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"Rasse! Help us! Tien needs you! Vegeta needs you! We all need you to help stop this guy!"

Yatsuri is the best friend of Rasse and tritagonist of Gods who are Gone.



Yatsuri exhibits a fairly cowardly attitude towards everything. However, his incredible intelligence coupled with his unique attack strategies places him among both the respect and disrespect of his friend Rasse.

Yatsuri, despite willing to aid his friends plan battles, is very hesitant to actually join any type of fight, in his fear of actually getting hurt. The only time he is actually willing to dive into a battle is when Rasse forces him to.


Yatsuri has created many weapons for his friends, but the weapon he is most proud of is the backup function of his motorcycle; he could transform into a particle degenerator with the flip of five switches. He added such a function when Rasse asked him to aid in the battle against his mortal enemy.