aka Zen

  • I live in Earth and planet Vegeta (former planet)
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is DBZ
  • I am Male

Hi i'm zendarmanitan and I am kind of new here. I have made a few fanfictions on this wiki. So far I have completed 2 fan fictions and they were minor ones. My major fan fiction is no where near done.

Major FanfictionsEdit

Major Fan Fiction are Fan Fictions that go into great detail and require a lot of tought. I have one so far. It is incomplete. Detail will be edited over time.

Dragon Ball Orbs of Destruction: Incomplete

Cell Domination: Not started

Minor FanfictionsEdit

These are Fan Fictions that don't require a lot of though and don't go into great detail. I mainly make them to pass time as I plan for Major Fan Fictions.

Ultimate Kakarot: Complete

Power Twist: Complete

Future Fan Fiction plansEdit

Spike's Quest: The adventures of Spike the Devil Man.

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