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One of two central races of the PPW series. They are an endangered race of warriors and space-farers, as well as adventurers. They inhabit Planet Vector and later Earth.


Most Vectorians are blue-skinned and red-eyed. They weigh rather much for their sizes, with some exceptions of course. Their hair colors are a bright rainbow to a dull silver. On the northern areas of Vector (where all the deserts are) the Vectorians inhabiting are sand-colored and have green hair. They also have three eyes. Above all, they are humanoids that can walk upright, talk normally and are intelligent.

Life Span[]

The average Vectorian lives to be 85-100 years old. There are plenty of exceptions, of course.

Nutrition and Health[]

They seem to not eat or drink. However, it is stated by Bulma later on in the PPW series that the Vectorian only need to breath to survive. It is also stated by King Wei that sunlight provides all the nutrients essential to Vectorian health. This is proven when Wu is captured by the forces of King Kobra and kept hostage in a dark room. Wu had lost her beauty and was just unhealthy. However, Shu was able to keep his health on Planet Slater, a planet with no sun and ice-cold (though he was considerabaly weaker). Scientifically, they should not be healthy on a planet with no sun.


Thhey have a heightened sense of sight, to the point of being able to see through solid objects. Their sense taste, however, is very underdeveloped, largely because they do not have to eat. Their sense of touch and smell are the same as humans.

Strength and fighting[]

The Vectorian's physical strength is as great, if not greater, as a Saiyan's. This is due to their home planet's extreme gravity, which is 35x greater than Earth's. Some of the stronger Vectorians are able to lift masses of diamonds many times their own size with ease. In a fight, an average Vectorian is usually able to hold his or her own against even a Super Saiyan. If the opponents strength surpasses a Super Saiyan's, then that when they need to transform.


They only have one transformation. It is known as the Superpower form. In this form, they are as strong as a Super Saiyan 2, with some exceptions. Also, in the Superpower form, intelligence decreases as much as strength increases, which serves as a check and balance to its power. Low class Vectorians rarely ever achieve this form, and if they do, it is only barely stronger than a Super Saiyan. High class Vectorians, such as King Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, are as powerful as even a Super Saiyan 3.

Distinguished Vectorians[]

  • King Wei
  • Shu
  • Wu
  • Gan
  • Teng
  • Jin
  • Xing


At the end of the Planet Pyre wars, the Vectorians were faced with endangerement. Their planet was destroyed by Viper, wiping out almost all Vectorians. The only survivor was Jin.