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Carlos Omega 11:58, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Dragonball Z: Vegeta and the Super Saiyans

By Carlos_Omega

Bear in mind I have just joined this website and this is my first attempt at fan fiction ever.

This story may potentially become a series, this story is set in an alternate universe.......

Chapter 1 (page 1): Death to the monkies

He could do nothing, the fate of planet Vegeta was inevitable.Frieza launched the "Death Ball", a devastating attack capable of destroying an entire planet.Bardock let out a horrifying scream as he turned to dust, planet Vegeta died merely seconds after.

Frieza laughed cruelly as he watched, the monkeys posed no threat anymore, sure Vegeta was still alive but he would be nothing without his race. Frieza decided he would spare Vegeta, not realising it would be the most tremendous mistake of his life.


A saiyan infant is carried across the galaxy in a space pod, the vehicle is of a unique design, metal plated and round. The infant cries for hours upon hours, of course no one can cry forever so he soon falls into a deep sleep. Due to his low power level he is being sent to a distant planet called Earth, his mission: Destroy all inhabitants of the planet, his name is Kakarot.

End of Page

This is merely skimming the surface of an exciting story I have planned out.

What if Kakarot never hit his head?

What if he started to carry out his mission?


Tell me what you think, do you like it? Hate it?