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Warlic the Blue Mage

Warlic is the most well renowned mage in the entire world of Lore, the name of the planet where Decaun Equino lives. He is credited with the discovery of many spells and is believed to be the most powerful Mage ever. Even with Infinity, it is said that the entire population of Dark and Light Mages cannot match up to the prowess of Warlic himself.

It is said that Warlic could have taken down the Primordial Entropic Carnax himself. During Grendel Bell’s younger days, Grendel remarked that his Mana pools were gigantic, and until this day Grendel has not matched Warlic’s prowess in this aspect.

Warlic invented the spell “Thou Art Magic” so that he may continue lingering on in this world, and such that his legacy may be passed on. In this form, the user of this spell draws upon whatever artifacts, spells or items to access the Mana or energy required to access this state. If all else fails, Mana is forcefully drawn from the surroundings (which takes some time, leaving the user vulnerable to attack).

Decaun can access Warlic’s spells through the use of “Thou Art Magic”, transforming him into Warlic. As Warlic’s spell list is inexhaustible, the spells listed as follows are the spells “Transformation: Magic Borne” can access.


Warlic was treated as a legend, as he laid the foundation for what magic would come to be today. Having access to a wide variety of spells, he was said to be unstoppable due to his arcane might and knowledge. Even today, not even the strongest mages in the world, such as Grendel Bell, believe they have surpassed Warlic. Rather, they think they have “barely matched 1 drop of a vast ocean”.

Warlic was also known for being neutral, coveting the title of “Blue Mage”, which is apt due to his absurd Mana reserves. Even now, nobody knows how much Mana he truly had with him.


In the transformed state used by Decaun, “Warlic” has 50,000 HP and 3.5 Million units of Mana. Though the amount of Mana he has is absurd, it comes with the drawback of not being able to utilize any and all forms of Equilibrium skills.

Due to the intelligence granted by Warlic’s form, the Mana costs for spells (from Decaun’s spell list, not affiliated with Entropic Energy) are reduced to 10%, with their potency enhanced by 2000%.

The actual Warlic, however, has 8 Nonillion units of Mana.

Spells and SkillsEdit

Supernova ShieldEdit

This spell surrounds himself in a very poor thermal conductor, forming a shield. This shield is similar to Aerogel, preventing all kinds of heat from passing through, and thus acts as the ultimate shield against fiery attacks.

The shield formed by this spell is also largely transparent, and can be dismantled with ease to be reformed later. Hence, it is a highly useful technique as the Aerogel-like substance can be molded and moved around for easier control.

Mana Cost: 18000

Spell BarrierEdit

Warlic casts an Anti-Spell barrier, deviating and diverting the Mana in almost any kind of attack, removing it from any substance and forcefully dismantling the enemy spell. This Barrier prevents all forms of spells from trespassing, and is the ultimate form of protection against all magical attacks.

Aside from nullifying all forms of Mana and Magic based spells, it also removes all forms of Magical influence within the shield itself, allowing Warlic to free himself from all Magical ailments and effects of magical spells. It also alters the space-time continuum on an intimate level, literally reversing all the effects of Mana within the barrier, and dragging it outward.

Mana Cost: 60000

Immaculate Crystal AegisEdit

This spell generates giant pillars of pure crystal. Being part of a highly complex chemical structure, it is often thought to be impossible to break. Also, it is endowed with several magical properties, namely preventing the formation of other crystalline structures within it (no freezing, easier boiling), as well as the having the effect of magically reducing the pressure in the area, thereby preventing tornadoes or other assorted wind attacks from forming in the area. The more of such crystal aegis(shields) present, the stronger the effect of lowered pressure and the disrupting of formations of crystalline structures.

These giant pillars often take the form of shields, as they aim to prevent outward, environmental interference while placing the user at an advantage.

Mana Cost: 5000 per pillar

Anti-Pressure ShockwaveEdit

Temporarily converts the tip of the staff into a tiny, Anti-Pressure area, sucking all forms of surrounding matter at rapid rates, including energy based attacks. Once inside the “tiny” vacuum, the pressure builds up in the predefined, set amount of space, while the Anti-Pressure pulls things with greater force with more things entering the area (the opposite of pressure’s effects). The pressure can reach to the point where fusion and fission begin occurring naturally, showcasing the ungodly effects of Pressure on everything inside.

After which, he creates one tiny opening where regular pressure can reassert itself, firing things outward with enough Kinetic energy to destroy almost anything, or rapidly pulse shockwaves.

Warlic can also generate more of these Anti-Pressure areas, and shift them accordingly to deal devastating attacks.

Mana Cost: 25000

Elemental ScornEdit

Summons the wrath of the Elemental Gods, wrecking havoc upon the battlefield. This attack strikes the enemy with 8 consecutive attacks, each of every one Element (Light, Darkness, Ice, Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity and Wind), each serving to subject the enemy to many different, and conflicting attacks at the same time.

Elemental Scorn, as a result, deals immense damage to the enemy

Mana Cost: 80,000

Lorinthian EnhancementEdit

For double the mana cost, enhances the next attack severalfold by drawing in Nature’s Energy, like a miniature Infinity.

Disassembling SingularityEdit

Disassembling Magic is the art of disassembling the cores of reality – Composition and Concept. With this spell, Warlic creates an area-of-effect Singularity, having the effect of splitting everything into its core constituents. As such, concepts such as Gravity, speed, and light all begin getting distorted due to the effects of this Singularity.

Enemies also start to experience major disorientation, where most of their attacks do not work. This is also when their existence begins getting warped, due to the drastic effects this Disassembling Singularity has on the space-time continuum. However, despite its incredible power, it costs a massive amount of Mana.

It is also said that Disassembling Singularity is the use of highly controlled amounts of Void Energy, and the control behind it is phenomenal. Yet, despite the theories believing it to be simple Element X, it is actually far more complex to create and control.

Mana Cost: 150,000

Egotistical DelusionEdit

Egotistical Delusion is a powerful yet subtle spell. It causes a delaying effect on the enemy’s movements, primary through a powerful form of suggestion. This ability draws upon the enemy’s ego, amplifying it to untold levels. Even if the enemy has no ego at all, this spell would subtly “point” to the enemy random things which he notices, distracting him from other attacks.

Primarily, its effects are most noticeable when the target attacks, while being under this spell. When they attack, they unconsciously admire their own work, delaying their attacks for a very short period of time to admire themselves and their skills, and they can be said to be “enjoying the moment”.

Oftentimes, this subtle deception changes the “probability” thoughts in the enemy’s head, instilling cockiness and the belief that the enemy is felled by their attack, without being skeptical whatsoever. As such, this technique instills, and then takes advantage of the enemy’s egotism to defeat them.

Mana Cost: 40,000

Summoning: Midnight DrakathEdit

Drakath Mid

Midnight Drakath

Drakath Chaos Champion

Human Drakath

Midnight Drakath was renowned to be strongest Darkness Dragon of Warlic’s time, said to be the essence of the God of Darkness Dragons. Midnight Drakath was on par with Akdranor, and can fight Akdranor on equal ground during his prime.

Since then he has grown stronger, coming to possess the Orb of Darkness, containing the epitome power over Darkness-related powers. Akdranor has since passed to him the Orb of Fire, as he “Doesn’t Need It”, serving to augment Midnight Drakath’s powers further.

Midnight Drakath, as of now, can defeat the Primordial Entropic Carnax with ease. Due to the affinity and bond he once had with Warlic (As Warlic once made friends and created peace amongst all the elementals and dragons), Drakath can be called upon by Warlic or “Warlic” at any time. However, as a result of the reduced Mana cost, Drakath can choose to accept or reject the call to battle.

Midnight Drakath has access to the epitome of Darkness Magic, possessing the mystical, legendary 6th level of Void’s Eye (which until now, its source is unknown; some say it is a natural part of Midnight Drakath). With it, all darkness spells are rendered useless against him, and has the effect of instantly flooding the battlefield with an unknown form of Darkness, utterly suffocating, freezing, decomposing, and destroying all forms of light. Even Warlic feels the pressure of being under Midnight Drakath’s gaze. These eyes also allow Midnight Drakath to manifest everywhere with darkness, preventing him from being destroyed.

It can channel several powerful darkness spells, and its breath can absorb even Akdranor’s Flame with ease. Being an entity of pure darkness, he is unable to be damaged by all forms of conventional attack. Furthermore, he has a large immunity to Element X attacks, making him almost impossible to beat.

Courtesy of living beside the Eternity Crystal for so long, it possesses incredible knowledge over all forms of Magic, in particular Element X, which he can channel instantly. Midnight Drakath, as such, is one of Warlic’s most powerful summons, and is far stronger than even the Primordial Entropic Carnax. The only thing holding this beast back is that it is unwilling to use such powerful attacks against a measly foe. As such, Drakath often only takes the form of a weak human, which he is still trying to perfect..

Due to Warlic’s highly potent magic, the Mana cost has been reduced to what is shown below.

Mana Cost: 3,200,000


The same as Decaun’s, only Warlic’s spell lasts for 20 minutes. In this state, although he can conjure the essence of his own energy to fuel Blue Mage Rage, he is unable to use any of his personal spells until Infinity is stopped

Prime RebirthEdit


Warlic after Prime Rebirth

Prime Rebirth is one of Warlic’s favourite techniques. Warlic teleports to Death’s Domain, absorbing the ambient Death Energy there, and uses it to revitalize him. Using the power of Time Magic, and abusing the ability of Death Energy to be unaffected by any forms of Time leap, he shifts his own existence back in time, restoring all lost mana and intertwining it with Death Energy. Its potency drastically increases as a result. It also restores all lost limbs and the like.

This ability can only be used thrice by “Warlic” during battle.

Mana Cost: 90,000

Elusive Element XEdit

As one of the discoverers of such spells, Warlic has his own selection of Element X abilities to choose from.

Demon Wraith PrisonEdit

Warlic conjures a powerful, spatial warping Wraith prison, trapping the target inside. Within the Demon Wraith Person, space is confined, and it is impossible to break out by force as the space within is not linked to the outside world. Furthermore, teleportation spells are rendered useless due to the seal present on top of the Prison itself, alongside preventing intangible beings from escaping (Hence, Wraith Prison).

Due to its highly compact and mystical nature, Demon Wraith Prison is known as the choice spell for trapping enemy targets for stronger attacks to be used.

Mana Cost: 250,000

Summoning: Emperor ArMeGoggonEdit



An unholy Gogg made manifest. Emperor ArMeGoggon is the strongest Gogg of them all, trained by Warlic himself. Emperor ArMeGoggon travels with unholy speeds; often striking before the target can react, and deliver a highly devastating combo of spells and attacks from each part of its body. Despite its size of being 4 meters tall, it is remarkably fast and terrifying, and can send an enemy to a near death state before they can even react.

Despite the incredible power and speed Goggs possess, normal Goggs are relatively easier to defeat if the enemy can land a solid, successful, and strong attack on it. However, as this Gogg is now made out of Element X when summoned, it doesn’t really have weaknesses, and its attack potency is multiplied severalfold at the cost of being coated with additional armour, reducing its speed.

Emperor ArMeGoggon was once renowned for eliminating 50 billion Undead Giants, in under a second. This is a testament to this Gogg’s incredible power.

Mana Cost: 1,300,000

Summoning: Abyssal NightReignEdit


Abyssal NightReign

Summons the Abyssal NightReign, a creature whom has ingested every other known creature in Lore, and now has the advantages of all of them. As such, due to the weird, mystical nature of the Abyssal NightReign, its attacks now take on unknown properties, and are enhanced greatly.

This NightReign can also unleash a gigantic, morphing laser, taking the form of any known creature in Lore, which then charges towards the opponent. This attack is a highly condensed one, automatically morphing properties which strike at the opponent’s weakness. This makes NightReign’s attack deal triple its original damage.

Its advanced and unique morphology also grants it unparalleled muscular power. Despite being a large 20 meters in height, its speed and power are immensely disproportionate compared to what one might expect, and they move with the speed and fluidity similar to a dragonfly, when most would expect them to be as slow as an ant by comparison. Combined with its inter-connected muscles, complex physiology, and unprecedented muscular tensile strength, Abyssal NightReign is one of the strongest opponents one will ever face, as its muscles and strength guarantee that the opponent will be snapped in two in an instant. Its affinity and connection to all creatures, also suggest that the Abyssal NightReign has a colossal amount of Hit Points and an incredible immunity to Magic, thus it is said to be one of the strongest beings ever born in Lore.

With the ability to channel all forms of Elemental Magic, NightReign has since rendered himself immune, as his mastery over each element is far greater than most magicians, allowing him to nullify their spells.

Due to its additional Void Armour, and enhancements made by Warlic, the Abyssal NightReign has no real weaknesses, and can only be taken down by brute force.

Mana Cost: 2,600,000

Summoning: Ancient WerepyreEdit

Ancient Werepyre

Ancient Werepyre

An ancient form of Werepyre, radiated and transformed by Warlic by accident. This Werepyre is a master of both Werewolf and Vampire skills, being deft and agile, while fighting with absurd grace. Utilizing his wings and already phenomenal speed, the Ancient Werepyre is an enemy nobody wishes to face.

Each of these Ancient Werepyres are far stronger than the Werewolf King and Vampire Queen combined, courtesy of their powerful instincts and dense musculature.

Mana Cost: 100,000 per Ancient Werepyre

Tectonic ReconfigurationEdit

By channeling huge amounts of Element X into the surroundings, Warlic is able to shape it whatever way he wishes, altering the properties of literally everything in the area like some kind of God. All techniques and attacks sent at him when he is still channeling Element X will be rendered useless due to the spatial disruptions in the area, and will serve to expand the radius of the attacks’ effects. It allows Warlic to convert the area to his advantage, and grants him the ability to manipulate everything in it. Elemental Attacks attempting to utilize anything in the area during/after this technique will fail spectacularly, as the energy used will cause the influence of those objects to expand (For example, channeling energy into controlling and using the Earth will cause even more Earth to fall under Warlic’s control).

When this technique is used, it is highly suggested NOT to go anywhere near Warlic, in battle, for the duration in which the enemy is in the radius of this attack, they will be turned to the primal void and be damaged over time, and confined within the attack itself. Warlic will also make it such that as the reality reasserts itself, he will make it as painful as possible, allowing their existence to reattach back to itself slowly and painfully.

If Warlic is serious, he can even warp them into something different entirely, mutating them and their DNA.

Mana Cost: 300,00

Darkness SpellsEdit

During Warlic’s time, Dark Magic and Light Magic were common, but simple. Most did not advance nor have deep knowledge of what both magics entail. As such, the more prevalent Magicians often used Elemental spells instead. Some, however, attained an incredible mastery over Darkness spells, and have created several powerful, Dark entities.

More importantly, the Darkness they used was prolonged, potent and deadly, containing multiple side effects. As of now, knowledge of such abilities is widespread and common, but what they knew was limited to only the Necronomicon – which was read fully by Warlic. Although Warlic read the entire Necronomicon, he rarely accessed its powers or abilities as he has his own set of powers which trump that.

What led him to begin using more Darkness abilities came with the discovery of the Orcenomicon. In this book contains an even greater level of magic (which only the higher-level dark mages and leaders have begun reading). Although it is not a prerequisite to have read the Necronomicon entirely to read this, it is highly recommended.

This book kickstarted Warlic’s use of Darkness spells in his arsenal of powers, and turned it into another viable option to use in battle.


The Orcenomicon contains in-depth detail about Darkness Magic and greater spells. It holds the greater secrets of Darkness, and grants the user immense power, namely, abject control over all things Undead, and the ability to resurrect a corpse with the full power and knowledge of the original dead being.

Unlike the Necronomicon, everything in it is backwards. As such, the most powerful spell is at the start of the book, and the page has to be read starting from the bottom. Warlic made this mistake when he started reading this book, turning into Warlich, but he soon managed to control it after practice.




Transforming into an Undead, Warlic gains all the advantages which come with being a zombie, namely immortality, requiring absolutely no sustenance, and the ability to absorb all Darkness spells as if it were air.

It also maximizes Warlic’s affinity to all things Arcane and Magic, enhancing his powers and arcane potency greatly. However, its true power lies in granting its user to regenerate Mana in large amounts when in the presence of the Sun and the Moon. Furthermore, it gives Warlic a powerful, deathly aura which sucks out the life of anything around him to empower him, as well as multiplying the strength of all Darkness abilities by 100,000x, while boosting his reserves by 3 million and reducing all the Mana costs of Darkness spells to a hundredth of the original.

However, as this technique is being used, Warlic becomes more relatively susceptible to Light Attacks. This state can also be disrupted by dealing at least 3,000 points of damage to Warlic.

Mana Cost: 100,000

Façade of the OrbEdit

Drawing upon his newfound power, Warlich blocks out the Moon by channeling Necromantic Energy into his Orb of Channeling, concealing the Moon. When this is done, his necromantic abilities are maximized, and he call forth any dead beings back into undeath to do his bidding, regardless of how long ago they passed away, or their manner of death.

This sends the world into abject darkness, strengthening the power of all darkness spells.

Mana Cost: 4,000,000

Dark Quark’s ArkEdit

Playing off the pun of “Blue Mage Rage”, this attack is another one of the core spells which Warlich can use. It summons the very elementary particle of darkness, similar to the Quark in Physics, to generate a self-sustaining ark of Souls, a bridge between life and death. Accessing the literal Death Energy provided by this ability, Warlic’s magical prowess grows exponentially, as he can summon up and utilize Prime Rebirth at a whim, having a free source of Death Energy.

Aside from that, the Ark releases a countless amount of wandering souls and blasts of pure Death Energy, devastating the landscape and absorbing all life. It is far more potent then the energy absorbing capabilities of Void’s Curation and Fog of Deprivation, and has the ability to nullify all darkness spells and energy weaker than itself, as well as disabling the Mana of anyone else for 15 seconds if they come into contact with it, making it a terrifying ability.

As a gigantic ark 2 kilometers long, Warlic can also use it to crash the enemy, then turning the ark into pure Death Energy, literally killing the enemy. This spell can only be used when Warlic is in the Warlich state.

Mana Cost: 70,000,000 (Just to summon the Quarks for this spell to begin forming)

Low Soul BlowEdit

Similar to Blue Mage Rage, however, in this case, the colour scheme is purple and black instead of blue as the Pillar of Mana envelops him. Low Soul Blow converts all surrounding Mana into Death Energy instead, and is the polar opposite of Blue Mage Rage, instead literally destroying everything the Death Energy comes into contact with, rather than giving things life. Also, the more relatively “Dead” the area is, the stronger the attack, and the more energy it can absorb from the area. Hence, fighting Warlich in space is a BAD idea.

However, instead of releasing it as a pulse of Mana, Low Soul Blow unleashes it in the form of condensed blasts of Death, instantly rotting anything it hits to dust. It also disables all forms of Mana, unlike Blue Mage Rage, and each Orb can hit the target up to 9 times. Once the enemy is hit, they lose all access to their own Mana due to the Death Energy, and the Death Energy begins overtaking them, attempting to convert them into Undead whilst simultaneously decaying them.

Its other passive effect is to continually unleash and create elementary quarks of Darkness from everything, feeding Warlic’s dark powers and regenerating his health. As it does not regenerate the user’s energy, it is said to be more efficient and useful. However, as time and time again this ability is used, it has proven inferior to the original.

If the enemy was to die from this attack, Warlic can either resurrect them, or leave them be, as their souls are now under Warlic’s jurisdiction and control.

To cast this spell, Warlic needs to recite the incantation, “Darkness of the Shadowy Moon, Gather!” which pools in all Death Energy in the area. This, ironically, is also the opposite of Blue Mage Rage, where the incantation is recited before the spell is cast.

This is cast in conjunction with Dark Quark’s Ark, as that ability provides the largest and most potent pool of Death Energy which can be utilized by this attack. This is because the Dark Quark’s Ark is but a medium for which Death Energy flows, a portal to the River Styx.

Mana Cost: 90,000,000

Silent Waltz: Grim Reaper’s DanceEdit

HxH 2011 Kite - Silent Waltz Grim Reaper's Dance HD

HxH 2011 Kite - Silent Waltz Grim Reaper's Dance HD

Silent Waltz: Grim Reaper's Dance

This is one of the most direct abilities which Warlic can cast against his enemy. Summoning up his Mana and Death Energy, he channels it to form an incredibly dense scythe of pure power. The scythe, though weightless to him, is impossible to lift by any other person. Due to its magical nature, its size and shape can also be modified at will, allowing it to take on almost any dimensions and forms.

Aside from that, it is made of Warlic’s magic, and thus cannot be used against him, as the Weapon, being synchronized with him, literally causes it to travel straight through him. Also, it can cut through any material with perfect ease, regardless of what part of the scythe is being used, as it is made of Death Energy.

During combat, Warlic can also fire pulses from this scythe to disable all energy attacks, or use the scythe to neutralize enemy assaults.

After summoning up his scythe, Warlic begins swinging it around, forming a tornado made out of Death Energy which temporarily seems to pause the flow of time within the area, where the scythe then seemingly reappears alongside every single enemy being in the area and beheading them in an instant, while the original user seemingly didn’t move.

If Dark Quark’s Ark is activated prior to the use of this ability, Mana costs are reduced by a factor of 3.

Mana Cost: 9,000,000 (To summon and maintain the scythe every minute), 120,000,000 (Silent Waltz:Grim Reaper’s Dance)

Warlic’s Personal SpellsEdit

Being a Blue Mage, the way his spells work can be completely reverse of what the laws of Mana dictate. Rather than losing Mana when these spells are cast, Warlic instead gains Mana. Also, these attacks come with a flaw, in that the Mana regenerated by this will kill Warlic once the Mana gained from this exceeds his own Mana capacity. However, this can be balanced out by expelling the Mana using other conventional spells.

Despite its immense power, it is important to strike a balance in regards to these spells, or else Warlic will be overwhelmed by the deadly Mana it generates. As a result, such spells must be accompanied by conventional ones.

The reason for this is the fundamentally different manner in which his core Mana, as the essence of it is Legendary, one-of-a-kind. These traits are present in no other person, which prevents Warlic from imparting his knowledge to others. He has since adapted to using regular Mana, having unfathomably huge reserves. However, when others transform to him, “his” reserves will not be anywhere near the actual Mana he had.

Rays of the Vengeful FallenEdit

Rays of the Vengeful Fallen is an incredibly powerful spell, drawing upon the core of the Blue Mage’s Power to inflict devastating damage to the target. Unlike conventional Element X techniques, Lunar Overwhelming instead channels the pure, surrounding Mana and power into the Crystal Orb he wields, granting it the colour and appearance of a miniature Moon. This spell was discovered when Warlic got killed by a conjoint attack, which only made him return from the Grim Reaper’s clutches stronger, and more revitalized than ever in his prime.

In Lore, it is said that the Moon is the source of all forms of Mana, converting the sun’s rays into pure, reality warping energy. As such, it is also the reason why most creatures of the night are more warped and transformed, as they are largely affected by the Moon’s rays. By manifesting the moon into the Crystal Orb, the actual Moon is temporarily obscured, and all of its rays are emitted through the Crystal orb itself. Condensing and concentrating the Moon’s Rays, Warlic condenses it into a concentrated, mystic beam of monolithic power, utterly warping, disassembling, and erasing the enemy from existence. If they end up surviving, however, they will be severely mutated.

Due to the incredible, reality warping attacks which come with the Moon’s rays, it can be used to revitalize most summons and creatures, and can also be used to remove the negative effects of Warlic’s Personal Spells, allowing him to regenerate Mana without danger, though albeit at a slower rate. When these Moon rays are directed to any creature, their Mana will be regenerated, and their power multiplied.

Due to the unnatural, yet potent nature of these Rays, it can be used in conjunction with Warlic’s wide array and selection of spells, warping and enhancing any one of them to suit his purposes.

Mana Absorbed: 800,000

Blue Mage RageEdit

This is a powerful spell which is also a pun. Blue Mage Rage causes Mana from the surroundings to burst forth in a glaring blue light, condensing the epitome core of Warlic’s Mana around himself, such that it can be unleashed.

As the Mana swirls around Warlic, all forms of Mana attach itself to Warlic’s unique energy and Mana signature, causing the swirling Mana to shimmer and shine brightly like a pulsating, powerful heart, revitalizing and causing life to flourish. As the Mana flies towards Warlic, forests instantly form as the Mana traverses across it, largely deforming the landscape with unnaturally lush greenery due to Mana’s innate properties.

This Mana has the dangerous effect of suction, and pulls in Mana of all sorts, from every direction. If the Rays of the Vengeful Fallen ability are used together with this, the energy suction rate and power boost increase drastically. This is because of the magic-enhancing aspects of the moon, as well as its ability to ignite and draw out the magical potential of all beings, allowing this ability to harvest them. On its fundamental level, it acts as a limitless, never-ending, and expanding source of Power, as the unique properties of Warlic’s Magic condense and force the Mana and Energy to dissolve rapidly and efficiently.

When this attack is used, it doubles as an Ultimate Defence, as literally no Magic Spell has been able to bypass it without being disassembled and dissolved. As the Mana continues dissolving into Warlic’s Magic, becoming brighter and stronger with each passing moment, the rate at which surrounding plants grow increases at rapid rates, forming and generating entire ecosystems as Warlic moves about with such a huge concentration of Mana. The trees formed from this technique are highly durable and absorb all other forms of magic with fervour, acting as a powerful, second layer of defence.

In this form, this technique acts as an Aura, surrounding him and gathering energy indefinitely. In this state, the Mana regenerated increases rapidly, and as such, he has to resort to using regular spells when this aura is active, lest he be killed by the overwhelming Mana.

After that, Warlic chants, “Light of the Dissolved Mana, Disperse!” This instantly sends all gathered Mana into a frenzy, creating a massive shockwave of Mana. This shockwave utterly devastates everything, and drastically empower the trees formed from this technique. As it hits the enemy, it causes all their Mana-channeling faculties to shut down, becoming disabled and unable to channel Mana.

This shockwave also deals a continuous, relentless barrage of attacks. The first hit is a physical one, sending the enemy flying together at the speed of the shockwave, rendering their Mana-channeling abilities void. After which, the Mana swirls and course throughout his body, wrecking utter havoc as the Mana continuously acts as Element X, continually converting everything into the primordial void, warping it, and mutating it, as well as created dangerous chemicals and such inside their body, while the Mana on the outside electrocutes them, tearing their skin apart. After the shockwave travels 1 kilometer, the Mana will direct itself to all those who were hit, splitting accordingly.

The Mana then converges rapidly towards the target’s location, after which it creates an extreme pillar of Mana, aiming to annihilate all those in it by rapidly increasing the flow of time, using massive amounts of condensed Mana, Element X and the 8 Elements, directing all power to any weaknesses it finds and containing the enemies within the attack itself. The pillar of Mana lasts 100 seconds (which, to them may range from a year to a thousand depending on Mana gathered).

Mana Absorbed: Increases exponentially over time, can range from 1000 per second to even his maximum Mana


The alternate version of infinity, in that all the mana gained from Warlic’s Personal Spells will be directed to the environment, or back at the technique itself, enhancing its abilities with double the power. Although it doesn’t work to increase the limit of his Mana, it allows him to use combination spells from his own personal selection, without fear of being overwhelmed.

This technique lasts 3 Minutes.

Inner LightEdit

Channeling his unique form of Mana, Warlic heals himself to maximum HP

Mana Absorbed: 10,000

Debilitating EnfeeblementEdit

This is one of Warlic’s stronger attacks. At the cost of increased Mana, seeks the elemental weakness of the enemy, no matter how obscure. As such, even if the enemy has resistance to all things elementally related, this attack can still hurt him through the void or another metaphysical element he has no particular resistance against. Combined with Scrambling Disorder, this ability becomes even more deadly.

Mana Absorbed: 325,000

Summoning: Sacragon, Predecessor of CarnaxEdit



The Sacred Gem of the civilization which brought forth Carnax. Sacragon was their greatest protector, and preceded Carnax as the most powerful creature ever. Its immense power was impossible to tame and control by others, and led to its creators using it to gain dominance over many areas. However that was put to an end during Warlic’s appearance, who managed to not only stop Sacragon, but also manage to control it. While its creators were sent to prison, Sacragon remained the protector of the civilization for many years, until Carnax’s reappearance. Though Sacragon proved superior, the mystical nature of Carnax, being connected to the civilization, made it impossible to destroy or seal at that time, and the civilization was forced to sink below the oceans, to safeguard the world. As of now, Sacragon continues guarding the entire civilization under the ocean.

Sacragon not only possesses Carnax’s uncanny ability to be unaffected by all powerful attacks, but also possesses one thing Carnax does not contain – an unstable, potent energy source. While Carnax is seemingly impossible to tire, it does not generate energy instantly, and thus cannot maintain multiple fronts of attack easily. Sacragon, however, has an impossibly dense energy generator, forcing its body to always be overcharged with psionic energy, alongside its already overpowered abilities.

As Psionic Energy courses throughout its skin, generating extreme power, it triples as both an impregnable shield and an energy absorber – allowing it to absorb all forms of powerful attacks before its innate ability kicks in. These 2 traits drastically empower Sacragon’s defense capabilities, and combined with its continually growing power, make it nigh-impossible to breach its defenses.

Next is its attacking capability. It has an eye similar to Carnax, and can similarly fire powerful eye lasers out of it, including blasts of pure psionic energy. Purple Psionic Energy similarly emits from all of its claws and tail, allowing Sacragon to extend its range at a whim. With this energy, Sacragon may create a link between itself and the enemy, simultaneously coursing Psionic Energy through it. This serves to disrupt the enemy’s reserves and access to power, as well as burn the enemy for damage. Also, all forms of damage received by the enemy when hit by this will heal Sacragon, and increase its energy.

Sacragon also possesses endlessly growing scales (which generate even more unstable psionic power), produced by its highly advanced body. Despite being unable to control its increasingly growing power, it is easily capable of redirecting it somewhere else, or storing it away. Although its body can generate and store infinite amounts of this energy, its energy still focuses on generating even more scales to expand its power, which makes it a chore to control. Hence, Sacragon feels more free and ready in the battlefield, then anywhere else. The only form of growth Sacragon has allowed though, is the generation of a dragon’s body, combined with the multiple, “skeletal” limbs it normally has.

Sacragon’s Psionic Energies also possess a highly masochistic property. When normal people have this energy channeled into them, damage is dealt to their bodies, but this causes their next attack to deal several times their regular damage. Sacragon, however, has been coursing this energy within the untouched reserves of energy it has, and has been growing in power and potency for a very long time. During battle, Sacragon can course this energy within himself to strengthen its muscles and tendons accordingly to deal greater damage and power.

Aside from that, Sacragon possesses great speed, darting back and forth quickly to “absorb” attacks. Though it is similar to the Terrorzard in many ways, in that it can absorb almost any form of energy, one thing that should be remembered is that this is only due to the surrounding Psionic Energy. Its skin, however, does not share this luxury.

Above all, its most terrifying ability would be its ability to spawn minions sharing its ability to generate Psionic Energy. These creatures, although they grow quickly, are unable to reach full maturity. They, unlike Sacragon, can receive damage from extremely powerful spells.

Another dangerous property of Sacragon’s Energy is its capability to utterly dismantle and dispel all forms of Magic-related abilities with Psionic Energy. This is due to rapidly growing, excess energy being sent into its wings. As Sacragon controls its growth, it directs all the excess energy to its wings, and once it reaches its limit, it will unleash a massive Psionic Pulse (Similar to an electromagnetic pulse), subsequently dismissing and dispelling all magic in a large radius depending on the amount of charged energy. Another manner in which such energy can be released is through Sacragon’s mouth, where it fires a beam of highly condensed Psionic Energy which scrambles the minds of the target. To an extent, it scrambles up its resistances towards all the elements without their knowledge, then utilizes their presumed knowledge over their own weaknesses to defeat them (does NOT work on Light/Dark Mages regarding their own element, as they are granted incredible immunity to it).

Currently, it is far more powerful then when Warlic first fought it. Hence it requires much Mana to summon. Despite supposedly “costing” less mana than the Satazard or Primordial Entropic Carnax, it is actually far more powerful due to the immense potency of Warlic’s Mana, generating more of it then it being used up.

Mana Absorbed: 9,999,999,999 (Requires Antifinity to summon)


Orb of ChannelingEdit

Warlic’s Orb has several mystical properties. For one, it is connected to the realm of mystic magic, the source of Arcane Magic. It is capable of channeling all forms of Magic through it, and grant the user a greater connection between him and the arcane world. With it, all magical spells are enhanced to imaginary levels, beyond the contemporary limits of regular Magicians.

As shown through his ability, Rays of the Vengeful Fallen, even the powers of Celestial objects can be sent forth and channeled through this orb. Even now, it is not known how much power this orb can channel, as it has never showed any signs of strain.

With it, Warlic is capable of channeling the Elemental Gods’ powers into himself without problem, and allows him to access the primordial core of all magic uninhibited. It is also said to be the main reason why Warlic can gain Mana, as certain spells, when channeled through the Orb, can regenerate the user’s Mana.

Currently, it is said that this orb is buried away, and that the only way to use it is through Warlic’s Avatar.


Warlic Staff

Warlic's Staff

Warlic’s Staff has several unique properties. Aside from enhancing existing spells, abilities, and having the ability to channel and convert other forms of energy, it also acts as a utility staff, containing several abilities which can be utilized through this.

Aside from that, it can work in collaboration with the Orb of Channeling to form one of the most devastating armours ever known.

Portal MayhemEdit

Summons multiple portals of varying sizes, which he can control and relocate at a whim. Any attack that is sent to one portal would reappear at another at random, unless controlled by Warlic. As all the portals look the same, this allows Warlic to blindside his enemies often, or use it as a shortcut to deal damage to them.

Scrambling DisorderEdit

This is a spell which swaps around the resistances of the enemy for little Mana Cost. However, at the cost of huge amounts of Mana, they can also alter it such that even a fire elemental took damage from its own body composition.

Blood ConversionEdit

Since the dawn of time, blood has been the core and catalyst behind powerful attacks, auras, wards, and magical artifacts. The Blood is said to signify and embody the core and very essence of Magic itself, as such, many powerful attacks have often involved blood in one way or another, and has been used in many elaborate traps.

This technique basically converts all forms of blood drawn into Mana, regenerating the users’ Mana Reserves.

Legend also tells of one mystically powerful Blood Orb, which sacrifices the user’s mana for power. Only this Blood Orb was highly complex, and had managed to slaughter the entire world’s population in one fell swoop. This, of course, was thwarted by Warlic, who luckily remained within the “safety zone” of the Blood Orb, and successfully reversed the spell.

Arcane ConnectionEdit

Meditates and connects himself with the multiple, existing Elemental Lords and Nature itself, drawing upon their affinity and strengthening his connection to the Mystical Forces of the Arcane. This in turn boosts his resistance against all forms of magic, while optimizing his Magical capabilities.

This also makes it easier for Warlic to channel the powers of different entities through him, such as the powers of his summons, or even greater elemental lords.

Immobilizing ShockwaveEdit

Warlic taps the ground with his staff, releasing a magical shockwave which temporarily immobilizes his enemies. This attack prevents them from doing anything for 3 seconds, granting Warlic needed time to recuperate.

Due to the nature of this attack, the enemy must be ambushed with it, or else they will be able to brace and cast spells to counter it.

Arcane RestorationEdit

From a mere part of something, be it physical, ethereal, or made out of Mana, Warlic can restore and bring back the whole of an object. However, the more miniscule the initial “part”, and the further away the pieces are from each other, the more Mana is needed. Also, the amount of Mana required grows exponentially depending on the “essence” it is being restored from. For example, a physical object would be far easier to restore than an enemy’s attack.

This is often used in conjunction with Akdranor’s Essence and Fuel, in that after the fuel is used, Warlic instantly restores it with this ability, absorbing both the energy released, and the energy required for the bonds to be broken, literally sucking the enemy dry.

Another ability extrapolated from this is to return the objects to their prior position, restoring them to a prior level of order. This can clear a messed room/area and restore it to its prime condition in seconds, even reversing the effects of decomposition. It can also be used against enemies during battle, navigating them and capturing them in the same trap again, or bring allies out of dangerous situations.

Mystical RecreationEdit

This is another approach to the prior technique. Using a tiny fraction of the material, Warlic can recreate the whole by forging it out of nothing, feeding off Mana to produce the required material. This has been used to create more swords out of Sacragon’s scales.

Process: CompletionEdit

Using time and space magic, increases the speed of different things and processes. With it, he can “reduce” the time taken for his attack to make contact with the enemy, speeding up the process of attacks. This can apply to decomposition, torturing attacks, etc.

Another thing it can be used to do is to fast forward the process of existence, leading them to lose their energy in battle at greater rates, for attacks requiring the user to channel Mana.

Form ReenactmentEdit

His Staff possesses a similar ability to the Orb of Channeling, however, it mainly shapeshifts and summons instead of directly channeling things from the source, instead requiring a powerful medium for it. As such, it cannot directly channel the Moon’s/Sun’s energy like the Orb of Channeling.

What it can do, however, is channel the powers or abilities of the Elemental Lords, his very own summons, etc. into himself, granting him access to their powers without the need to consume Mana and summon them entirely. He can also turn the Staff into a powerful armour, or even turn the Staff into a different weapon.


Transformation: Ep PigEdit


Ep Pig

Baconated Blade of Doom

A Blade which Warlic can summon, made entirely out of Bacon Energy, unleashing its Bacon Power unto all enemies!

This form is achieved through the combination of the abilities of the Orb of Channeling and MageStaff. With Rays of the Vengeful Fallen, the Moon’s highly potent magic courses through and forms the exoskeleton of the Ep Pig form and grants it incredible magical prowess and power. Meanwhile, the limitless energy of the Sun courses through the Staff, fuelling the transformation and armour to form around Warlic himself.

The reality warping nature of both massive stores of energy and Magic develops an entirely new element – Bacon. This Bacon power grants Warlic the ability to deal maximum damage regardless of the enemy’s durability towards Physical and Magical attacks. Due to the extremely mystifying nature of Element Bacon, Bacon can damage anything and anyone, including the Satazard.

The Ep Pig form is incredibly muscular, far more so than what it looks like. This is because both the Orb of Channeling and MageStaff have become one with the form, becoming its source of power. Due to the latent magic utilized in the form, it has granted the Ep Pig the armour type of “Bacon”, which is utterly immune to any and all forms of Mana and Energy-type attacks, as well as energy absorbing attacks. This makes fighting Ep Pig physically the only possible course of action the enemy can take, aside from fleeing of course.

As the Ep Pig form receives damage, its attacks become more enhanced with Bacon, increasing its power severalfold per hit it receives. As the battle continues on it gets progressively stronger, faster, buffer, and more powerful. It has a total of 100,000 hit points, and while most attacks can only deal up to 1 damage to it, many others end up dealing no damage at all. However, despite dealing no damage, the Ep Pig’s attacks remain continually enhanced by the number of strikes the enemy does, and amount of damage dealt as well. On top of that, it also has a 10 hit point regeneration rate per second, which makes continuous attacks a must in dealing with Ep Pig.

The Bacon element is also capable of shattering MP itself, damaging the core of the enemy’s energy directly and stealing it, then converting it into Bacon Energy. Bacon Energy also has the subtle side effect of entrancing the enemy with the smell of Bacon, causing them to drop their guard due to the absurdly addictive side effect of Bacon Energy. Furthermore, Ep Pig can emit and channel a powerful aura of the Bacon Element around himself, enhancing its strength. As the primary power of the Bacon Element is power and speed, even when only the tiniest amount of Bacon Energy is used, it is capable of empowering the user to phenomenal levels of strength and power, whilst healing the user as well.

The last, and most dangerous part of this form is that once you are hit, you will most certainly be left stunned by the Bacon Energy, if you are not sent reeling. This is what makes all One-on-One ideas highly discouraged.

When its hit points run out, or Warlic discontinues the spell, the Ep Pig will revert back to Warlic


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