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Violouh (Vee-Oh-Low) is one of the Z-Fighters in the fan series entitled Dragon Ball Universe 93.

Dragon Ball Universe 93 Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Namekian Knight
Birthplace: New Namek
Power level: Unknown
Homeworld: Planet Earth
Species: Namekian
Gender: Male (Ish)
Birthdate: Age 918
Date of Death: Still alive
Height: 6'5
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: No hair
Eye Color: Grey
Position: Z-Fighter
Rank: Teacher of the Z-School
Mother: Rasaya Masurao (Adoptive Mother)
Father: Shinzai Masurao (Adoptive Father)
Brother(s): Jaduko Masurao (Adoptive Brother)
In-Laws: Kyuti Masurao (Sister in Law)
Personal Weapons Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: White Aura
Energy Basic Attacks: Galick Gun
Heavy Energy Attacks: Raging Hellzone
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Red and Black Gi
Chronological & Political Information
Affiliations: Z-Fighters, Z-School
Allies: Z-Fighters,

Ultimate Z-Fighters, Z-School, Saiyan Empire Reborn

Enemies: Planet Trade Organization,

Super Saiyan Gods.


Early LifeEdit

Birth of Violouh and life under the rule of King TromEdit

Beginning of the New GenerationEdit

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Violouh aids Shinzai and Resaku, the New Z-Fighter's first formation

Main Article: King Trom SagaEdit


Main Article: Return to New Namek SagaEdit

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Super NamekianEdit

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Super Namekian 2Edit

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Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Galick Gun, Violouh's Signature beam attack. He learned this by watching one of the original Z-Fighters perform it when he started his life on Earth. He has learned multiple attacks, but the ones listed below are ones he uses during the majority of his fights.
  • Raging Knight, Violouh managed to create this attack by observing Jaduko perform the Kaioken attack against Future Taisuka. Purple aura surrounds Violouh's body covering his original white aura, his strength and speed is doubled in this power up.
  • Ki Blasts, Flight, and Instant Transmission/Afterimage Technique, Violouh, like the other Z-Fighters, is able to shoot Ki aura blasts from his hands and able to manipulate it into flight. He also learned the Instant Transmission/Afterimage Technique from Jaduko and Piccolo.
  • Neo Tri Ray and Solar Flare, Violouh is able to form his hands into a triangle, and charge a power beam, he channels the beam through to his finger and shoots it in an immense beam of light. He is also able to spread his fingers on his forehead and discharge a blinding light.
  • Dragon Shot, Violouh's finishing move, he holds both of his hands at each of his sides, purplish red aura surrounds his hands and he starts throwing particle beams around at the opponent, the beams morph into a dragonoid shape and surround the opponent, coming into them in one massive explosion.

Fighting Style and Power LevelEdit

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Kid Violouh Power Levels (Birth-13)Edit

Birth: 2

King Trom Saga: Base; 5,000

Teen Violouh Power Levels (14-20)Edit

Return to New Namek Saga: Base; 1,240,000

Adauchi Saga: Base; 1,500,050, Super Namekian; 75,002,500

Tyro Saga: Base; 2,500,350, Super Namekian; 125,017,500

Future Taisuka Saga: Base; 4,000,000, Super Namekian; 200,000,000

Reincarnated ReyBuu Saga: Base; 4,050,260, Super Namekian; 202,513,000

Adult Violouh Power Levels (21-Present) Edit

Duplicate Z-Fighter Saga: Base; 7,000,000, Super Namekian; 350,000,000, Super Namekian 2; 700,000,000Edit

Ultimate Z-Fighter Saga: Base; 7,050,000, Super Namekian; 352,500,000, Super Namekian 2; 705,000,000

33rd World Martial Arts Tournament Saga: Base; 9,000,000, Super Namekian; 450,000,000, Super Namekian 2; 900,000,000

Ultra Shenron Saga: Base; 10,500,000, Super Namekian; 525,000,000, Super Namekian 2; 1,050,000,000

Android 103 Saga: Base; 13,005,050, Super Namekian; 650,252,500, Super Namekian 2; 1,300,505,000

Z-School Saga: Base; 15,400,360, Super Namekian; 770,018,000, Super Namekian 2; 1,540,036,000

Empiro Saga: Base; 16,900,000, Super Namekian; 845,000,000, Super Namekian 2; 1,690,000,000

Saiyan Empire Saga: Base; 17,000,000, Super Namekian; 850,000,000, Super Namekian 2; 1,700,000,000

Spirit Saga: Base; 19,500,305, Super Namekian; 975,015,250, Super Namekian 2; 1,950,030,500

Planet Trade Organization Saga: Base; 20,030,235, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

Hazmat Force and Shadow's Armored Squadron Saga: Base; 22,000,000, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

The Kings Saga: Base; 22,000,550, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

Return to Earth Saga: Base; 23,000,050, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

Ultimate Android Saga: Base; 25,400,305, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

Super Saiyan Gods Saga: Base; 26,450,242, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

6 Shadow Dragons Saga: Base; 30,050,230, Super Namekian; , Super Namekian 2;

Non Canon/Other Power LevelsEdit

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Clothing and WeaponryEdit

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Theme SongsEdit

Canon ThemesEdit

Non Canon ThemesEdit


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