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Vakarot, Super Saiyan and technical Base Form


Vakarot, Super Saiyan Two

Vakarot is the fusion between Vegeta and the near adult Kakarot, whom looks alot like the Canon Goku.


  • Transformation
  • This Is Your Stop Sign! (A technique where, if Vakarot is in a city, picks up a stop sign, wacks his opponent twice, then, performs the homerun technique)
  • Homerun! (A technique where Vakarot, with all his strength, wacks his opponent with a stop sign)
  • This Is It! (A technique where Vakarot fires off a flurry of Ki Blasts, kicks his opponent into them, then, head butts them towards the ground and ends it with a large Full Power Energy Wave)

Super Saiyan Two[]

  • Instant Galick Gun (A technique where Vakarot charges a Super Galick Gun and uses Instant Transmission behind his enemy, then releases it)
  • Ending Your Life For Eternity! (A technique where Vakarot uses This Is Your Stop Sign, then uses Instant Transmission and knocks his enemy to the ground, then uses This Is It, replacing the Full Power Energy Wave with a Crimson Galick Gun)