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Xiros, Vodek
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Across the Universe
Species: Angel
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Rank: Retired Angel of Universe 17
Family: Grand Priest (Father)

Whis (Older Brother)

Vados (Older Sister)

Xiros, formerly known as Vodek, is a fallen angel and the former Angel Attendant of Universe 17. He appears as the main antagonist of Across the Universe.


Original Form[]

Incomplete/Cherubic Form[]

Restored Form[]



Xiros was once known as Vodek, the Angel Attendant of Universe 17. When his universe was destroyed by Zen-Oh, Vodek was enraged, and attempted to overthrow the Omni-King. His attempt was a failure, and as punishment, he was banished to the the Teleportation Zone by his father, the Grand Priest.

His time in the Teleportation Zone has corrupted him both physically and mentally, and deepened his desire for revenge against the Omni-King.


Across the Universe[]

In the second scene of chapter 1, as Soba used Instant Transmission to follow Udon to a planet, he felt a presence accosting him, causing the Yardrat to lose focus and crash-land on a planet he had not intended to. Later, as Soba pursued Udon once more, he felt something pulling at him in the pocket dimension Yardrats used to Instant Transmit.

In the first scene of chapter 2, Soba closed his eyes, sensing for the Nidrazi's energy signal. When he did so, he felt a presence in the Teleportation Zone pulling at him. He fell over, his vision blurring. Udon asked him what was wrong. Soba told him that he couldn't use his Instant Transmission, as there was something in the Teleportation Zone affecting him when he tried. Udon didn't believe him, blaming it on the humidity.

Later, on the space station, as Udon prepared to make the jump back to their homeworld, he entered the Teleportation Zone. Something was inside there, trying to get out. Udon attempted to close the zone, but some part of the entity was able to escape nonetheless. It immediately found a host alien, a smuggler, and possessed the body. Then, the possessed alien attacked those around him, killing all in sight. Udon wanted to flee, but Soba thought they should try to kill the beast and save the other aliens. Udon asked him if he could take the monster. Soba didn't know.

Just then, the cartographer, uttering a mechanical battle-cry, rushed the alien. He grabbed the smuggler's arms, pinning them to his sides and began to squeeze him to death. The smuggler head-butted the robot repeatedly, but soon, his spine snapped, and he fell over, dead. The robot collapsed afterwards, critically damaged as well. He proclaimed that though he had spent his life idolizing Pukco, now he had finally performed a courageous act himself, becoming a man on par with his hero. The robot powered down moments later. The energy released from the Teleportation Zone was Xiros', though he was still trapped in that place as of the end of this chapter.

In the fourth scene, Xutol ordered Soba to use Instant Transmission to go to the Venyi school. The young Yardrat was briefly worried about that entity in the Teleportation Zone being set free, but Xutol's strength soothed those fears.

In the first scene of chapter 4, in a flashback, Jeinu, Universe 17's God of Destruction, and Vodek (later known as Xiros), his attendant, visited a planet that had been wiped of all life. It was about to explode from the damage it had taken. Xiros noted that it was the third planet that week that had suffered that fate. Soon, they came across the culprit. He was a boyish demon with long black wings and blue skin. He was crouched over a dead native, eating it. Jeinu confronted the beast. He let out a wordless scream before jumping into a portal to escape.


Jeinu, Universe 17's God of Destruction

As Jeinu went after him, a sudden white pulse overtook everything in the universe. He realized what was happening, so he teleported to a far-distant world and found a plant-based biped. He told the creature he was sorry and that it wasn't at fault for what was happening. The alien didn't understand Xiros before the white washed over him. A moment later, all of Universe 17 was gone. Furious, Xiros traveled to Zeno's palace, swearing that he would kill the grand ruler for wiping out his universe. He was stopped by his father, the Grand Priest, who spared Xiros, but destroyed his body and exiled him to the Teleportation Zone.

He was stuck in there, festering in his rage, until he found Udon many millennia later. Udon had, at that time, renewed his interest in his menagerie. He began doing more public shows, which brought in tons of money. He was in the middle of showing a group of Yardrats an insectoid creature with a tendency to spontaneously combust and reform instantaneously when he decided to show them a Ziller beetle. However, the cage was empty, due to a contagious infection that had spread amongst the population months prior, killing them all. Realizing he needed to go pick up some more on a nearby planet, he apologized to the crowd and teleported away to grab them.

It was at that moment that Xiros fully possessed Udon. Afterwards, Xiros, in Udon's body, traveled to the edge of Universe 7, to the barrier of energy between it and Universe 6. There, he began crafting himself a new godly body from the energy. At the same time, he made sure to increase Udon's power, for he knew he would remain in his body for some time. He granted Udon the power of a God of Destruction. While Xiros was still crafting his new body, suddenly, Soba teleported out of nowhere and confronted him.

At the start of the second scene, Soba greeted Udon. He was confused as to why Udon had come to a world on the edge of the universe. Udon asked him to leave. Soba did not. He apologized profusely for abandoning Udon in the past. Udon attacked him with energy of destruction. Soba dodged, but the blast sailed into a mountainside, vaporizing it as well as a three-jawed native. Soba was shocked by what Udon had become. Nevertheless, he fell into a defensive stance. Udon once more attacked him with the purple energy. Soba dodged around him, trying to get in close to deal a knockout blow. Udon was moving incredibly fast, so Soba had to try his hardest not to get hit.

Realizing that the other Yardrat was attacking him with extreme power and prejudice, he decided to wear Udon out, for maybe a tired Udon would listen to him. The two battled fiercely, teleporting around the planet, exchanging blows and ki. Udon began wearing Soba out as the day turned to night. Soba managed to hold him off, but was unable to break through his defenses. As the night turned to morning, Soba began getting the better of Udon as he used some of the Academy's techniques. He thought that Udon didn't hit half as hard as Audacci.

Udon rose into the sky, creating a massive energy ball. He flung it at the planet. As the ball slowly descended towards the surface, the two once more engaged in a fast-paced battle, hitting each other numerous times. Soba was even able to land a teleported finger beam. They continued their struggle until Udon hit Soba with an unexpected ki explosion that sent him flying up towards the huge energy ball. Soba caught Udon off-guard when he managed to stop his momentum and shoot himself backwards with a flying kick. Just as Udon appeared behind the other Yardrat, Soba hit him in the chest (feeling some bones break) and flung Udon into the ball of ki. He flew off, sensing Udon's power level fade.

But it did not disappear. As Soba collapsed in exhaustion, Udon appeared again. He remarked that he had grown acclimated to fighting in his body now. Soba knew something was wrong. That wasn't Udon speaking. The being inside Udon remarked that Udon himself was likely dead. Appalled, Soba swore that he would avenge Udon by killing the parasite that had taken over his body. The being inside Udon, Xiros, stated that what he was attempting to do would benefit all of mortal kind. He did not want to fight Soba, but if Soba pressed the issue, he would kill him. With righteous fury, Soba attacked again, this time dealing devastating damage to Xiros with a number of punches to the face. He used techniques that he had learned from Master Caktir to dominate Xiros. The precision blows caused the organs in Udon's body to rupture and explode, which distressed Soba even though he knew it wasn't his friend who stood before him.

Xiros was impressed at Soba's strength and skill, but he told the Yardrat that Udon's body did not need to survive this battle. He could survive without it. He attacked Soba once more, flinging him away at first in a ball of purple energy. The ball crashed into some rocks, dazing Soba. Xiros came at him then, but Soba was able to dodge his attacks. Annoyed, Xiros hit him with an explosive wave of ki, which hurt Soba a lot. Then, he threw numerous ki balls at the Yardrat. Soba closed his eyes, preparing to use Instant Transmission to teleport over to Xiros, but he found he couldn't lock onto the man's energy (for he was now using God Ki). Unable to dodge the blasts in time, he threw out his hands and expended a large amount of energy to slow the balls down (a technique Qono had taught him). Xiros was stunned by that move.

In the fourth scene, Xiros and Soba continued their duel. Xiros realized that Soba had slowed down his projectiles by moving them into another plane (the third layer of reality). He decided to physically attack the Yardrat so that that wouldn't happen again. Soba was unable to defend himself against Xiros' blows. The alien gleefully declared the fight over, noting that the longer it went on, the stronger he would get. He attacked Soba again, pushing him to the ground. As he rained blows upon the Yardrat, Xiros mocked him for being ignorant while also commending Udon for being a heroic sacrifice. He followed that up with a massive ki blast that left Soba paralyzed, his body smoking. Xiros apologized for not killing the Yardrat sooner and conjured up more energy of destruction to finish him off.

In the fifth scene, a desperate Soba teleported some of the energy forming the barrier between Universes 6 and 7 in front of Xiros, but the man was able to easily dodge the attack. Soba didn't know what else to do. Out of energy and ideas, he prepared for his inevitable death.

In the sixth scene, as Xiros prepared to kill Soba, suddenly, Udon's energy signal came back in full force, overwhelming his body briefly. Soba realized that Udon was not yet dead. He apologized to his friend for what he was about to do. He locked onto Xiros' energy signal and then teleported the two of them into the third layer of reality. The distance between them spread out massively. He teleported some energy from the Universal Wall over to Xiros and released it. The blast overwhelmed Xiros, who was unable to move quickly in the third layer of reality. His body disintegrated.

In the seventh scene, Xiros recalled a lesson his father had taught him about the only universal constants, heat and cold. He spread out across the void, now without a body. Sensing a beacon of light in the distance, Xiros flew over to it, trying to remain resolute as he did. He drifted for some time before, suddenly, his body was restored. He was shocked, for he did not understand what had happened. His body was that of a child's, though. He would need to grow up again. He swore to kill Soba if he ever came across him again.

He found himself drifting through space near Peregari. He watched the Planet Trade Organization fight space pirates. The moon of Sirkac was split in two from several violent explosions, and afterwards, the space pirates turned their attention to the moon, Fi Mann. Xiros drifted by, not really caring, feeling his energy growing inside him. He felt hope for the future.

In the eighth scene, Soba came across the memory core of the cartographer from many years prior. He was surprised the device was still operational, for the alien that Xiros had possessed years prior had badly damaged the cartographer.



Powers and Abilities[]


Flight-Xiros can fly through the use of ki.




Original Body[]

Incomplete/Cherubic Form[]

Restored Body[]


  • His name is a pun on "zeroes."
  • The name "Vodek" is a pun on "vodka," keeping with the alcohol-themed puns of the Angels and Gods of Destruction.