aka supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  • I live in GERMANY!
  • My occupation is scaring you.
  • I am Female ♥


Naru Narusegawa

10/12.. It depends.
Stuff I like
My cats, again. Music, my friends, and my family! Oh and DBZ, can't forget that!
Stuff I like to do
Ride my bike, watching manga, doing random junk with friends, sharing secretes, and reading.
My life
Is random
There is nothing else to say besides.. I'm epic!
Hi everyone, Sorry that I have been in-active... I forgot about this place, and it seems like a grew by far. Well now it's time to get back in gear and help this wiki out! I soon hope to be on the leader board... That's going to be kinda hard, but I might be able to! I love to make friends and get to, know people on the wiki, so you can leave me a message and I'll be sure to answer! Because I'm always on Wikia.. So you would expect it right??? I think so... So yeah!

thumb|300px|left|Darn he's good!

thumb|300px|left|If you're like be, this will drive you into tears.

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