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Unlock Potential Gohan


Sorry. Typoed Xios's name, it's really Xios. My apologies.

Xion is a Half Saiyan. He created an order of peacemakers called "The Guardians." Xion believes in peace, and created this to fight Cooler's personal army, "The Overseers."


Xion was born on New Planet Vegeta, and came to Earth in a Saiyan Pod. He has fought Cooler many times, and has lost only twice, and won three times. He believes in fairness, and defends Earth with his small guild.


Galick Gun

He was taught Galick Gun by Vegeta, and recently trained by him.


Taught by Krillin, and can use his own version called Neo Kamehameha.

Neo Kamehameha

Made by himself, he uses this in only near-death fights.

Neo Grenade

His own version of "Hellzone Grenade." He uses this as a finisher.

Super Neo Kamehameha

Created in a fight against Super Buu w/ Krillin absorbed.


* Base

* Unlocked Potential [Not Fully]

Power Level[]

His power level ranges from 1, to 25k

With his Unlocked Potential unlocked by rage, and or unleashed by somehow summoning it, is 75k.