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Yakusa as a young girl training

Yakusa is the first true super saiyan,and the first saiyan along with Kaiju.There is one every 5,000 years. And it so happens that the trait is genetic! Which means that Goku and Vegeta are her great-great-great(so forth)-grand-children,and when Kanpa was born,she happened to be that child who was The true Super Saiyan.

Life Before Dengen[]

Yakusa was born on Planet Tuffle (ironic) on May 2nd,5,009 years before Age. She was different from the rest of them.She had power....dormant in her. It would often come from childish bouts of anger,but when she was 9 years old,a nineteen year old Tuffle named Chero assasinated her whole family! She snapped,she became the first...Super Saiyan! She murdered Chero,but that came with consequences.She was banned from Tuffle for 3,000 years. She was helped by a boy named Kaiju,who was a year older than her.

Life on Dengen[]

On Dengen,life was overall,peaceful,along with training days.She came here one year after she was banished.

Dear Diary,

I wish i didn't kill Chero,he was so hot! But,I claimed an innocent life.I'll be put in Hell.I know it! Oh may the gods forgive me,I wanted to get back at him. I was only 10!. Yakusa

She is bilingual,English,and Dengenese.Her and Kaiju train roughly,and they're power levels are so powerful,they can beat the Rikota force.One day,hell arrives on Dengen.Refrigerator,(who is 100,000x stronger than King Cold) arrived. Him and his force were known as hell-bringers around the universe.Even the Supreme Kai feared he'd be worse than Buu! So,the Dengen Force was created,including Kaiju and Yakusa. They challenged his force,with a brother-like Dengen named Shori,Kaiju and Yakusa.