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Valentine is an earthling with unexplained, extraordinary abilities. As far as she knows she's always have had these powers. She is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball Slayers. Currently she is 16.


7 year old Valentine

7 year old Valentine

When she was 7, she had big blue eyes and her blue hair tied in twin tails, she wore a green cape over an orange robe. Along with leather shoes and silver bracelets.

Valentine is a beautiful young woman with a mature figure, standing at the height of 5'7. She is very slim with long hair tied back in a ponytail. A green scarf with an orange dress and leather boots.

Other times, she wears a white and pink dress with with blue flats. Her hair flows straight downward. At times it's curly, other times it's straight.

Other times she is seen wearing a long sleeved pink shirt under a white blazer with fitted black pants and white sneakers.


Valentine is a very bubbly and naive person. She sees the good in anything and everyone. She is very willing to give second chances, but her sense of justice is even stronger. If she deems yo unworthy of redemption, there is no changing her mind.


Valentine was born with superhuman abilities. Her powers were believed to be a gift from god, and she was gone to whenever there was a crisis. Being able to fly, shoot energy blasts, sense other energies, etc.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Valentine is stronger than the average person. She has all the abilities of a normal person, just over 100x as powerful. Her strength is far beyond human, being born with a power level of 500. By age 16, her power level shot up to 5,000.

Ki AbilitiesEdit

Valentine is especially talented on her uses of ki. With little training she has mastered flight and has created various energy based attacks.


Valentine has a wide array of energy based attacks. She refuses to use any Melee attacks if possible. Her fighting style revolves around range fighting. She keeps her distance and avoids up close conflict.

Jupiter CannonEdit

Valentine creates several large balls of energy and throws them at her opponent, ending in a powerful energy blast beam.

Saturn PincerEdit

She throws several disc like energy constructs to her opponent. Each disc is powerful enough to cut through mountains.

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