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Vegeta in his DBR appearance

 Vegeta (ベジータ, Bejīta), or Prince Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and arch-rival of the Tuffle race. He is also the brother of Tarble and the nephew of Slane. He came to Earth to collect members for his Saiyan army to combat the Neo-Saiyan menace. He regards his race as the most powerful and refuses to be shown different. He commands the Saiyan Planet Trade Organization and the discovery of Saiyans that escaped Planet Vegeta during the Genocide of the Saiyans. He and Arashi began as enemies but eventually were forced to worked together to defeat a common enemy. Due to the rising population of Saiyans, the populace tributed Vegeta by naming their new home planet (Planet Prince ) after him. He appears as a child in the upcoming fanfic Dragon Ball Seizon.


Vegeta is 5'5" tall, a relatively short Saiyan. His hair firmly stands upwards, and has a prominent widow's peak. A main characteristic of Vegeta's is the fact that he is the only living Saiyan who has continued to don the traditional Saiyan Armor (in reference to his heritage). He has also been seen wearing alternate forms of the armor, customizing the armor to better suit his persona.


Vegeta is extremely aggressive and cold-blooded. Since his childhood, Vegeta has proven himself a ruthless killer, merciless like most Saiyans. Despite his loner attitude Vegeta won't hesitate to assemble a team due to a greater threat.