reminded him that Raditz was also given Naname's ki and was also able to assumed the transformation state. Raditz proceeded to channel his ki using his anger at being used by Demigra and his determination to further his own power; he proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 3. Raditz proceeded to enhance his Super Saiyan 3 state with the Aura of a God state and proceeded to battle against Slug and seemingly overpowers him. Raditz proceeded to fire Monday Sunrise at Slug, but the Namekian dodges it. Super Buu realises the power it contains and uses a Barrier to protect the rest of his head as half of Super Buu's had was destroyed by the blast. Super Buu regenerated before being pummelled by Gogeta.

Slug angrily told Raditz that he was getting too cocky and went along to tell him that by defecting from the Time Breakers; he has lost a very potent power-up as Slug proceeded to tell him that he'll show him what he gave up by powering up. The power began to even shake Buu's head as the top portion of Slug's outfit proceeded to tear apart as he continued to power-up. Even Gogeta was shocked by the shear power Slug possessed as an explosion of ki blanket the area. Slug proceeded to tell Super Buu that he'll erase Dial and Raditz so that he focus more on his fight. As Slug was about to attack the pair; Gogeta called over to him and Super Buu threatening to free Good Buu from the pod. Super Buu pleaded with Gogeta and told Slug to hold off, however, Slug was unimpressed and told Buu to stop being a baby. Super Buu continued, but Gogeta proceeded to tear Good Buu from Super Buu resulting in the Majin melting away. Gogeta proceeded to grab Piccolo and Gohan while asking Raditz to grab Trunks and Goten. Slug charged after them as Dial struggled to fly after Slug as he came too. Gogeta proceeded to make his own exit after Gohan was almost blasted by Slug with Raditz, Slug, and Dial following behind.

Each of them emerged outside as Slug immediately attacked Raditz and sent him crashing into a cliff. Dial landed a mountain as he remembered Frieza's words. Dial began focusing his energy and powering up as Raditz was being pummelled by Slug with Gogeta emerging with Piccolo and the boys. Dial continued powering up causing the planet to shake as several fissure formed beneath Dial with his energy blanketing the area. An emerald green aura began to appear around Dial's body as Chronoa was surprised by the colour of the aura and began wondering if he was reaching the same evolution that Frieza was reached. With several strikes of lightning; Dial began to glow blinding everyone around him. As soon as the light faded away; Slug noticed the new Emerald green appearance with Dial simply proclaiming that he has reached the Ultimate Evolution and dubbed his new form as Emerald Dial.

Having emerged from Super Buu; Piccolo and the boys are restored to their normal forms as Gogeta defuses back into Vegeta and Goku. Super Buu continued his transform into a Kid Buu while Slug and Dial continued to stare each other down. Dial proved to be faster than ever as he darted directly in front of Slug before kicking the Namekian in the gut and sending him crashing into a cliff. Slug admitted that he felt that kick as the pair proceeded to clash with one another.

Dial proceeded to use Hyper Galick Gun against Slug, but the Namekian dodged the energy attack proceeded to deliver a pair of punches in quick succession to Dial's face before using Double Axe Handle to send him through a jutting cliff and into the ground. Dial proceeded to jump back to his feet and immediately used Emerald Galick Gun with Slug responding with Seared Twin Star. The energy bullets and energy wave collided with each other resulting in a massive explosion.

Meanwhile; Kid Buu's transformation was complete and proceeded to move from the area with Vegeta and Goku following after him. After stopping on a rock; Kid Buu proceeded to use Angry Shout; causing the sky to become dark, the planet to shake, and shattered various light fixtures.

Dial was about to rush to attack Slug, but due to his lack of experience with his Emerald form; he reverts to his True form allowing Slug to send him crashing into the ground with a swift kick. Dial recovered rather quickly and proceeded to transform into the Fourth Transformation.

Kid Buu proceeded to launch his Planet Burst sphere upon Earth. Slug and Dial noticed the incoming energy sphere as Goku and Vegeta dash away from it. Dial and Slug were able to escape to Jung while Goku, Vegeta, Mr Satan, and Dende escape to the Kai World. The battle with Kid Buu begins as Raditz and Goku battle the Dark Magic-enhanced Majin first. Meanwhile; Slug and Dial continue their own battle. Chronoa ports in some Senzu Beans for Dial allowing him to recover his ki and stamina. Dial smirked and told Slug that the Ultimate Evolution can be used in conjunction with any of his other forms as he proceeded to transform into his Emerald state again calling the combination of Emerald Dial and the Fourth Transformation Emerald Fourth Transformation.

The battle on the Kai World continued as Super Saiyan 3 Goku dodged an attack from Kid Buu while Raditz proceeded to kick Kid Buu in the back. However, Kid Buu knocked down Raditz while Goku asked Vegeta to step in due to his stamina draining due to his use of Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and battled Kid Buu. Dial and Slug proceeded to exchange punches with one another; sending each other flying. Dial crashes into a floating rock while Slug crashes into a train before slamming into the nearby cliff. Kid Buu was able to overwhelm Vegeta before Mr Satan called out to Kid Buu and proceeded to tell him that he is no match for him before the Majin decided to try and attack him only for Mr Satan to dodge his attack, but as Kid Buu went for another attack he began clutching his head in pain. Kid Buu proceeded to spit out Good Buu before turning to Mr Satan and attempted to swat him away, but Raditz managed to get in the way and was sent flying with Kid Buu.

Meanwhile; Dial dashed towards Slug and proceeded to use Double Galick Cannon; destroying most of the area along with the train and rocky region. Slug recovered from the attack and proceeded to land a thunderous punch to Dial's gut and sent him flying through several cliffs before crashing into a law enforcement building. Dial proceeded to revert to his Fourth Transformation before transforming into his Super Fourth Transformation. Slug proceeded to fire a barrage of ki blasts at Dial, but the Time Patroller was able to dodge the energy blasts and proceeded to punch the Namekian in the gut. Slug mentioned that he at least felt the punch this time. Dial thanked him for mentioning that as he wanted to confirmed that he could at least feel his punch in his Super Fourth Transformation. Slug realised what Dial was saying as the Time Patrol began transforming once more into his Emerald form. His transformation shook the entire planet before reducing the city to crater with Chronoa commenting that she almost failed to evacuate the people before he transformed.

Back on the Sacred World of the Kai; Raditz managed to save Mr Satan from an attack from Kid Buu and proceeded to transform into his Super Saiyan 2 form before enhancing it with the Aura of a God state. Raditz was able to overwhelm Kid Buu as he instructed his brother to go back to his base form and start the Spirit Bomb as he instructed Dende to go to New Namek and resurrect the Earth. Dende complied and as soon as he confirmed that the Earth was restored; Goku began Spirit Bomb.

Back on Jung; Dial was peppered with ki blasts from Slug, but he was able to deflect every blast before darting at him with such speed that not even Slug could see him and received a powerful uppercut to the jaw followed with a knee to the gut; sending the Namekian flying. Dial proceeded to use Perfect Kamehameha against Slug - wounding the Namekian heavily before landing on a cliff. Dial affirmed that while he prefers to use Galick Gun he won't shy away from Cell's mentoring as he told Slug to prepare for a much stronger version of the Perfect Kamehameha which he dubbed as Emerald Kamehameha'. Dial proceeded to say ""

Meanwhile; Goku had recently completed the Super Spirit Bomb and Mr Satan had just moved Vegeta allowing Goku to launch the Spirit Bomb. In an almost simultaneous fashion; Dial and Goku shout "ha!" as Goku launched his Super Spirit Bomb and Dial launched his Emerald Kamehameha. Slug and Kid Buu catch the respective attacks launched at them. A respective struggle occurred with the fighters fighting for control over of their respective attacks. Chronoa speculates that Dial shout be able to overwhelm Slug with his new power, but Frieza reminded her that he is not used to the form so he'll drain energy more energy than his body can provide and stacking the Emerald form with the Super Fourth Transformation is draining him much faster than his standard form. Meanwhile; Porunga reminded Dende that there's still a wish remaining for them to use. Chronoa asked Gohan to make a wish to Face.

Dende and Gohan approached Porunga and Face respectively. Dende made a wish to restore Goku's energy to how it was before he battled Kid Buu while Gohan made wish to Face and requested to summon astral projection of five of histories strongest fighters to that can lend their energy to Dial and give him the power to defeat Slug once and for all. Astral projections of Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta, Potential Unleashed Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin are summoned and proceeded to donate their energies to Dial transforming his Emerald Kamehameha into Z-Spirit Kamehameha while Goku's energy was restored fully and allowed him to enter Super Saiyan to send the Spirit Bomb back at Buu.

Dial and Goku respectively thank Dende and Gohan respectively for their help before unleashing their maximum power to their respective enemies. Buu and Slug are greatly overpowered by their respective foes. Dial and Goku's respective enemies are swallowed by their respective and begin to disintegrate. Dial's energy wave was redirected to sky while Goku's energy sphere explodes in a huge display of light. All traces of both Buu and Slug are completely destroyed as Goku and Dial revert to their respective base forms.

Chronoa began to relax now that Slug and Kid Buu have been defeated as everyone returned to Time Nest and she reverted all the changes that occurred. Meanwhile; Vegeta and Trunks have just recovered from an attack from Agnilasa.

Vegeta and Trunks look at each other as they are battered and bruised as Agnilasa barrelled towards them. Chronoa informed Vegeta that Dial had defeated Slug. Vegeta smirked at the news of his student's successor and smugly remarks "of course Dial won". He was intrigued by Dial's choice of becoming Emerald instead of Gold and wondered if Dial did it to exemplified that he is not Frieza. However, Vegeta's attention returned to the fight as Agnilasa clocked with a kick to the stomach; sending him flying into a mountain.

Agnilasa proceeded to use Bloody Sauce followed by Baked Sphere before using Darkness Mixer to raise his ki. Vegeta was able to dodge the energy sphere but was sent flying by the explosive wave but managed to recover from the attack. Vegeta proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 2, but was easily overpowered and knocked into a nearby cliff prompting him to transform into Super Saiyan God. Vegeta and Agnilasa clash as Trunks fired a barrage of ki at Agnilasa. Agnilasa managed to take down Trunks with a powerful kick before grabbing Vegeta and slamming him to the ground. Vegeta attempted to attack him with Super Saiyan Blue, but Agnilasa knocked him dowm once again. Chronoa told Vegeta that Agnilasa will win unless Vegeta comes up with an alternative. Chronoa suggests Vegeta use her Potara earrings with Trunks. Vegeta initially disagreed, but Chronoa told him that her earrings give 1 hour for whole deal and the simple removal of her earrings will undo the fusion. Vegeta reluctantly agreed and gave Trunks the second earring.

Upon fusing into Vegeks; After eating a Senzu Bean; he attacked Agnilasa, but was overpowered by the Android prompting Vegeks to transform into Super Saiyan. Chronoa was surprised that Vegeks' power was on par with Agnilasa's power given that Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue state was no match to which Vegeks commented that if Chronoa allowed Vegeta to become Super Saiyan God 2 - he would've had ended the fight without fusing, but Chronoa's insistence was annoying. However, Chronoa countered by saying that she saw the possible futures with the fight and deduced while Super Saiyan God 2 was not as powerful as Super Saiyan God SS Evolution; it and the Evolved Blue form would've only allowed Vegeta to fight on par with Agnilasa. Vegeks sighed and told her that she just doesn't believe in taking chances to which Chronoa confirmed that she doesn't.

Vegeks proceeded to kick Agnilasa in the gut and sent him flying into a mountain. Agnilasa proceeded to use Hyperspace Punch to knock Vegeks around before appearing behind him and caused him to flew into a cliff. Vegeks' attention was brought to him as Agnilasa was charging an attack that he called Calamity Zest. Vegeks readied himself as Agnilasa hurled the energy sphere at him. However, Vegeks caught it and despite initially sinking into the ground as he struggled with it, but Vegeks proceeded to charge up his energy and punch the energy sphere into space. Vegeks teleported in front of Agnilasa with the Android remarking that Vegeks was not taking the fight seriously with Vegeks remarking that Super Saiyan would be enough to get good challenge. Agnilasa responding by telling Vegeks that being cocky and arrogant will only end in his defeat. Vegeks simply replied powering up; electricity began to surround Vegeks as he continued to power-up. With an explosion of ki; Vegeks successfully transforms into a Super Saiyan 2.

Vegeks proceeded to punch Agnilasa in the jaw and sent him flying before slamming him into the ground with a flying kick to the back. Vegeks proceeded to use Double Buster, however, Agnilasa managed to recover from Vegeks' previous attack and dodged the energy attack. Vegeks attacked with Buster Cannon on Agnilasa and managed to hit the machine resulting in an explosion. Agnilasa emerged with some damage on his body as Vegeks appeared behind Agnilasa and used Galick Gun. However, Agnilasa dodged the energy attack and proceeded to assault Vegeks. Vegeks emerged from Agnilasa's attack unscathed and proceeded to use Unrelenting Barrage starting with a headbutt to the gut followed by a headbutt to the jaw along with three more to the back, gut, and face respectively. Agnilasa was knocked to the ground with several cracks and damages to his body.

Vegeks fired Big Bang Crash at Agnilasa which resulted in a large explosion which can be seen from West City. Meanwhile; in Toki Toki City; Goku was eating with Gohan, Future Trunks, Raditz, and Turles. Raditz ignored Goku's attempts at communication with him before leaving the table and passed Dial. Dial was conducted some image training in order to improve on his power and start his attempt to master his Ultimate Evolution form.

Vegeks dashed behind Agnilasa as the machine got up and smacked him back down with a heavy punch to the back of the head. Vegeks told Agnilasa that he'll not allow him the chance to recover from his attacks and Agnilasa proceeded to rip the top of a nearby mountain and infuses with the energy from his Darkness form to harden the mountain top and hurled at Vegeks. However, Vegeks proceeded to use Final Impact which destroyed the mountain top and managed to pierce Agnilasa through the stomach; leaving a gaping hole in the Android. Vegeks proceeded to use Coronal Burst and unleashes a massive yellow energy wave at his opponent. Agnilasa was disintegrated by the attack leaving a suspicious-looking chip behind. Vegeks went up to the chip and after removing the earring; Vegeta picked up the chip and returned to the Time Nest.

Chronoa examined it and confirmed that it was a chip designed by Towa that allowed her to control and manipulate Agnilasa into her helping her and the Time Breakers.

Just as the Time Patrol were preparing to rest from fight with Buu, Slug, and Agnilasa. Raditz approached Dial as Goku and Vegeta finish up their meals before declaring that they are going to train as Goku calls Gohan to join him while Vegeta tells Future Trunks and Trunks to join him. Raditz observed Dial's image training as Turles went on to tell Raditz that Dial was truly his own person and not another "Frieza". Raditz simply commented that Dial was created to be the way he was and doesn't mean that all members of Frieza's Race are like him. Turles told Raditz that he made the right choice by choosing to turn against Demigra with Raditz replying that he chose himself and not the Time Patrol, but agreed to continue his training before entering the Room of Spirit and Time alone.

Chronoa commented that a few Earth days had passed since the defeat of Agnilasa and Slug, and wondered if Demigra had lost his footing in the universe. Dial asked Chronoa about Demigra to which Chronoa told him about Demigra's tale. Dial noticed that a Scroll of Eternity was glowing and pointed it out to Chronoa. The pair went over to view it and it showed Kid Buu with Kibito Kai absorbed attacking Babidi's spaceship in the Southwest Forest. Dial offered to go but Goku told him that his training to master his power wasn't over and to let him go in his place. Chronoa agreed with Goku and sent him in his place.

Goku arrived at the battlefield just as his past self was frozen in time by Chronoa to prevent Goku's past self from seeing himself. Goku spotted Buu above the spaceship and proceeded to deflect Kid Buu's Ultimate Heavenly Cannon away as he proceeded to punch the Majin in the gut. Buu tried to use his antenna to turn Goku into a candy, but Goku dodged the attacks with ease and simply blasted him in the head with a ki blast. Dial seemed confused on Kid Buu's presence and even more so; Buu seems to be very eager to take down Goku. Chronoa proceeded to scan the timeline and realised that Kid Buu had in fact been revived with the Dragon Balls by Demigra and was sent after Kibito Kai and Babidi.

Back on the battlefield; Goku proceeded to use Galactic Donut as the Majin was using Magic Materialisation to summon a cube of Katchin. With Buu bound by the energy ring; Goku proceeded to a charge and fire his Super Kamehameha at the Majin. Buu was engulfed by the energy wave resulting in Buu being blown to pieces. However, Kid Buu managed to manipulate his pieces to absorb Babidi, Dabura, and Pui Pui. Kid Buu gained Babidi's cape and proceeded to use Demon Eye on Goku, but the Saiyan easily dodged the attack. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan God and proceeded to attack Kid Buu, and managed to overwhelm him slightly. Kid Buu proceeded to use stone spit on Goku's wristband, but he was able to discarded before it took effect.

Kid Buu was about to hit Goku with his own Galactic Donut, however, Raditz appeared as a Super Saiyan and attempted to clobber him over the head, but Kid Buu kicked about away. Goku was confused but Raditz simply replied that he won't be outdone by Goku. Raditz and Goku fought together against Kid Buu, but Raditz proved to be more of a nuisance then a help to point that he was even beginning to annoy Goku. Annoyed; Dial decided to intervene and grabbed Raditz before he could get in Goku's away again and dragged him into the area near the battlefield. Dial called Raditz are disgrace and a brat for his actions; telling him that if wanted to surpass Goku; he'll have to do it through hardwork, however, as Dial was lecturing Raditz; Buu's foot emerged and kicked both Raditz and Dial away. Goku noticed a familiar dark aura around Buu as he kicked the pair away before appearing in front of Dial as he charged a ki attack.

Sensing that the attack will kill Dial; Goku darted to Dial in a desperate need as Buu fired the energy attack. An explosion resulted from Ki blast resulting a dust and smoke to plume, however, as the smoke disappeared Raditz noticed a sharp looking aura and some magenta red bio-electricity streaks around Goku. The smoke cleared as Goku back was to Buu's with Raditz looking in both awe and frustration as his brother once again has gotten stronger while he was still scrapping the barrel. Taking pity on Raditz; Vegeta decided to share a story about how he met Goku and went through the exact same road that Raditz was trying to go on. Vegeta told Raditz that using Goku as motivation to get stronger and improve was well and good, but don't let make rash decisions like he did going to the battlefield. Raditz proceeded to calm his mind and stated that he wanted payback for Goku and Piccolo killing but affirmed that he'll continue getting stronger and improve until the day he has the power to face Goku. Goku smiled and told Raditz that he looked forward to day that they have the next fight before turning to Buu. Dial recognised Goku's form as Super Saiyan God 2 and told Goku that he sensed the power boost and was prepared to stop him. Goku looked at Dial and told him that he was foolish to come as he still had a way to go with training before he used his new power and whacked Dial of the head before telling him and Raditz to leave the rest to him.

Goku dashed in front of Kid Buu delivering him a thunderous punch to get before unleashing a massive ki blast sent Kid Buu upwards. Goku raised his second arm in away that made Dial think of the Heat Dome Attack, and sure enough confirmed that his attack was indeed the Heat Dome Attack as he launched his attack. Kid Buu was vaporised by the energy attack leaving no trace of him once again. Goku, Raditz, and Dial returned to the Time Nest. Chronoa sat down next to Dial and stated that she hopes that the Buu threat was finally over with Sour returning to offer Raditz more training; claiming that he has shown more development than he had hoped for. Dial asked for Sour to train him, but Chronoa interrupted and told him that she had a different teacher in mind for him. Good Buu emerged from behind Chronoa's house and she had a talk with Buu and asked if he wouldn't mind help Dial improve. Dial asked why and Chronoa replied that as the Supreme Kai of Time she can see few a steps into the future which often uses to her advantaged. She explained that being trained by Good Buu while help him master the Ultimate Evolution and would be a little more beneficial at the moment to Sour's training. Chronoa also told Raditz that he'd advanced a little more by being trained by Good Buu as well. Sour agreed with Chronoa and told them that training with different masters will broaded their horizon and open them up to better possibilities.

Raditz and Dial agreed to accept Good Buu's training and turned to Good Buu to ask him to the train them. Good Buu replied that he doesn't know how to teach, but he'll try to help them improve to the best of his ability. Later by the door to the Room of Spirit and Time that offered 4 years and the trio entered.

Goku watched as the door closed behind Good Buu before turning to Sour and asking for his help in allowing Gohan use Ultra Instinct Sign at will. Sour agreed and invited Goku to join with him as Vegeta decided to resume his training with Future Trunks and Trunks.

Dial and Raditz are alarmed by Good Buu's sudden changed in demeanour as he told the pair that he has set some parallel quests for them. Buu told them that they will be required to defeat Evil Buu. Dial became confused as Buu further explained that he increased Evil Buu's power. Buu told them that he has accessed the memories of the Grand Supreme Kai and had memories of an ancient technique that allowed one to control their endorphins and adrenaline called Surge Rush. Buu told them that the only way for them to pass the test was to use Surge Rush.

Buu went on to explain that "The user first takes a deep while focusing their ki before directing their ki to stimulate their endorphins and adrenaline. The user proceeded to take three short rapid exhales in order to release their endorphins and adrenaline resulting in both an Adrenaline Surge and an Endorphin rush." Dial and Raditz told him that they were ready for the test.

Dial and Raditz were sent to Buu's House in the Time Rift. Immediately; Evil Buu began attacking them and sent them flying with a kick. Dial proceeded to use Perfect Kamehameha against Evil Buu as the Evil Majin used Majin Kamehameha; resulting in an energy collision, however, Evil Buu overpowered Dial's attack. Dial proceeded to move out of the way before Evil Buu's attack hit him and proceeded to try to follow Good Buu's instruction, but Evil Buu interrupted him and kicked him away. Good Buu told it that trying to access Surge Rush in the middle of battle wasn't easy with enemy on the attack. Dial noticed Raditz following Buu's instruction and Dial realised that the technique wasn't easy to use and one would need a partner to hold off the opponent in order to enter the state.

Raditz proceeded to appear directly behind Dial as Dial was knocked away by a kick from Evil Buu and was surrounded by a bluish-white aura. Good Buu was surprised that Raditz was able to pull it off so easily and managed to deliver a powerful kick to Evil Buu, however, Buu mentioned that the form only multiplied the user's speed, strength, and agility by 25 while they no longer experienced pain. Evil Buu blasted Raditz as Good Buu explained that they still have to adapt the ability to their own power. Taking advantage of Evil Buu being distracted by Raditz; Dial began focusing his ki and with a little effort was able to pull off Surge Rush. Dial proceeded to knock Evil Buu to the ground but the Evil Majin was able to recover from the attack.

Raditz and Dial proceeded to increase the stimulation by 15% and Good Buu immediately recognised it as the Shocking Surge Rush state. Dial and Raditz effortlessly thrashed Evil Buu and were overpowering him with ease before being forced out of the state. Dial and Raditz fell forward and began clutching their hearts as well as commenting on feeling discomfort in their arm and neck. At first; Good Buu was confused before Raditz pointing out that what they are experiencing a heart attack. Good Buu entered the Time Rift and proceeded to heal them allowing them to recover with Raditz explaining that they could've died from using the so-called Shocking Surge Rush. However, something gained Dial's intrigue as he turned to Raditz and told him that Surge Rush was meant to improve the user's own power and now be a technique to capitalise on. Dial demonstrated what he meant by transforming into his Emerald Dial form proceeded to channel his power to take on the Surge Rush state. Raditz realised what Dial meant and proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 3 before combining it with the power of Surge Rush.

Good Buu smiled as Dial and Raditz circled Evil Buu with such speed that even the surrounding area was being ripped apart. Raditz remembered Dial's Cranium Shock attack and suggested that they consolidate their power for as a combined attack to take the Evil Buu down. Dial agreed and decided to name the move Cranium Burst before standing back-to-back with Raditz as the pair launched themselves at Evil Buu as they both infuse their ki into their fists before delivering a thunderous punch to Evil Buu sending him flying across the area. Good Buu remarked that Evil Buu's physiology will allow him to survive the blow with Dial and Raditz remarking that they aren't done yet with Dial and Raditz firing a combined energy wave at Evil Buu; vaporising him.

Raditz and Dial returned to their base forms with Good Buu remarking that they fight well together with Raditz remarking that he only fought with Dial to take down Evil Buu and wouldn't team-up with him for any other reason. Raditz clarified to Dial that he doesn't think of him as a friend or ally, rather just another person that fights on the same side as him at the moment. Dial asked what the next part of training was and Good Buu replied that the next phase of the training was to improve their control over their endorphins and told Dial that they'll be personally fighting next.

Goku and Gohan are battered and bruised from their training while Vegeta continued to push Trunks and Future Trunks. Trunks demonstrated the fruits of his training by transforming into Super Saiyan 2. Chronoa continued to observe the Timeline to observe for more incidents with Demigra, however, Demigra was sitting in Towa's Hideout chatting with Mornpagne.

Dial and Good Buu began their sparring match with Dial opening with being hit by Buu's Ill Flash, however, he managed to dodge the attack. Dial used Explosive Wave to knock back Good Buu and followed up with a couple of punches and kicks before Good Buu told him to direct his energy to his mouth and use Ill Flash. Dial complied and managed to pull off the technique. Good Buu dodged the attack as the area was levelled before telling him to begin his steps to improve his control over his Endorphins. Dial questioned Good Buu and the Majin told him to meditate while standing. Dial did so as Buu told that meditation well help him gain an inner sense of calm which will help be control his emotions better and control his Endorphins and Adrenal better.

Good Buu became impressed when Dial showed an aptitude for the concept as he gained a calm flowing aura around him and amused that he was able to access Surge Rush without using his ki. Good Buu told him that he wasn't exactly using Surge Rush and explained it as the technique known simply as Rush. Good Buu proceeded to punch Dial, but due to the Time Patroller being stronger then the Majin and doesn't flinch from his attack. Good Buu continued to battle him as Dial decided to not fight back as he proceeded to concentrate and three rapid short breaths while meditating once again. Good Buu caught on and realised that hidden talents that Dial possessed as he was quickly adapting and learning the techniques. Dial's aura became bluish-white and Good Buu recognised it as a state of Surge Rush without the use of ki. Dial and Good Buu proceeded to collide fist as they attempted to punch each other resulting a massive shock wave. Raditz sensed that Dial wasn't using the standard stimulation of Endorphins and Adrenaline for his Surge Rush state and sensed that it was 12.5% weaker. Dial confirmed that it was only doubling his reflexes, strength, speed, and agility instead of multiplying it by 25.

Dial proceeded to effortlessly kick Good Buu away through several mountains. Dial realised it that adding Ki to achieve Surge Rush was a handicap and achieving the standard Surge Rush through Buu's training will allow its true potential. Dial proceeded to put pressure on the pressure points located at the base of his skull, between his index finger and thumb on both hands, and three inches down from his kneecaps to stimulate them triggering a rush of energy towards his adrenal gland and increased the power of Surge Rush to the multiplier of 25. Dial kicked Buu across the face as Buu was surprised at Dial's ingenuity to release the pressure points to help with Dial stating that accessing it without the assistance of ki would be next to impossible.

Meanwhile; Raditz was using Dial's sparring match to try to tap into Surge Rush the same way, however, Raditz struggled to calm his mind. However, he was determined to see his training through as continued to meditate and focus his mind.

Eventually; Dial concluded the sparring match with a powerful right hook that sent Buu spinning through several mountains. Dial looked over and noticed Raditz adapting into the same state of Surge Rush that he was and smirked. Good Buu announces the conclusion of the second step of their training and told them that the third step was to use what they learned against a more formidable enemy.

Dial & Raditz sit together as they comment about the improvements they've made since training with Good Buu. Dial noted that by training; he was able to get used to his Emerald Dial state and can now use it longer while Raditz noted that he was more used to Super Saiyan 2 as a result of his training. Good Buu approached the pair and told them that the final stage of their training was upon them and they'll be going up against Super Buu and Good Buu furthered explained that he set it so that Super Buu had absorbed Vegito entirely and will have the fused Saiyan's power and abilities.

Dial and Raditz emerged on the selected battlefield and saw Super Saiyan 3 Vegito charge Super Buu with Spirit Excalibur but Buu dodged the attack and just as Vegito powered-down to Super Saiyan he was absorbed. Super Buu noticed the pair and proceeded to use Final Kamehameha on them. They managed to dodge the attack and Dial proceeded to use Cranium Shock on Super Buu, but the Majin was barely affected by the attack. Dial proceeded to use Final Kamehameha, however, Super Buu responded with using Spirit Excalibur and sliced the energy wave in two. Dial remembered back to Vegito uses of it and proceeded to use Spirit Excalibur to counter Super Buu's and both energy blades sever each other. Dial proceeded to transform into Emerald Dial as Raditz proceeded to attack Super Buu with a flurry of a kick and punch before transforming into Super Saiyan.

Dial proceeded to deliver a powerful kick to Buu's face, however, the majin was able to survive the blow. Raditz transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and proceeded to join Dial in an assault against Super Buu. Dial remembered Piccolo's use of Special Beam Cannon and proceeded to show his development from his training with Good Buu and used Special Beam Cannon on Super Buu before using Vanishing Ball, however, Super Buu dodged both attack. Dial proceeded to use Supernova, however, Super Buu was able to kick into space as Dial followed up with Emerald Supernova only for it to be knocked away as well. Dial reverted to his True Form before transforming into his Fourth Transformation and proceeded to use Electric Supernova. Super Buu easily deflected the energy sphere away including Dial's follow-up Double Supernova. Dial proceeded to transform into Super Fourth Transformation before entering Emerald Super Fourth Dial.

Raditz proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan 3 and proceeded to use Super Saiyan Surge Rush and proceeded to kick Super Buu in the head followed with Dial using Emerald Surge Rush to punch Super Buu in the gut. Super Buu noted that he felt the attacks before proceeding to pummel them. Dial proceeded to use Final Flash, however, due to Surge Rush only improves physical attributes and not ki output; Super Buu was able to deflect it away. Dial proceeded to use Full Power Death Ball against Super Buu only to dart straight through it to deliver a thunderous punch to Buu's forehead using the energy of the Death Ball to strengthen his fist. Buu was sent hurtling into the ground and as the Majin in hit the ground; Dial directed his Full Power Death Ball at hit resulting in a powerful explosion.

Super Buu proceeded to sit up as Raditz and Dial were closing in for a final attack and proceeded to use Ill Flash against the pair. An explosion resulted from the attack and sent them hurtling across the ground. Battered and bruised; Dial and Raditz stood back up and wondered if Good Buu made it too impossible to defeat Super Buu before channelling their power further into the Shocking Surge Rush. Dial and Raditz managed to overwhelm Super Buu despite having absorbed Vegito and effortlessly knocked him to the ground before powering down to avoid giving themselves a heart attack each. Good Buu appeared decided to switch over to Grand Supreme Kai as he believed Grand Supreme Kai would explain it better and stated that using a dangerous technique like Surge Rush comes with its share of risks, but also explained that there are ways to avoid the risks such as using Shocking Surge Rush in a single burst rather than a drawn out fight. Realising that they're not supposed to avoid using Surge Rush, but to be smart about it - they both returned to their base form as Good Buu acknowledged that they have defeated Super Buu. Good Buu told that they still have some time left in the Room of Spirit and Time to train and they'll spend the rest of continuing their training.

A few Earth days later; Dial, Chronoa, and Future Trunks are in the Time Vault as a Scroll began to glow. Chronoa looked at and began to panic as she told them that the era that Beerus went to Earth was under attack and after explaining to Dial who Beerus was - Dial offered to go. Another era began to glow and Chronoa realised that it was era that Goku and Vegeta fought against Golden Frieza. Goku offered to go while Dial went to deal with Beerus. Chronoa agreed and sent them on their way.

Battle against the Big Gete Star Begins[edit | edit source]

Goku and Frieza entered the Time Vault as Future Trunks and Chronoa were viewing the Scroll of Destiny while the others were off training. As they were viewing the scroll it began to glow with a powerful surge that caused the Time Vault to rock. Chronoa viewed the changes and notice that one of them was occurring during the time Beerus visited earth while the second was during Frieza's revenge.

Goku immediately requested to go to Age 779 to deal with issue with Frieza to which Chronoa agreed. Goku arrived at the battlefield and noticed that Frieza was already in his Golden Frieza form before Towa arrived and proceeded to force him into the Supervillain state. However, Goku noticed something off with the world and saw giant yellow monster to which Chronoa was unable to identify while Goku had no idea who it was - the creature repeated "Janemba!" causing Goku to assume that it could only say its name. Golden Frieza attempted to battle Age 779 era Goku, but Demigra arrived and used his powers to crush Janemba's head; prompting him to transform into Super Janemba. Demigra forced Golden Frieza out of the Supervillain state as Super Janemba battled Frieza as well as Age 779 era Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Tien.

Dial proceeded to head to Age 778 where he saw Beerus already seemingly under Demigra's control fighting against Bulma's Birthday Guests. Beerus effortlessly defeated Gohan, Tien, Krillin, Gotenks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Master Roshi, & Good Buu prompting Dial to immediately attack Beerus, however, the God of Destruction grabbed Dial's wrist and sent him flying into the ocean below. Dial proceeded to transform into Emerald Dial and proceeded to attack Beerus only to be overpowered once again. Whis realised something was off with Dial and study his ki.

Chronoa also realised something with Janemba's ki and realised that his energy indicates that the evil entity was brought from a Parallel World to which Demigra's Mirage appeared and confirmed to Chronoa. Chronoa proceeded to enter her Time Power Unleashed form while Future Trunks wasted no time to enter Super Saiyan 2. Demigra explained to Chronoa that he brought Janema from Parallel World where both Vegeta and Goku were dead and had to become Gogeta in order to defeat him. Chronoa turned to the Scroll and viewed Goku's battle with Janemba.

Goku managed to block a punch from before proceeding to overpower him with flurry of kicks and punches. Janemba seemed confused by Goku's power as he looked over to see Goku's past self and his friends from the Age 779 era all bound in place, however, Goku realised that it wasn't Janemba's power and called out to the true culprit. Robelu emerged from behind a large boulder and introduced herself to Goku and explained that she came from a Parallel World which nicknames the "Xeno World" and told him that although she was allies with his counterpart from a Parallel World she dubs the "Heroes' World"; they are without a doubt; enemies in this world. Goku seemed to be confused by her mentioning of Parallel Worlds before being punched in the face by Janemba, however, he wasn't phased by the attack and proceeded to deliver a double axe handle to Janemba's chest - standing across the ground. Robelu threw a club to Janemba which he used to morph into his Rakshasa's Claw proceeded to battle Goku with it using his Dimension Sword Attack, Dimension Sword Rush, and even tried his Illusion Smash technique, but Goku was able to counter all his attacks. Goku proceeded to grab Janemba's sword and proceeded to uses his ki to shatter it before kicking Janemba into the ground.

Meanwhile; Dial was still struggling against Beerus, however, Dial was in his Emerald Fourth Form now instead of his standard Emerald form, and seemed to be faring at lot better in his fight against Beerus. Age 778 era Goku proceeded to dart next to Dial now in his Super Saiyan God form and told Dial that he was going to help him against Beerus as means to thank him for helping against Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Buu. The pair were able to get an edge of Beerus for a short while before Beerus led them into the stratosphere and proceeded to try to destroy the Earth with his Sphere of Destruction before revealing that he was faking being controlled by Demigra and launched the sphere at Demigra's Mirage after it emerged during their fight. Whis arrived and told Beerus that Dial was from the Future before turning to Dial to scold him for time travelling, however, Dial informed Whis that he is with the Time Patrol. Whis realised his mistake and told Dial that he must be slacking off if Demigra tried to control Beerus. Dial admitted that he didn't know how Beerus was to which Chronoa informed him. Dial complained to Chronoa that she should've told him that from the beginning as he now feels like he insulted Beerus by not going at his best. Beerus confirmed that he indeed insulted him, but decided not to destroy Dial for ignorance of Gods of Destruction. Dial thanked Goku for his help before flying over to him and proceeded to apologise to Age 778 era Goku before Flicking in the forward - sending Goku hurtling back down to Earth. Dial asked Chronoa to send him to help Goku of the current era before turning to Beerus and Whis - telling him that he'll most likely see them at the next distortion.

Dial immediately arrived at Age 779 and saw Robelu using her magic on Age 779 era Z-Fighters. Dial looked over to Beerus and Whis as they arrived at the battlefield. Dial asked Whis to put them asleep so that the Age 779 era Goku doesn't say his present era self. Whis agreed with his reasoning and proceeded to put everyone of the Age 779 era to sleep. Dial proceeded to try to attack Robelu, but the Demon easily dodged his attack.

Goku turned to Age 779 era Beerus before Chronoa ordered him to not use Ultra Instinct in their presence. Goku agreed and told her that it wouldn't be necessary if he did, however, Demigra and Robelu used their Dark Magic on Janemba forcing him into the Dark Magic Transformation. Dark Janemba proceeded to easily overpower Goku, however, Goku responded by going Super Saiyan and proceeded to fight on par with Dark Janemba. Dark Janemba proceeded to use Lightning Dark Shower Rain on Goku, however, Goku was able to dodge the energy needles and proceeded to use Instant Kamehameha against Dark Janemba, but evil Demon survive the attack. Goku responded to Dark Janemba's power by entering Super Saiyan God and proceeded to effortlessly overpower the Evil Demon once again.

Demigra than proceeded to influence Janemba's power further by forcing him into the Villainous Mode. Janemba opened a number of portals fired several barrages of ki into each individual portal. As Goku was about punch Janemba - a portal open and one of Janemab's corrupted ki blasts struck Goku in the back sending him into a cliff. Janemba proceeded to open additional portals around the cliff to allow the remaining ki blasts strike Goku while he's down. The resulting explosion sends a shockwave through out the area and nearly sent the sleeping inhabitants of Age 779 era Earth flying. Meanwhile; Dial proceeded to launch his Burning Storm attack at Robelu, but Robelu used Time Rail to reverse the ki blasts back at Dial sending him hurtling to the ground.

Janemba responded to Goku's power by powering back down to his Super form and entering the Aura of a God state. Janemba and Goku matched each other's powers as Future Trunks compared their battle to a battle of Gods. Janemba sent Goku flying with his Lightning Rainstorm before following up with God Hell Gate. Janemba proceeded to grab Sorbet's scouter and morphed into a Bow in which he used it for his Dimension Missile Barrage. The resulting explosion destroyed most of Goku's upper uniform only leaving the left side intact. Sensing Janemba's power; Goku's response of need strengthens as bio-electricty surrounded him before his hair spiked up and an explosion of ki sprouted from him as proceeded to achieve Super Saiyan God 2 once again before kicking Janemba to the ground with ease.

Dial powered back down to his Fourth Transformation before entering his Super Fourth Transformation before subsequently transforming into Emerald Super Fourth Form Dial. Dial proceeded to stand with Goku with a quick glance at one another; they proceeded to charging Emerald Kamehameha and Super Limitbreaker Kamehameha respectively before firing it at Janemba. Janemba was engulfed by the energy wave and sent flying. Fin proceeded to touch back down on Earth as Robelu expressing her surprise that he was able to break free from Janemba. Robelu realised that Janemba was now hostless and went to find him. Fin recognised Goku, but realised that he was different one compared to Xeno Goku.

Fin detailed that he fought against a different version of Mira from the Xeno World and was briefly absorbed by him before being sent to a battle involving some dark dragons and absorbing them in order to take on his Ultimate Evolution form which was the current form he is in now. Dial asked why he was telling him that with Fin explaining to Dial that Towa was infact from the Xeno World just like him and that Mira that absorbed him, and after their failure with the Universe stuff; Demigra decided to enact his plan by sealing away Towa's memories and Demon God powers, and brought her to first to the Xenoverse World were he battled with the Time Patrol of that World, but the Future Warrior was able to defeat him. Fin furthered explained that Demigra managed to use one of the Eternal Dragons to ensure that if his body were to ever be destroyed - his soul and consciousness will be placed into a random fighter which then will force the random fighter's body to alter on the genetic level into that of Demigra's body.

Demigra's Mirage emerged and told Fin that he has already said too much and told him to go back to his parallel World. Fin refused and attempted to attack him, but being just a mirage - Fin passed right through him. Demigra confirmed everything that Fin said and further explained that he allowed Towa another attempt on the Xenoverse World, however, she was destroyed by Xenoverse Goku and another Time Patroller which forced him to revive her.

Elsewhere; Two-One appeared and proceeded to used Demigra's copied power to remove Demigra's control over Towa. Towa vowed that she'll see to it that Demigra will fall for his actions.

Chronoa ordered all to the Time Nest while informing Whis and Beerus that she'll be summoning them from Age 785 rather than now in order to make them aware of the situation. They agreed with her suggestion. A few moments later; Fin, Dial, Goku, Future Trunks and Chronoa were all standing outside the Time Nest as Fin began to explain everything regarding Demigra. Before; Fin could start explaining; Beerus wanted to see Dial's true power and so Chronoa agreed to send them into the middle of space in Age 785.

Elsewhere; Towa, Two-One, and the surviving piece of Mira (DBA) arrived in Age 779 and managed to locate Janemba: PW and proceeded to take him to the Big Gete Star (DBA) where they proceeded to have it absorb him and become one of its cores. Towa also gave it Broly (DBZ) and the piece of Mira to absorb and create Meta-Broly Core and Meta-Mira Core respectively. Meta-Janemba Core proceeded to open a portal allowing the Big Gete Star arrived in Earth's Hell where it began to used it fuel star. Meta-Brolys, Meta-Miras, and Meta-Janembas proceeded to exit the star with the Meta-Janembas attacking the Angels of Hell. Meta-Janema Core proceeded to transform the Soul Cleansing Machine of Earth's Hell into a Super Cyclopian Guard.

Beerus and Dial were in the middle battle as Beerus told Dial continue coming at him if he wanted to pass the test. Beerus proceeded to knock Dial away with flick to head before knocking him down with a chop to the neck. Dial proceeded to ask Beerus for his help to get some training from Hit. Beerus thought of it before turning away and heading over to Whis with their help they were able to get Hit to train Dial.

Meanwhile; Fin was discussing his plan to defeat Demigra once and for all by using Spirit Control to chip away the effects of the wish he used to ensure his survival. Fin told them that a temporary truce between would be necessary to defeat Demigra for the plan to work. Chronoa agreed, however, she noticed that one of the scrolls was glowing and that it was for Earth's Hell. Goku offered to go check and it revealed the Invasion of Hell by the Big Gete Star after a briefing explanation; Goku went along with Vegeta.

One of the many Meta-Brolys approached Goku and mistook him for the one Broly (DBZ) fought in the Parallel World, however, after Goku asked who he was the Meta-Broly realised that he wasn't infact the Goku he knew. Goku and Vegeta were soon surrounded by many Meta-Janembas and Meta-Brolys. Vegeta was able to tell that they were no match for any of them and proceeded to fish out a pair of potara earrings. After failing defeat the cyborgs; the pair fuse into Vegito. Vegito immediately transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and proceeded to easily defeat the Meta-Janembas before transforming into Super Saiyan 3 to take down the Meta-Brolys. Vegito proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan Blue and immediately proceeded to overwhelm all machines - easily tearing them apart. Meta-Miras began their assault, but Vegito effortlessly knocked them away. Vegito proceeded to use Galick Gun to destroy a large number of cyborgs. Vegito grabbed a Meta-Broly by the face and proceeded to slam him into the ground before following up with massive ki barrage heavily damaging all Meta-Janembas, Meta-Miras, and Meta-Brolys. After failing to take Vegito with a barrage of Hell Gates and Eraser Cannons respectively, Meta-Janemba Core and Meta-Broly Core proceeded to burst through the Big Gete Star in their Battle Forms before being quickly absorbed by a Meta-Jamenba and Meta-Broly respectively. However, after being knocked around - Meta-Broly Core and Meta-Janemba Core took control and proceeded to pressure Vegito.

Meanwhile; Dial was continuing his test with Beerus before transforming into Emerald Super Fourth Dial and was able to seemingly pressure Beerus 1% power enough for Beerus to switch to 12%. They clashes caused massive shockwaves that swept across Toki Toki City. Hit told Dial that he once again failed to pull off Time-Skip and to try again.

Vegito continued his battle with Meta-Broly Core and Meta-Janemba Core along with the army of Meta-Miras, Meta-Janembas, and Meta-Brolys. Vegito proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan God 2 and proceeded to effortlessly knock them down. Vegito managed to destroy several cyborgs allowing him to focus his efforts on Meta-Broly Core and Meta-Broly Janemba Core. Meta-Broly Core proceeded to use Metal Blast Stinger, however, Vegito easily deflected the blast with Meta-Janemba attempting to use Metal Hell Gate, but failed to land a decisive blow. Meta-Broly Core and Meta-Janemba Core proceeded to use Gigantic Catastrophe which resulted in a massive explosion. Vegito managed to disperse some of the smoke before following up with a heavy kick to Meta-Broly Core's head; sending him the massive Saiyan crashing into the ground. Meta-Broly Core was confused as previously with his power he was able to pressure Vegito: Heroes and Xeno Vegito into going on the defensive, but Vegito of the Main World was even more powerful than that. Vegito proceeded to deliver a heavy blow to Meta-Broly Core's stomach causing Broly (DBZ) to separate from the Big Gete Star before following up with heavy kick to Meta-Janemba Core - separating the evil entity from the Big Gete Star. Using Janemba's powers; the Big Gete Star proceeded to open a portal to leave Earth's Hell as Broly and Janemba lied on the ground in defeat.

Dial continued his training with Hit as Beerus continued observe. Hit proceeded to order Dial to try to use Time-Skip. Dial proceeded to use Time-Skip and was able to land a few blows on Hit. Hit concluded his training and told requested his payments from Beerus. After a short battle with the Destroyer; Beerus deemed that his first test for Dial was complete.

Fin contacted Towa and told her that the plan to destroy Demigra for good was afoot and that they'll be able to focus on their original plans. Towa told Fin to continue to sell his story and help them take down Demigra.

After Fin offered his help - he told Chronoa that he'll go wait outside for when they need him. Goku and Vegeta are sent with Gohan and Trunks to locate the Big Gete Star. While Turles and Raditz remained on Toki Toki City while Frieza and Cell are also sent on missions with the promise of Chronoa letting them return to Age 780 alive. Albeit, Chronoa wasn't entirely truthful and intends to send them to Age 785 instead.

Dial approached Future Trunks and was about to ask him for Patrol Mission, however, Beerus and Whis approached the pair told them that Beerus' next test will begin and Beerus was involving Future Trunks, Turles, and Raditz in the test. The test was sparring match with both him and Whis, and that if each of them land a blow on them - Beerus and Whis will take each of them as students. They agreed and Whis took them to Age 785 on Beerus' Planet. The four of them were order into their strongest forms from the start. Dial entered Emerald Super Fourth Transformation, while Future Trunks, Raditz, and Turles entered Super Saiyan 3 respectively.

The four of them attack all at once, however, Beerus and Whis managed to dodge their attack and continued to dodge their attacks as they attempting to attack the pair with a flurry of kicks and punches. Dial proceeded to use Time-Skip to slip best Beerus' defences and managed to land a punch to the chest. Beerus responded with a kick to Dial's chest and sent him crashing into the lake on Beerus' Planet with a kick. Future Trunks, Raditz, and Turles proceeded to continue the battle as they fired a barrage of ki blasts at the pair, but all blasts miss them. The three of them managed to dodge an energy barrage from Beerus while dodging an attack from Whis.

A pillar of energy arose from the lake as Dial ascended from the water and proceeded to use Time-Skip to allow the three Saiyans to land a blow each on Whis. Beerus was shocked that Dial was able to pull off such a feat with Dial showing a look of gratitude to Whis indicating that Whis let him Dial pull the move off. Beerus realised this; angered and annoyed Beerus proceeded to launch his Sphere of Destruction at them. Dial countered it with his Emerald Supernova and managed to knock it back at Beerus - Beerus was shocked that Dial was able to reverse the energy attack and wondered if Dial had the potential to surpass him in power. Dial was forced to revert to his standard Emerald form stating that he burnt too much energy with the Supernova. Dial began realising what each of his mentors had been teaching him - to put his emotions aside and let him control his thoughts. Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta managed to land a blow on Beerus while he's distracted, but they were knocked away. Dial remembered a conversation he had with Goku and talked about Goku's training with Merus and the fight with Moro. Whis sensed a change in Dial's power along with a calm flowing energy around him.

Beerus proceeded to try to kick Dial, but he seamlessly dodged it and proceeded to land another blow to Beerus' chest. Whis seemed to be intrigued by Dial's recent development as he noticed Dial's slender appearance and calm mind. Dial turned to face the pair and Beerus finally noticed Dial's silver eyes. Beerus asked if it was "Sign" or the completed form. Whis confirmed that when Dial first attacked Beerus he was just in Ultra Instinct Sign, but he was now using the full and completed Ultra Instinct. Beerus was annoyed that a mortal with no experience with God ki was able to achieve such a form and Whis countered the Chronoa shared some of her power with during an earlier mission and thanks to her had a small amount of godly ki already within him. Beerus proceeded to continue the battle with Dial able to dodge his attacks, however, he was clear that Dial was not as powerful as Goku was using the state as Beerus didn't seem injured when Dial delivered a powerful strike to the gut - sending shockwaves across the destroyer's entire planet. Future Trunks, Raditz, and Turles fired a barrage of ki blasts at Beerus and Whis. Beerus proceeded to have Whis stop Dial's movements before he used his Pressure Points Attack to knock him out.

Beerus announced that Dial had passed the test and told the three Saiyans to continue their test as they weren't finished yet. Raditz stated they've already hit him, but Beerus told them that if says they're not finished with the test then they're not finished with the test. Beerus kicked Future Trunks in the stomach followed with an elbow to Raditz's face and a backflip kick to Turles' back; sending all three flying away. Future Trunks, Raditz, & Turles proceeded to recover immediately continued to fight against the pair. Dial awoke moments later and realised the power he used was Ultra Instinct despite the little godly ki he received from Chronoa that enabled him to enter the Super Fourth Transformation - he was still able to access the state. After he thought about - Dial decided the technique wasn't to his style opted to find another power my suited to him as he watched the others continue the test.

Meanwhile, Demigra's Mirage appeared before Robelu in Age 785 and two talk amongst each other. As they discuss Demigra's plan; Robelu turned to face Cereal and fired a blast from her sword - destroying the planet and thus causing the Scroll of Eternity to glow as they go to Age 780 and proceeded to venture to the Heeters' Base. Robelu approached proceeded to kill Granolah, Soshiru, and Seven-Three to the shock and anger of the Heeters' base. Demigra and Robelu told the Heeters that they're going to take over their base for their plans. Gas proceeded to attack Robelu, but she dodged his attack and proceeded to kill him with Elegance Bolt. Robelu then transformed into her Demon God state and proceeded to use her magic to kill Elec and Oil; leaving Maki alive. Robelu proceeded to sit in Elec's chair and ordered Maki to get her a drink. Maki complied as Demigra continued to discuss their plan for the final battle. Robelu enacts a barrier around the asteroid that will enable even a Saiyan to battle on the Asteroid.

Future Trunks, Raditz, and Turles crashed into the ground before standing back-up and proceeded to revert to their base form with Beerus declaring the test over as he states that they've proven the ability to regulate their energy even in the Super Saiyan 3 form preventing large losses in stamina. He proceeded to turn Dial and told him to come with him. They arrive at Yardrat and ordered him to remain on the planet until he mastered Spirit Control. Dial thanked for Beerus for his help with Beerus telling him that there's something about him that even he liked which says a lot. Dial said his goodbyes as Beerus returned to the Time Nest with Raditz, Turles, and Future Trunks.

The Final Phase[edit | edit source]

Chronoa was amused as she explained that Beerus: Heroes was personally training Dial, Gohan, and Piccolo with Future Trunks responding with "Beerus' training!! Can Dial Survive!?" - Beerus corrected Future Trunks by telling him to include "Lord" whenever he talks about him or his counterparts. Trunks stated that Dial would definitely survive "Lord Beerus' training as he is Dad's student". Vegeta told Trunks not to brag as Goku seemed to amused.

Back in Heaven - Dial, Gohan, and Piccolo coordinate an attack on Beerus: Heroes, however, the destroyer easily overpowered them and told them that the still haven't free the mind and the ki was still all over the place. Dial stopped his assault and proceeded to focus his mind. An aura began to surround Dial which Piccolo recognised as the Aura of a God state and Dial proceeded to attack Beerus, however the destroyer easily dodged his attack and knocked him down. Dial reverted to his true form and proceeded to transform into his Reborn Form. Dial, Gohan, & Piccolo proceeded to pepper Beerus with a barrage of ki blast. Beerus: Heroes continued to tell Gohan to remove his self-doubt and to calm his mind. Gohan thought back to Cell Games when Android 16 shared his last words with him. Gohan then thought about the words that Master Roshi shared with Goku in the Tournament of Power and proceeded to begin focusing his mind. Gohan proceeded to seal his ki within his body as his body slimmed down and re-entered Ultra Instinct Sign and proceeded to dodge Beerus's: Heroes attack before stepping back.

Piccolo smirked at Gohan's recent control over Ultra Instinct Sign and realised that Gohan had officially regained his fighting spirit as Gohan's hair proceeded to turn silver as finally masters Ultra Instinct. Piccolo proceeded to focus on his own self-doubts and proceeded to continue to fight alongside Dial and Gohan against Beerus: Heroes. Piccolo proceeded to follow Gohan's lead which enables him to transform into the Red-Eyed Namekian form. The three proceed to get an edge over Beerus: Heroes as they began to push him back with every attack. Beerus: Heroes proceeded to order Dial to transform into his First form and Dial complied. Dial proceeded to battle Beerus: Heroes, but was easily defeated before observing Piccolo and Gohan - focused his ki and was able to transform into what Beerus: Heroes dubbed his God-ki Enhanced 1st Form. Beerus: Heroes was still able to counter the Time Patrollers attack even when he transformed into his True Form before assuming his God-ki form. Dial proved much stronger, but was easily defeated Dial along with Piccolo and Gohan. He told them to get some rest before leaving to relax.

Meanwhile at Towa's hideout; Towa and Bio-Warrior Mira observed the location of the Dark Dragon Balls. She recognised the locations which are September 9th of Age 749, May 12th of Age 750, May 8th of Age 753, May 9th of Age 753, November 2 of Age 762, December 24 of Age 762, and the final location in Age 774. She decided to go to the times to collect the Dark Dragon Balls, however, upon arrival - Demigra's mirage brought present era Oolong to the past and the Dark Dragon Ball merged with him as a result. Mira was able to effortless defeat Oolong and proceeded to destroy him with a ki blast before moving onto Age 750 where he fought against Upa followed by Piccolo from Age 780, Yamcha also from Age 780 along with the remaining Dark Dragon Ball Fighters such as Master Roshi, Mr. Popo, and Bulma. Chronoa noticed their actions and resurrected each of them before sending Goku to Mira, however, Mira told him that he had to do what he had to gather the Dark Dragon Balls. Goku sensed Demigra's Mirage and told him to back up in their fight.

Back in Earth's Heaven - Beerus proceeded to awaken the trio and told Whis: Heroes to revive them. Whis: Heroes demonstrated concern since they are reviving Gohan and Piccolo well over 110 years which meant that their souls would be in two different places when they go back to their proper times. Beerus: Heroes told him that he was aware of the risks and told that they'll have to be more precise with their wishes from now on. Gohan and Piccolo are sent back to the Time Nest while Beerus: Heroes told Dial that they'll continue their training as he wasn't ready yet.

Dial proceeded to attack Beerus with Galick Beam Barrage, however, Beerus: Heroes was unfazed by the attack and proceeded to knee Dial in the stomach. Dial proceeded to transform into his Super Fourth Transformation before transforming directly into his Emerald Super Fourth Transformation, but was defeated rather quickly. Beerus: Heroes asked why he wasn't using his Emerald form with his Reborn form and Dial admitted that hasn't been able to apply the proper amount of ki control to attempt the form. Beerus: Heroes seemed to intrigued by his admission and ordered Dial to stop using his Emerald form and told him to simply focus on his master ki control in his True Form. Dial complied and continued to focus his ki unconsciously entering God-ki form and proceeded to battle the destroyer. He realised that Dial entered the state unconsciously and told Dial that he showed that his ki-control was still pretty poor as it was acting on its own at times. Dial realised that Beerus: Heroes was right and proceeded to focus his mind. He focused on his previous mentors which kept telling him to kept his mind focused to control his ki and reverted to his true form as seemed to have finally have mastered ki-control and proceeded to combat Beerus: Heroes and forced the destroyer to use 50% of his power to knocked into the ground and knocked him out with a Pressure Point Attack.

Beerus: Heroes helped Dial up as he presented Hit to him as the Universe 6's hitman told him that he only taught him to use Time-Skip and not the techniques that he can use. He told him that he'll continue their training to help him learn the advanced levels of Time-Skip and Dial accepted. Hit instructed that the first step of his training was image training and told him to remain in place a for a few hours. Dial complied with his instructions.

Back in the Time Nest - Chronoa was standing with Vegeta and they were discussing the eras that were attacked. Each of them were the eras with most prominent events in history; Raditz's invasion, Vegeta's attack, Frieza on Namek, the Cell games, Majin Buu, Beerus's arrival, Golden Frieza's revenge, and the Zero Mortals Plan with Vegeta including the invasion of Cereal as well as Moro's escape. Chronoa told that an energy from those specified distortion in time would grant significant power to anyone that absorbed it and could even open a wormhole to Crack of Time, but mentioned that Demigra doesn't seem to interested in freeing himself. Vegeta asked if anything else would benefit from the distortion energy and she confirmed that it would strengthen the Dark Dragon Balls and allow them to grant a very powerful wish that would normally require Super Shenron. Vegeta wondered what kind of wish - Demigra would want made the assumption that Demigra was doing so because he can't speak the language of the god.

Deep within the Crack of Time - Demigra was watching the Viewing Crystals and exclaimed that Chronoa was finally asking the right questions. Demigra proceeded to explained that his wish was to gain the power to not destroy "a" Parallel World, but to destroy all parallel worlds and begin his own history with him as Lord of Everything.

Dial proceeded to use Time-Skip/Molotov against Hit followed by Time-Skip/Flash Skewer, Time-Skip/Tremor Pulse, and Time-Skip/Back Breaker, however, the assassin countered each of the technique with the same techniques and told him that he was still slow. Dial proceeded to use Time-Skip/Jump Spike, but the assassin countered his attack with the same technique. Dial was asked by Towa why he hadn't been arrived yet as she contacted him using King Kai with Dial stating that he was getting "Assistance from another Universe!!" with Towa responding with "who's training!?" and Dial replying with "Hit's Training!!". Dial told her to stop distracting him and to leave him alone.

Meanwhile in Toki Toki City - Vegeta was chowing down with Gohan, Trunks, Future Trunks, Beerus, Whis, Turles, and Raditz. Everyone complimented Future Mai for the effort she put in for the face as Chronoa complained that no one was eating her cooking. Tokitoki was even avoiding her food as it was eating with Beerus: Heroes and Whis: Heroes.

Back in Towa's Hideout - Goku and Bio-Warrior Mira continued their battle against Demigra's mirage. The Mirage proceeded to use Energy Jet on the pair, however, they are able to dodged the attack. Goku proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan while Bio-Warrior Mira tapped into the Supervillain state. The Mirage grabbed Goku and Mira's wrists, and proceeded to hurl them into the ground before transform into the Giant Demon God state. He proceeded to blast the pair with a barrage of ki, however, Goku managed to power through the ki blasts and deliver a knee to the head with Mira following up grabbing the Mirage's wrist and threw him into the ground. The mirage followed up with transforming into his Transcendent Demon God state leaving a crater behind. The Mirage proceeded to overwhelm the pair, however, Goku proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan God 2 and proceeded to regain his edge over the Mirage once again.

Back in Earth's heaven - continued to battle Hit as instructed attempting to use Time-Skip against him. Hit proceeded to remove the lower half of his trenchcoat before entering his Awoken state, however, Dial could sense that Hit wasn't stronger than his Fourth Transformation and seemed to finally understand what Beerus: Heroes meant and that improving the power of his true form will improve the power of the rest of his forms. Dial focused his mind as Hit proceeded to dart over to him and the pair proceeded to collide fists after using Time-Skip simultaneously. Hit smirked and stated that he "had finally let go of his impatience" to which Dial stated that he now understood that his impatience was holding him back. Hit told Dial to continue in order to improve his timing as they continued their sparing session.

Meanwhile - the battle against Demigra's Mirage continued as Bio-Warrior Mira fired a barrage of ki blast into the Mirage's back. Two-One proceeded to arrive and used his Marbling Drop storm against the Mirage and knocked him away. Two-One proceeded to copy the abilities of Goku and proceeded to use Ultra Instinct. Two-One proceeded to copy Bio-Warrior Mira's power as well as and proceeded to use all his copied abilities against the Mirage as Mira and Goku continued their attacks. The Mirage proceeded to fire several energy rings at all three of them which promptly explode as soon as they latch onto them. Mira proceeded to grab Two-One and absorbed him allowing him to take on the Ultimate Battle Form due to the copied that Two-One had. Mira proceeded to battle the Mirage alone and easily overpowered him. The mirage managed to dodge Mira's Sudden Grenade, but was almost destroyed by his Magnum Gaze.

Later back at Toki Toki City - everyone had resumed their training with Chronoa, the destroyers, and Guide Angels watching over the battle with the Mirage. They noted that Mira's power was an whole other level from before due to the power that Two-One. Beerus: Heroes didn't seemed to worry about Mira's power and simply told her that all power has limits to which Chronoa replied that limits are can be broken.

Mira proceeded to use Peeler Storm which severely wounded the Mirage while in Earth's Heaven - Dial continued his training with Hit. Mira proceeded to use his maximisation ability granting Goku to maximum power he possess in his Super Saiyan God 2 form as they team up once again and proceed to overpower the Mirage at a greater capacity. Robelu arrived in Towa's Hideout and blasted Demigra's Mirage away as she forced Goku and Mira through a wormhole as they arrived back at the Heeters' Base. She was overpowered by the pair as she used her new power.

Dial training continued as massive ripple in time swept across Earth's Heaven. Chronoa sensed it and the Scroll of Eternity began to glow. Future Trunks took out the scroll and noticed that Age 780 was now the target. Future Trunks looked it over and the saw that the Pride Troopers on Planet Bas were all knocked out. Choki and his spawn were preparing to attack Top only for Universe 11 to be erased by the Omni-Kings due to being late to the Tournament of Power.

Chronoa called for Dial to return to the Time Nest prompting Whis to revive him and Hit complying with Chronoa's orders as she told Hit that there was "trouble in Universe 11!". Dial arrived as Chronoa told him that a new time distortion as occurred in Universe 11 in Goku's era. Dial told her that he was ready to go, but his training wasn't complete. Chronoa understood and told him to be careful. Dial proceeded to had off to Planet Bas and immediately subdued Choki and his spawn with each member of Pride Troopers already out cold. Dial sensed a second fighter to which he turned around and saw Jiren standing on building as the Age 780 version was already down and out. Chronoa informed Dial that Jiren was the strongest warrior in Universe 11 and was being that even a god of destruction cannot defeat. Future Trunks urged Dial to return as Jiren was empowered by Dark Magic making him even more powerful especially considering his experiences in the Tournament of Power made even stronger. Dial denied the request and said that he'll face Jiren no matter what. Dial immediately proceeded with firing Buster Cannon at Jiren only for it to be repelled by Jiren's energy followed with Dial transforming into his Fourth Transformation and proceeded to punch Jiren in the face only for it to have no effect. Dial proceeded to transform into Super Fourth Transformation and proceeded to deliver a flurry of punch and kicks with Jiren at least blocking each punch with a finger. Dial proceeded to transform into his Reborn form and proceeded to deform the ground around them as he delivered heavy sets of punches to Jiren with the Pride Trooper blocking each punch.

Dial stepped back and reverted to his True Form before transforming into his Emerald form. Dial proceeded to use his God-ki to focus his energy allowing him to adapt to the maximum limit offered by the Emerald form - referring to it as his True Emerald form as he stated to Jiren that thanks to his training he was able to finally master his form. Dial proceeded to throw the first punch prompting Jiren to try to block which sent the warrior flying back as Dial proceeded to drive him through a couple of buildings before going into flurry of kicks and punches. Jiren went on the offensive and delivered a heavy counter-attack to the Time Patroller. Dial stacked his form with Aura of a God and proceeded to fire Hyper Galick Gun followed with Emerald Supernova at him with Jiren dodging the attacks as well as additional ki blasts from Dial before grabbing the Time Patroller by the tail and throwing him into the ground and through a cave, however, Dial immediately recovered used Aura of a God again and engaged his Surge Rush to deliver a heavy punch to Jiren's gut which almost sent him flying only for Jiren to send Dial flying with a ki blast. Dial recovered and increased the output of his Surge Rush to Shocking Surge Rush and proceeded to try deliver an attack only for Jiren to knock him down with an Invisible Eye Blast.

Dial reverted to his true form as he clutched his heart Chronoa immediately used her power to heal Dial and prevent him from having a heart attack with Dial responding by transforming into his Emerald Fourth Transform and proceeded to continue his battle and following up with Emerald Super Fourth transformation after Jiren managed to counter his Emerald Fourth transformation. Even with his maximum power accessed - Dial was barely on par with Jiren as he was smacked around a couple times before being sent flying with Dark Power Impact. Demigra was watching from within the Crack of Time as he was channelling his power through a small crack in the sealing technique and sent his energy to Jiren as the warrior entered his Full Power state - Jiren entered the Villainous Mode and launched a second Dark Power Impact at Dial which almost killed him.

Dial entered the Aura of a God state once again and proceeded to once again force Jiren on the offensive as Dial was pummelled as a result of Dark Jiren's counterattack. Jiren proceeded to use Bloody Sauce to which Dial dodged followed by Baked Sphere and Rage Saucer, but both attacks were dodged by Dial. Dial was then knocked into a mountain from an attack from Jiren which prompted the mountain to collapse onto him. Jiren then proceeded to grab Dial by the tail and threw him through several buildings causing to crash up against a leaning building. Dial proceeded to use Emerald Electric Supernova, however, Jiren was able to force it back with an Invisible Eye Blast. Dial felt no choice and decided to swallow his pride and tapped into Ultra Instinct once again. Dial exclaimed that the this where "The Ultimate Battle Begins".

Dial darted towards Jiren and the power proceeded to battle each seemingly in equal footing, however, Jiren was sent flying back as Dial overwhelmed him with a flurry of kicks and punches. Dial effortlessly countered his Dark Power Impact before proceeding to overwhelm Jiren was a few attack before punching him into a cliff. Jiren proceeded to launch a barrage of corrupted ki blasts to which Dial dodged all energy bullets with ease and proceeded to overwhelm Jiren with his follow-up attacks before driving him through several buildings and into a mountain with an elbow to the gut. Sensing that Jiren was being backed into a corner Demigra decided to send more power to Jiren as the Universe 11 warrior entered his Super Full Power state - Demigra's additional power allowed Jiren to enter the Supervillain state.

Dial managed to knock Jiren's Darkness Power Impact into Space preventing it from destroying the planet as Dial and Jiren proceeded to clash as they proceeded to assault each other with a flurry of kicks and punches. Beerus, Whis, and Future Trunks noted that the battle was starting to look like fight between two Martial Artists rather than a Time Patroller and a Brainwashed warrior which made Beerus: Heroes believe that Jiren was starting to fight against his brainwashing. Dial was overwhelmed with attack from Dark Jiren and was smacked into the ground after receiving a double axe handle to the back. Jiren wasted little time in grabbing Dial by the ankle and throwing him across the ground followed up with additional ki blasts. The resulting effects of the corrupted ki blasts cause Dial to become slower allowing Jiren to take control of the fight.

After Dial was sent crashing into the another building - he reverts to his True Form and commented that Jiren was stronger warrior and that he couldn't believe that he'd under Demigra's control so easily. Just as Jiren was about to launch his Darkheat Magnetron - an energy sphere collides with the warrior resulting in a massive explosion that sends a shockwave in each direction.

As a wave of dust covered Dial - Beerus commented "and just like that Vegeta Arrives!". Vegeta was above the battlefield already in his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state already as Dial slowly got up and transformed back into his Emerald form. Vegeta asked Dial why he was using his Emerald form in his true form instead of his Super Fourth Transformation state and Dial admitted that he was treating the fight as fight between Martial Artists rather than a fight between a Time Patroller and Brainwashed individual which made him want to test out his training. Dial remarked that he'll be serious from now on, but believed that he was at his maximum limit of his power. Vegeta could sense that Jiren was along stronger than he was in the tournament and could tell that not even Super Saiyan God 2 would be enough take him on. However, Vegeta decided to try to fight him anyway, but Dark Jiren easily overpowered him with Darkheat Magnetron - sending him flying into a cliff. At the suggestion of Chronoa; Whis: Heroes decided grant the maximum limit of Vegeta's Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state increasing his power further. Dial proceeded to grant the full potential of his Emerald Fourth Transformation and Emerald Super Fourth Transformation in his standard Emerald form - raising his power even greater than before.

Vegeta and Dial stared down Dark Jiren before moving in for a coordinated assault against him - overwhelming him their teamwork, however, Dark Jiren was able to counter their attack even when Dial tried to use Time-Skip - Dark Jiren was able to counter him. Dial proceeded to charge his energy and fire Emerald Galick Gun with Vegeta following up with Gamma Burst Flash resulting their energy attacks combining and almost overwhelming Dark Jiren, however, Dark Jiren survive and responded firing a pair of Darkness Power Impact at point-blank range at the power. The individual energy spheres "grabbed" both fighters respectively and proceeded to drive forward with them inside the energy spheres before colliding with a mountain each and exploding.

Vegeta and Dial arose after surviving the attack despite being battered and bruised from the attack. Vegeta admitted that seeing Dark Jiren being controlled see easily fuelled him with anger with Dial admittedly agreeing with Vegeta's anger. Dial vowed that he'll break Dark Jiren free from his brainwashing in which Vegeta also backed up as they simultaneously told Dark Jiren that "they'll be taking control of the battle now!". Dial's aura began surround him as Vegeta's hair began to change along with Dial's eyes changing. A wave of energy flooded the area as the world shook from their power-up with Vegeta thinking of everything he went through in life from being the Saiyan Prince to tangling with God-level beings. Vegeta reaffirmed that he was Prince of Saiyans and that he'll being putting his heart into the fight as well as his anger. Dial's mind was filled with his desire to take down Dark Jiren and as he reaffirmed that he had no self-doubt. The pair let out an explosion of ki that lit up the area and could even be seen from space. Vegeta and Dial emerged from the dust with Dark Jiren recognises their new forms - Dial recognise the colour of Vegeta's new form and both him and Whis: Heroes dubbed the form as Royal Super Saiyan Blue while Dial declared his new form as the Super Ultimate Evolution form.

Dial admitted that simply referring to his colouration as Super Emerald Dial after Chronoa commented on the name of his new form would be simpler to remember. Dial followed Vegeta as the Saiyan Prince began to approach Dark Jiren as the Universe 11 warrior told them to "bring it". Dial and Vegeta proceeded to attack Dark Jiren and were overwhelming Dark Jiren with their attacks as Dial proceeded to punch Dark Jiren in the gut followed up with a kick to the head - knocking him into the ground despite Dark Jiren attempting to block the kick. Vegeta followed up with Maximum Flasher knocking Dark Jiren back with Dial following up with Finish Buster. The resulting explosion blanket the area with dust as Dial proceeded to use Special Beam Cannon, however, Dark Jiren dodged the attack as Dial followed up with Ill Flash.

Meanwhile in Age 780 at the Heeters' Base - Goku and Bio-Warrior Mira were continuing the battle against Robelu as Mira fired his Galick Beam Cannon as Robelu used her Super Elegance Bolt resulting in an energy clash. However, Goku was able to distract her long enough for Mira to overwhelm her and sending her flying against a wall. Robelu in her anger proceeded to use everything she could to transform into the Giant Demon God form. He proceeded to try to attack the pair, however, her size made it easier for them to dodge her attacks. Her proceeded to use Elegance Flare, however, Goku and Mira countered the God Kamehameha and Dark Kamehameha respectively - destroying each of the energy spheres.

Back in Universe 11 - prior to the Tournament of Power - Dial and Vegeta continued their coordinated assault against Dark Jiren. Dial proceeded to land behind Dark Jiren and stated that he was going to put even more power into his next attack declaring it as the Super Emerald Kamehameha. Dial proceeded to launch his energy wave and almost collected Dark Jiren, however, the Universe 11 fighter managed to dodge at the last second with the energy wave continuing into the Vacuum of Space and colliding with an Extrasolar Asteroid Belt - destroying the entire the asteroid belt. Future Trunks was shocked by the sheer power of Dial's attack and voiced his relief that Dial at least aimed it away from the planet. As Dark Jiren was about to retaliate - Dial emerged from the ground beneath him and delivered a powerful uppercut to the warrior's jaw - sending him fly across the ground. Dark Jiren attempted to get up but passed as the dark magic vanished from him. Dial proceeded to help Jiren up as Vegeta could sense that Jiren was now back to his normal self. Jiren weakly apologised to the pair as Chronoa brought them back to the Time Nest before correcting the timeline.

Back in Towa's Hideout - Demigra's mirage was closing in on the Dark Dragon Balls with Towa slumped up against a broken wall - battered and bruised. The mirage told her that it was foolish of her to think that she could make a difference in the fight with most of her power sealed away. A crack in appeared behind the Mirage as the voice of Demigra ordered him to summon the dragon and get their wish. The mirage approached them, but a barrier prevented him from moving closer to the Dragon Balls.

Goku and Mira's battle with Robelu continued as Dial, Jiren, and Vegeta arrived at the Time Nest as Dial and Vegeta reverted to their base forms. Chronoa healed the fighters as Future Mai, Raditz, Turles, and the rest congratulate them on their victory. Beerus: Heroes even addressed Dial by name rather than calling him "Kid".

Dial was standing before the Dragon Pedestal telling Face that "training resumes..." and that the threat to the timeline was almost over. Dial proceeded to wish for a Golden-coloured mask that can grant the wear - the powers that Jiren possessed when he was in the Dark Magic transformation, Villainous Mode, and Supervillain state during their fight as well as requested the golden-mask generate sometime of transformation-like features that Gohan gets when he wears his mask. A Golden-Mask dropped from the sky and Dial offered it to Jiren to which he questioned his motives and Dial told him that he can consider it a punishment for letting himself be controlled. Jiren grumbled that he'll never let it happen again and accepted the mask. Dial decided to train on his own for a while and went into the Room of Spirit and Time with Vegeta taking Trunks and Future Trunks with him to a platform few miles away from Toki Toki City after requesting Whis to train them.

Raditz and Turles note that they were put off by the fact that they were never able to assist Dial as the recent foes were far to powerful for them to face off against and Whis: Heroes offered to take them with him to Beerus' planet in Age 850, but Chronoa told him that the Whis and Beerus of Age 850 will find it odd that they're Beerus' planet and suggested to take them to an uninhabited planet in Universe 7 instead. They complied a left with them as Future Mai, Piccolo, and Gohan are sent to Towa's Hideout to help Towa against Demigra's mirage. Future Mai grabbed Towa and took her from the battlefield as Gohan placed on his mask while Piccolo entered Red-eyed Namekian. Fin arrived in the Hideout and began attacking with Gohan and Piccolo backing him up.

Gohan proceeded to fire his Dark Masenko at the Mirage while Piccolo launched his Hellzone Grenade at him. The mirage survive the attack as Fin launched his Void Energy Flare with Chronoa offering him courtesy and used Face to remove all the fighters he had absorbed to achieve his Ultimate Evolution state without him losing any power and granting him the ability to freely enter the form. Fin proceeded to transform immediately back into his Ultimate Evolution state and continued the fight with the Mirage. Fin proceeded to use Dark Big Bang Kamehameha against the Mirage and almost destroyed him. The mirage proceeded to open a wormhole to the time period during the battle between Gogeta and Broly, however, Fin wasted little time in absorbing the pair. Fin took on Broly's height, but the physical appearance of Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. The mirage asked him if this was his Dark Gogeta 2.0 form to which Fin simply responded with a flurry of kicks and punches before Gogeta and Broly separate from him and are sent back to their correct timeline. Fin immediately transformed back into his Dark Gogeta 2.0 form and continued the battle.

Goku and Bio-Warrior Mira peppered Robelu with a barrage of ki blasts in order to maintain their distance from her. Goku proceeded to prepare his God Kamehameha while Mira began charging his Super Dark Kamehameha before their pair proceeded to use Instant Transmission fire their energy waves which combine into single beam and engulf Robelu's upperbody. The entire upper portion of the Heeters' Base was destroyed, however, the barrier around the base was barely damaged. As the dust covered the area as Goku and Mira with a billow of smoke plume as they could sense that she survived. Mira and Goku reverted to their base form as a result of their attack draining a significant amount of their energy.

Dial was puffing and panting as he contemplated whether or not he'll be able to learn the technique he needed to defeat Demigra for good considering that Fin told them about Demigra's back-up plan when his body was destroyed. Meanwhile - Future Trunks was at Super Saiyan 3 while Trunks was at Super Saiyan as Vegeta continued training them. Raditz and Turles were at Super Saiyan 2 as they continued their training with Whis: Heroes. After attempting to devise the "special technique" without a target - he briefly left the Room of Spirit and Time to get a number of capsule containing a clones of Demigra in order to use as "live" targets. Dial proceeded to use Spirit Force Fission to try to isolate and separate externally energy that exists within the clones bodies and as he used Face to make them all immortal. Dial concluded that he'll need to ensure that the "special technique" was stronger and more effective than Forced Spirit Fission.

Meanwhile - Fin continued to pummel Demigra's mirage while Gohan and Piccolo backed him up with a barrage of ki blasts. Gohan proceeded to use Hi-Speed Destructo Disc with Piccolo following up with Ultra Light Grenade with Fin moving out of the way as Gohan's energy disc sliced a bit of the Mirage's tail while Piccolo's energy sphere collided with the Mirage resulting in a large explosion. Fin proceeded to use Gigantic Dark Blast to forced Mirage away from the barrier. Following using Rising Vortex - Fin used Eraser Blow - causing him to be sent across the ground. An enrage and annoyed - the Mirage began charging his energy as he exclaimed that he'll not be denied his wish and that he'll create his world and rule over it as the new God of Time. The mirage entered Villainous Mode and unleashed a furious barrage of ki - destroying most of the area in the process. Towa's hideout proceeded to shake from his power-up as the ground beneath cracked and split apart. The mirage kicked Fin in the face and was able to send him across the ground before using Seasoning Arrow to pin him to the ground while also knocking down both Gohan and Piccolo before pinning them with Seasoning Arrow. Demigra fired a ki blast through the rift he was using to view Towa's Hideout and vaporised both Towa and Future Mai causing the barrier fail as Demigra declared that it was time to summon the dragon.

In Age 852 of the Xenoverse World; Xenoverse Chronoa stood with Xenoverse Future Trunks as they discussed the Future Warriors as well as discussed the events since the defeat of Xenoverse Mira and Xenoverse Towa. In Age 793 of the Xeno World - Xeno Goku was sitting with his family chowing down while Xeno Vegeta trained with Xeno Trunks. In Age 782 of the Heroes' World - Goku: Heroes and Vegeta: Heroes were in the middle of battle with Moro: Heroes on Earth with Goku: Heroes at Ultra Instinct and Vegeta: Heroes at Super Saiyan God SS Evolved.

Meanwhile in Age 850 of the Main World; Dial was in his Super Emerald state as continued his training to master his "special technique" - he had since called Pybara to help him with cultivating the technique.

Meanwhile at Towa's Hideout - Demigra summoned Dark Shenron after disabling the barrier and used his first wish to give him the ability to leave the crack of time. Demigra proceeded to enter Towa's Hideout upon his wish being granted and smirked at Gohan and Piccolo as they attempted to free themselves. However, Demigra opened a wormhole in order to grab Tokitoki and transform into a candy before consuming him just like he did to Xenoverse Tokitoki in the Xenoverse World. Upon regaining the powers he lost - he proceeded to prepare for his second wish as Gohan and Piccolo continued to the struggle as Demigra began speaking.

Goku and Bio-Warrior Mira watched the smoke cleared away as Robelu stood in her Demon God Advanced- battered and bruised from their attack. Robelu proceeded to wave her staff which caused a pair of tornadoes to appear and trapped Goku and Mira within them. The upper portion of Goku's outfit was completely torn while Mira received tears in his outfit. Mira used Serious Bomb against Robelu while Goku proceeded to draw an energy from around him to create a small Spirit Bomb. Robelu proceeded to use Time Rail to force the Serious Bomb back at Mira, however, the Bio-Warrior managed to dodge the attack, however, Goku's Spirit Bomb made contact with Robelu and she was sent flying up against one of the remaining walls. Goku powered up to Perfected Super Saiyan Blue before firing his Transcendent God Kamehameha which swallowed Robelu easily and resulted in a massive explosion. However, Robelu managed to survived but was barely able to move as she slumped down to the ground.

Demigra used his second wish to give him the power to force all his Mirages to self-destruct. Dark Shenron complied with his wish and was getting ready to announce his second wish, however, Gohan began raising his energy managed to free himself before proceeding to attack Demigra, however, Demigra kneed him in the gut and used his double axe handle to knock them across the ground. Demigra launched his Energy Jet at him, but Gohan managed to dodge the attack and attempted to use Masenko against Demigra, however, the Demon God managed to use Lightning Distortion against his attack and managed to wound Gohan.

Future Trunks and Trunks were battered and bruised as a result of Vegeta's training. Future Trunks powered down from Super Saiyan 3 before attempting to attack Vegeta, but managed to recover and used Masenko against him while Trunks blasted him.

Dial continued his training as he was winded and Pybara was commenting that he was slowly beginning to perfect the technique. Pybara told him to take a break and have a feed before restarting. Dial complied and reverted to his Emerald form as he went off to eat. Pybara was amused that Dial was still in his transformed state as the Time Patroller decided to take a nap. The clones of Demigra that Dial made - were returned to capsule that Dial used.

Gohan was still getting between Demigra and his diabolical wish. Gohan fired his Special Beam Cannon at Demigra, but the Demon God deflected the attack as Gohan punched him in the gut followed up with a kick to the jaw. Demigra proceeded to use God Meteor before using Draw on Gohan just as Robelu used Draw against Mira. Gohan's experience with the technique allowed him to overwhelm it by increasing his energy until it exploded before firing his Super Kamehameha at the Meteor. Piccolo managed to free himself and proceeded to use Special Beam Cannon resulting in the energy beams combining and managed to destroy the meteor. Piccolo proceeded to use a barrage of ki blasts to destroy some of the debris while Gohan destroyed the rest. As soon as Gohan had a minute to catch his breath - he noticed Demigra over by Dark Shenron and darted at him as he called out to Demigra. As soon as Gohan got closer - Demigra snapped his fingers which prompted the Mirage next to him to begin cracking. Gohan noticed strange silhouettes that have formed following Dark Shenron dispersing, however, Demigra opened a wormhole to take them and himself away from Towa's Hideout as the Mirage burst - letting out a massive explosion that engulfed Towa's hideout.

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  • Goku & Piccolo vs. Raditz (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku & Piccolo vs. Raditz (Base/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form), Goku, & Piccolo vs. Raditz (Dark Magic transformation/Supervillain)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs Raditz (Supervillain/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku & Piccolo vs Raditz (Base/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku & Dial (1st Form) vs. Raditz (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Piccolo & Goku vs. Raditz (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form) & Piccolo (Base/Great Namekian) vs. Great Ape Raditz
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Turles (Base/Villainous Mode) & Slug (Base/Great Namekian)
  • Goku & Piccolo vs Raditz
  • Dial (1st Form) & Goku vs. Raditz (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Time Rift Raditz (Great Ape), Time Rift Vegeta (Great Ape), & Time Rift Nappa (Great Ape)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Raditz (Dark Magic transformation/Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Raditz (Villainous Mode) & Time Rift Great Ape Raditz (Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Raditz (Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Turles & Slug
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs. Amond, Cacao, Daiz, Rasin, Lakasei, Commander Zeeun, Angila, Wings, Medamatcha, Kakuja, and Gyoshu
  • Gohan & Yajirobe vs. Three Saibamen (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku vs. Great Ape Vegeta (Dark Magic transformation) & Gret Ape Nappa (Towa's Dark Magic)
  • Tien Shinhan & Chiaotzu vs. Saibamen (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form), Tien Shinhan, & Chiaotzu vs. Saibamen (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Krillin vs. Saibamen (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Tennenmen (Dark Magic transformation), Jinkoumen (Dark Magic transformation), & Earth-evolved Saibamen (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Tien vs. Nappa
  • Piccolo, Krillin & Dial (1st Form) vs. Nappa (Base/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Tien (Empowered by Dial) vs. Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Krillin (Empowered by Dial) & Dial (1st Form) vs. Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Piccolo (Empowered by Dial) vs. Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Gohan (Empowered by Dial) & Dial (1st Form) vs. Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Gohan vs. Nappa
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form/3rd Form/True Form) vs. Great Ape Gohan (Dark Magic transformation) vs. Great Ape Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Black-Masked Saiyan vs. Great Ape Gohan (Dark Magic transformation) vs. Great Ape Nappa (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Future Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Black-Masked Saiyan (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan God)
  • Goku (Base/Empowered by Chronoa) vs Nappa (Base/Dark Magic transformation/Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Golden-Masked Warrior
  • Goku (Empowered by Chronoa), Gohan, & Krillin vs. Golden-Masked Warrior
  • Goku (Empowered by Chronoa) & Dial (1st Form) vs. Golden-Masked Warrior
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Goku vs. Scouter Vegeta (Base/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial vs. Scouter Vegeta (Base/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku (Empowered by Chronoa) & Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Vegeta (Towa's Dark Magic)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Goku (Empowered by Chronoa), Krillin, Dial (1st Form), & Yajirobe (Empowered by Chronoa) vs. Great Ape Vegeta (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Gohan vs Scouter Vegeta (Supervillain State)
  • Gohan & Dial (1st Form) vs Scouter Vegeta (Supervillain State)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Goku, Dial, Gohan, & Krillin vs Scouter Vegeta (Supervillain State)
  • Vegeta vs Dial (1st Form)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs 20 Saibamen
  • Dial (1st Form), Nappa, & Raditz vs. Goku & Piccolo
  • Dial (Enraged 1st Form) vs Nappa, Raditz, Goku & Piccolo
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Future Trunks
  • Goku (Ginyu's Body) vs. Captain Ginyu (Goku's Body; Dark Magic transformation), Recoome (Dark Magic transformation), Burter (Dark Magic transformation), Guldo (Dark Magic transformation), Jeice (Dark Magic transformation), Zarbon (Dark Magic transformation), Cui (Dark Magic transformation), & Dodoria (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku (Ginyu's Body) vs. Captain Ginyu (Goku's body; Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku (Ginyu's Body) & Vegeta vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Recoome (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form) & Gohan vs. Recoome (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Krillin vs. Burter (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Goku vs. Recoome (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Nail vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Goku (Base/Empowered by Chronoa) vs. Jeice (Dark Magic transformation) & Burter (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs Slug
  • Goku (Base) vs Captain Ginyu (Base/Dial's Body)
  • Dial (1st Form/Ginyu's Body) vs. Slug & Jeice (Villainous Mode)
  • Goku (Empowered by Dial) vs Captain Ginyu (Dial's Body), Slug, & Jeice (Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (Ginyu's Body) & Krillin vs Frieza Force soldiers
  • Dial (Ginyu's Body), Gohan, & Krillin vs. Guldo (Dark Magic transformation/Villainous Mode/Supervillain)
  • Dial (Ginyu's Body) & Krillin vs Frieza Force soldiers
  • Dial (Ginyu's Body), Gohan, & Krillin vs. Guldo (Dark Magic transformation/Villainous Mode/Supervillain)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs Slug
  • Gohan & Krillin vs Ginyu (Goku's body)
  • Vegeta vs Frieza soldiers
  • Vegeta vs Jeice
  • Dial (1st Form), Vegeta, Krillin, & Gohan vs Slug (Great Namekian)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs Ginyu (Mega Ginyu Frog/Dark Magic transformation; Mega Ginyu Frog)
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan God SS Evolved/Super Saiyan God) & Dial (2nd Form/3rd Form/True Form) vs Golden-Masked Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) & Turles (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan: Villainous Mode/Super Saiyan 2nd Grade: Villainous Mode/Super Saiyan 2nd Grade)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God 2) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan (Potential Unleashed)
  • Dial (True Form) & Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs Mira
  • Goku & Vegeta vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs Frieza (Dark 1st Form)
  • Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta & Dial (1st Form) vs. Frieza (Dark 1st Form/Dark 2nd Form)
  • Dial (1st Form) & Piccolo (Fused with Nail) vs. Frieza (Dark 2nd Form/Dark 3rd Form/Dark True Form)
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Dial (2nd Form) vs. Frieza (Golden Frieza/Supervillain Golden Frieza)
  • Gohan, Piccolo (Fused with Nail), Krillin, & Vegeta vs. Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Goku & Dial (3rd Form) vs. Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Goku (Empowered by Chronoa) vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Piccolo (Empowered by Chronoa) vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Dial (True Form) vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Dial (True Form) vs Frieza (Dark True Form) & Frost (Dark True Form/Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (True Form) vs Frost (Villainous Mode) vs Agnilasa
  • Piccolo (Empowered by Chronoa) vs Frieza (Dark True Form)
  • Dial (True Form) vs Agnilasa
  • Future Trunks vs Agnilasa
  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs Frieza (Dark Final Form/100% Full Power)
  • Dial (True Form) vs Past Ginyu & Past Vegeta
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs Past Ginyu & Past Vegeta
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) & Dial (1st Form) vs Past Ginyu & Past Vegeta
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Mecha Frieza & King Cold
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Past Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz
  • Future Trunks vs. Turles (Super Saiyan Full Power)
  • Vegeta vs Past Vegeta
  • Dial (True Form) vs Slug
  • Vegeta vs. Nappa, and Raditz
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan God) vs Natz (Base/Villainous Mode/Supervillain)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Slug (Base/Supervillain) & Past Ginyu (Supervillain)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Turles (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Future Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Slug (Supervillain) & Past Ginyu (Supervillain)
  • Dial (True Form), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God 2), & Turles (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Agnilasa (Base/Supervillain)
  • Dial (True Form), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God 2), Turles (Super Saiyan 2), & Future Mai vs. Agnilasa (Supervillain)
  • Turles (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Future Commander Zeeun, Future Angila, Future Wings, Future Medamatcha, Future Kakuja, and Future Gyoshu
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed/Golden-Masked) vs. Future Slug (Masked)
  • Gohan (Golden-Masked) vs. Future Slug (Masked) & Slug (Base/Great Namekian)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Bardock: Time Rift
  • Gohan (Golden-Masked) & Turles (Super Saiyan) vs. Future Slug (Masked) & Slug (Great Namekian)
  • Dial vs. Zarbon and Dodoria (unseen)
  • Dial vs. Ginyu Force: Time Rift (unseen)
  • Gohan (Golden-Masked) & Turles (Super Saiyan 2) vs Slug (Great Namekian) & Future Slug (Mask)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Frieza (True Form)
  • Gohan (Golden-Masked) & Turles (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Slug (Dark Magic transformation) & Future Slug (Masked)
  • Dial (Super Evolution) vs. Frieza (True Form/Golden Frieza)
  • Gohan (Golden-Masked) vs. Slug (Dark Magic transformation) & Slug (Masked)
  • Dial (Super Evolution) vs. Frieza: Time Rift (True Form)
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign/Ultra Instinct) vs Slug (Super Namekian/Villainous Mode)
  • Dial (Super Evolution) vs Cooler: Time Rift (Super Evolution)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (True Form) & Mr. Satan vs Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (True Form/Super Evolution) & Turles (Super Saiyan) vs. Mr. Satan (Dark Magic transformation/Supervillain)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Full Power) & Dial (Super Evolution) vs. Cell (Perfect Form/Dark Magic transformation)
  • Dial (Super Evolution) & Turles (Super Saiyan) vs. Mr. Satan (Supervillain)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs Cell
  • Dial (Super Evolution) vs. Mr. Satan (Supervillain)
  • Dial (Super Fourth Transformation) vs. Mr. Satan (Supervillain)
  • Dial (Super Fourth Transformation) vs. Mr. Satan (Supervillain), Past Ginyu, Past Vegeta, & Slug (Super Namekian)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs. Cell (Perfect)
  • Dial (True Form), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), Goku (Super Saiyan Full Power), Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Piccolo, & Krillin vs. Cell Juniors (Dark Magic transformation/Villainous Mode)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) and Dial (True Form/Fourth Transformation) vs. Cell Juniors (Villainous Mode)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan 2/Dark Magic Super Saiyan 2) & Dial (True Form) vs. Cell (Perfect/Dark Magic transformation/Supervillain)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Cell (Super Perfect)
  • Future Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Mira
  • Dial (Super Evolution/Super Fourth Transformation) vs. Mira (Base/Supervillain) & Agnilasa
  • Dial (Super Fourth Transformation) & Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Mira (Supervillain)
  • Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Past Vegeta (Super Saiyan 3), Past Ginyu (Super Saiyan 3), Raditz (Super Saiyan,) & Nappa (Super Saiyan)
  • Dial (Super Fourth Transformation) vs. Slug (Super Namekian) & Mira (Supervillain)
  • Gohan (Golden-Mask) & Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Past Vegeta (Super Saiyan 3), Past Ginyu (Super Saiyan 3), Raditz (Super Saiyan,) & Nappa (Super Saiyan)
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) & Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Slug (Super Namekian)
  • Dial (Super Fourth Transformation) vs. Mira (Supervillain)
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