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"You didn't expect us to be ready for you last time. You didn't expect Goku was a Super Saiyan. You didn't expect we'd beat all your androids. And if your data shows a trend about me, consider that I always surpass old threats!" Tale 25 - At The Lake of Blood

Yamcha (ヤムチャ 'Yamucha') is a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He is the heir to Urufu-ryu and the lifelong best friend of Puar. A former boyfriend of Bulma and desert bandit, Yamcha was once an enemy of Goku, but quickly reformed and became a friend and ally.


Yamcha's appearance changes throughout the series, mainly his clothes and hairstyle. He started out the series with long hair and bangs. After settling down in the city, he cut his hair to fit in. Later on, he would grow his hair out again and eventually cut short to a spikier hairstyle and completely short before growing his hair out once again. Several of Yamcha's hairstyles are also used by Gohan at various points in his life.

Another of Yamcha's most significant appearance changes was the mysterious scars he got some time during his three years of training for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. According to Android 19's scanner, Yamcha is 183 centimeters tall and weighs 68 kilograms during the Androids Saga. Originally, his martial arts outfit consisted of a sleeveless, dark green gi, with a white belt tied at the waist, dark orange pants with a matching scarf, and blue boots. After agreeing to train under Muten Roshi, Yamcha would trade in this outfit for the martial arts uniform of the Kame-ryu (Turtle school). Yamcha also sometimes wears a white martial arts outfit with black trousers that bears a striking resemblance to the outfit worn by Bruce Lee during his fight with O'Hara in the film Enter the Dragon, as shown during one of his brief appearances in the Red Ribbon Army Saga.


Yamcha is originally characterized as a deadly warrior, who fears nothing but talking to women. After befriending Goku and the others, his personality remains mostly the same but becomes very caring and considerate of the people he protects. He is showcased as a courageous warrior who strives to be the best but is unable to reach this status, a fact that appears to plague him. He is incredibly loyal to those he calls friends, as he doesn't hesitate to risk his life in order to fight Goku's enemies, and went so far as to wish for his fellow Urufu-ryu students (as well as members of the other sacred schools of martial arts) to receive the zenkai power-up ability unique to the Saiyan race. Yamcha has a great network of information, recognizing Goku's Power Pole as Grandpa Gohan's during their first fight, which he likely obtained from his original master, Maccha, who provided him a basic education including history and mythology.

In early Dragon Ball, Yamcha's most notable personality trait was a fear of women and tended to get terrified at the sight and touch of a woman, although he seemingly got over this after meeting Bulma when they were 16. They have an on-and-off-again relationship for several years and despite her mistreatment towards him, he still loved her. In early Dragon Ball Z, he shows great pride in defending Earth from the Saiyans, willing to put his life on the line to stop them; which he evidently does. Although he is killed, he dies a hero's death. After returning from the dead, he prepares to battle the Androids. During the events of Elsewhere, Yamcha displays more of these personality traits, showing his courage when he agrees to go to the village of a young girl to find out what happened to her people. And more of his fear of women, when he worryingly questions his master as to why he allows the female martial artists in Otherworld to watch him train. He also shows loyalty to his fellow Wolf students, seeking out his deceased master in order to learn the true Wolf Fang Fist, so that he could pass it on to them once he returns from Otherworld.


Teenage Yamcha

Yamcha was born on March 20, Age 733, though his parentage is shrouded in mystery. He met Puar in Age 747, two years before the Emperor Pilaf Saga takes place. As a young boy, Yamcha was taken in by an older martial artist named Maccha, who was the Rougasennin, along with another young boy named Barracks. Together, the two would study and train under the master, learning the basics of the Wolf Fang Fist and weaponry, while also befriending their master's only child and daughter, Yunomi. Although both boys would train hard, it became clear after some time that Maccha had come to prefer Yamcha to be his heir, though he had not chosen a successor by the time of his death.

During an attack on Okami village by his master's old rival, the Serpent master Kyonshi, Maccha was killed, and Yamcha, having witnessed his master's demise, was forced to flee the village after a confrontation with the Ox-king, Gyumao. Shortly after leaving, he bumped into Puar, who was returning to the village from shape-shifting school. Yamcha had to inform the floating feline of his father, Sencha's death, along with that of Maccha. After a moment of grieving, Puar pledged himself to follow Yamcha even though he had not been named the heir. The duo would take up residence in a hollowed-out mountain in the Diablo Desert and would spend the next two years using their combined abilities to rob unsuspecting travelers of their valuables. Their time as bandits would ultimately come to an end after they encounter two travelers, a young boy named Goku and a teenage girl named Bulma.

Yamcha kills one of the monster warriors attacking his village.

After being defeated by Goku, and learning of the secrets of the dragon balls, Yamcha would follow after the pair, hoping to defeat Goku in a rematch and use the wish from the dragon balls to rid him of his fear of women. Neither would happen, instead, Yamcha would become one of Goku's trusted friends and allies, and would enter into a relationship with Bulma. He would go on to spend years training under various masters, learning new skills and developing new techniques, while competing in various world martial arts tournaments and facing increasingly powerful enemies. After moving to West City, he would use his abilities to become a professional baseball player, playing for the baseball team named the Taitans. He would also hold various other jobs, such as a host (from which he was fired due to his fear of women) and a freelance bodyguard.

Homecoming Arc[]

Yamcha trains in the gravity chamber

During the events of Elsewhere, after the defeat of Cell and Goku's death at the hands of the bio-android, Yamcha was disappointed in his performance against Gero's creations. Spurred on by the actions of Goku and his son, Gohan, Yamcha resumes his training even further. Spending six months training in the gravity chamber, followed by two days in the Room of Spirit and Time, Yamcha pushes himself to new heights, suffering a serious injury in the process. Upon completing this training, his relationship with Bulma comes to a permanent end, as she and Vegeta decide to give their relationship a chance due to having a child together. Vegeta's stipulation to this agreement being that Yamcha has to move out of Capsule Corp.

Recognizing this, Yamcha proceeded to return to his old hideout, only to discover that a young woman was occupying the domicile. Introducing herself as Bead, she tells Yamcha of the recent attack on her village by strange monsters, and how she became separated from her father and fellow villagers after fleeing into the desert. Yamcha decides to look into the matter and travels to the village, where he comes across a young thief attempting to steal his wallet. After knocking the young boy out, Yamcha is confronted by armed mercenaries, who transport him at gunpoint to a nearby village.

Yamcha avenges himself and his master

Realizing that he is back in his former home, Okami village, Yamcha is immediately confronted by his old friend and rival, Barracks. Barracks chastises him for abandoning the village and mocks Yamcha after he begs for a chance to make amends. However, Yamcha finally decides he's had enough, breaking his restraints and the rifle Barracks attempts to beat him with, before going to see Yunomi. Initially, in shock at his sudden appearance, Yunomi ultimately reacts with anger and tears. Their reunion is cut short by gunfire, however, and Yamcha rushes outside to see what is happening. There, he finds Kyonshi, the master of the Serpent style of martial arts and master vampire, as well as the architect of his master's murder. After Kyonshi mockingly reveals that he was the one who inflicted the scars on Yamcha's face, the wolf heir challenges his old enemy to a fight. After some prodding, Kyonshi accepts and is defeated instantly by Yamcha, both avenging his master and restoring his honor.

Once the confrontation is resolved and curious to find out where he's been all this time, Yunomi decides to allow Yamcha to stay temporarily, in exchange for telling her and Barracks what happened all those years ago. Yamcha tells them of Maccha's death, and Gyumao's threat should he attempt to return, as well as the events during his time with Goku and Bulma. Afterward, a heartbroken Yunomi excuses herself from the room, and Barracks expresses curiosity at Bead's tale and asks Yamcha to bring her to the village for more information. Upon returning to his hideout, Yamcha is informed by Bead that they have a visitor, who turns out to be Puar. Wanting to know why he was left behind, Puar asks if he did anything wrong, but Yamcha assures him that he didn't do anything and that he simply didn't want to get the shape-shifter caught up in his messes. Puar reminds him of the oath he pledged to Yamcha years ago, and the former bandit apologizes, instantly forgiven by his old friend.

Together, the two transport Bead back to Okami village, where they are reunited with Puar's grandfather, Tuocha, and Bead is introduced to Barracks. As Barracks speaks to Bead, Yamcha goes to speak with Yunomi, and the two are able to begin to reconcile as Yunomi welcomes Yamcha back within the village. As Yamcha returns to check on Barracks and Bead, he learns that they suspect the villagers were taken to a nearby mansion, where the shape-shifter Oolong used to keep the girls he kidnapped. Bead tells them that the girls had chosen to stay behind after Oolong's defeat, turning the mansion into a resort. As she finishes, the group is interrupted by the young thief, who reveals that he'd taken a brochure from Bead's village shortly before they'd been taken, that reveals directions to the mansion.

Yamcha and Barracks mend their friendship

Introducing himself as Pigero, he tells them that he overheard Yamcha's tale of adventure, and agrees to give them the directions in exchange for being accepted as Yamcha's student. Yamcha agrees, and together with the group, along with Yunomi, make their way to the mansion, where Bead is reunited with her father and fellow villagers. Afterward, Yamcha and the others return to Okami village, where Yamcha begins training Pigero, Yunomi, and Barracks in martial arts, teaching them everything he'd learned from Korin, Kami, and King Kaio. He leaves out the teachings of Muten Roshi, recognizing that being a student of two of the four sacred schools is taboo. A year passes, as Yamcha reingratiates himself among the villagers, helping out wherever he can and mending his friendships with Yunomi and Barracks.

Catalyst Arc[]

One day after training, Yamcha is accosted by a mysterious young woman, who introduces herself as Solace. She reveals that she is in possession of a dragon ball, and a mysterious ability to detect them. Yamcha and Pigero, who becomes smitten by her, agrees to help her gather the rest in exchange for one of the wishes. After a day of searching, they are able to find them all, and return to Okami village, only to be informed by one of the villagers that Kyonshi had returned and that Yunomi and Barracks have gone to confront him. Yamcha quickly makes his way to the great seal, where he reminds Kyonshi of their last encounter. As the two banter, Solace and Pigero quickly catch up, the latter giving chase to the former as she carries the gathered dragon balls. Tripping on a protruding rock, Solace drops the mystical orbs near the seal and everyone watches as the seal breaks.

Yamcha reveals his new power.

As Yamcha and the others witness a mysterious figure emerge from the seal, he feels his strength suddenly boosted as his potential is unlocked. The figure, revealing himself as Heiwa, a son of the Dai-Kaioshin, sets his sights on Yamcha, detecting that he's the strongest person in the area, and demands Yamcha attack him or be destroyed. Yamcha tells the group to evacuate the area, as they've never seen his full power, stating that he somehow has become even stronger. Once the group leaves, Yamcha powers up, impressing the others as they watch from afar. Heiwa compliments his strength but notices that he's having trouble controlling his new power, and mockingly ascertains that he's not used to his strength. Yamcha immediately attacks but is knocked out in one blow. Disappointed, Heiwa lifts him up, berating him for thinking he could take on a god, only for a presence within Yamcha to counter Heiwa's claim, stating that they aren't gods.

Recognizing the presence of Anshin, his brother, Heiwa demands to know why he released Yamcha's potential but not lend his power. Anshin answers that his purity cannot be compromised, and acknowledges that Yamcha is not ready or able to wield his power. Heiwa agrees, stating that Yamcha's heart is filled with negative emotions, but Anshin rebuts, knowing that Yamcha also desires righteousness. Heiwa takes this as a challenge and gives Anshin a full Namekian year to develop Yamcha into a vessel capable of wielding Anshin's power. Yamcha later awakens, unsure of where he is, only to be informed by Yunomi that they were taken to Kyonshi's castle. Barracks tells him that a big, green guy is also waiting to speak with him, who Yamcha realizes is Piccolo. Both he and Piccolo go to confront Kyonshi, who has been humbled by his recent failures.

Yamcha trains with Piccolo to try to release Anshin.

The two discuss the history of the sacred schools while Kyonshi admires a tapestry hanging in his office, where Yamcha theorizes that Goku is one of the figures represented in the artwork. Kyonshi explains the history and meaning behind the sacred schools displayed within that tapestry, and that his belief of what was contained within the great seal is what motivated him to try to break the seal. Piccolo reveals the existence of Anshin and his possession within Yamcha's body, and the two former enemies agree to set aside their differences to combat a now greater threat. Yamcha and Piccolo reveal this agreement to the others, and together, the group along with Solace, set out to begin training, assisted by Piccolo. The group eventually make their way to Kami's lookout, where they are further helped by Dende, Earth's new guardian, and Mr. Popo. The two oversee healing and feeding them respectively, and prior to training there, Yamcha had reached out to Dr. Briefs for any equipment that could assist in their training. Dr. Briefs loans him a prototype Rejuvatron, which enables the user to get a full night's rest within a matter of seconds.

During a lunch break, Barracks notices Yamcha being strangely quiet, and the martial artist reveals that he's been considering what he'll wish for with the dragon balls. He questions Dende on the specifics of the upgraded dragon balls, who reveals that ordinarily, they have three wishes unless the wish is a particularly big one, in which case they'd have two. As Yunomi inquires as to what he intends to wish for, Barracks notices the sound of an approaching hovercraft. The group rushes out onto the lookout, where they are greeted by Krillin, who is accompanied by Android 18. Yamcha notices the android and is initially on guard, but then sees that she is non-threatening and puts two and two together. Congratulating his friend, Yamcha introduces him to the others and informs him of the events that have transpired. Krillin suggests asking Gohan and Vegeta for help, but Yamcha dismisses the idea. Krillin is noticeably alarmed by this news, due to his new relationship with 18, but Yamcha informs him of his plan to use the dragon balls to wish for Anshin's release and for all members of the Sacred Schools to receive the zenkai ability of the Saiyans.

The Wolf school witnesses Shenlong's summoning

The group looks on as Shenlong is summoned and Yamcha proceeds to make his first wish. The wish is denied as Shenlong states that Yamcha is suppressing Anshin, and the deity is resisting him because of it. Yamcha then proceeds with his next wish, which Shenlong grants, giving each member of the sacred schools the zenkai ability. Confirming that they can save the remaining two wishes for later, Yamcha dismisses the dragon, and the group watches as the dragon balls disperse. Before they can discuss further plans, Piccolo informs them of a visitor, who turns out to be Fortuneteller Baba. She informs Yamcha that King Yemma is aware of what has happened and that he has been granted special privilege to train with the Grand Kaio. Excited by such news, Yamcha wonders about the others but is informed that the living cannot travel to and from the afterlife and that he is a special case. Yunomi, Barracks, and Pigero assure him that they will be fine with what he has given them, and encourage him to go. Krillin also assures him that he and Piccolo will continue to oversee their training, and Yamcha then departs with Baba.

Catharsis Arc[]

After arriving in Otherworld, Yamcha is met by King Kaio and Goku, who heard of his arrival beforehand and wanted to greet him. The two friends warmly embrace and catch each other up on what they have been doing. Goku informs Yamcha of the Grand Kaio's reputation as they approach the deity's palace. Yamcha introduces himself to the Grand Kaio, who asks him to approach the Kaio's throne and places a hand on top of Yamcha's head. Detecting Yamcha's enormous ki, as well the presence of Anshin, the Grand Kaio decides that he's unable to train him without looking foolish, telling Yamcha that he's not ready for the deity's training. However, Yamcha is granted permission to train with King Kaio and the Otherworld fighters for as long as he needs. Giving the news to King Kaio and Goku, the latter is optimistic that together, they'll find a way to release Anshin, informing Yamcha that some of the Otherworld fighters have been around for centuries.

As King Kaio introduces Yamcha to some of his strongest fighters, Yamcha recognizes Olibu from the tales he heard as a kid and reveals that the ancient warrior was his childhood hero. Later, Olibu watches as Yamcha and Goku train, sparring with each other as King Kaio looks on as the two trade blows back and forth. During a break, Goku compliments Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist and Sokidan techniques, but Yamcha regretfully responds that his technique is incomplete. Goku suggests Yamcha attempt to find his master since he is in the afterlife, and King Kaio informs them that some of Earth's old masters declined both Heaven and training in Otherworld. Instead, they were granted the honor of residing on the sister planet, where the universe's strongest female fighters reside, though they were unknowingly required to give up their physical bodies in exchange. Yamcha expresses his desire to go, but King Kaio informs him that he will submit a request and that they must wait for it to be granted.

Olibu inspires Yamcha to surpass his limits

Later, as they wait, Yamcha converses with Olibu, who regales him with tales of his life. Yamcha asks about Olibu's parentage and if it's true he's descended from a god, as he believes that to be the reason for Olibu's strength. Olibu answers no, reminding Yamcha that he's been training in Otherworld for a few thousand years, and recognizes that Yamcha is comparing himself to Goku. He reminds Yamcha that they're bound to grow differently due to being of different races while acknowledging that both are brilliant fighters, and assures Yamcha that he will no doubt reach Olibu's level within his lifetime. Yamcha expresses skepticism at the ancient warrior's belief, stating that Olibu is as strong as a Super Saiyan, but Olibu responds by implying that there's no limit to human strength. Goku then informs Yamcha that their request has been granted, and together, the duo along with King Kaio teleport to the warrior women world.

After their arrival, Yamcha immediately spots his old master and rushes over to greet him. Initially surprised by his student's sudden arrival, Maccha notices that not only is he not dead, but that he also wears the uniform of the Turtle school. Yamcha proceeds to tell Maccha of the recent events that have transpired, and Maccha suggests speaking with the founder of the sacred schools. He advises Yamcha and Goku to remain out of sight, while he goes into the nearby town to retrieve the old masters, as the women of the planet haven't seen a male with a body in almost a century. However, before he can leave, one of the women training nearby spots them and rushes off to warn the rest. Yamcha, Goku, and King Kaio proceed to wait until Maccha returns, accompanied by Earth's martial arts masters, including Son Gohan and Mutaito. Before the group can move to a secluded area, however, they are confronted by a group of scantily-clad female fighters. The leader, Gorga, accuses them of trespassing and threatens to either report them to the Kais or the women deal with them personally.

Maccha trains Yamcha to master the true Wolf Fang Fist.

King Kaio informs her that the two men are here on officially sanctioned business and warns her not to interfere. However, Gorga demands restitution under the guise of combat, and King Kaio acquiesces, leaving Goku to fight them while the men move on to their mission. Yamcha speaks to Lord Coffee about his plight, who reveals that the answer lies within Anshin's name and that he must find inner peace first. Yamcha is skeptical that he could do so within three months' time, and Coffee advises him that once he starts on the path, Anshin will draw closer to him. Yamcha then realizes an opportunity that awaits him, asks his old master to complete his training, not wanting the true Urufu-ryu to be lost forever. Maccha agrees, and soon afterward begins training his former pupil to fully master the style.

While Yamcha trains, Maccha explains the roles of each school, as well as the importance of mastering one's self, as he observes his student's tendency of being afraid of and seeking approval from women. Having noticed Yamcha becoming distracted when some of the nearby female fighters call out to him, Maccha extends his training by six hours while everyone else has lunch. Afterward, Maccha shows Yamcha the advanced form of the Wolf Fang Fist, which Yamcha tries but overloads the technique. Maccha, initially surprised at Yamcha's ability to project his ki, berates his student for having not put the two together. He then explains the drawbacks to the form, and with that announces Yamcha's training as complete. Maccha asks Yamcha to show him his true power, as to assess his student's progress as he lacks a physical body necessary to do so through traditional means. Yamcha acquiesces to his master's request, unleashing his full power in front of King Kaio, the old masters, female fighters, and an excited Goku.

Yamcha and Goku settle their rivalry

Impressed by his student's strength, Maccha expresses joy at realizing how much his student has surpassed him, but Yamcha believes that he can still go further. Realizing another opportunity to resolve his past, Yamcha challenges Goku to an all-out duel, and the Saiyan eagerly accepts. The two soon begin their fight, seemingly trading blows evenly as Yamcha reflects on his past with Goku. Resolving not to let history repeat itself, Yamcha takes the advantage by using his newly mastered Wolf Fang Fist technique to inflict damaging wounds to his opponent. Goku is able to easily reverse it, however, and tells Yamcha that the fight will be over soon if he has nothing else. Yamcha reveals that he does, and displays the Kaioken, catching the Saiyan off-guard. Yamcha reveals that he and Tienshinhan were close to mastering it before their revival, and both had completed learning it soon afterward. The two fighters then restart their duel, each one matching and one-upping the other with their Kaioken. As the masters and King Kaio watch on, the deity explains the folly of Yamcha's strategy to Maccha.

As the two fighters continue to battle, and the difference in their respective strengths widens, Yamcha switches tactics, mixing ki-blasts with his Sokidan to regain the upper hand. Goku expresses mild frustration with Yamcha's ki attacks, and Yamcha reveals that they were just a setup. Unveiling his newest technique, the Hellzone Sokidan, Goku realizes he's surrounded by numerous Sokidan, bombarding him from every direction. As the various ki blasts knock Goku around, King Kaio recognizes a ball of energy growing in the sky above the two combatants. Initially mistaking it as a Spirit bomb, the deity slowly realizes the truth behind the technique, and loudly protests Yamcha's twisting of a pure-hearted technique.

Maccha, however, lauds his student's ingenuity, while Yamcha quickly notices that Goku is beginning to get the timing of the Sokidan and using that to try and narrow the balls of ki down enough to create an opportunity to escape. Yamcha begins switching up the timing of the Sokidan to buy more time, but Goku is eventually able to counter them enough. This forces Yamcha to send in the remaining blasts all at once, to act as a distraction while he brings down the pseudo Spirit bomb. Goku initially struggles to hold the giant ball of ki back, before knocking it away with a Kaioken x20. As the ball of energy explodes in the distance, Goku proceeds to launch his own assault, knocking Yamcha down and back in quick succession. Realizing that he's run out of tricks, and the Saiyan still has the advantage, Yamcha challenges Goku to one final showdown.

Yamcha faces Goku in a final showdown

Adopting the familiar stance of the Kamehameha, Yamcha begins charging the technique and warns Goku not to hold back as the Saiyan proceeds to do the same. Leaping into the air simultaneously, both fighters unleash a Kaioken x20 Kamehameha. As the beams struggle against one another, Yamcha informs Goku of some of the training he's undergone and unveils his trump card, a Kaioken x40 Kamehameha. Goku struggles to hold back the beam and is forced to transform into a Super Saiyan in order to push it back. Yamcha continues to push himself, seemingly risking his life to do so, and recognizing this, Goku concedes the match as he urges Yamcha to remember his mission.

Yamcha narrowly dodges out of the way of both blasts, and the two fighters land on the ground, Goku returning to his base form as they share a laugh while nearly collapsing from exhaustion. As the two discuss the details of their match, Goku thanks Yamcha, telling him that he's given him much to think about. Yamcha later awakens in a hospital on the female fighter planet, where Goku informs him that his master, Maccha, discovered that Baba could return someone to Earth for a single day and that he has gone back to teach his fellow Wolf students the true Wolf Fang Fist. The two spend the next few days recovering from their injuries, before returning to the Grand Kaio's planet to continue training.

Yamcha's recurring nightmare of Android 20

During this time, Yamcha is plagued by nightmares of his near murder at the hands of Android 20. The next morning, he speaks with King Kaio, who gives him permission to go to Hell in order to try to find the former Dr. Gero. After explaining his plan to Goku, Yamcha is informed of King Kaio's request to have all of Goku's enemies keep their bodies, so that he may use them as sparring partners for his fighters. Initially disturbed by this news, Yamcha agrees to go with Goku, Olibu, and Pikkon to transport former villains Freeza, King Cold, Cell, and the Ginyu force to their respective places in Hell. As the group arrives, Yamcha is able to detect their ki right away, noting that though it is still immense, it doesn't seem as intimidating as before.

The group land in front of the villains' temporary cell, and noticing Yamcha, Recoome immediately challenges him to a rematch, stating his win was a fluke, as Freeza and Cell did likewise with Goku. As they are preparing to move the prisoners, Olibu notices a shadow attempting to sneak up behind Yamcha and warns him, with Yamcha narrowly managing to avoid being grabbed. The figure is revealed to be Dr. Gero in his Android form, bewildering Yamcha as the fighter's worst fear has seemingly appeared before him. Dr. Gero notices this and begins to use psychological warfare on Yamcha, but both Olibu and Goku are there to snap him out of it and encourage him to fight. Emboldened, Yamcha confronts the Android and the two engage in battle, with Yamcha seemingly having the upper hand as he's able to deal damage to the Android. Dr. Gero is quickly able to turn the tide, intent on draining the fighter's ki by latching onto him in a manner similar to the Saibamen, but Goku encourages Yamcha, who is able to break free with a Kaioken x20.

Yamcha gets revenge on Android 20

Having broken free, Yamcha proceeds to deliver a full-frontal assault to the Android, dealing significant damage yet sustaining a wound in the process. Dr. Gero is able to counter the assault with a Bionic Punisher, though Yamcha manages to withstand much of the blast. Gero tries to follow up with another ki-blast, but Yamcha manages to evade it. Taking to the air, the Z-warrior begins gathering energy in what appears to be a Kamehameha, and Goku calls out to him to remind him of the android's ki-absorbing ability. However, Goku soon notices the difference in Yamcha's hand positioning, just as the martial artist thrust his hands, unleashing a devastating attack, the Rougahameha. Dr. Gero, with his arm gleefully held out in an attempt to absorb the ki-blast, is struck full force by the bombardment. The result of the attack is almost immediate, as it cuts through the android's remaining arm, and Gero finds himself pierced through the chest in the same manner in which he'd done to Yamcha during their first encounter.

Gero tries to fire one more eye laser blast but is blinded after being poked in both eyes by Yamcha, who derisively comments on the android's state. Flying into the air, Yamcha casually tosses Gero down into the Needle Mountains, stating that he will suffer in the dark until the oni come to retrieve him, as he reminds the doctor of his place in hell. Landing in a nearby area, Yamcha begins using tattered pieces of his clothing to tend his wounds, as Goku, Olibu, and Pikkon fly over. Goku begins scolding Yamcha over the way he carried out the fight, though the Z-warrior says nothing in response, and Olibu reminds Yamcha of both Anshin's presence within him and his mission to release him. Yamcha remains silent, inwardly remarking that he didn't do it for Anshin, but for himself. However, once Goku remarks how similar his behavior is to Vegeta's, this sets the Z-warrior off, rebutting that he is nothing like the Saiyan prince, as well as reminding Goku of the times when he'd put the Earth in jeopardy so that he could fight an enemy for fun.

Olibu steps in between the two before their argument can escalate any further, suggesting that Yamcha should consider settling his issues with Vegeta, and Pikkon reminds them of their transport mission. Together, the group returns to the Z-villains prison cell, only to discover Heiwa already there. Yamcha recognizes him immediately and confirms to Goku that he is the villain threatening the Earth. Goku then challenges Heiwa to a fight, and Yamcha watches along with the others as Goku is soundly beaten. The Saiyan manages to inflict a critical injury, however, leaving Heiwa vulnerable to a recovering Yamcha. The Z-warrior approaches his enemy, intent on finishing him off. But Heiwa convinces Yamcha that if he does so, he will have saved the Earth at the cost of his friend's permanent death, as he is the only one capable of restoring Goku's body.

After a moment of contemplation, Yamcha agrees to spare Heiwa, who in return assists in reviving Goku. Yamcha asks Heiwa why he would help them, and Heiwa tells him that it is out of respect for Goku's abilities as a warrior, as he fought worthy of the gods. Heiwa then teleports away, as Yamcha returns with Goku to King Kaio's for further healing. Goku advises Yamcha that he should return to Earth, citing that his goal should be to find inner peace, and that, according to the old masters means returning to Earth. Yamcha agrees, though is uneasy about potential confrontations with Bulma and Vegeta, and soon leaves with Baba for Earth.


Having studied under various masters as Muten Roshi, Korin, Kami, and King Kaio, Yamcha is extremely powerful, particularly among humans. He has been acknowledged by his original master, the Rougasennin Maccha, as the strongest fighter in the history of Urufu-ryu. His base strength is still outclassed by those of the Saiyans, Piccolo, and the Androids, though much of this is due to their respective transformations, fusions, and cybernetic enhancements. And among humans, only Tien Shinhan and Krillin surpass him, though he and Krillin have always been relatively close in strength. Yamcha also has a tendency to surpass former villains, as shown when he defeated the Ginyu Force member, Recoome, after training for a month or two on King Kaio's planet; and later when he defeated Android 20 (Dr. Gero) after his training in Otherworld. His talent and potential as a martial artist has earned him the respect and acknowledgment of not only Earth's old martial arts masters but also deities and heroes like King Kaio and Olibu.

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Due to his decision to further his training after Cell's defeat, after being inspired by both Goku and Gohan, Yamcha goes on to train in both the Capsule Corp gravity chamber and the Room of Spirit & Time at The Lookout, spending six months in the former and two days (equal to two years) in the latter. Because of this training, his strength grows exponentially, to such a disagree that his ki is felt by both Krillin and Tien Shinhan from hundreds of miles away. Only characters like Piccolo and #18 are shown visibly undisturbed by his power. During his time in Otherworld, after Yamcha learns to master the true form of the Wolf Fang Fist technique, his former master, Maccha, requests to see his true power in luei of having a spar in order to assess his student's growth. Yamcha agrees, and fully powers up, not only astonishing Maccha but also all of Earth's other martial arts masters, and visibly excites Goku (who had previously fought against Perfect Cell).

However, despite his training, he is still unable to best Goku, even while the Saiyan is in base form, though he is able to put up a much better fight against the Saiyan than previously believed. During his time training with Piccolo and the Wolf school students at the Lookout, Piccolo is also shown able to best Yamcha with little difficulty, though the human fighter is not using the Kaioken during their spar. It is implied by multiple characters, particularly Anshin, that Yamcha's true ability/power is hampered by the emotional conflicts he keeps locked away inside of himself.


Flight - like most characters, Yamcha can fly utilizing his ki.

Ki sense - having received training from some of the greatest masters, he has learned abilities such as how to sense an opponent's ki. Though this doesn't work on non-mortal beings, like gods and demons.

Ki Projection - like most characters, Yamcha is able to project his ki to launch various beams of energy at his opponent.

Artificial Zenkai - during his time training with the Wolf school members on Kami's Lookout, Yamcha is asked by Krillin what he will use the dragon balls' wishes for. After some reflection, Yamcha recalls Krillin's mention of how Saiyans were able to significantly grow in strength from battle during their battles on Namek. Determining that catching up to the Saiyans, even on a base level, would be impossible without that ability, Yamcha opts to have the eternal dragon grant all members of the Sacred School of martials arts the Zenkai ability akin to that of the Saiyans. This ensures that he, along with the Wolf, Turtle, Crane and Serpent school members all are able to maximize their growth, both from training and battle.

Yamcha shows his mastery of the true Wolf Fang Fist

Wolf Fang Fist - Yamcha's signature technique, as well as all those who train in Urufu-ryu. The user performs a combo of clawing and punching, then finishing with a double palm strike to launch his opponent away. His hand and finger movements may be intended to mimic the biting of a wolf. This is said to be the beginner form of the style by Maccha, the Rougasennin.

Neo Wolf Fang Fist - An advanced variation of the original technique developed by Yamcha. With more control of his ki, Yamcha can increase the power of his physical attacks, landing devastating blows on his opponent in rapid succession that can leave his victims battered and bruised.

True Wolf Fang Fist - a complete version of the Wolf Fang Fist technique, Yamcha learned this from his master, Maccha, while training in the Otherworld. The user projects their ki into their strikes, turning their physical attacks into sharp strikes capable of cutting their opponent. It is physically unblockable and will cause damage to even an opponent with incredible defense. Though an opponent with a forceful enough ki can rebound the attack(s) back at its user.

Yamcha debuts his Rougahameha

Kamehameha - the signature technique of the Kamesennin, Muten Roshi, the user cups their hands together at their side while channeling ki into their palms, then thrusting their hands forward, launching it in a powerful beam of energy at the opponent. The attack is capable of causing great destruction, and can even be combined with other techniques.

Rougahameha (Wolf Fang Destruction Wave) - a variation of the Kamehameha technique, it combines the sharp cutting ability of the true Wolf Fang Fist technique with the destructive power of the Kamehameha. The technique is performed similarly to the Kamehameha, though the hand placement is altered as rather than both hands cupped together in the same direction, the top hand is held facing the opposite direction of the bottom hand. Once the ki is gathered, the user releases the energy in more of a throwing motion than a thrust. The ki splits into four separate beams, one atop the other, bombarding the opponent and cutting through them, rather than exploding. Because of this, the attack cannot be absorbed, as it was able to cut through Dr. Gero's cybernetically enhanced arms, which were capable of absorbing great amounts of ki. It is described by Olibu as being "like a guillotine from heaven".

Yamcha's display of the Kaioken

Kaioken - one of two signature techniques developed by King Kaio, this technique enables the user to temporarily amplify their base power by a multiplier. Because of this, the technique has a drawback in that it puts a tremendous amount of strain on the user's body. Therefore, in order to be able to fully utilize the technique, the user must train their body in order to be able to contain the spikes of power. This can be best done by gravity training, as King Kaio refused to even teach the technique to Goku until he had mastered the high level of gravity on his planet (and warned him even then not to go above an x2 multiplier). After training in higher levels of gravity, at 100x normal gravity, Goku was able to increase his use of the Kaioken from x2 to x10 with no ill effects. Yamcha would later mimic this action, training his body up to 400x normal gravity (the human body's biological limit), enabling him to use the technique at an x40 multiplier, as he had to rely on the Kaioken in order to try to match the power of a Super Saiyan.

Yamcha uses the Hellzone Sokidan against Goku

Sokidan - a technique developed by Yamcha, formed by making an upwards facing open palm, and placing the other hand around the adjacent arm for support. The user then gathers surrounding energy into the open palm and shapes the energy into a yellow-orange sphere. After forming the Spirit Ball, the user controls and guides it by pointing the index and middle fingers in the desired direction. When initially guided, the attack utilizes kinetic energy to deal damage, striking the enemy multiple times from range. On its last strike, the Spirit Ball is triggered to explode on impact, further damaging the enemy.

Hellzone Sokidan - a variation of the Sokidan, inspired by Piccolo's own Hellzone Grenade technique. Yamcha unleashes a volley of ki attacks that appear as ordinary balls of ki, but are in fact each Sokidans that surround the opponent. He is able to control each of them remotely by extending his hands with palms facing outward. He can also detonate each of them individually, in order to keep his opponent off guard. Each ball can also siphon ki from the opponent every time they are struck, making the attack not only nearly impossible to evade, but also allows it to set up another powerful attack.

King Kaio describes Yamcha's improvised version of the Spirit bomb

Nega/Pachinko Bomb - as he was unable to successfully learn the Spirit Bomb, Yamcha developed his own version of the technique. Instead of gathering ki from all living things and the environment around him, Yamcha uses multiple Sokidans to siphon ki from his opponent with each hit landed. After they connect, the Sokidan begin to gather in the air above the opponent, until they form an enormous sphere of energy. Once the sphere is complete, Yamcha then thrusts his arms downward, directing the gathered ki onto the opponent in a similar manner as the Spirit Bomb. Upon seeing the technique, King Kaio labeled it both a Nega bomb, and a Pachinko bomb.


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