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Watum is one of Arctus’s elite soldiers. He is of the same race as Kiwi and the Commander and owned a blue Scouter and two arm cannons. He is the teams bad boy and is very rebellious, openly questioning Samara’s decisions and telling him how he should be the second-in-command.

Arctus saga[]

Watum’s leader, an Ice-Jin by the name of Arctus wanted to go to Earth to kill a Saiyan by the name of Goku due to the fact that he was supposedly an invincible warrior and wanted to test his own power level against Goku’s. He brought with him four of his elite soldiers, consisting of Watum, Samara, Cheriz and Lufa. However when he did not find Goku (he was off training Uub) Arctus instructed Watum and the others to split up and destroy any city they came across in order to lure Goku out. They did so but instead of encountering Goku by himself they also incurred the wrath of the other Z-Fighters and they engaged them in a fight. Watum fought Gohan, Goten and Trunks. Despite the odds against him he blew them away with a blast of his Bakuhatsuha. The battle was interrupted abruptly however, when Frosta, another Ice-Jin arrived, wanting to kill Goku himself. He struck out against Arctus, almost killing him. He was stopped from finishing him off however by the intervention of Goku who instructed Watum and the others to take Arctus back to their ship so that he could be healed. Watum was somewhat reluctant at first but after being ordered by Samara he agreed. After leaving their leader on the ship Watum and the others attempted to help the Z-Fighters by first dispatching Frosta’s foot soldiers (easily) before fighting Frosta himself. However he proved to be too strong for them and beat the four senseless, they barely managed to survive the assault. Luckily for them and the Z-Fighters Arctus returned and shocked everyone when he transformed into his 5th form. Arctus and the Z-Fighters agreed to team up to defeat Frosta and after a long battle killed him. Arctus decided to leave the Earth after that after thanking the Z-Fighters for saving his life and helping him. Arctus, Watum and the other elite soldiers would later show up to help the Z-Fighters in various occasions when they needed help.

Name Pun[]

Watum’s name is a pun on Watermelon.


  • Energy blast
  • Flight-Able to harness Ki to levitate
  • Bakuhatsuha
  • Spark shooter-Shoots electricity from the index & middle finger
  • Arm blade-Able to harness Ki into blade of pure energy