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Anime name Whis
Manga name Whis
Alternate names Universe 7 Angel
Debut Manga: "Battle of Gods SD"
Movie: "Battle of Gods"
Anime: "A Peacetime Reward: Who Gets The 100'000'000 Zeni!"
Appears in
Super Dragon Ball HeroES DDR
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Angel
Gender Male
Status Alive
Address Beerus' Planet
Allegiance Team Universe 7
  • Zen-Oh (superior)
  • Future Zen-Oh (superior)
  • Grand Priest (father)
  • Vados (sister)
  • Beerus: Heroes (superior and martial arts student/fusee)
  • Shin (superior)
  • Old Kai (superior)
  • Kibito (fellow attendant)
  • Goku (student)
  • Vegeta (student)
  • Future Gohan (student)
  • Yamcha (student)
  • Dial (student)
  • Future Trunks (student)
  • Quinshin (fusee)
  • Whis is the angelic attendant of Beerus.

    Biography Edit

    Time Crusade Edit

    After Demigra's attempt to control Beerus in Age 778; Beerus and Whis meet with Supreme Kai of Time, and she tries to convince them to let Dial, and Xeno Trunks held it, but Beerus is unconvinced. Dial asks him; if he, and Whis could test them. If they passed let them take care of Demigra, and if they fail they'll let him. Beerus ups the agreement by saying that he'll train Dial personally if he and Trunks can defeat both of them. They begin the battle in the wasteland of Age 850, and begin battling. Dial transforms into his Ultimate Evolution from his True Form, and Xeno Trunks turns into his Super Saiyan 2 form. They begin battling to which Dial is noticeably more stronger than Xeno Trunks. He and Xeno Trunks use a combined attack called Creator-Creation Buster Cannon, and manages to land a blow on Beerus. Whis appears behind Xeno Trunks, but Dial senses him and kicks him away. Both of them are impressed, and agree that they pass their test.

    Beerus takes Dial to his planet where he begins to train Dial. He makes him transform into Emerald Super Dial, and wear a total of 200'000 Imperial tons on his body. He then fires an Atom-like energy sphere at him telling him to dodge it. He easily dodges it due to being used 200'000'000 imperial tons; so Whis increases its wait to 250'000'000 imperial tons. He tries again, and with great effort Dial dodges them all. As time passes; Dial is now wearing 3 quintillion Imperial tons, and is attempting 50'000 handstand push ups. He succeeds, and then Beerus gets him to channel his power. Beerus than takes him back to the Time Vault getting him ready for Demigra's next plan.

    Whis spends two years training Dial, and Future Trunks on Beerus' Planet in Age 778. He later assist during the battle against Psidabura, and later pleads with Dori to destroy Present Cell

    Eventually the Time Crusade ends with the Defeat of Cell-X.

    Techniques Edit

    • Ultra Instinct
    • Flight
    • Ki Blast and Sensing
    • Matter Manipulation
    • I Won't Let You
    • Resurrection
    • Fusion Cancellation

    Fusions Edit

    Quinwhisshin Edit

    Quinwhisshin is the EX-Fusion of Quinshin and Whis

    Whirus Edit

    Whirus is the EX-Fusion of Whis and Beerus.

    Mr. Whis Edit

    Mr. Whis is the EX-Fusion of Mr. Satan and Whis.

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