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Vegotrot is a fusion of Vegeta and Kakarot from Universe 13 from Dragon Ball Multiverse. He is the brother of Raditz, and is one of the four Saiyans left in the universe, due to not having any children.


After the tournament was over, Vegeta and his crew decided to kill the Legendary Super Saiyan of their universe before he becomes trouble. But they didn't think that the same events ruled out, and that he either doesn't know how to control or does not have the Legendary Super Saiyan form, but they were wrong.

They fought against him, but almost died. Then they remembered that Vegito was a fusion of Vegeta and Kakarot. so they found a place in the universe that was said to be a portal to the "Gods" which they knew were actually the Supreme Kai's thanks to the tournament. When they actually found them, the Eastern Kaioshin. They asked for his earrings, and he denied them. When he turned his back to leave, Kakarot and Vegeta turned Super Saiyan and punched him in the back of the neck and head knocking him unconscious. They took his earrins and after a few mintues of trying to figure it out, they finally fused.

When they finally got to fight Broly again the battle went a little differently, he was thankful that their Broly wasn't as strong as the one from the tournament. Vegotrot was able to defeat Broly as only a Super Saiyan 2. He has continued to try and power up to a Super Saiyan 3, but still has not succeded.