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"Hmph. That’s all you ever call me for. You and your stupid beans. I’ve had it about up to here with being your delivery boy."
Yajirobe, getting angry about having to constantly deliver senzu beans to the Z Fighters

ヤジロベー, Yajirobē
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten:


Bean Daddy

Not So Far

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Orange Star City, Earth
Birthdate: May 8, Age 735
Date of Death: May 8, Age 774 (revived)
Birth Power Level: 0.0001
Maximum Power Level: 970
Personal Pronouns: おれ, 拙者せっしゃ, わたし
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 178 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Samurai
Organizations: Iboinoshishi School (January 14, Age 749 - May 10, Age 749)
Z Fighters (support) (Age 753 - present)
Favorite Food: Roast wild pig
Favorite Vehicle: Stolen cars
Hobbies: Driving stolen cars, fishing, hunting, afternoon naps
Family: Korin (mentor/roommate)
Brian (fellow samurai recruit)
Harotu (fellow samurai recruit)
Anders (fellow samurai recruit)
Nameless Child 1 (fellow samurai recruit)
Nameless Child 2 (fellow samurai recruit)

Yajirobe (ヤジロベー, Yajirobē) is a Human in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the fourth, fifth, and sixth sagas and is introduced in the chapter "Blutz Wave".

Yajirobe is also featured as the protagonist in Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe.


Spindlerun: The Tale of YajirobeEdit

In chapter 1, Yajirobe visited his favorite butcher shop and tried to get some free meat, as he had not enough money to buy any. The butcher was unwilling to give him anything. He also told Yajirobe that the Red Ribbon Army was coming to town soon, so he would be closing up shop until they left, as they were notorious for looting and stealing from stores wherever they went. Then, he kicked the begging boy out of his shop. Yajirobe noticed that many people were out in the streets of Orange Star City, preparing to leave before the Red Ribbon Army arrived. Their impending arrival greatly frightened him.

Then, a man gave Yajirobe some flyers, including one for the Iboinoshishi samurai school. The boy, annoyed at that, wadded up a bunch of them and threw them back at the man, causing him to fall into the road and let out a cry of pain. He pulled a flyer out of his hair and noticed it said "meals provided" on it. That alone was enough to convince him to journey to the Iboinoshishi School.

He eventually found the school three miles outside of Orange Star City in the town of Cardan. There were many other recruits there, all boys and girls around his age. Soon after he arrived, a samurai named Kumo came out to greet them. Her attendants followed, asking everyone their names. Yajirobe said his extra quietly so that none of the other recruits would hear. Kumo led the children into another room deeper inside the compound and ordered them to fall into a pose and hold it until she returned. She warned that anyone who moved from the pose, or grew too weak to maintain it, would be asked to leave the school and never return.

About eight minutes into the test, a boy named Brian introduced himself to Yajirobe, noting that the tubby boy was likely to go through to the next round after observing his form. Yajirobe was surprised that the boy knew his name, for he thought he had been quiet when telling it to the attendants. After fifteen minutes had passed, Kumo returned, telling the remaining thirteen children that they had completed their first test. She told them that it was now time to commence the second test. They would need to steal the hat of General Blue when he and his legion of Red Ribbon Army soldiers entered Orange Star City later that day. Seven of the recruits refused to do so, for they thought they would be killed, but Yajirobe, deciding he needed to make something out of his life, remained, swearing silently to himself that he would get that hat for the Daimyo.

The group of recruits soon returned to Orange Star City, finding it to be a ghost town. They wandered about, searching for the army. Eventually they heard the sound of marching soldiers approaching. Brian pointed out a house nearby that was owned by Mr. Parroda, who had several jabillo trees. He explained to the others that the jabillo fruit would explode if thrown at somebody and thought they should use that against General Blue in order to knock off his hat. The group quickly agreed to this strategy, and so Brian, Anders, and the two nameless children ran over to Mr. Parroda's house, jumped the fence, and grabbed some jabillo fruit.

Yajirobe and Harotu remained behind, waiting for an opportunity to run out and grab the hat. After Brian and the others began throwing their fruit, the Red Ribbon Army retaliated by destroying the house they were hiding in. Brian jumped from a window out of the side of it and threw the last jabillo fruit at General Blue. It exploded close enough to him to knock his hat off his head. As all of the soldiers were distracted with leveling the house, Yajirobe was able to run up behind them and snatch the hat off the ground before anyone noticed him. Then, he fled from the area. The six boys regrouped several blocks away, and Yajirobe proudly presented Blue's hat to them.

They returned to the Iboinoshishi school soon after and gave Kumo the hat. She did not congratulate them, but ordered her servants to show the boys to their dormitory so they could sleep. Later on, the Daimyo Elijah went to the dormitory to look upon the sleeping recruits with his own eyes. They each had a bunk bed, and all of them sans Brian were sleeping on their bottom bunk.

In chapter 2, Yajirobe, Brian, Harotu, Anders, Nameless Child 1, and Nameless Child 2 began their training at the Iboinoshishi School. When they woke up, the attendants took them to the dining hall and served them breakfast. There, Yajirobe pigged out, although he was unimpressed with the quality of the food. As they ate, Yajirobe grew slightly jealous of how eloquent everyone else was compared to himself.

Harotu proudly recounted how he had saved Brian from General Blue. Brian gave Yajirobe credit for running so fast to get his hat. Yajirobe found bacon and thought it was the most delicious thing in the world. He asked everyone what it was. Harotu told him and was shocked that Yajirobe had never encountered it before. He asked if Yajirobe's mother had ever cooked it before, but the boy did not respond. Yajirobe had not known his mother, however. His father had never spoken of her. Later, when Harotu asked Yajirobe to back him up, as Yajirobe had seen him save Brian from General Blue, Yajirobe ignored him. He thought to himself that he did not like any of the other recruits.

At that moment, Elijah entered the dining hall and everyone went quiet. Yajirobe was shocked, for he looked just like the statue that had inspired the boy the previous day. The daimyo introduced himself and after Brian told him that they were expecting the man to train them, he told them to follow him outside for their first session. Once outside, Elijah ordered them to show him how skilled they were in the art of sword fighting already. He gave them wooden sticks that had been carved in the likeness of katanas. He told them he could not trust them with real swords yet, which was disappointing to the recruits.

Yajirobe was paired with Anders. Their fight did not last long, as Anders disarmed Yajirobe with little effort and bragged that he was the greatest of the recruits. After Harotu, Anders, and Nameless Child 1 won their fights, Elijah told them to stop (as Harotu was continuing to pester Brian even after beating him). He called forward the three best duelers in his opinion - Brian, Harotu, and Nameless Child 1. This outraged Anders, for Brian had lost. He challenged the daimyo to a duel to show off how good his sword fighting skills were. Elijah accepted, telling them that he was always obligated to duel when challenged, no matter the competition. Anders then charged down Elijah with his bokken, but the daimyo jumped over him and then kicked him in the chest with a single toe. The boy dropped to the ground, not even able to scream, and appeared to have been severely wounded. He did not make another sound, but blood flowed from his mouth. At that moment, Elijah's attendants appeared and, in panic, took the boy away on a stretcher. Nobody at the Iboinoshishi School ever saw Anders again.

Elijah then told the remaining five recruits that he would not tolerate arrogance from them. He told them that none of them were exceptional yet, or more skilled than he had expected. His training would make them exceptional, but they should not have any false beliefs about their abilities so early into their training. Then, he walked off, their training for that morning having been completed.

The next night, Elijah took his recruits to the crumbling southern bridge in Orange Star City to train. He ordered six attendants to clear some rubble from it before they began. Once his attendants had done so, he dismissed them. Then, he told the children that their task was simple: reach the other end of the bridge without dying. The bridge, with so many holes in it, the gusting winds, and the roads crumbling, was a treacherous obstacle course to navigate. Brian said that he thought they would fall. Harotu told him that it wasn't as bad as it looked, because Elijah would never let them die. The daimyo gave no reply to that. Brian was incredulous, reminding Harotu of the dangerous mission to get General Blue's hat.

Then, having heard enough of their talk, Elijah began the training by leading them across the bridge. Everyone waited a few seconds before following. Harotu, Nameless Child 1, and Nameless Child 2 were the first to begin the obstacle course. Yajirobe and Brian remained behind, being more wary. Brian asked the other boy if he thought this training was a crazy idea. Yajirobe agreed, but said that they had to do it or else go back to their homes. Yajirobe reminded Brian that there would be food waiting for them back at the school when they finished, and so that was a good enough motivator for him. He entered the obstacle course, leaving the younger boy behind. He entered the obstacle course, leaving the younger boy behind.

As Yajirobe entered the bridge, the explosives that Launch had rigged to it went off, though they didn't do much damage to the recruits or Elijah. Yajirobe soon came upon Harotu and overtook him, noticing that the pinky and ring finger on the other boy's left hand had been badly burned by one of the explosions. He soon caught up to Nameless Child 1 and Nameless Child 2 where live explosives were still going off. One explosive nearly hit Yajirobe, its shockwave sending him flying into the air. He scraped his elbows bad on the asphalt when he landed. That allowed Harotu to catch up to him again. The two continued on together.

They eventually caught up to Nameless Child 1, Nameless Child 2, and Elijah, who had stopped near the end of the bridge and turned around to wait for his students. He witnessed the bullet Launch shot, hoping to kill Elijah, tear through Nameless Child 1's throat, which killed him. He staggered for a few moments before falling through a hole in the bridge to the waters below. Yajirobe, Nameless Child 2, and Harotu all dropped to the ground, fearful of being shot at. When no more shots came, they raised their heads and saw that the daimyo had been hit. Yajirobe desperately did not want to see the man die, as that would mean going back to the life of a street urchin. He crawled over to Elijah, noticing that the man had been knocked unconscious by banging his head on the asphalt when he had fallen. Yajirobe picked up the man, slinging him over his shoulder as he ran onwards.

Just then, the bridge started to completely collapse. Everyone ran as fast as they could to the end of the bridge, though only Yajirobe and Elijah made it off the bridge. The other three - Brian having caught up to them - were on a small section of the bridge that had fallen ten feet below the road Yajirobe was standing on. They were clinging to pieces of bridge, trying not to fall off. Yajirobe ran off into the city to search for help.

In chapter 3, Yajirobe, Brian, Harotu, and Nameless Child 2 continued their training in the Iboinoshishi School. They used their bokkens on stuffed dummies. Yajirobe was annoyed at this, for it did not seem to be very useful training. Since he had already proved himself twice to Elijah, he expected to have a real sword by now. Brian thought that the reason they were doing this low-level training was because the daimyo was still significantly wounded from being shot in the leg.

Soon after, Elijah appeared and told Yajirobe that he was going to jump-start their training. All of the recruits huddled around the man, but before he could say anything, they demanded to know who had shot Nameless Child 1 and Elijah. He told them it was Makare. He had not expected Makare to attack his recruits and promised the four of them that he would not allow the man to hurt them in the future. Then, he told them that they were going to do some new training that day and bade them follow him out of the school.

The daimyo and his samurai recruits went to Daniel Parroda's vineyard in Cardan where they met Mark, his younger brother. Elijah asked the boy for 157 barrels, for he planned on rolling them down a hill. Elijah paid for the barrels, handing Mark some zeni, and asked the boy to give that to his brother. Mark demanded to watch their training and Elijah agreed. Then, the daimyo and the recruits tied the barrels together and pulled them through the forest.

While they were going, Brian asked Elijah what they were going to be doing with the barrels. He told them that he was going to roll them down a hill at the recruits, forcing them to dodge the barrels. This shocked Brian, who said that they could die if they weren't fast enough. Elijah did not care, stating once more that they could leave his school at any time if the training got too intense for them. He also revealed that this barrel training was the first test his master had given to him at the school.

It took the five of them more than five hours to move all of the barrels to the chosen hill. Mark accompanied them, but did not help, instead incessantly talking to Elijah the whole time, which irritated the recruits. He boasted that he had filled two hundred barrels with wine that day - including the 157 Elijah had bought. The recruits didn't believe him, but Elijah confirmed it. When they finished moving all of the barrels, the sun was setting. Brian asked Elijah how he had completed this test back in the day, and Elijah showed them the seven-star Dragon Ball, stating that he had found that ball as a kid and the master let him use it during his training. None of them, even the daimyo, knew how it was sturdy enough not to shatter against the barrels.

Afterwards, they began their test. Elijah cut some barrels loose and rolled them down the hill at the four recruits, gradually increasing the pace over time. Brian thought that they should use their bokkens to stop the barrels from hitting them. Yajirobe preferred to jump over the barrels. The training session finally came to a close with all four recruits succeeding in never getting hit by the barrels.

That night, Yajirobe lay in bed, unable to sleep. When he got up to go on a walk, he noticed Harotu was up too. The other boy and him talked outside of their dormitory, with Harotu putting forth the notion that the four recruits should have fun sometimes by going into the city some nights. Yajirobe was not really up for that, but Harotu did not want to go into the city by himself. Yajirobe suggested Harotu take Nameless Child 2 and Brian with him. Their talking caused Brian to wake up. Harotu told him the plan and the two of them began working out the best places to visit in the city. Soon after, Nameless Child 2 work up and joined in on the fun.

Their first idea was to sneak into a movie theater to see a movie for free. Then, they talked about getting food at some restaurant. Thirdly, they thought about going to Harotu's house to see his family. Finally, they decided to go back to the place where they had stolen General Blue's hat. They also wanted to steal a car. This piqued Yajirobe's interest, for stealing cars was one of his few passions in life. He agreed to go with them to Orange Star City.

They reached the city by two in the morning. Yajirobe found a car, hot-wired it, and drove them down the streets. He almost hit several pedestrians as he drove. He crashed the car in the town square after he hit a tent. When they got out of the mangled car, they heard General Blue singing a Justin Bieber song horrendously nearby. As the car had crashed into his karaoke machine, he grew angry at the device malfunctioning. He shot it four times with his pistol, demanding it to turn on again. When it did not, several of his soldiers consoled him.

Then, he noticed Yajirobe, Harotu, Brian, and Nameless Child 2. In a rage, he raised his pistol at them. He fired once, hitting Nameless Child 2 in the head and killing him. The other three fled, with Yajirobe and Harotu running into a department store where other pedestrians were hiding after hearing the gunshot. The adults, seeing the bloody children, came up to them and offered them aid. Yajirobe and Harotu did not know if it had been Nameless Child 2 or Brian who had been shot by Blue, for it had all happened so quickly.

In chapter 4, as he descended Igaron mountain, Daniel looked towards the distant Orange Star City. He thought about how some kids had recently broken into his yard and stolen some of his jabillo fruit, which annoyed him greatly.

Later, Yajirobe and Harotu were still in the same store that they fled to in the previous chapter, though the store was half-ruined on account of the Red Ribbon Army destroying much of Orange Star City on their way out. Harotu threw a can at Yajirobe to wake him up, but Yajirobe was too tired and refused to get up, so Harotu went on a walk outside without him. Yajirobe woke up at about midday, noting that Brian had returned with Harotu, who had gone out while the boy had slept.

They decided to go to a restaurant to get breakfast. There, Harotu and Yajirobe ordered an exorbitant amount of food, while Brian ordered nothing (for he was still traumatized from the events of the previous night). Since they didn't have enough money to pay for it all, they agreed to sneak out of the restaurant before the bill came. While they were eating, Yajirobe noticed a photo of Daniel Parroda and remembered that that man had given him a flyer of the Iboinoshishi School in chapter 1. He asked a waitress who the man was, and she told him that Daniel was the regional lightweight boxing champion. Brian once again brought up the fact that he and his mother had gone to Mr. Parroda's house sometimes to have dinner. Yajirobe thought it was strange that such a man had been in the streets handing out flyers. When the bill came, Brian wrote a check for over Ƶ11,000, which was far more than Yajirobe and Harotu had spent.

Soon after, Brian noticed that two men were watching them. He thought it was a serious issue, as they looked like soldiers in his estimation, though Harotu was unconvinced. Nevertheless, the three exited the booth because they felt threatened.

As they returned to the Iboinoshishi School, they noticed that one person was following them. They hid inside a half-ruined building in order to catch a glimpse of who was following them. They realized it was Mark, the boy who had been at that winery. Yajirobe was enraged and attacked the boy, beating him into submission. He wanted to set off a firecracker in Mark's face, but Harotu thought that was too violent.

Mark then revealed that he was walking home, having just come from a karate class his brother had been teaching. He demanded a rematch with Yajirobe, confidently stating that he would punch the older boy in the face. They fought, though Mark got the better of Yajirobe until the older boy distracted him (by goading him into boasting about his abilities and his brother Daniel's abilities), allowing him to untie his show and then kick it at his opponent. The force of impact sent Mark flying back, breaking his nose.

The delirious boy was unable to block several of Yajirobe's punches, though he finally dodged one, which caused Yajirobe's momentum to almost make him fall over, allowing Mark to gain distance from the boy. He picked up the shoe that had been thrown at him, hopped on Yajirobe's back, and began to choke him with the strings. Yajirobe dropped to the ground, slamming his back against it to get Mark to fall off. They rolled around on the ground for a while until Harotu, having had enough, ran up to Mark and smacked him in the back of the head with his backpack, sending the boy flying to the sidewalk, where he landed in a pool of blood.

Just then, Yajirobe and Harotu noticed that Brian was holding a broken shard of glass, staring down the two men who had been in the restaurant earlier. Now those men made their move on the boys. They drew katanas and attacked the boys. Brian was wounded by one man, although Yajirobe saved him from certain death by throwing his body at the man. The samurai calmly knocked Yajirobe out with the hilt of his blade and then went after Brian and Harotu. They attacked him with fists and a backpack, causing the other man, who had slunk off down a side alley to come up behind them, to return and help his comrade overcome the children. He picked up Brian by the hair, but the boy stabbed him in the arm with a piece of glass, causing him to drop him and his katana. Brian scooped it up and stabbed him, but it didn't go in very far, and the man was able to wrench it loose from Brian's control immediately after. He drew a dagger and charged the boy, but he stepped on Yajirobe on his way over. This woke the bigger boy up. He kicked the samurai in the shin, causing him to fall screaming.

Meanwhile, Harotu was chased into a building by the other man. The two other boys questioned their prisoner on who he was and why he was attacking them, but just then the second samurai returned from the building, holding Harotu by the hair. Brian attempted to duel him, but before he could, Makare appeared and beheaded the samurai who was holding Harotu after he refused to let him go.

Makare introduced himself to the three boys, stating that he was an old friend of Elijah's and that he wanted to replace the man as the daimyo of the Iboinoshishi School, focusing its training on the art of ki control as well as swordsmanship. He also disparaged Elijah's leadership, stating that the previous master of the school had been brash to make Elijah his successor. Makare noted that only Elijah and Kumo were capable of wielding a sword and that all other recruits had dropped out, retired, or been removed from the school, which Makare thought was far too strict. He also revealed to them that Elijah had opened the Iboinoshishi School up three times prior, but no recruits had survived or passed all of the tests any of those times. He told them that he would be taking over the Iboinoshishi School and would be using his army to do so.

Then he revealed his katana to the boys and told them that he was relishing the opportunity to kill them himself. Brian begged to join Makare's army instead. Makare refused. Yajirobe and Brian, using the imprisoned samurai's weapons, attacked Makare while Harotu rolled around on the ground crying. Makare easily disarmed Brian, cutting his arm. He toyed with them for a while before withdrawing and telling them that he would kill them soon, cursing the luck that they were being let off lightly today. The boys did not understand.

Immediately after, Elijah appeared, attacking Makare in a fearsome display of strength and technical prowess. The two samurai lords traded blows, but Elijah clearly dominated his foe. He kicked Makare into a wall, where he crumpled like a ragdoll. The daimyo demanded that the man stay away from his students. Makare mocked them as being taught by an inferior teacher. Elijah revealed that he knew about the solipsist monks teaching Makare (though it had actually been Naigo who they had taught), calling their philosophy delusional and their ki attacks cheap tricks. At that moment, Makare pushed Elijah's blade out of his face (cutting his chin in the process) and ran off. Elijah ordered the boys not to pursue him. Then he told the boys that they would begin training with real swords the next morning, as Makare's threats were becoming too difficult to ignore.

Harotu asked the daimyo what they were supposed to do about their samurai prisoner. The man attempted to run off, but Yajirobe and Brian stopped him. Elijah threw his knife to them and told them to deal with the threat however they wished. Then, he walked off, returning to the Iboinoshishi School. Brian and Harotu refused to kill the man, leaving the task to Yajirobe. They returned to the Iboinoshishi School, not wanting to watch him do it.

Once alone with the man, the samurai tried to get away, but Yajirobe knocked the wind out of him. The man begged for mercy, but the boy did not listen at first. He pressed the blade to the man's neck and cut it just a little bit. The man violently thrashed, pushing Yajirobe away from him. It was at that moment that Yajirobe grew disgusted with his task. He couldn't go through with it anymore, so he let the man go, though he told him not to forget this mercy. The man ran off. The boy stepped on Mark's unconscious body as he left the scene.

Yajirobe did not return to the Iboinoshishi School that night, instead wandering the city as he thought about what he had done. He did not know if he wanted to become a cold-blooded killer as his daimyo had commanded him to. He visited the western park, where there was much peace and quiet. He silently thanked General Blue for that. Deciding to sleep there for the night, he walked up to a bench only to find it covered in spikes that would not retract unless he paid Ƶ5, which would allow him to sit there for fifteen minutes. Yajirobe, having only three zeni to his name, cursed his luck, kicked the bench (which hurt quite a bit), and felt ashamed of how poor he was.

At the start of chapter 5, Makare and Naigo prepared to assault the Iboinoshishi School. Naigo believed that having roughly two hundred thirty samurai would be enough to swarm the place, but Makare believed they would need at least seven hundred to overwhelm Elijah, Kumo, the students, and the attendants.

Yajirobe returned to the Iboinoshishi School early in the morning, having gotten quite wet and cold from sleeping in the western park of Orange Star City. There, he was greeted by Elijah, Brian, and Harotu. The daimyo explained that he was going to start teaching them how to use a katana, as Makare would be attacking soon. He did not know how long it would take Makare to attack, and so did not know how long their training would go on for. He gave them their newly-forged katanas (each had their name inscribed near the hilt) and then began teaching them how to use the blades.

They learned how to parry first and then were taught the Sabaki defense form. They were told to slice, not to poke with their katanas. Additionally, they were taught slowly at first and taught not to use flashy moves, as patience and energy conservation were more important than looking cool. As days passed, they began noticing the school being surrounded by a large army, for fires were being lit all around them on the surrounding mountainside. At that point, Elijah began teaching the trio offensive moves.

Late one night, Harotu offered up the idea that they could all flee before the army attacked, as there appeared to be anywhere from five hundred to several thousand samurai waiting for them outside the gates. Yajirobe and Brian refused to leave, which made Harotu quite unhappy. However, when Brian and Yajirobe got to talking, the fatter boy admitted that he would probably run when the battle started, which shocked the other recruit. They went to bed shortly after.

The next morning, the attendants brought the three boys out to the training grounds where they found Kumo and Elijah fully adorned in their armor. The samurai dueled for the students to show them what a real fight looked like. The fight was relatively short, with Elijah winning easily. Afterwards, Yajirobe correctly guessed that Elijah's strategy had been to allow Kumo to wear herself out before going in for the killing blow.

Then, Elijah and Yajirobe dueled while Kumo took on Harotu and Brian at the same time. Yajirobe was honored, as no one had dueled with the daimyo since Anders had foolishly attempted to many months prior. Elijah won, but Yajirobe managed to land a single hit, which made him feel proud of himself. Then, he watched Brian and Harotu fighting, as Kumo had set them against each other. Harotu spammed a lot of the same moves over and over again, making his form not very beautiful. Brian was able to punish him for that and won the duel.

The group continued their intense training session for four more weeks until on one fateful, rainy day, a servant rang the bell at the front gate. Elijah, Kumo, and the students ran to see what was the matter. They beheld a black horse and a rider, who was one of the servants. He was headless. This signaled Makare's attack. As the samurai began marching towards the school, spilling out from the mountainsides, Elijah taught his students one final technique: the Iaigiri (the act of killing someone by running at them, and at the last second drawing the katana from its scabbard and slicing).

Then, he gave the seven-star Dragon Ball to Brian and instructed him and Yajirobe to run to Daniel's house and give it to him as well as tell the man that Elijah no longer required his services. This pissed off Harotu, for he believed that he would have to defend the school by himself. Elijah and Kumo left. After they had gone, Harotu declared that he had had it and decided to leave the school. He ran off to the dorms before Brian or Yajirobe could stop him.

An attendant took Brian and Yajirobe to a porter-gate in the back of the school, which allowed them to run off to Daniel's house without being spotted by Makare's men. They met eight of Makare's men on the road, but made short work of them after Brian snuck up behind them and Yajirobe charged them headlong at the same time. Then, they made haste towards the winery. Upon arriving there, they found it in ruins and on fire. Daniel's body, cut to pieces, was hanging out of a window. There was no sign of Mark. Then, Makare jumped down from the roof, gleeful at the boys' appearance. He drew his sword, ready to duel.

The boys were utterly frightened by the man and sprinted back to the school. They were able to outpace Makare. They saw smoke rising from the school and found the bodies of many samurai and servants lying all over the place (as well as Harotu's backpack by the porter-gate). They ran inside to find Kumo and some attendants fighting off the samurai. She ordered one of them to go find Elijah, for he had disappeared, and the other to take her place as she patched up a wound. Yajirobe agreed to do that, while Brian went looking for the daimyo.

Naigo soon found Yajirobe fighting off some of the samurai with a host of Iboinoshishi attendants at his side. Naigo threw an energy ball at them, killing all but Yajirobe, who had noticed it approaching and had dived out of the way at the last second. Naigo charged him with a pair of wakizashis and the two engaged in a brutal, high-energy duel. Taking to heart his master's earlier lesson, Yajirobe allowed Naigo to tire himself out before going in for the kill. He was able to knock one of Naigo's wakizashis aside. Naigo would have swiftly been killed if he then did not form an energy blast with his free hand and shoot Yajirobe in the face with it. The boy fell; Naigo stuck him in the neck with his remaining blade.

After Elijah confronted Makare and Naigo, Yajirobe appeared from behind, bloody and battered, his katana in hand. Naigo kicked him aside. Elijah then declared that only Yajirobe and Brian knew where the old master's grave was (an obvious lie), and if Makare killed them, that secret died with them. Makare was taken aback, for he had loved his old master. He ordered Naigo to take the children prisoner so they could be interrogated. Brian was outraged, but Elijah allowed it to happen. Naigo ordered soldiers to bind both of the children's hands and legs (they had to carry Yajirobe since he had been knocked unconscious) and take them. Makare hit Elijah with the hilt of his blade and cut his neck, leaving him there in dirt as he and his army retreated to Igaron mountain to interrogate the boys.

In chapter 6, Yajirobe awoke inside Igaron mountain in a prison fashioned for him by the samurai. There was a barred door at the far end of the small room with natural rocks covering two sides. The back was a steep drop into who knows where. He noticed that Brian was not with him. He thought back to his loss against Naigo with shame. He did not understand why Makare and Naigo had not killed him. He noticed some holes in the rocks to his left, and peering through them spotted Brian in another prison cell next to his. Brian told him that they had been brought there to be questioned by Makare and Naigo about the location of the grave of Elijah and Makare's master.

Yajirobe wanted to formulate a strategy to get out of there, but there was nothing they could do, as many guards were just outside their doors and their swords had been left at the school. Soon after, Naigo and two guards came and took Brian away. Yajirobe heard him screaming and panicked. He did not want to be tortured. He threw himself at the metal door, hoping to knock it over. This roused the suspicion of a guard. This guard was the same man Yajirobe had spared in Orange Star City a little more than a month prior. After a short talk, Yajirobe got the man to set him free in order to pay him back for saving his life previously.

As Yajirobe fled, he could hear Brian's screams getting more desperate. After Naigo wounded Brian to the point where the boy could hardly breath, let alone talk, he ordered some soldiers to bring Yajirobe in. Yajirobe fled out of the mountain, hoping to go get his sword from the school and then come back to save Brian, when it exploded and crumbled in on itself. He knew that everyone inside was dead.

He made his way down the mountain until he noticed a katana in a tree. He thought it was his until he reached it and saw Brian's name inscribed upon it. Yajirobe realized that Elijah had thought that Brian would survive the encounter with Makare's Band, not him. There was a message attached in which Elijah congratulated Brian, his greatest samurai recruit, for activating Daniel's minefield and killing all of the samurai. He was ordered to come to the daimyo's chambers at once. Elijah's lack of faith in him infuriated Yajirobe.

He sprinted back to the school, but before he got there, he ran into Makare at the bottom of the mountain. Half of Makare's face was burnt to a grotesque degree, and his katana was already out. Makare accused him of destroying the cave, but Yajirobe did not know what had happened. Yajirobe tried to walk past him, but Makare attacked him. He knew he would have to deal with the man before returning to the daimyo.

Then, they fought. The duel was fairly even until Yajirobe tried an Iaigiri attack. Makare flipped over him and parried it while in mid-air, which surprised Yajirobe and made him drop his katana. He lost it in the ash and darkness. Then, he was put on the defensive, and Makare landed a deep chest slice, cutting him up good. Makare forced Yajirobe to kneel and give up, congratulating himself for killing all of Elijah's recruits. It was just then that the boy caught a glimpse of his glimmering sword not more than a foot away to his right. Yajirobe asked the man what had caused the explosion. Makare, who also did not know what had happened, grew distraught again, buying Yajirobe precious seconds.

He grabbed the blade and was able to parry Makare's execution swing, which greatly surprised the man. Then, Yajirobe went on the offensive. He had more stamina than Makare, wounded as the samurai lord was, and thus was able to slowly gain an advantage over him. He even nicked him badly in the chin and bruised both of the man's shins. Makare made a wild swing, which Yajirobe parried hard. This caused his katana to go flying. Mercilessly, Yajirobe came down on the man's hand, severing it. Makare screamed and then fled in utter terror. Yajirobe chased him and jumped in the air, coming down on the samurai lord's neck a moment later. Makare's severed head fell to the ground, followed by his body. Immediately after, Yajirobe collapsed in weariness, his head coming into contact with the seven-star Dragon Ball, which hurt quite a bit.

The next day, Yajirobe awoke in the afternoon and returned to the Iboinoshishi School, noticing all the bodies of the samurai and attendants. Inside the daimyo's chambers, he found Mark and Elijah. Elijah was lying in bed while Mark applied bandages to his wounds. He told them that he had killed all of the samurai. Elijah congratulated him, but was sad that Brian had not returned. Yajirobe asked if his samurai classes would continue, but the daimyo said they would not, as his school had been nearly destroyed and all of his servants had been killed. Elijah told Yajirobe to go out into the world and make a name for himself. As for him, he would be visiting the Ox-King, his old friend.

He once again congratulated Yajirobe for killing the two most powerful samurai in the world (even though Brian had killed Naigo). Yajirobe did not believe that Makare was stronger than Elijah, but the daimyo was in no state to spar with him, regardless. Then, Yajirobe took his leave. He returned the seven-star Dragon Ball to Elijah. The man thanked him and asked Mark for more water, for if he were going to travel to see the Ox-King, he would need lots of water.

After being dismissed from the Iboinoshishi School, Yajirobe returned to Orange Star City, where he begged for a while. When Yajirobe returned to the butcher's shop, he learned that the butcher had been killed by the Red Ribbon Army several months prior. He broke into the shop and found all the meat to be moldy. It was a terrible loss, so he left Orange Star City and traveled south, going even farther south than South City at one point. He lived in the wilderness, hunting animals to survive and rarely coming into contact with other people.

In Age 753, he found the one-star Dragon Ball in the bottom of a pond. This ball was what led him to meeting Goku and getting involved in several quests with the boy, culminating in Yajirobe ending up living on Korin Tower with Korin himself. It was after Yajirobe came to live there that Korin asked him why he wasn't training like Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Chiaotzu were. He goaded Yajirobe by saying that the four of them were getting stronger than him by training for the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Korin secretly confided to Yajirobe that he was the strongest of the five (though if he was lying was debatable). He also mentioned the Ƶ500,000 cash prize. Those two facts ultimately motivated Yajirobe to enter the tournament. Yajirobe agreed to enter the tournament, but first he wanted to take a nap.

In chapter 7, Yajirobe decided to finally start training for the next World Martial Arts Tournament, as Korin's words of encouragement and the promise of a huge zeni payload in the previous chapter had inspired him. He felt uncomfortable training around Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu, however, so he decided to leave Korin Tower to train somewhere else. Korin confronted him before he left and thought he should take Yamcha with him in order to have someone to spar with. Yajirobe stated that he would rather fight King Piccolo than train with Yamcha.

Despite Korin's pestering, Yajirobe refused to change his mind. He jumped over the railing and made his way back down to ground level. Korin went over to Yamcha and told him that Yajirobe had agreed to train with him, and commanded Yamcha meet up with him at the bottom of Korin Tower immediately. Yamcha frantically ran to get his gym bag, said goodbye to Krillin, Tien, and Chiaotzu, and then jumped down Korin Tower to find Yajirobe.

Yajirobe traveled back to Orange Star City to do his training. On the way, he thought about how his master Elijah had not contacted him in almost four years, which allowed the samurai to officially considered himself a ronin. As he moved through cities, he realized that there were almost no samurai left, as many of the local residents were surprised to see him and his katana. He thought about how skilled he had been in killing Cymbal and how good that corrupted Namekian had tasted.

When he had almost gotten to Orange Star City, he noticed that someone was following him. He undid his sleeping bag and pretended to sleep in it in order to lure the person to him. When they got close, he jumped up and tried to slice them apart with his katana, but they kicked him back and then kicked him again in the arm, knocking his sword away. That was when Yajirobe saw that his stalker was Yamcha. Yamcha told him that Korin had requested they train together.

That enraged Yajirobe. He attacked Yamcha with a series of punches, culminating in him grabbing his opponent by the hair, throwing him into the air, and headbutting him as he came tumbling down. They continued to fight, with Yajirobe getting the better of Yamcha until the latter performed an afterimage technique. This confused Yajirobe, allowing his opponent to get several good punches that knocked the wind out of the samurai. Then, Yamcha tried a Wolf Fang Fist on him. In the time it took him to charge up the attack, Yajirobe grabbed his sword. As Yamcha ran at him, Yajirobe sliced him across the face twice, scarring Yamcha permanently on the cheek. This outraged Yamcha. Yajirobe refused to train with him, but the other man was stubborn too. He wasn't going anywhere. They spent the night together, though Yajirobe got little rest as Yamcha howled in his sleep.

In the morning, Yajirobe was too tired to whine about Yamcha being there anymore, so the two of them went to Orange Star City together. Yajirobe first returned to the Iboinoshishi School to find it overgrown with weeds. Nobody had been there in a long time. He thought about how he had been the only one to graduate - Anders (Yajirobe was mistaken about Anders, as Anders did not actually die), Nameless Child 1, Nameless Child 2, and Brian had died, and Harotu had quit. He noted that Elijah was no longer living there. He wondered if the man was living with the Ox-King. He also wondered what had happened to Mark. He hoped the boy had become a beggar. He was disappointed that Elijah was gone, as he had hoped to train with his daimyo for the tournament.

When Yajirobe returned to Orange Star City, he found it quite changed. The streets had been repaved, new buildings had been built, and there was even a new butcher's shop. There were posters all over the place of famous street fighters, such as Manotaur, Bastion Booger, M.I. Smooth, Tugboat, Mr. Satan, Ze Gangsta, and the most famous one: The Blue Meanie. Yajirobe and Yamcha made their way to a restaurant, but before they could step inside, they were swept up by a crowd of people who were watching Mr. Satan fight The Blue Meanie. Mr. Satan won in seconds, after chopping his opponent in the neck and knocking him unconscious. Mr. Satan boasted quite a bit about his win. Yajirobe found Mr. Satan to be vaguely familiar but could not remember if he had met him before or not.

However, he was more interested in The Blue Meanie, for he thought that guy's mask had been very cool. He wanted to wear one during the next World Martial Arts Tournament to protect his identity (getting fanmail and having to sign autographs was a tiring affair). He found a mask for sale at a kiosk down the road for three zeni and bought it. He put it on and showed it to Yamcha. Yamcha laughed. The mask made him feel confident, so he finally agreed to train with Yamcha, which delighted the other man.

Dragon Ball Z: The ForgottenEdit

Planet Earth SagaEdit

Yajirobe (ヤジロベー, Yajirobē) was a surprisingly important character featured in The Forgotten. He debuted in the Planet Earth Saga, accidentally running into an unconscious Great Ape Ledas. This led to him and Ledas spending a few hours together, talking about various things, not least of which being the old cat. By destroying Yajirobe's car (and therefore having to transport him back to Korin Tower personally), Ledas received some senzu beans from Yajirobe and Korin. Had he not acquired such magical healers, no doubt Ledas would have died from Kindler's inflicted headshot later in the series.

Reunion SagaEdit

Yajirobe was seen briefly when Goku teleported to Korin Tower in order to get Senzu Beans. He grumbled at Korin during that time. He was later seen in the final chapter of the saga. By that time, new Senzu Beans had grown and Korin tasked him with giving them to Goku. He only did after realizing Korin had eaten all of his food (thus he would need to go out anyway).

Fulfillment SagaEdit

Yajirobe was again seen in the Fulfillment Saga, as he was trying to deliver senzu beans to the weary Z Fighters in his hovercar. He ran into Krillin and tried to stop the bald man from stealing his senzus. Soon, Vegeta came and also begged for senzu beans. As Yajirobe went to give Vegeta a senzu, The Benefactor appeared, incapacitated Vegeta, and then destroyed Yajirobe's car. Afterwards, Yajirobe watched as The Benefactor tortured Ledas, and he was too scared to join Krillin in helping the boy. After The Benefactor absorbed some of Ledas' power and got hurt by it, Ledas was able to escape the monster, and he ran into Yajirobe, who was cowering behind the wreck of his hovecar. He gave Ledas a senzu bean and then was promptly used as a distraction by the Saiyan boy. He briefly attempted to join sides with The Benefactor, but The Benefactor rejected this. After Ledas and The Benefactor had fought some more, Yajirobe heard The Benefactor calling him names, so he threw some debris at the alien, which included Verlate's mind prison. This caused the prison to open and suck The Benefactor inside. Ledas was also sucked in, but not before Yajirobe attempted to save him by trying to pull him out of the prison's suction with his sheathed katana. Of course, he lost his katana in the scuffle as well.

Yajirobe remained in the countryside for the rest of the day, as he attempted to repair his car. Evidently, even when Krillin returned to heal Vegeta (who was unconscious near Yajirobe), Yajirobe did not leave. When Ledas returned from the mind prison, he found Yajirobe, returned his katana, and flew the samurai back to Korin Tower. Yajirobe was seen one more time, in the montage of the final chapter, when he and Korin got into an argument, resulting in Korin hitting Yajirobe over the head with his walking stick and Yajirobe slicing Korin's cat tower in half with his katana.


After Korin bought himself a new cat bed in this story, he walked to the outskirts of the city and waited there until Yajirobe came to pick him up in a hovercar and take him home.

Bean DaddyEdit

In this story, Yajirobe went to Bulma's birthday party in Age 775 without telling Korin, for he was tired of eating senzu beans everyday. He ate mu shu pork, which satisfied him greatly, and took note of a server girl at the party, becoming quickly infatuated with her. Puar and Yajirobe talked a short while about nothing, with Puar saying that he hoped Yamcha wouldn't have to fight anyone soon, lest he die and Puar no longer have any purpose in life. Yajirobe stuffed his face with pulled pork tacos until Puar left.

Not long after, Krillin came over to say hello. The samurai's conversation with Krillin made him think back to their training together on the Lookout in preparation of Vegeta and Nappa's arrival on Earth. Yajirobe thought that all of that had been pointless, as Buu had eventually blown up the Earth anyways. He thought to himself that he would never forgive Goku for allowing that to happen. Krillin told Yajirobe about his marriage to Android 18 and their daughter Marron, which made Yajirobe bring up Krillin's previous girlfriend Maron, accusing the former baldie of naming his daughter after her.

The female server later brought Yajirobe sushi, which pleased him immensely. As time went on, and she continued bringing him food, he grew utterly smitten by her. He later watched Mr. Satan put on a show for Ryori, showing off some of his fighting moves, which embarrassed Videl. Yajirobe concurred with her assessment of the situation. Ledas, embarrassed by Ryori's fanboy nature, retreated from his friend and sat down next to Yajirobe. The two talked for a short while before Ledas noticed that Yajirobe was staring at the server girl. He correctly pointed out that the samurai was in love, even though Yajirobe denied it.

When the server girl got off her shift, Yajirobe and Ledas followed her down the streets of West City. Eventually, Yajirobe made his move, but due to his nervousness, he frightened her, causing her to trip on the curb, fall into the street, and crack open her head, which instantly killed her. This affected Yajirobe greatly. He considered running over to her and giving her a senzu bean, but it was too late. She was already dead. Ledas took Yajirobe to a buffet afterwards to ease the poor samurai's mind.

Not So FarEdit

In Age 775, Korin, Yajirobe, and Ledas got together on Korin Tower to play poker. During the poker game, Korin told them a story about how several hundred years ago, he had lived in the court of a certain Emperor Chaoko, where he had met a beautiful prized cat called Lady Myobu, who was the Fifth Rank in the entire kingdom. He then recounted the slick ideas he had had to make her his girlfriend: taking a bath, buying himself a fancy purple collar, and trimming his claws. However, he had scared her when he had gone up to her to introduce himself (as the fine lady had slept with her eyes open, and he had woken her rudely). Thus, the emperor had banished Korin to Dog Island. Ledas was quite entertained by this story, though Yajirobe cared not for it, and grew increasingly impatient, as he had heard the tale several times before.

Korin continued his story nonetheless, telling them about how eventually Lady Myobu had been married to some tomcat who had been promoted to the Eighth Rank in the kingdom. While Korin lamented the cruelty of his fate, he revealed that the tomcat had been named Nir, a name which Ledas thought was way past cool. He then told them about how he had crashed Nir and Myobu's wedding, ruining it horribly by blowing up their cake with some firecrackers he had stolen from a mutt on Dog Island. Nir had run out of the building screaming, disgracing himself and ruining any chance of him marrying Lady Myobu (and losing his Eighth Rank). However, before Korin had been able to present himself to her, Emperor Chaoko had wheeled out a big fat black-and-white kitty named Ishmael and married her to him mere minutes later. It was a horribly sad tale.

Then, the wise kitty demanded Ledas tell them a story, or he would have to make them dinner. As the boy was not so brilliant a cook, he agreed. At first, Korin pressed him to tell them a love story as he had, but Ledas refused. Instead, he told them a story about his father taking him to the royal city zoo back on Planet Vegeta just after he had turned four years old. His father had found a girl his age to bring along for a playdate of sorts (Ledas swore he didn't remember her name). There, they had borne witness to a Sanu (an animal not unlike a saber-tooth cat) ripping off a trainer's arm as he had tried to feed it meat on a stick. Thus concluded Ledas' legendary story. Korin and Yajirobe were barely impressed.

Despite that, Yajirobe spent much of the poker match remembering his fight against Makare, thinking of how his master had been so disappointed that it had been him, and not Brian who had defeated the man. Ledas somewhat reminded him of Brian throughout the story, making Yajirobe feel melancholic.

After that, it was Yajirobe's turn to tell a story, and as he had gone all-in on that particular hand, he was at risk of busting before getting to tell his tale. The other two made him tell it before dealing the cards. Yajirobe told them a story about how, shortly after leaving the Iboinoshishi Samurai School, he had hunted a rather ill-tempered wild boar, cutting its head off and slow-roasting it over a fire. Then, Ledas busted Yajirobe with a pair of kings. While it was not shown if Korin or Ledas won the poker match, it would be safer to assume the former got the better of the latter.

Later, the three of them had a nice dinner of roasted wild boar to celebrate. After dinner, Yajirobe asked Ledas why he hadn't returned home yet, with the boy replying that the issue wasn't something the samurai would be interested in. He then offered to take Yajirobe to The Guac, the premier club in West City. Yajirobe declined the offer, telling the boy that he shouldn't go to such places, but Ledas, being an alien, cared not for Earthly morals.

Ledas gave Yajirobe a small piece of paper, on which he had written him a haiku as thanks for the dinner (showing that, despite his sloppy handwriting, he had learned, in some capacity, to write). The haiku read: the fading sun and/smoked meat clinging to the air/a night spent with friends. Then, Ledas flew back home.

Following that, Yajirobe caught Korin on the counter, eating the last bits of boar meat. Using a broomstick, the samurai shooed the senbyō away, though there was no longer any meat left, which saddened Yajirobe somewhat. He tried to dip a piece of broccoli in the juices of the cooked boar, but he had to spit out the vile weed, as he hated the taste. Then, he pulled out his sword, looking to its inscription on the hilt, which read 'Brian' (as the sword he had used to kill Makare had been the one given to Brian, not his own), and feeling somewhat nostalgic, threw the capsule containing his car, hopped in it, and drove down to ground level in search of another wild boar before the sun set.



  • When Yajirobe first met Ledas, me mistook him for Vegeta. This is probably because Yajirobe first saw the Saiyan boy while he was in his Great Ape form.
  • Yajirobe has cut off both Vegeta's and Ledas' tails.
  • Yajirobe knew Mr. Satan when they were children.
  • The katana that Yajirobe wields was not originally his.
  • As revealed in the Fulfillment Saga, Yajirobe has experimented with giving the senzu beans flavor. One bean that Krillin ate from Yajirobe's stash tasted like cinnamon.
  • Yajirobe's theme is Baba O'Riley.

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