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Featured in Across the Universe
Pronunciation ven-yee
Adjective Venyian
Parent star type K-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 188.2 d
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 3649.4 km
Polar radius 3637.2 km
Surface area 51.8% land
48.2% water
Mass 4.10967×1024 kg
0.69 M
Equatorial surface gravity 20.5947 m/s2
2.1 g
Axial tilt 1.83°
Surface temperature
Minimum -67.1°
Mean 15.8°
Maximum 47.2°
Composition 77.21% nitrogen (N2)
22.43% oxygen (O2)
0.25% argon
0.09% water vapor (H2O)
0.02% trace elements
Sentient Species Settlers
Sentient species 1 population 12
Number of major cities 1
Technology level Tier 2

Venyi is a free world. The Venyi Academy is located on it.


Venyi was settled by Master Jabo in Age 564. Over the coming years, he scoured Universe 7 for skilled martial artists to open a school with him. That school opened in Age 592 with Master Sharu-Kan, Master Xutol, and Master Kyomu Tachi. Over the years, additional masters were added. The school's prestige began to grow by around Age 650, at which point several generations of students who had graduated had returned to normal space, re-integrated themselves into their societies, and made names for themselves. The Venyi Academy's popularity did not increase its admission numbers, however, which only added to its mystique.

Generally speaking, the planet was populated only by the eight masters (including Master Hotal, who only served as a medic and a healer) and their four assistants. The number of students varied over the years from one to four at any given time. From Age 676 to Age 682, six students were living on Venyi, which was the highest tally in the planet's history.

In Age 710, the temple grounds were expanded to accommodate for the increase in teachers. Master Qono was the seventh and final master added to the school in that year. Since then, only two students, including Audacci, have mastered all six of the lower schools' arts. Audacci was the most notable student at the school, and she lived on the planet from Age 743 to Age 772.

Rakae and Anso were students who lived on Venyi during the mid 740s until Age 758.

In Age 749, Soba was granted entry to the Venyi Academy by Master Xutol. His time at the academy was documented in Across the Universe. In Age 758, he left the academy after mastering Qono's school.

Notable facts[]

  • Aside from the 8 masters who live on Venyi, four paid servants live there as well to assist the martial artists.
  • Soba described the Venyi compound as "a large, spacious temple, sparsely lit with ancient-looking crimson lanterns. The walls were withered from age, and carved with red stone."
  • The doors in the Venyi Academy were possessed by some power. To open one, a student would have to tap on the rune-covered door (hitting specific runes), thus causing milky-blue energy to spring up from the rock, surging in falling rivers around the runes to unlock the door.
  • The students' dormitory is described thusly in Across the Universe: "The acolytes’ training quarters were quite cramped, as usually no more than one or two pupils were in active training at any given time. The room itself was barely larger than a meat closet, and their bed, now made four, were pressed against one another against the back wall... There was no other furniture in the room aside from the beds; only a raised indentation in the ground, which Rakae had told Soba was a place for meditation, made any point of difference in the stony, yellowish place."
  • Around the temple compound, there can be found numerous gardens. Several streams cut through the compound, adding to the scenery. There are many trees outside of the stone halls. Most of them flower and fruit during the spring and summer.
  • Master Qono's training grounds are described thusly in Across the Universe: "They came to a room on the opposite corner of the Academy, to a place Soba had never been before. The starless sky stretched on, and he could hear the sound of a rushing stream. A roundish door was angled at the ground, with steps leading down below ground level. They descended for a while, until the air had grown wet and moldy and old. There was only the low light of a pink ki blast in Rakae’s hand leading them on for what seemed like quite a long way; water drips from the stone ceiling, keeping the place moist and humid; a stone, circular room, with falling water on all sides, springing from the darkness above, which seemed to stretch on forever."
  • The entrance to Jabo's training grounds are described thusly in Across the Universe: "His lair was at the far side of the garden, protected by an ancient hieroglyphic stone door that had seemingly never been opened before."


  • Venyi's academy population:
    • At height: 18.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Venyi is still around.

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