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Z/Super Saga is the first saga of Dragon Ball Advanced.

Main events Edit

  • New Characters
  • Return of Future Trunks

Summary Edit

Saiyan Attacks Edit

After seeing several historical changes Future Trunks summons Face, the Dragon of Time to turn his drawing of a part stick figure, part Frieza's Race named Dial into a real being complete being almost equal to him in power, and already ki bond. He explains to Dial that he needs his help in restoring time, and Dial agrees. Trunks ask Face to give him a voice as he doesn't have on yet, and he vocally agrees.

Dial observe a historical change in Raditz's arrival, and Trunks request him to restore history. He agrees, and goes to fight Raditz. Upon arrival Raditz confuses him for King Cold, and proceeds to attack him after saving Gohan. Raditz manages to bluff Goku into making him let go, and proceeds to attack while Piccolo prepares his Special Beam Cannon. Dial blasts Raditz with a weak Ki blast to allow Goku to grab him again, but Raditz again breaks free. Dial grabs his tail, and throws into a cliff, and Gives Goku energy to grab him again. Piccolo finally delivers the killing blow to both of them, and Dial leaves. Letting the Supreme Kai of Time undo the change. Mira and Towa arrive on Planet Vegeta in Age 739 and take Turles to their time to raise him and train him.

While waiting for the next change; Dial was taken to the Parallel Quest station and was told their purpose by Future Trunks who encourages him to use following his first mission. Dial decides to go with Simian Invasion and faces off with Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta in their Great Ape forms. He is able to hold his own against the three, but he is battered and bruised. Just as he is about to land a decisive blow; Future Trunks calls him back due to another distortion.

Another changes happens During the arrival of Vegeta, and Nappa. Dial once again goes back to face him, and proceeds to attack the Saibaman. Dial arrives on a mountain and before he is able to go fix the distortion; he is attacked by Turles. The battle continues for sometime until Power Ball is sent into the sky allowing Turles to transform him in his Great Ape form. However, after a struggling battle; Dial severs Turles tail and forces him back into his base form. Mira reveals the truth of Planet Vegeta to Turles and resulting in his explosion of anger and allows him to achieve Super Saiyan. After a brief struggle; Future Trunks arrives and easily knocks down Turles before he is sent back to Towa by Mira. Dial realises that the distortion got worse since he got distracted, but Chronoa decides to send him to same distortion and hide his energy so that the Dial that is currently battling Turles doesn't sense him. She explains to him the risks of being spotted by his past self or even sensed by his past self and tells him to wait until Turles attacks his past self to begin the battle.

Piccolo's memory of Dial is restored by the Supreme Kai of Time to allow him to tell the others he is an ally. Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman after battling them intensely, and both Krillin, and Dial use wipe out the rest with a Scattering Energy Bullet, and Buster Cannon respectively. After seeing their defeat Nappa takes them on, and manages to easily defeat Tien, Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and Krillin. Tien is killed when he uses a Tri-Beam after Chiaotzu failed in his Self-Destruct attack, and Piccolo is killed by Nappa after saving Gohan. Gohan enrages, and attacks Nappa along side Dial; as the two manage to give Nappa a bit of trouble, Gohan calms down allowing Nappa to kick him away. Goku arrives just before Nappa can kill Gohan, and fights along side Dial. Goku manages to defeat Nappa with a Kaio-Ken Finish, and his killed by Vegeta.

They move to fight Vegeta, and have trouble to his power increase by an unknown power. Vegeta proceeds to continue give them trouble until Goku uses a Kaio-Ken x4 Kamehameha against his Galick Gun. Angered Vegeta transforms into his Great Ape form, and continues battles against the remaining fighters. They have trouble fighting him in this form, but Yajirobe manages to cut off Vegeta's tail. Before getting the chance to Fight Yajirobe, with a team effort Goku manages to defeat Vegeta with a Spirit Bomb, and escapes Earth after Dial prevents Krillin from killing Vegeta.

Supreme Kai of Time and Parallel Quests Edit

After the timeline is fixed, and returned to Normal. Dial meets up with the Supreme Kai of Time, and Tokitoki. She suggest him to train, and manages to bring a time duplicate of Vegeta from his first appearance, and convince him to train Dial. She explains Parallel Quests which sends a time duplicate into an alternate event, and the after the quest is complete the experience, and training is absorbed by the user. Due to it being a duplicate rather than the actual person, it isn't dangerous to the user. He proceeds to meet with Vegeta (Scouter) and trains with him. He trains him to use Galick Gun, and collect energy passively. He than gives him several Parallel Quests to help him train. Vegeta assists him in the first quest, and they take on 20 enemies allowing Dial to realise that there's no such thing a fairness in battle. He defeats all 20 with a great effort. They fight them on a jungle planet created just for the Parallel Quests, and thanks to the quality of the soil they are as strong as True Form Frieza. Dial eventually overpowers them, and vaporises all 20 with a Galick Gun. He then battles in another quest along side Nappa, and Raditz against Piccolo, and Goku. This time even more difficult he manages to unleash his energy, and defeat Piccolo, and Goku. Vegeta senses his powers have increased greatly, and proceed to challenge him to complete his training. He transforms into a Great Ape, and eventually defeat by Dial after long, and hard battle. Vegeta acknowledges him as his student, and later disappears from the Time Nest.

The Fated Battles Edit

Dial arrives from the Time Nest to see that the entire Ginyu Force are confronting the Z-Fighters, and the Ginyu himself is not suppose to be their. They give hint of their Dark energy boast, and battle the fighters. The Ginyu force proceed to overwhelm nearly all of the fighters, and proceeds to attack Dial. Guldo is order back to Frieza's ship, and Krillin and Gohan go after him. Goku arrives after, and displays his superior abilities by easily defeating Recoome. Goku, and Dial proceeds to fight the other fighters. Vegeta finishes off Recoome, and leaves the two fighters to face the remaining fighters by themselves. Dial fights Burter, and Jeice whom are slightly more powerful. Goku seems to be giving Ginyu trouble as he displays stronger skills. Ginyu starts his Body Change ability where he attempts to take Goku's body, but Burter accidentally kicks Dial into the path of the attacks. With Dial in Ginyu's Body, and vice versa continues to attack. Ginyu is visibly angry, and proceeds to attack Ginyu. Goku uses Dial's unfortunate position, and asks him to go help Krillin, and Gohan. He agrees, and flies off to Frieza's ship. He is confronted by Guldo, and realises something happen. Gohan, and Krillin join up with Dial, and fight against Guldo, and the Frieza Force. Dial attacks Guldo with Milky Cannon vaporizing him completely to which Future Trunks scolds him as its not the correct event. Gohan, and Krillin manage to defeat the rest of the Frieza force. Ginyu, and Goku arrive at the battlefield, and proceed to battle again with Dial joining. Dial unleashing a Galick Gun at Burter, and Jeice but both dodge it. Vegeta appears behind, and finishes Jeice with a Genocide Breaker. Ginyu prepares his Body Change, and proceeds to fire it at Goku, but Dial intervenes; regaining their respective bodies. Burter holds Goku in a Full Nelson, and proceeds try again, and successfully takes Goku's body. Ginyu tests his new power out by using a Kamehameha on Goku, but he dodges it and Burter is killed instead. Dial, and Goku proceed to defeat Ginyu, but after attempting to take Vegeta's body Goku gets in the way, and retakes his body. Ginyu attempts again only to have his body transformed into a Namekian Frog.

As Ginyu hops away Dial flies off only to have Ginyu appear in front of him with his eyes indicated his possessed. Two Demons appearing revealing themselves as the meddlers, and Towa uses her power transform Ginyu into a Giant form, and gives him the ability to speak. Mega Frog Ginyu attacks Dial, and attempts to kill him only to have himself out match due to the Frog not having much power. Dial manages to wipe the floor with Ginyu, and blasts him with a Galick Gun vaporising him.

Turles returns and scolds Dial for killing Ginyu when is supposed to survive the events. He reveals that his mentors gave him a Demon Heart and enables him to transform into different style of Super Saiyan and refers to it as the E-type Super Saiyan with E standing for evil. He battles against Dial and easily overpowers him as Turles tries to bait Dial into transforming. Dial gives into his request and transforms into his 2nd Form. They continue to battle as Dial is able to survive most of Turles attacks, but is still overwhelmed by Turles' Dark Kill Driver. The battle continues until Dial is knocked into a mountain and the mountain collapses on top of him.

They continue the battle as Dial is on the losing end again. They almost fly into view of Frieza as he fights Nail. Dial manages to fly away before they are spotted and take the battle in the air as they continue to clash with one another. However, Dial loses at every turn forcing Future Trunks to arrive and throw him a Senzu Bean before knocking Turles away. Dial fires his Galick Gun at Turles, but he survives as Future Trunks fires his Masenko at the saiyan and heavily injures him. Chronoa decides that she's seen enough and arrives at the scene personally where she uses her powers to turn the demon heart into a Saiyan Heart and result in his form become the Super Saiyan form before taking his ability to become a Super Saiyan before turning him back into a baby and sending him back to Planet Vegeta in Age 739. Dial reverts to his 1st Form as Future Trunks and Chronoa go back to the time nest while a female Demon and tall Demon reveal themselves to Dial.

The taller Demon identifies himself as Miira, and declares battle with Dial. Miira manages to hold his own. Only to find himself dissatisfied by Dial power an attempts to kill him, but Towa convinces him not. Dial returns to the Time Nest, and Supreme Kai of Time explains that the pair are a demon scientist, and sister of Dabura; Towa, and her creation Miira. She then points out that they are interfering with the battle with Frieza, and he goes back. Frieza begins battling Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Dial. Frieza critizes Dial for helping Saiyans, and tries to convince him to switch sides. Frieza is unamused by his refusal, and continues to fight the tyrant. After being convinced by Vegeta; Frieza transforms into his True Form, surprising Future Trunks. Frieza easily defeats all three fighters leaving only Dial to fight until Piccolo arrives. Dial begins his Nightmare Transformation, and transforms into his Second Form. He battles alongside Piccolo, but Piccolo is easily defeated. Goku finally arrives on the battlefield, and assists. Dial transforms back into his First Form. After unsuccessfully attempting to defeat Frieza, Goku attempts to use his Large Spirit Bomb; with Dial keeping Frieza at bay. However the it fails, and Frieza neutralizes Piccolo, and kills Krillin causing Goku to go Super Saiyan. Dial, and an enraged Goku battle Frieza in his 100% Form. Eventually Goku request Dial to let him finish allow, and the events are all reverted to normal.

Next training Edit

With history currently not changing, Dial meets up with a duplicate of Frieza whom asks to be his student, telling him his power and potential impress him. He battles Frieza in an test, and Frieza becomes impressed enough to teach a few of his techniques. Frieza creates Parallel Quest of a fight between King Vegeta, and Bardock, and ask him to battle both of them. He fights them both in space, and shows great difficulty in fighting them, but he manages to defeat them by creating the Supernova sending both them hurtling towards Planet Vegeta destroying the Planet, and the Saiyans. Impressed with his victory, Frieza offers him short Parallel Quest with Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta which he easily completes. After he gives him a full training, however he restricts him from transforming. Dial battles Frieza in his true form, and nearly kills himself with exhaustion in defeating Frieza. Frieza gives him a Senzu bean, and asking him to show him his Death Ball. He does so only for Frieza to uses own, and it nearly damages Toki Toki City, until Supreme Kai of Time kicks both energy balls away.

Meanwhile; as Cooler's ship was about enter Earth's atmosphere; Towa and Mira arrived and destroyed the ship along with Cooler's Armored Squadron. Cooler confronts them and they reveals that they have a better plan for to fulfil and take him to train him in order to acquire a new form. He begins terrorising New Namek and kills off multiple Namekians in the process. He destroys most of the planet while leaving a small region untouched. Dial is forced to stop training order to stop the distortion. Frieza tries to refuse but Chronoa places her hand by her back and forges a fake Scroll of Eternity to see what if Cooler took control of the Frieza Force causing Frieza become enraged and agrees to help. However, Dial is the only that battles with Cooler as Dial uses the techniques taught to him by Frieza. Before the battle begins Cooler transforms into his Super Evolution form. Dial transforms into his True Form on Frieza's orders and continues the battle. Dial uses Supernova and Cooler mocks him for using Frieza's methods and shows that he can create his Supernova much quicker. He hurls at Dial causing him to struggle until Dial reveals that he is kidding and has been secretly training despite being ordered by Frieza to rest and uses Buster Cannon to redirect the energy sphere. Cooler is hit by his own attack is and seemingly killed in the explosion. After fixing the distortion; the two return to Toki Toki City to continue training.

Cell Games Edit

Frieza disappears as the Time Vault once again begins emitting energy. Dial heads to the Vault to look at the Scroll of Eternity revealing interferences is coming from the era that Cell was present, and observes a change in Cell's first fight. Dial arrives the at the Cell Games to battle against Cell, and Mr. Satan at the same time. Dial has trouble from both of them, but he manages to defeat Mr. Satan, and Goku attacks Cell allow Dial to face Hercule.

Hercule rises again, and Dial fights him again. Dial punches him into ground, but he gets back up. He uses a Bloody Sauce on Dial, but he dodges it. Hercule uses his Dynamite Kick on Dial, but he grabs his leg, and throws him into the rings pillar. Hercule is finally knocked, allowing Dial to correct the history. While he was fighting, Gohan had already started fighting, and Cell has recently just killed Android 16, and Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Dial transforms into his 2nd Form, and assists Gohan.

Dial continues to assist Gohan until Xeno Trunks locates Miira, and Towa. He flies towards their direction, and meets up with Xeno Trunks. The two are confronted by Miira where they battle him. Prior to battle Dial transforms into his True Form. Both Time Patrollers give him trouble, until Miira transforms into his Runaway form. He fires his Dark Kamehameha at both of them, but they dodge it. Dial uses his Supernova on Miira, and attempts to destroy him. But Miira dodges it, and uses Death Slash cutting the open field, and Dial counters with a Super Galick Gun, and Future Trunks with a Buster Cannon. Realising that he is out matched, Miira leaves the battle. However back in the Time Vault it is reveal they went to his era after the Cell Games, and are trying to get rid of him.

Dial meets Future Android 17, and Future Android 18 revealing that have been taken control of, and attack him. He manages to hold them off until Future Trunks shows up, and attacks the Androids. The two battle the enhanced Androids, and use all their abilities against them. Future Trunks is defeated, but realises this is the corrected timeline. But he is still fading. A mystery figure shows, and offers to take him to 785 to change in time, and Dial meets up with Future Trunks whom is shocked to see Future Cell in his Perfect Form, and Present Cell also in his Perfect Form. Present Cell explains that both Future Android 17, and Future Android 18 of the third timeline were resurrect with the Dragon Balls, and he absorbed. But before he could attack them he found himself standing next another version of himself. Both Cells battle Future Trunks, and Dial, they manage give them a hard time, but they manage to brush most of their attacks.

Dial uses a Supernova on Present Cell destroying him, and Future Trunks destroys Future Cell with a Heat Dome Attack. Dial leaves, and tells Future Trunks not to thank yet. He leaves the battlefield, and returns to the Time Nest.

He than meets a duplicate of Cell, and asks to be trained. Cell turns it into a game, and they begin fighting. The rest of the training isn't seen.

Majin Buu Edit

After Cell disappears, Dial witnessing a losing battle between Ultimate Gohan, and a powered-up Kid Buu. Dial goes back instead of waiting for Xeno Trunks to the point the Majin Buu was affected. He assists Goku, and helps fight. Xeno Trunks finds out, and helps him correct the time. Dial gives Goku some energy as he was about to some before he chronologically was suppose to leave the fight, and left after promising Buu a powerful opponent.

Later at Majin Buu's House; Bee is targeted by Towa, and starts attacking Mr. Satan. Majin Buu recognising he is being control, and tries to knock Bee out. But he knocks Buu as well. Dial arrives to help, and the three battle bee. Eventual Bee is defeated, and returned to normal.

After Dial leaves, Miira stops him over Mount Paozu, and attacks him with a Galick Beam Cannon only for him to deflect into the mountain. Dial counters with a Kamehameha, and manages to hit him. Miira is slightly injured, and continues to fight. Towa uses her staff to augment the power of Miira transforming him into his Super Miira form. Dial use this chance to directly transform into his True Form, and punches Miira into the mountain. Miira attacks with his Serious Bomb energy ball, and Dial manages to hold off, and deflect into a large hill destroying it. Miira uses a stronger version called Really Serious Bomb, and Dial deflects it off the planet with a Galick Gun. They collide several times until Dial catches him off guard, and punches him through the chest. Dial uses a Super Buster Cannon and seemingly vaporises Miira.

After two days in 774 pass, Demigra controls Piccolo to prevent Gotenks from fighting Buu. But Dial arrives, and manages to defeat Piccolo, Super Buu then absorbs Gotenks, and Piccolo. He begins fighting Gohan, and Dial. Goku, and Vegeta arrive from the otherworld. Gohan gets distracted allowing Buu to absorb him, and obtain his power. Goku understand how powerful he has become, and convince Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. Vegito powers up to a Super Saiyan 3, and battles Super Buu with the help Dial. Dial transforms into his Super Evolution form, and fires a Kamehameha at Super Buu. After being nearly killed by Vegito, and Dial he absorbs them both. But Dial protect himself with a Perfect Barrier, and Vegito with a Saiyan Shield. They are then flanked by Super Buu whom assumes a Giant Form, and prevent Vegeta, and Goku from fusing again. Vegeta understands that they are still at grave disadvantage even with Dial with them whom as returned to his True Form, and fuses into a Super Saiyan 2 Gogeta. The two manages to free the others from Buu, and hold off. After escaping from Buu.

The three watch as he turns into Kid Buu, and narrowly escape death when Kid Buu destroys Earth. The three of them battle Kid Buu on the Sacred Kai planet, and manage to hold their own. Kid Buu approves to be stronger but, and kicks them all away. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, and fights Buu with Dial at his side as Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb. Dial transforms back into his Super Evolution form, and proceed to fight Buu. He uses a Supernova on him, but Kid Buu deflects it into a cliff. Kid Buu appears behind Vegeta, and knocks him out with a pressure point attack, and is saved by Mr. Satan allowing Goku to fire his Super Spirit Bomb. He struggles as usual, but with the help Dial they finish off Kid Buu. After Kid Buu's defeat he returns to the Time Nest.

He then meets with a duplicate of Good Buu, and the he offers to train him for helping him destroy Kid Buu. After testing him he teaches him Gack!, and offers to teach him more. Good Buu assembles a Parallel Quest so he can fight Evil Buu with him. After a long difficult battle, Good Buu brings him back to Toki Toki, where he continues to train by wearing weighted clothing that he magically materialises. After managing to do 20'000 push ups, sit ups, head stands, and handstand push-ups. Good Buu convinces Xeno Trunks to do the same while Good Buu, and Dial spar. He restricts Dial transformations to only his 1st, and 2nd Forms during the sparring. After a difficult battle Dial is now even more stronger than Super Buu w/Gohan Absorbed. Good Buu then takes it to the next step; by placing him in a gravity chamber with extremely heavy clothing, and makes him do 20'000 push ups, sit ups, head stands, handstand push-ups, and chin ups while under 10'000 Gs. After doing so he takes him to his final Parallel Quest, and sets him up with Super Buu w/Vegito absorbed the battle proves to but much difficult, but the Time Patroller manages to conquer him, and mimic several skills from him.

The Next Target Edit

After Good Buu disappears from the Time Nest, Dial's hand starts to glow, and displays a capital 'D'. Supreme Kai of Time identifies this as a Majin Emblem, and removes it from Dial before it explodes. Then the mysterious individual appears, and Supreme Kai of Time reveals him as Demigra, the self-proclaimed Demon God. He reveals that he is now going go after someone even stronger. Xeno Trunks uses his sword to attack him, and slices him only to reveal the he is a mirage. Supreme Kai of Time works out that he is going after Beerus, and orders both to the Time Vault. After observing a possible change, Dial teleports in. He explains the situation to Goku, and transforms directly into his Ultimate Evolution while in his Super Evolution form, and fights Beerus along side him. He dubs himself as Emerald Dial, and battles against Beerus, whom manages to fight off several possessions. Dial uses an Emerald Supernova on Beerus, and points to Goku.

Beerus kicks it to Goku forcing him out of the Super Saiyan God form, and as agrees that he can't defeat Beerus even with the incredibly strong Dial at his side. Beerus's eyes glows red, and almost fires his attack at Earth until, Demigra's Mirage manifests, and Beerus furiously states that controlling him is an act of blasphemy states he'll just destroy Demigra instead. Dial goes back to his Super Evolution from, and states that Demigra doesn't need to be fought in his Emerald form. Dial, and Beerus team up to fight him. Whis takes Goku back to Bulma's ship, and the two fight Demigra. Xeno Trunks compliments Beerus resilience to which Beerus hears, and completely ignores him. Beerus uses his Sphere of Destruction, and Dial uses his Supernova on him. Demigra produces an Ki Blast, but both attacks go right through it, and destroy his mirage. Dial explains everything to Beerus, and all three return to the Time Vault.

Beerus and Whis meet with Supreme Kai of Time, and she tries to convince them to let Dial, and Xeno Trunks held it, but Beerus is unconvinced. Dial asks him; if he, and Whis could test them. If they passed let them take care of Demigra, and if they fail they'll let him. Beerus ups the agreement by saying that he'll train Dial personally if he and Trunks can defeat both of them. They begin the battle in the wasteland of Age 850, and begin battling. Dial transforms into his Ultimate Evolution from his True Form, and Xeno Trunks turns into his Super Saiyan 2' form. They begin battling to which Dial is noticeably more stronger than Xeno Trunks. He and Xeno Trunks use a combined attack called Creator-Creation Buster Cannon, and manages to land a blow on Beerus. Whis appears behind Xeno Trunks, but Dial senses him and kicks him away. Both of them are impressed, and agree that they pass their test.

Beerus takes Dial to his planet where he begins to train Dial. He makes him transform into Emerald Super Dial, and wear a total of 200'000 Imperial tons on his body. He then fires an Atom-like energy sphere at him telling him to dodge it. He easily dodges it due to being used 200'000'000 imperial tons; so Whis increases its wait to 250'000'000 imperial tons. He tries again, and with great effort Dial dodges them all. As time passes; Dial is now wearing 3 quintillion Imperial tons, and is attempting 50'000 handstand push ups. He succeeds, and then Beerus gets him to channel his power. Beerus than takes him back to the Time Vault getting him ready for Demigra's next plan.

Dial's Battle of a Lifetime Edit

Dial runs into Hit while doing some training with Vegeta and accidentally drops all the weights he's carrying and receives a scolding for it as Cabba passes him. Vegeta explains to the two that the race for both of their benefits and tells them to take a break. Dial talks with Hit and eventually asks him to train him and he agrees after some considerable thinking and first teaches him Time Skip before moving onto to showing him some interesting attacks he can use with Time Skip and proceeds to show him his style of Vital Point Attacks before moving on to teaching him Time Skip/Back Breaker, Flash Skewer, Tremor Pulse, and Molotov. Dial is able to learn those moves quickly, but he struggles with Cage of Time and eventually learns it over a course of a couple hours. As a reward for completing his training; Hit battles against Dial and the two counter each of their moves with their own Time-Skip, and eventually knock each other out Time-Skip/Flash Skewer as he concludes Dial's training. Dial resumes his training with Vegeta as Hit leaves the city after being thanked by Chronoa for his assistance.

Chronoa is joined by Elder Kai as they observe a change in history; all members of the Pride Troopers have been defeated by an unknown foe on Planet Bas in Age 780 and currently has Belmod in his grips as he vaporises him with a point-blank ki blast. Chronoa realises that it is a crucial moment as Team Universe 11 is supposed to participate in the Tournament of Power and requests Dial to go to Age 780 and confront the foe. Dial arrives just before he is about to destroy Belmod and get his attention by throwing a rock at him. He drops the God of Destruction and descends into view as Elder Kai realises who he is and urges Dial to withdraw immediately. The fighters is none other than Jiren the Gray. Dial looks over to see the Jiren of Age 780 is knocked out cold as Elder Kai explains that Jiren's power exceeds even a God of Destruction. However, Dial ignores the warnings and launches himself into battle against Jiren with his Time-Skip abilities, but his attacks have no effect and even more son upon transforming into Super form. He finally transforms into his Emerald form and the two battle it out with each other. Dial is easily thrashed as he is knocked to the ground as Jiren jump kicks him and they continue their fight as Dial uses Time-Skip against Jiren despite being countered every time. He uses Time-Skip/Death Ball Volley on Jiren and manages to push him back slightly to the edge of cliff before trapping him in a Cage of Time. Jiren manages to break free from his trap resulting in Dial attacking in his panic before being knocked away with Jiren's Invisible Strikes. He crashes into a far away building as Jiren appears before him and blasts him away with Power Impact. Dial however manages to get off the energy blast before it explodes and strikes the unguarded Jiren in the head with kick to the back of the head and sends him into the street as he attempts battle against him the ground only to be punch in the gut and knocked away with a punch. Dial fires his Full-Powered Death Ball at him, but he manages to block it as Dial struggles to stand up. Chronoa urges him to return to the Time Nest, but he is unable to get up due to the amount of damages he took and is about to faint until a Senzu Bean is thrown at him. He looks behind him to see Vegeta glaring at him and eats the bean before getting ready to resume his battle as he unleashes his power. He dubs his state True Emerald Dial and proceeds to enter his Ultimate Evolution-Super Evolution form. He proceeds to attack Jiren again, but he kneed in the gut before being elbowed in the chest followed with a punch to the head and sends him flying into sky before drop kicking him into the ground. Vegeta attempts to calm his mind and eventually enters Ultra Instinct "Harbinger" as opposed to the Sign releasing that he has focused his instincts on attacking instead of defending. However, Jiren easily pummels him and defeats him with relative ease. Vegeta enraged at Jiren being controlled and even more so when he watches his student being merciless and brutally beaten; he decides to enter the battle by transforming into Perfected Super Saiyan Blue before immediately entering Perfected SS Blue (Evolved). However, his anger eventually reaches boiling point and an unleashes an explosion of ki; shocking everyone in the area and in the Time Nest.

Vegeta enters Royal Super Saiyan Blue after hitting Jiren with his Big Bang Attack. He punches Jiren in the face and manages to injure him before being punched in the face and kicked into a building by Jiren. Vegeta manages to get behind him and blasts him with Super Gamma Burst Flash before kicking him in the back while he is off-guard and crashes through a bridge and into a construction site. They battle through out the construction site and successfully land blows on each before Vegeta unleashes a burst of ki that sends Jiren into a barrier. Jiren grabs him by the hair and is about to blast him away, but he manages to unleash Vegeta grabs the energy sphere and crushes it in his hand. Jiren fires more energy sphere at him and they manage to hit Vegeta. However, he shows him an ability that he has while in his current state and begins to absorb the energy spheres from his attack as Vegeta unleashes an explosive wave using the energy spheres he absorbed and nearly destroys half the planet; Jiren ends being sent flying into the ground at such force - he nearly faints from the attack. Vegeta emerges from the dust cloud created by the impact still in his Royal Super Saiyan Blue state battles against him as he is able to predict each move on instinct, but Jiren still has the advantages as Dial looks on with his desire and desperation in wanting to help while his fear of Jiren grows. His body begins to glow as result of his desires, desperation, and fear before transforming into his new state. He calls the form Super Emerald Dial and enters the fight as the two manage to do a lot better than as Jiren is thrown off by their coordination as they easily overpower him with their new powers and is struck by their Mentor-Student Galick Gun as Dial tries to repel it with a glare, but he is overpowered and is hit by the attack. Jiren grabs Dial by the tail and hits him into Vegeta before kicking him away and overpowering Vegeta as the Saiyan Prince tries to dodge his attacks, but Jiren is able to adapt to his instinctual fighting and predict each move and each dodge with ease as Dial tries to hit him with his Super Emerald Super Nova, but he dodges by the explosion or attack as he punches Dial in the gut. Dial realises that his form is consuming a lot of stamina and ki has he starts to pant from his use his energy ball and uses Time-Skip/Flash Skewer to try to save more stamina. Chronoa comes up with a plan to send Jiren back to his to time he was taken from, but requires the duos assistance and oblige by keeping him busy as Chronoa successfully sends him back before placing a Time Lock Spell on him; preventing him from leaving the time he is currently in. Vegeta leaves Dial as he returns to the Time Nest after healing.

Dial request Beerus to train him again as he wants to master his new form and he agrees after being given some pudding. He trains before him and Future Trunks over next course of hours while Chronoa watches for Demigra's movements as she agrees that he couldn't have empowered Jiren so much. Dial's improvement of his new form proves to be rather slow than his other forms and considers abandoning the use of until Beerus tells him that it maybe useful later. While taking a break from training; they eat pizza and Dial plays a fighting game with Dial on 3DSes and manages to beat him several times before resuming their training.

Chapters Edit

Summoning of a Hero Edit

Parallel Quests, Training With Vegeta Edit

Battle on Namek Edit

Demon-Hunt!! Training With Frieza Edit

  • 033 - Awaiting For Next Attack!! Frieza Offers to Train!!
  • 034 - Frieza's Training!! Defeat Bardock!!
  • 035 - The Master's Apprentice!! Defeat Frieza!!
  • 036 - The Attack of Cooler!!

Enter the Cell Games Edit

  • 037 - Flamboyant Entrance!! Fight Mr. Satan, and Cell!!
  • 038 - Rise Again!! Fighting Mr. Satan!!
  • 039 - Rage!! Gohan, and Dial vs. Cell!
  • 040 - Battle With the Time Breakers!! Xeno Trunks steps in!!
  • 041 - Failed Past! Target an Alternate Future!!
  • 042 - Future Trunks Arrives!! Free the Future!!
  • 043 - Arrival of Future Cell, and Present Cell!! Battle of Perfection!!
  • 044 - Cell's Student!

Attack of the Majin Edit

  • 045 - Super Saiyan 3!? An Altered Battle!
  • 046 - The Djinn's Canine!! Bay Attacks!
  • 047 - Defeat Miira!!
  • 048 - Piccolo's Lost It!! Save Piccolo!!
  • 049 - Help Gohan!! Mighty Super Buu
  • 050 - Vegetto Attacks!! Fused Super Saiyan 3!!
  • 051 - Inside Buu!! Gogeta!
  • 052 - Escape From Earth!! The Final Battle!!
  • 053 - Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta!!
  • 054 - Defeat At Last!! Kid Buu Vanquished!!
  • 055 - Buu's Training!! Defeat Evil Buu!!
  • 056 - Dial vs. Buu!! Hidden Talents!!
  • 057 - The Next Step!! Defeat Super Buu!!

God of Destruction, Beerus Edit

  • 058 - The Super Saiyan God and Emerald Dial!! Battle of Gods!
  • 059 - Beerus, and Dial!! Destroy Demigra!
  • 060 - Beerus, and Whis' Test!!
  • 061 - Beerus' Training!! Can Dial Survive!?

Crisis in Universe 11 Edit

  • 062 - Assistance from another Universe!! Hit's Training!!
  • 063 - Trouble in Universe 11! The Ultimate Battle Begins!
  • 064 - Vegeta Arrives!
  • 065 - Training Resumes

Battles Edit

  • Raditz (Villainous Mode 1) vs. Goku, and Piccolo
  • Dial (1st Form), Goku, and Piccolo vs. Raditz (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Raditz (Great Ape), Vegeta (Great Ape), & Nappa (Great Ape) (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Turles (Base/Great Ape/Super Saiyan)
  • Future Trunks vs. Turles (Super Saiyan)
  • Goku vs. Vegeta (Great Ape) & Nappa (Great Ape)
  • Dial (1st Form), Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin vs. Saibaman (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Gohan vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Vegeta (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Goku, Gohan, and Krillin vs. Vegeta (Villainous Mode 1 Great Ape/Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Gohan (unseen, Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Vegeta (Training)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Vegeta (Training) vs. 20 Saibamen (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), Raditz (Parallel Quest), and Nappa (Parallel Quest) vs. Piccolo (Parallel Quest), and Goku (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Vegeta (Training, Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan vs. Ginyu Force
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Ginyu, Jeice, and Burter
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), and Goku vs. Ginyu (Dial Body), and Jeice
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), Krillin, and Gohan vs. Guldo, and Frieza Force
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), and Goku vs. Captain Ginyu (Dial Body), Jeice, and Burter
  • Vegeta vs. Jeice
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Ginyu Body) vs. Captain Ginyu (Goku Body)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Captain Ginyu (Frog Body Mega)
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs. Turles (E-type Super Saiyan)
  • Dial (2nd Form) & Future Trunks vs. Turles (E-type Super Saiyan)
  • Chronoa vs. Turles (E-type Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan/Base)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Miira (Base)
  • Dial (1st Form), Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin vs. Frieza (1st Form/True Form; Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (2nd Form), and Piccolo vs. Frieza (True Form Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (2nd Form/1st Form), and Goku vs. Frieza (True Form Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frieza (True Form 100% Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Frieza (1st Form, Training)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. King Vegeta (Parallel Quest), and Bardock (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Frieza (1st Form, Training), vs. Vegeta (Parallel Quest), Piccolo (Parallel Quest), and Gohan (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Frieza (True Form, Training)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Cooler (Super Evolution)
  • Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs. Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan Full Power/Super Saiyan 2), and Dial (2nd Form) vs. Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (True Form), and Xeno Trunks vs. Miira (Base/Runaway)
  • Dial (True Form), vs. Future Android 17 (Villainous Mode 1), and Future Android 18 (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Future Android 17 (Villainous Mode 1), and Future Android 18 (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Future Cell (Perfect Form), and Present Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Cell (Perfect Form, Training)
  • Gohan (Unleashed Potential) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Majin Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Majin Buu, and Mr. Satan vs. Bee (Villainous Mode 1, Giant)
  • Dial (1st Form/True Form) vs. Miira (Runaway/Super Miira)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Piccolo (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Gohan (Unleashed Potential) vs. Super Buu (w/Gotenks, and Piccolo absorbed; Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form/Super Evolution), and Vegito (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Super Buu (w/Gohan absorbed)
  • Dial (True Form), and Gogeta (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Super Buu (Villainous Mode 1; Giant)
  • Dial (True Form), Goku, and Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (Super Evolution), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Majin Buu (Training, Parallel Quest) vs. Evil Buu (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form), vs. Majin Buu (Training)
  • Dial (True Form/Ultimate Evolution) vs. Super Buu (w/Vegito Absorbed, Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (Ultimate Evolution), and Goku (Super Saiyan God) vs. Beerus
  • Dial (Super Evolution), and Beerus vs. Demigra
  • Dial (Ultimate Evolution), and Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Beerus, and Whis
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Hit
  • Pride Troopers vs. Jiren (Dark Magic Transformation)
  • Dial (True Form/Super Evolution/Ultimate Evolution/Emerald Super Dial) vs. Jiren (Dark Magic Transformation)
  • Vegeta (Ultra Instinct "Harbinger") vs. Jiren (Dark Magic transformation)
  • Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Perfect Super Saiyan Blue Evolved/Royal Super Saiyan Blue),
  • Vegeta (Royal Super Saiyan Blue) & Dial (Super Emerald Dial) vs. Jiren (Dark Magic Transformation)

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