Destructivedisk Destructivedisk 28 June 2013

Destructivedisk's (new) Guide to Writing Fanfiction

The following is my guide to writing fanfiction.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Setting Up Your Fanfiction
    • 2.1 Determining a theme
    • 2.2 Types of Plots
  • 3 Actually Writing Your Story
    • 3.1 Writing Style
    • 3.2 Setting up a Scene
    • 3.3 Dialogue
    • 3.4 Fight Scenes
  • 4 Things to Avoid

First of all, let me be clear: there are no set rules for writing fanfiction. I cannot dictate to you what you must write nor can I say what you should write – I can only tell you what I think is best in a fanfiction. If you disagree with any of the content of this blog, then that is that – you disagree with it. You do not have to follow this guide; I would only recommend that you do. Above all else, remember – you decide the quality of your fanfiction. How readable your story becomes is up to you, and you alo…

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Destructivedisk Destructivedisk 6 May 2013

My New Reviews

As of the moment, this review blog is my main focus on the wiki. I don't have enough time to construct new stories quickly, nor do I want to commit that much time, so I'll be focusing on this for the time being. New stories are on their way, just slowly.

Request stories below. All suggestions welcome. I may review your story if I want to, even if you do not request it. I will, for the most part, try to focus on reviewing stories that have some semblance of decency - if your story is random drivel, I will very likely not review it. 

Please also do note that I will put most of my emphasis on cons rather than pros - while I will list out some pros that I do consider significant, I will put more time into criticizing your story than into praisin…

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Destructivedisk Destructivedisk 4 May 2013

I'm a Liar and a Thief

Well, everyone, I suppose you could say that I lied. I said I was leaving the wiki and that I would not return. I lied. I'm officially returning to the wiki now. It looks good here. Anyways, here are my goals for the forthcoming days. Goals which have not been completed yet are bolded, goals which have been completed are underlined, and goals which I have abandoned have been striked through:

High priority:

  • Begin my new story - has not happened yet
  • Continue my reviews, particularly the ones that have been waiting a long time - mostly complete
  • Win badges and become a big man - yeah!
  • Re-engage myself in the community - yeah!

Medium priority:

  • Get KidVegeta and Hyper Zergling to finally agree to do a story with me - nah
  • Create an anthology of my works - Yes!…
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Destructivedisk Destructivedisk 22 January 2013

Well Everyone

I guess the day has come. I've never done this before, and this is a bit hard, but here it goes:

I'm officially retiring from the wiki. I will not return.

It's been fun, don't get me wrong. I've been here for a very long time, and I've taken quite a few breaks, but I've never really retired. A small part of me might miss this old site, but that part probably died a long time ago.

As the last thing I'm ever going to do on here, I'm going to give a brief overview of my time on this site. I don't know exactly why, it just seems somehow fitting.

I came here first about a month after PTSN struck the wiki. I was initially on, but I came here and I don't quite remember why. I think the smaller, more personal feeling of the wiki fit me …

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Destructivedisk Destructivedisk 5 November 2012

Here We Go Again

I'm the man who's willing to tell everyone what they don't want to hear.

A Front's sequel has begun.

Yes, everyone, it's really happened. After well over a year, I've continued my story. And it's about to blow your mind, because I'm not just continuing one story -- I'm continuing two.

That's right; Tien: Origin's sequel is starting no later than tomorrow.

For the sequel to A Front, check out The Eye. For the sequel to Tien: Origins, check out Yamcha: Stasis. To get all of the stories on one page, check out The Human Tetralogy.

Anyways, I'm doing this for Nanowrimo, so they will be finished by the end of November, and my series will, at last, be complete. Here's the schedule for posting the rest of the chapters:

November 4th: The Eye, chapter 1 - …

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