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An X Crystal (Xクリスタル X Kurisutaru) are magical artefacts created by Cell-X with the power to merge two or more entities into a single entity.


X Crystal is designed with the broken infinite symbol with the colour scheme of the Time Breaker Gems. The crystals are attached to the chest of the users after and the user than places a Crystal on their own chest upon doing so the users will immediately fuse into a single entity. X Crystals comes in two different shapes with one being oval-shape and the other rectangular-shape. The user poured their ki into their rectangular-shape and attach it to the intended participants of the fusee while the user places the oval-shape on themselves.

The fusion also seems to be able to stabilise a "failed" Bio-Warrior. The user can undo the fusion by


The fused entity of the X Crystal will combines the power of the fusees as well as increasing their power hundredfold.


The X Crystal carry a significant risk to their use in which if the crystal is destroyed instead of removed; the user will be killed as a result.

List of X Crystal Fusion entities[]