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  • SupremeVegeta15

    My fellow wiki users, I have returned. I have returned to finish what I started. I will finish V. I swear it. I will be done with it before summer's end. If I ain't done with it by the end of August, KV and the other admins have my permission to both ban me, and delete it along with the rest of my stories. But if it is 100% finished, I want it to stay up. It is my best work. It is my only decent story and I will not allow it to be unfinished forever. To be clear, I am still leaving the wiki for good once I am done with it. I will read KV's review when it is done, but I will not be uploading anymore stories after V. I intend to save the best for last. V must be completed.

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  • SupremeVegeta15


    July 17, 2014 by SupremeVegeta15

    I have 3 major announcements:

    1. V will from now on be updated twice a month, and it will be finished before December's End. But I recommend that both KV and TS wait at least 2 weeks before reviewing it. I want to remove the rap chapters and replace them with real chapters.

    2. V is now competing with What_It_Means_To_Be_King_(If_Only_I_Were_Greater_Premiere)Once both stories are done, I will post a blog with a poll so that you can vote on which is a better Vegeta story. The winner's story will get this trophy:

    3. I will be continuing Avatar and Bleach vs DBZ. I wont start updating it until after I've finished V, and even after that, it may not be right away. I will re-watch Bleach first to make sure I get it right. I know what happens in th…

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  • SupremeVegeta15

    V news

    June 2, 2014 by SupremeVegeta15

    I will be posting V's full special this Wednesday. I will likely be posting more of the main story not long after. Oh and don't worry, Vegeta wont remain swordless for long. As to when and how he gets a new sword, you will have to keep reading to find out.

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  • SupremeVegeta15

    Update on V

    March 28, 2014 by SupremeVegeta15

    I will be taking a break on V's final to work on a special that takes place between the third and fourth sagas of V. This Special will be about Vegeta's and Ledas's friendship. A event will happen in the story that will test their friendship to it's limits. It will be written in 1st person Vegeta's viewpoint, with 3rd person chapters about Ledas. I will resume work on V's Final Saga after the end of this Special. It will be called Dragonball V:DNA of Friendship. For Now, this will be V's only special. If anyone reads V after it is finished, I recommend reading this special before you read the final chapter.

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  • SupremeVegeta15

    V's Final Saga

    March 9, 2014 by SupremeVegeta15

    Hello wikia users, This is SV15 writer of Dragonball V. I am here to announce that The Revenge Saga will be V's final Saga. It will feature the return of several characters. . Here are some questions that will be answered:

    Who will return?

    Why is Ledas so important?

    Who is the Voice?

    Is Legetas gone forever?

    Will Turles ever defeat Vegeta?

    Who gets a new transformation?

    And Finally, Who will die?

    V's end is quickly approaching. I wont spoil anything, but I can promise that it will be epic and full of plot twists that you'll never expect. I will do my best to avoid overpowering, and make sure that the grammar and spelling errors are kept to a minimum. V is my best and final story. I hope you all enjoy it and I doubt that TS will be able to beat t…

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