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Vegeta Black (ベジータ ブラック Bejīta Burakku) is an alternate timeline counterpart of Fused Zamasu: Heroes in which his fusion was made permanent by Towa.


While still essentially identical, he has a slightly darker skin tone and sterner eyes, along with a somewhat skinnier physique. His Saiyan Armour is dark grey (resembling his Whis Armour minus the symbol) with the straps, centre patch, and sides are red instead of yellow. His jumpsuit is black while his gloves, and boots remain the same colour.


Retaining the arrogance and self-entitlement of Goku Black and Future Zamasu, Vegeta Black believes himself to be the embodiment of justice. Reveling in his power, Vegeta Black declares himself to the Supreme God upon his emergence.



During his battle with Goku: Heroes and Vegeta: Heroes; Fused Zamasu was captured by Towa and his fusion was made permanent before switching his body with Bergamo's (Heroes World) body at first before choosing Vegeta's body.


Vegeta Black is considerably powerful.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Black Galick Gun - A black-coloured Galick Gun.
    • Super Black Galick Gun - A stronger version of Black Galick Gun
      • Hyper Black Galick Gun - A more powerful version of Black Galick Gun
  • Big Bang Smash - Vegeta Black's version of Black Power Ball.
    • Smash of Retribution - Vegeta Black's version of God Heat Flash used in Super Saiyan Rosé 3.
  • Holy Light Grenade - A more powerful version of Black Power Ball used by Vegeta Black
    • Holy Wrath - A stronger version used by Vegeta Black.
      • Impure Rage - A stronger version used by Vegeta Black while as a Dark Dragon Ball Fighter.
      • Majestic Wrath - A more powerful version in which creates at least 10 energy spheres and launches them all at his opponent.
  • Dragonthrow - A grappling technique used by Vegeta Black
  • God Split Cut - An energy blade used by Vegeta Black
    • Violent Fierce God Slicer - An enhanced variant used by Vegeta Black.
      • Azure Dragon Sword Model Energy Blade - An enhanced, compact variant used by Vegeta Black.
  • Portal Opening - The ability to open portals.
    • Illusion Smash
  • Scream of Atonement - A super explosive wave used by Vegeta Black.
  • Telekinesis

Bergamo's Body

Towa initially has Fused Zamasu switch bodies with Bergamo, however, after concluding that Vegeta would be a better option - she switched his bodies again leaving Bergamo from the Heroes World trapped in Fused Zamasu's now mortal body.

Vegeta's Body

As part of his Towa's plans, alternate Fused Zamasu's primary form is that of the Heroes' Vegeta's original body. Because of this, the original present Zamasu possesses all of the Heroes' Vegeta's techniques, transformations, and instincts.

Super Saiyan

Vegeta Black has the ability to enter the regular Super Saiyan form. He is considerably more powerful than Goku Black was in his Super Saiyan state.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

After he was able to given a chance to master his body and unleash its true potential. He briefly entered this form and used it against Ace and Datetos.

Super Saiyan 2

Vegeta Black is capable of transforming into Super Saiyan 2.

God-Like Saiyan

As Vegeta Black can become Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, he possesses the God-like Saiyan state.

Super Saiyan Rosé

Main article: Super Saiyan Rosé (SSJJ)

Vegeta Black is capable of transforming into Super Saiyan Rosé. Black's Super Saiyan form eventually evolves into this form after exploiting the Saiyan Power ability by letting Towa heal his injuries a few times.

Super Saiyan Rosé 2

Main article: Super Saiyan Rosé 2 (SSJJ)

Vegeta Black is capable of transforming into the divine equivalent to the Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

In this transformation, his hair becomes spikier, his forehead has only three bangs over it, and the aura takes on a jagged, fiercer-looking appearance rather than a smooth or flowing like it's predecessor, reinforced with extreme, purple-colored electricity.

Super Saiyan Rosé 3

Main article: Super Saiyan Rosé 3 (SSJJ)

Vegeta Black is also capable of further advancing Super Saiyan Rosé's power into a divine Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

In this form, his hair reaches down to his thighs, and his muscle mass noticeably increases. The eyebrows vanish completely, while the brow ridges become larger and more pronounced.

Super Saiyan God SS Evolved

Main article: Super Saiyan God SS Evolved (SSJJ)

Vegeta Black's is capable entering his Divine Equivalent of Super Saiyan Rosé. His hair becomes Rose pink instead of Pastel Pink with his state retains the same amount of muscle mass as Super Saiyan Rosé, but it becomes noticeably more defined.

Majin Vegeta Black

Majin Vegeta Black is a powered up form taken on by Vegeta Black. Vegeta Black takes this form when Babidi harnesses the evil in Vegeta Black's heart to take control of him, giving him a significant boost in power, including maintaining his Super Saiyan Rosé form. While having the Demon mark on his forehead, dark black lines around the eyes, and increased muscle mass puff up to the level that veins appear all over Vegeta Black's body and face. Vegeta Black's dark nature is reawakened and he becomes more powerful than he was before (thanks to Babidi's magic unlocking his potential), the Manipulation Sorcery also gives him other special traits - including a seemingly unlimited stamina supply and the ability to survive and heal from injuries in an almost zombie-like way.

Dark Dragon Ball Fighter

While in the Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state as Majin Vegeta Black - the One-Star Dark Dragon Ball merged itself with Vegeta Black breaking the Brainwashing over the unofficial Supreme Kai.

The Dark Dragon Ball is embedded in his chest causing dark red lines to sprawl from the Dark Dragon Ball and his eyes to glow red.

Royal Super Saiyan Rosé

Main article: Royal Super Saiyan Rosé

A further evolution of Super Saiyan Rosé in which Vegeta Black was able to achieve thanks to the multiple potential unlocking power boosts.

In this state - his hair becomes royal pink as he gains visible black pupils, spikier hair, and larger muscles.

Kill list[]

  • Z Turles - Killed him with Black Galick Gun
  • Lord Slug - Destroyed his head with Holy Light Grenade