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  • 19millsr

    Rhub disription

    June 2, 2011 by 19millsr

    Rhub is Brolys brother. He was called by Broly Before he died the second time. Rhub was born a Super Elite. He can go up to SSJ8. Rhub arived 10 years after GT. It would have taken him shorter but he was so far away and Rhub was sidetracked by his ship breaking down and needing major repairs. When Rhub finally gets there he brings terror to the world. Rhub's personality is like any other saiyan he has lots of pride and believes he is the strongest in the universe. When the Z-Fighters meet him they agree he is the strongest in the universe. To read more about Rhub then read Dragon Ball AGT[1]

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  • 19millsr


    May 31, 2011 by 19millsr

    Watch out for my new page Dragon ball AGT. it is about Brolys brother Rhub Showing u 10 years after GT. It seems like an easy win for the Z-FIGHTERS until they find out he can go to super saiyan 7

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