Hey there, I'm SSWerty, or Swetty if you prefer. I'm a rollbacker of this little site here, and can hopefully answer any queries you may have. I'm not too active, I won't make much more than a couple of edits a day, and that's probably never going to change. I'm one of our longest running users here, so if you need someone to talk to regarding fanons or anything else to do with the wiki, I'm your man. Alongside our three sysop users. You're probably better off talking to them for fanon advice, actually ;)

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Alternate names: Werty, ThaWerty, MrThatsSilly, SSW, Swetty
Allegiance: The Wertian Forces of Planet Werty
Gender: Male
Location: New Zealand, planning an invasion of the world
Race: Wertian
Hobbies: Playing music, listening to music, authoring Dragon Ball fanons, rowing, playing my PS3
Position within DBF: Rollbacker
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About meEdit

For starters, I do have a life outside this website, and so of course my schoolwork, social life and sports takes preference over this wiki ;) In all seriousness, while I would like to spend more time on this magnificent site, I just don't have enough time to devote. While I'm not active 24/7 (unlike my admin KidVegeta!), I try not to take too long to respond to something urgent.

I've been a long time Dragon Ball fan of around nine years, and know almost everything to know about the series. My favourite character is Goku, with Vegeta as a close second, and Cell being my fave villain. I have always loved the Dragon Ball series, though Z is and always will be my personal fave of the meta-series. I'm the author of Dragon Ball ST which, if you haven't already, you should check out. I'm currently in the process of revamping it, so it may often be updated and changed.

If you wish to view a Q & A page about me, my fanons and things around the site, check this page.

A Short History of DBFEdit

This brief little history has been written as seen through my eyes, and so it may appear biased and/or arrogant in some parts and is, as one might term, our wiki's "recent history". As such, it begins with my joining of the site. Seeing as how it is recalled from memory, some pieces may be missing, though I'll be sure to include the main parts.

You may read it here.

Top Ten Favourite Music ArtistsEdit

Just to be different, I thought I'd post this rather than my top ten characters. These bands are mostly metal-orientated, and are not in any specific order, and I've also linked my favourite song by each. Make sure you check 'em all out!

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