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"Father, let me join you in battle! Please! I want to finally prove myself worthy! Even if I can't be the heir, I still want to fight!" Tale 04 - Confessions

Yunomi - is a supporting protagonist in the series, Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere. She is the only child of the fabled Maccha, also known as Rougasennin. She is a lifelong friend to Yamcha and Barracks and the half-sister of Solace.

Appearance Edit

Yunomi is a beautiful, curvaceous young woman with an athletic build. She has long blue hair that reaches down to her waist, blue eyes, and a busty chest. However, she has muscular legs and toned arms, which she achieved during her training. She is also rather tall for a woman, standing at 5 ft. 7 in. in height. She is ladylike in appearance, typically dressing in formal clothing (such as a kimono), or stylishly in clothes she designed herself.

Yunomi's First Appearance

Yunomi's first appearance

However, when training, she prefers to wear athletic clothing designed to allow her freedom of movement, such as a halter top and spandex shorts and wears her hair in a ponytail. Her Wolf school martial arts outfit consists of a sleeveless, lavender-colored robe, tied together with a white belt. She wears matching colored arm-guards on her forearms, and blue boots. Underneath her robes, she wears a sleeveless green gi with matching pants, with the symbol for Wolf on the front of the gi.

Personality Edit

Because she was raised by a traditional father, Yunomi was brought up to be a lady. As such, she tends to be very prim and proper, both in her appearance and mannerisms. A loyal and dedicated child, much of her personality was formed by the desire to appease her father. However, Yunomi also holds a rebellious side to her, as she still sought to earn the title of heir to Wolf school from her father, even though he had taken in two boys, Yamcha and Barracks to one day fulfill that role.

As such, she learned whatever she could, and distanced herself from the two boys. Yunomi found herself trying to prove herself superior to the boys, all the while expected to learn and go about a traditional woman's duty in the home. Even years later after her father's death, she still sought to train in her father's style and regretted that he had died without passing on the true secrets of the Wolf Fang Fist. She still harbored feelings of wanting to please her father, as she was worried he would disapprove of her desire to become a warrior.

Biography Edit

Born as the only child of the Wolf-school master, Maccha, Yunomi was raised to be a lady and not a warrior. Traditionally, to be named heir of Urufu-ryu style, the student must be a male. The fact that Maccha had only a daughter before his wife's disappearance meant he had to look elsewhere for a suitable male student. He found two boys: Yamcha and Barracks. She distanced herself from the boys, but over time secretly developed feelings for Yamcha and calmed her fiery temperament, thinking that maybe he would be a worthy heir after all.

All of that changed one fateful day, as her village was attacked by a group of monsters, led by the villainous vampire lord, and rival Serpent-style master, Kyonshi. Although Yunomi pleaded with her father to let her fight, he refused, and instead instructed her to remain indoors, and telling her that she would obey whatever Yamcha or Barracks had to say if he did not return. As her father was killed in the ensuing battle, and Yamcha disappeared, Yunomi had no one else to rely on but Barracks. Feeling that heaven was punishing her for being angry at her father not allowing her to be the heir, Yunomi would strive from that point on to be what she thought her father wanted. While Barracks took on the task of protecting the village, and her, Yunomi did her best to develop the basic skills she'd learned from her father, such as sewing. She used these skills to create artwork and eventually applied them to sketching and designing clothing as well. Yunomi and Barracks developed into friends in their adult years as they worked together to run matters within Wolf Village. She was upset that they have to resort to more militaristic measures for security but feels the days of the village's traditional guardian died with her father. She held a deep-seated bitterness towards Yamcha and his absence these past seventeen years.

Yunomi Meets a Fashion Designer

Yunomi meets a fashion designer

One day, as she was visiting a nearby city, she was approached by a strange woman, who asked where she'd gotten her outfit. When she informed her that she'd made it herself, the woman revealed herself to be a fashion designer and commissioned Yunomi to make an entire clothing line, The clothing line's success helped bring additional revenue into the village, which was used to pay for the mercenaries Barracks employed to protect it. Years later, when Yamcha returned to the village, she was initially emotional at seeing him again. However, it quickly turned to anger as she repeatedly hit him, still hurt by his abandonment as she broke down in tears. After Yamcha apologized to her and to Barracks and defeated Kyonshi, who had returned to the village, she was willing to hear him out. After he revealed the truth behind what he had witnessed during the attack on their village years earlier, and that it was her mother, Lace, who had been responsible for the death of her father, Yunomi excused herself from the room wanting some time alone.

Yunomi's Training

Yunomi undergoes training

After some time to think, and recognizing Yamcha's sincere desire to make amends for his actions, Yunomi ultimately forgives him, inviting him to stay within the village and recognizing him as the heir to Urufu-ryu. However, she insists that he train her, alongside Barracks and Pigero, who Yamcha had just agreed to take on as his student. Together, the three train together and Yunomi quickly proves herself a capable fighter, learning the skills Yamcha had learned from his training with Maccha, Korin, Kami, and King Kaio. Through this training, she progresses to levels faster than Yamcha did when he underwent

Yunomi Sparring

Yunomi shows the fruits of her training

the same training, Her talent for martial arts is ultimately shown when, after a year of training with Yamcha and the others, she is able to fight evenly with Barracks, who was not only physically stronger, but had received previous instruction not just from her father, Maccha, but secretly from Mercenary Tao as well.

After a year together, Yunomi expresses regret, both in the way her father died and in the fact that the true art of the Wolf Fang Fist had not been passed on. Having heard Yamcha's tales of the dragon balls, she expresses a desire to gather them, hoping to use them to wish her father back to life. Yamcha is initially skeptical due to the dragon balls' original restriction of being unable to wish back someone who had been dead for more than a year but ultimately ends up agreeing if the new dragon balls developed by Dende will make an exception. Yunomi is grateful for this; however before they can get started, they are startled at the sudden appearance of a young woman who comically lands on top of, and flirts with Yamcha. Yunomi angrily demands she gets off of him, and the woman then introduces herself as Solace, revealing that she is actually in possession of one of the dragon balls. She reveals that she can "hear" the dragon balls "singing" to her, which is how she discovered it, and that she overheard their conversation of wish-granting power of the balls.

Yunomi & Yamcha Mend Relationship

Yunomi and Yamcha mend their relationship

After Solace makes a deal to help them find the rest, in exchange for using one of the wishes, she, Yamcha, and Pigero set out to find the other dragon balls, while Yunomi and Barracks return to the village. The trio arrives a day later, only to be informed that Kyonshi had returned and that Barracks and Yunomi had set out to confront him. As Yamcha arrives behind them, the great seal they were standing near breaks, an explosion of ki bursting out, as the group witnessed a figure emerge from the seal. When the being, who reveals himself to be a deity called Heiwa, challenges Yamcha, Yunomi retreats from the area, along with the others. From a distance, she witnesses Yamcha's full power unleashed and is amazed at how powerful he really is. After his defeat, she remains by his side as they are taken in at Kyonshi's castle where Yamcha recovers. As it has been revealed that Kyonshi is Solace's father, and believing that Solace lied to them in an attempt to gather the dragon balls for Kyonshi, Yunomi struck Solace in the face. Soon after, she is reunited with her long-lost mother, who she angrily confronts for abandoning her and killing her father.

Yunomi Confronts Lace

Yunomi angrily confronts her mother, Lace

Lace tearfully apologizes, knowing there is nothing she can do to make up for her actions. However, she reveals that Solace is Yunomi's half-sister, and implores her to take Solace with her as Lace believes that Solace will have a better life outside of the castle, surrounded by people. After Yamcha reveals to the group everything that has occurred, Yunomi stands by him, agreeing to train even harder and to help prepare him however she can for his eventual rematch with Heiwa. Ultimately, Yamcha along with Piccolo takes them to the Lookout atop Korin's tower, where Yunomi trains with others, this time while wearing weighted gear. There, she meets Kuririn and Android #18, and witnesses the dragon balls' summoning of Shenron for the first time. After Yamcha is summoned to the Otherworld by the Grand Kaio, Yunomi continues to train under Piccolo and Kuririn, who both agree to oversee their training.

Yunomi & Maccha Reunion

Yunomi reunites with her father

Yunomi is later reunited with her father, Maccha after he discovers that Fortuneteller Baba is able to bring a person back to the living world for one day. After a tearful reunion, Maccha teaches her, Barracks and Pigero the true form of the Wolf Fang Fist, fulfilling her desire to receive all of his teachings. After her father returns to Otherworld, and being informed of Yamcha's imminent return to Earth, Yunomi and the others return to the village, accompanied by Solace, as they plan to use their downtime to celebrate his return. During this time, Yunomi has heart to heart conversation with her sister, while she designs a wedding dress for #18. The sisters are then confronted by three mysterious figures: Abu, Raka, and Zam, who Solace recognizes as demons.

Yunomi is initially thrown off by the fact she was unable to sense their ki, as well as the amount of malice that each of them give off. Before the demons can attack, however, Pigero and Barracks arrive. After Pigero is turned to stone by Zam, Barracks quickly dispatches him, using his own spit attack against him, though Barracks loses an arm in the process. This returns Pigero to normal, after which Solace suggests Barracks and Puar return to the village to retrieve the senzu beans Korin gave them. As the two leave, an angry Abu powers up, and Yunomi shouts for Solace and Pigero to attack together and not hold back. Together, the trio land attacks to Abu's vital areas, drawing blood, but the demon is able to shrug off the damage and knock them back.

Power Edit

Yunomi is a talented martial artist with latent potential, able to pick up on techniques very quickly. This is displayed as she is able to learn the true Wolf Fang Fist from her father in just a day. Because of her training under Yamcha, she is able to quickly even the gap with people who are both physically stronger and have received more training than her. Her Wolf Fang Fist attacks are pinpoint accurate and become much stronger after having trained with her father and learning how to project her ki through them.

Abilities Edit

Flight - like most characters, Yunomi can fly utilizing her ki.
Yunomi's True Wolf Fang Fist

Yunomi shows her mastery of the Wolf Fang Fist

Ki Sense - having received similar training that Yamcha underwent, she has learned abilities such as how to sense an opponent's ki. Though this doesn't work on non-mortal beings, like gods and demons.

True Wolf Fang Fist - a complete version of the Wolf Fang Fist technique, Yunomi learned this from her father, Maccha, while training at the Lookout. The user projects their ki into their strikes, turning their physical attacks into sharp strikes capable of cutting their opponent. It is physically unblockable and will cause damage to even an opponent with incredible defense. Though an opponent with a forceful enough ki can rebound the attack(s) back at its user.

Yunomi's Technique

Wolf Fang Lunar Kick

Wolf Fang Lunar Kick - Yunomi channels her ki into her kick, giving it both incredible speed and destructive power.

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Yunomi's Gown
Yunomi's Goodbye
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