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The weapon armory of Apiden is a vast collection of weapons collected by the seductive Apiden. During her constant travels, she would occasionally find a weapon of some sort, modify it, and keep it. Every weapon in the armory is very special to her, and she even names them.

Weapons list[]

Shirley Apiden's favorite weapon. A large, bomb-launching bazooka that can fire up to 50 bombs per minute. SHIRLEY
Burade A dagger that releases an electric shock into anything that it stabs. Apiden mainly uses it to hunt for food and rarely uses it in battle, for the fear she might kill someone. BURADE
Mr. and Mrs. Massive Two massive and powerful handheld guns that shoot up to 30 bullets per second. MASSIVES
Burner A handheld gun that fires balls encased in flames. Burner
Naiyph A long blue blade that can cut its way through anything. Naiyph
Hoist A rusty but strong gattling gun that contains bullets which explode on impact. Hoist
King Christmas A powerful explosive that repairs itself after exploding. King
Destabilizer A hammer-like weapon that is light and durable, but at the same time strong and powerful. Hammer
Handy A small rifle-like gun that fires powerful explosives. Handy

Polymer August

A powerful gun used to paralyze foes for 15 seconds. Polymer
Boomer Jock A powerful and incredibly quick drill that is used to dig through the ground quickly. Boomer
Flare Shot A small handheld weapon that creates a light which blinds the eyes of an enemy. Flare shot
Sweeper A large gun that shoots red-hot bullets. Sweeper
Queenie A sleek but powerful gun which can store up to 100 bullets. Queenie
Auron A small pistol that can fire balls of electricity. Auron
Desperator Apiden uses this only when she desperately needs it. It is an incredibly large, mobile cannon that can vaporize entire armies with 1 shot. Desperator
Kerrie A bazooka that can destroy a mountain with 5 shots. Kerrie
Rusty A blaster which can blow a hole through walls. Rusty
Oldie A rifle that is ideal for long-range shooting. Oldie
Stuckey A container used for all of Apiden's weapons, all of which can shrink down. It can also double for a miniature gun. Stuckey