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Kanji for Vegeta

Vegeta was created by Akira Toriyama. Any Information about Vegeta for Dragonball Omega was written by DaveyG1986

Name: Vegeta

Race: Saiyan

First Appearance (in DBO): None


  • Deivii (modified clone)
  • Dr. Briefs (Father-in-law)
  • Mrs. Briefs (Mother-in-law)
  • King Vegeta (Father)
  • Table (Brother)
  • Bulma (Wife)
  • Grey (Sister-in-law)
  • Future Trunks (Son, alternate timeline)
  • Trunks (Son)
  • Bulla (Daughter)
  • Vegeta Jr.'s mother (Great-Granddaughter)
  • Vegeta Jr. (Great-Great-Grandson)
  • Cell (modified clone)


Vegeta is 5 feet 3 inches tall when he first appeared but he apparently gets drawn much taller as the series progresses (in comparison with Goku's 5 feet 7 inch height as stated by creator Akira Toriyama). His hair firmly stands upwards, and has a prominent widow's peak. A main characteristic of Vegeta's was the fact that he was the only living Saiyan whom continued to wear the traditional Saiyan armor (in reference to his heritage) and has been seen wearing various different forms of the armor, therefore making the Saiyan armor more synonymous with him, although he slowly abandons the Saiyan armor later in Dragon Ball Z and then completely in Dragon Ball GT, where he is depicted wearing "Earth-like" clothing. However, even when Vegeta does lose the armor, he is always seen wearing white gloves and white boots in battle throughout the Dragon Ball Z saga.

Vegeta's hair never grows in length besides when he transforms to Super Saiyan 2nd grade, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 4. He states in an episode of the Perfect Cell Saga on Dragon Ball Z that a pure Saiyan's hair does not change from the day they are born.

If observed , Vegeta actually changes appearance physically over the course of Dragon Ball Z. Originally he is drawn to appear very small and lean to make him appear to be the less threatening of his pairing with the immensely sized Nappa. However by the end of Dragon Ball Z he appears to be much more taller, much more muscular, his hair height having also been shortened though his still a bit shorter than Goku.

Pre-Dragonball Omega Informaton[]

Vegeta on Dragonball Wikia

Dragonball Omega[]

Vegeta has not appeared in Dragonball Omega. Fragments of Vegeta's DNA were found in the early 1980's and were put to use, along with Goku's DNA, in creating Deivii.