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Escu releases her inner LSSJ on innocent aliens.

"Why are you cheering? Heh heh, I'm not finished with you rats yet."
— Escu, unleashing her LSSJ on innocent aliens

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Escu is Brolly's older sister, Paragus' oldest child, and the mother of Xia.


Escu was born Age 735, and was born a middle class warrior. She was raised to fight, slowly becoming stronger. When she was five years old, her brother Brolly was born, and, to Escu's dismay, was born with a power level of 10,000. The day of Brolly's death plagued his family. Paragus, along with his children, were trialed and put to death. However, as Planet Vegeta was being destroyed, Brolly created a forcefield around his father and sister, and they survived. As Paragus' children grew, he timidly watched his children's reactions towards the other. Brolly would often attack Escu for no reason, causing Escu to be angered and hurt him. However, during one of these usual attacks, Brolly went too far and nearly killed Escu. An angered Escu, with bleeding hands, transformed into a Super Saiyan. The siblings then attacked each other, trying to best the other, when Brolly's Legendary Super Saiyan power was unleashed.