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ヴィッザ, Vizza
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Extragalactic Containment Protocol

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest

The Monster and the Maiden

Nicknames: Specimen #0217, Bunny
Species: Genetically-altered leporine-dominant specimen
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Doctor Tau's research station
Birthdate: Age 659
Birth Power Level: 186
Maximum Power Level: B Tier (as of Age 778)
Personal Pronouns: わたし
Height: 9'3"
Weight: 1377.4 lbs
Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Green
Rank: Captain of the Experimental Vanguard
Organizations: Doctor Tau's Experimental Vanguard (Age 659 - Age 695)
Starchasers (Age 778 and onwards)
Favorite Food: Any kind of raw meat
Hobbies: Hunting, fighting, drinking
Family: Ledas (comrade)
Okinaro (comrade)
Naemi (comrade)
Linessi (comrade)

Vizzer (ヴィッザ, Vizza) is a powerful first generation specimen created by Doctor Tau. Native to Universe 6, he is a blind, but telepathically gifted warrior, and a member of the Experimental Vanguard, a group of the doctor's most talented specimens who were allowed to venture into other universes to aid in the doctor's research. In Age 695, after Hit invaded the doctor's research station, Vizzer jumped through the portal to Universe 7, destroying the portal immediately afterwards. He was one of only two of the more than five hundred specimens to survive the assassin's assault.

He is featured as a member of Ledas' intergalactic bounty hunting team, the Starchasers, during the events of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a leporine-dominant specimen, Vizzer looks mostly like a huge, hairless, muscular bipedal rabbit. His skin is a glossy pinkish-purple, and his ears are quite long. He has a very short tail. His carnivorous jaw structure and teeth are due to the influence of some unknown alien DNA (probably a space piranha). While he lived with Tau, he did not wear any clothes, but since coming to Universe 7, he has begun wearing form-fitting light armor that is blue and black and white in color.

Vizzer's aura is red-orange.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to being born blind, Vizzer had to develop into a patient and focused warrior at a young age. After Doctor Tau taught him to sense ki, most of effects of his blindness were mitigated. He was extremely loyal to Tau, but not to the point of throwing his life away uselessly, as evidenced by his escape from the assassin Hit when his master had called for his protection. He is relatively easygoing, perhaps because of his large power reserves, as seen in his interactions with the drunk Admiral Po. He does not have a large ego, though he did seem to be slightly offended in The Great Sushi-Eating Contest when Ledas called him 'bunny' instead of by his name.

Though he was only promoted into the Experimental Vanguard eight years before fleeing to Universe 7, Vizzer was a captain by Age 695, not due to his strength, but his calm demeanor and adherence to the doctor's extragalactic containment protocol. He harbors guilt for accidentally killing his sister, specimen #1835. Vizzer also likes to drink alcoholic beverages, which tend to make him quite a bit more rowdy than usual.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Specimen #0217 was created in Age 659 by Doctor Tau in his first batch of 1200 specimens. As he was born blind, he was deemed genetically defective and looked down upon by his fellow specimens. He was confined to the research station at this time, as Doctor Tau taught him to sort of see through his sensing of other beings' ki.

However, this still left him blind to the environment, which made him a practically useless warrior. To fix this defect, Tau first replaced his eyes, but this did not solve the problem. Next, he tinkered with the specimen's occipital lobe. No matter what he did, however, the poor bunny was unable to see. This forced Tau to craft and install a brain chip that allowed Specimen #0217 to experience his environment with a sense similar to echolocation. Thereafter, Specimen #0217's training increased in intensity, and he began to grow much more powerful. By Age 687, Tau deemed him strong enough to join the Experimental Vanguard, allowing the first generation specimen to leave the research station for the first time.

Extragalactic Containment Protocol[edit | edit source]

In Age 695, in the first scene of this story, Specimen #0217 led a group of three other specimens - Specimen #3118, Specimen #4217, and Specimen #4683 - to Planet Aban where they were tracking a former member of the Experimental Vanguard who had defected. #0217 caught the runner's scent and so they took to the air, flying to the nearest city where he surely was hiding out at.

On the flight over, Specimen #0217 thought about Specimen #1653, a runner he and his team had killed a long time ago. He also thought about where he ranked in the tier system of Dr. Tau's specimens. He was by no means one of Tau's favorites, despite being born from the original batch of 1200. He was blind and lacked fur, which was supposedly a fault that had only occurred in the first batch. He had only recently convinced Tau that he was strong enough to go on extragalactic missions. This was only his second one (the first being the butchering of that other runner).

The group reached the city, where many natives and aliens alike were bartering, buying, and selling wares in the streets. They found the runner, Specimen #1099, in a broth shop. #4217 ran in to confront him, leaving his comrades behind. #1099 was a small fluffball with with long claws and sharp teeth. He was supposedly faster than any of the specimens who had come to kill him, though they had been prepped by Tau to deal with his speed.

#4217 was decapitated by the runner. #1099 confronted the other three specimens, asking them to join him. They refused and so a fight began. #1099 took out #4683 and #3118 with ease. Specimen #0217 was not so easily beaten, however. He fought off #1099 using his Tri-Form technique to batter the specimen. The runner responded with an explosive wave that nearly vaporized #0217. After taking his foe unaware, he pummeled #1099 with a Flame Strike repeatedly. Nearly dead, #1099 tried to flee, but #0217 pinned him to the ground and bit into the back of his neck, severing his spinal cord and killing him. #0217 drank a bowl of broth and then returned to Tau's base in Universe 6.

In the second scene, Specimen #0217 met with Dr. Tau. Tau was most pleased with how he had taken care of Specimen #1099. He remarked that with #1099's death, #0217 was now the only remaining specimen of the original batch of 1200. He gave Specimen #0217 the name Vizzer and declared that he was now part of the elite vanguard. Vizzer, overwhelmed with emotions, thanked the doctor profusely. Dr. Tau told Vizzer that he was confident the specimen was stronger than any of the seventeen living second generation specimens, and of course he was stronger than the third and fourth generation specimens.

As such, he decided to send Vizzer on a solo mission. Specimen #1835 was waiting on Planet Kheriedu with something that the doctor needed retrieved for him. Vizzer promised to get it. They departed from one another, with Tau returning to his work and Vizzer going to the portal room. His body swelled with pride over being named. He was only one of five specimens to ever receive a name, and the only living one (although one of them had disappeared in Universe 8, it was not known if they were alive or not). He noticed several specimens in the portal room, leaping through the portals to various universes on missions for Dr. Tau. He caught a space rat and ate it before going through the portal to Universe 12.

In the third scene, someone hired Hit to kill Dr. Tau and all of his specimens for an unknown reason.

In the fourth scene, Vizzer reached Planet Kheriedu. There, he noticed a massive, ancient stone temple. One of the local archaeologists told him that it was more than 3000 years old. He climbed up the steps and then was confronted by the time-distorted cambion, Myaku. The boy asked Vizzer to help set him free. When Vizzer responded in confusion, the boy bit him on the elbow. Ingesting the power and blood of a mortal broke Myaku's chains to the temple, and he was set free for the first time in millennia. He was confused by what had happened, but Myaku did not reappear, so there was nothing else for him to do.

He climbed to the top of the temple, reciting the extragalactic containment protocol in his head to quench his anger. Up there, he met with Specimen #1835. She handed him some rock samples and some research that had been collected on discs. She congratulated him being allowed out on a solo mission, telling Vizzer that soon Tau would allow him to permanently station on a planet of his choosing to conduct research. Vizzer longed for that, as the research station in Universe 6 was too cramped for his liking.

She called him Specimen #0217, which triggered his Telepathic Domination technique instinctively. #1835 burst into a pile of blood and gore. Vizzer felt extremely ashamed of what he had done, knowing that Dr. Tau would execute him for that. Tau contacted him immediately afterwards. He ordered Vizzer to return to him. The specimen mistakenly thought that Tau knew what he had done to #1835, thinking that he was returning to be executed.

In the fifth scene, Vizzer returned to Tau's research station. He immediately sensed that something was wrong. His brothers and sisters were being quickly and ruthlessly killed by an assassin. He sensed only sixteen of them remaining when Specimen #2067 ran towards the portal room. Before she arrived, the assassin killed her with a single energy blast. He then turned his focus onto Vizzer. Specimen #0217 briefly thought about staying to fight, for he could sense that Tau himself was still alive, but soon thought better of it when he perceived how fast the assassin was moving.

He jumped into the nearest portal - the one leading to Universe 7 - and left an energy attack behind that exploded as soon as he went through it. Thus, the connection between Universes 6 and 7 was cut off. Vizzer found himself on Faeri, and sensing many natives of the planet nearby, he grew excited at the prospect of his newfound freedom.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[edit | edit source]

In chapter 54, Admiral Po and Tanarilo briefly ran into Vizzer on their way out of the bar on the orbital platform orbiting over Bilaho, exchanging a few words before the officers left.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

To be added.

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest[edit | edit source]

In this story, after Ledas convinced Tarble to come with him on the bounty hunting mission to assassinate Haimaru and Raimie, the boy told him that he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his bounty hunting crew. That night, indulging in nostalgia, Ledas took a train out of the city. While he was on the second train platform, waiting for his next train, he was confronted by Vizzer. Vizzer told the boy that the Starchasers had located Haimaru and Raimie and were ready to set out whenever he wanted. He told the genetic specimen that they would be leaving in the morning and that a new member would be joining them for the trip. Vizzer flew off, promising to tell Linessi, Okinaro, and Naemi.

The Monster and the Maiden[edit | edit source]

In the sixth scene of this story, the Starchasers came upon a statue of the Golden Wind on the streets of Loru Qir. Ledas grinned. He told his companions that his mother had known that woman and silently confirmed to himself that the story she had told him so many years ago about the female Legendary Super Saiyan had been true. Memories of his mother and father, of Len and Jaduu, returned to him, and he felt nostalgic and happy.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Non-combative Moves[edit | edit source]

Offensive Moves[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though he was born in Universe 6, Vizzer has spent the majority of his life in Universe 7.
  • Doctor Tau predicted that Vizzer's lifespan would be somewhere around 200 years, but he did not know for certain.

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