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Hiya, I'm KidVegeta. Sometimes I can be found carrying the wheel. If you ever get a chance to read some of my fanons, I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy them. I've worked super hard on them except for the ones I haven't. :p

I'm open to collaborating with pretty much anyone on most anything, so long as I haven't already written about it before. If you want to collaborate with me, please be familiar with my universe, and don't suck at writing (pls i beg u). And it probably goes without saying, but, yes I am gay.

Active Stories

1 active story

Future Projects

Main article: User:KidVegeta/Future projects

Completed Stories

158 completed stories

  • Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten - A story about the life of a young Saiyan boy named Ledas as he tries to escape the nefarious Planet Trade Organization and reunite with his childhood friend, Prince Vegeta.
  • Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Yajirobe as he trains to become a Samurai, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • Chasing Oblivion - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Yamcha as he grows up in a world of bandits and vagabonds, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • Nineteen Assassins - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Tien as he trains to become a world-class assassin at the Crane School, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • His Majesty's Pet - The story of what happened to Vegeta after his planet was destroyed, his race exterminated, and he was taken in as a soldier of Frieza.
  • A Quest for Booty - A story about Beelzebub's journey to Earth to find the seven Dragon Balls and wish his father back to life. This story was written in collaboration with Creeperman129.
  • The Brady Patrick Collection - A collection of character-driven short stories, featuring numerous, and often minor, characters as protagonists.
    • Sixth - The story of why Krillin left Orin Temple.
    • Slaved - A story about Kid Vegeta after he was rejected from the Ginyu Force.
    • Soup - The story of how Turtle and Roshi met.
    • Scelerat - The story of how Cooler achieved his legendary fifth form.
    • Second-best - The story of King Vegeta's other son, Tarble.
    • Serial - The story of Tao's early foray into mercenary work, including a legendary battle with a famed opponent.
    • Sovereign - The tragedy of the single Cell Jr. who survived the Cell games.
    • Skulk - A story about Mr. Satan's inner fear when confronting Majin Buu on the World of the Kais.
    • Strength - The story of Zarbon's intended assassination of the young Vegeta soon after the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld.
    • Separator - The story of when Bardock met his son, Raditz.
    • Slick - A story about Korin going to Central City to buy a new cat bed.
    • Speedball - A story about the Tournament Announcer's substance abuse before the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • The Black and White Collection - A collection of one-shots tied together by several overarching themes.
    • Bluestreaker - A story about Burter and his family.
    • Sleep - A story about Toolo and his family.
    • Lionheart - A story about Nappa and dealing with pain.
    • Yellow - A story about Tarble and dealing with pain.
    • Tyrant - A story about Frieza and bravery.
    • Brave - A story about Tapion and Minotia and bravery.
    • The Watcher - A story about Shenron.
  • The Heels of the Unknown - A collection of short stories tied together through various themes and aesthetic inclinations.
    • A Shadow on the Wind - A story about Pikkon chasing down Babidi and Kid Buu, who escaped from Hell in In Requiem.
    • I'm a Candy Man - A story about Cui trying to beat Kuriza and the Ginyu Force in a dance-off for some chocolate.
    • Down the Well-Worn Road - A story about what happened to Elijah after the end of Spindlerun.
    • Cool Cat - The origin story of Korin, better known as the legendary Whiskers the Wonder Cat.
    • Starfall - A story about Bojack's last days genociding through the universe before he was captured and imprisoned by the four Kais.
    • Crushing Blue - A story about Super Handel, his drug addictions, hookers, murder, and his quest to find himself after he washes up on an unknown island.
    • Black Dawn - The story of Cyleria, the mother of Ledas, before she meets her end at the hands of Zarbon during the Genocide of the Saiyans.
    • The Great Sushi-Eating Contest - A story about a sushi-eating contest between Ledas and Tarble.
  • A Short-Lived Dream - A collection of one-shots, featuring stories written in the styles of The Brady Patrick Collection, The Black and White Collection, Things Were Better Then, The Heels of the Unknown, and Baby You're A Rich Man.
    • Ice Age Coming - A story about what happened to The Benfefactor following the events of Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten.
    • Superior - The story about how Salza became the leader of Cooler's Armored Squadron.
    • Small - A story about the young Nameless Namekian's isolation on Yunzabit Heights.
    • Shame - A story about Jeice after Burter stole his candy bar.
    • Black as Blood - The story of Aekyarian, a demon lord who became King of the Demon Realm following Dabura's abduction by Babidi.
    • He's a Baaad Man - The story of how Vegeta and Bulma (maybe) fell in love.
    • Untouchable - A story about kid Broly fighting some Planet Trade Organization aliens.
    • A Flap of the Wings - A one-shot that reveals Audacci's backstory. In it, she is raised on Planet Faeri following her parents' imprisonment by the Kais, before becoming one of the most feared space pirates in the universe.
    • Sandboys - A story about Master Roshi and Oolong scouring the beaches for some bitch baby mamas to seal the deal with.
    • Country Matters - A story about Ledas' daughter, Chari, and Vegeta's daughter, Bulla, spending some time together.
    • Not So Far - A story about Yajirobe, Korin, and Ledas playing poker together and sharing stories about their pasts.
    • The Ginyu Force Chronicles - A non-canon comedy about the Ginyu Force. This story is written as a script of an episode of a sitcom starring everyone's favorite alien mercenary group.
    • The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls - A non-canon comedy about what if Bulma fell in love with Goku's tail when they first met.
  • Ikigai - A light one-shot collection written by KidVegeta.
    • The Monster and the Maiden - A story about the last Legendary Super Saiyan, passed down from mother to son.
    • A Space Christmas Story - A story about Kuriza, Nappa, and Prince Vegeta celebrating Space Christmas on Planet Frieza 79.
    • One Chop Man - A story about Whis trying to find some tasty treats to eat.
    • Girl - A story about Ledas' son Olivien and the Dragons of the Dawn.
    • Twelve Majestic Lies - A story about Captain Ginyu, Burter, Kuriza, and some space tacos to die for. This story idea is credited to Creeperman129.
    • Mountain Bird - A story about Zamasu, some filthy ningen, and a whole kettle of mediocre tea.
  • Vöntun - A one-shot collection mostly focusing on characters from Dragon Ball Super.
    • Dyspo Sucks - A story about Jiren's first master.
    • Appetent Justice - A story about a Majin terror ravaging Universe 11.
    • Filthy Monkeys - A story about the day Caulifla met Kale.
    • Old Nishi - A story about Nishi, a Namekian who defended his homeworld from space pirates one time.
    • He Needs Some Space Milk - A story about Icer's early life.
    • The Naptime Championships - A short story about the first time Beerus and Champa met each other after becoming Gods of Destruction.
    • Leap - A story about Somen, the son of Soba, and some extragalactic Yardrat conspiracies.
    • Really Big Scary Monsters - A story detailing one of Kuriza's Katchiguri Force's missions.
    • The Mortal Flaw - A story detailing the battle between Goku Black and Jiren in Future Trunks' timeline.
  • A Trifling Matter - A collection of short stories detailing super trivial events that have no lasting impact on anything or anyone at any point in time ever.
    • Mushin - A story about Beerus' inability to master Ultra Instinct.
    • The Royal Exception - A story about the brothers Cooler, Frieza, and Nitro learning about the birds and the bees.
    • Doctor Piggyboy - A story about Dr. Rota, Frost, and the Saiyans of Planet Sadala.
    • The Space Taco Bandit - A story about Watagash visiting Planet Xii.
  • Ka Mua - A collection of one-shots focused primarily on characters and events in Universe 12.
    • Lights of Zalama - A story set in Universe 12 about a curious species of aliens who have started infesting an ancient and very sacred monument.
    • Time-Eater - A story set in Universe 12 about the demon Myaku, the God of Destruction Geene, and quite a bit of stolen Kaiju fruit.
    • The Deathless Scraps - A story set in Universe 12 about Dr. Kommon, a (supposedly) immortal vampiric android, and his greatest act.
  • I Wouldn't Want to Be a Fish Right Now - A one-shot collection focusing on how various characters, canon and fanon, deal with the issue of mortality.
    • Insatiable - A story about Majin Sesami acquiring three of Zalama's Artifacts.
    • Zeta Male - A story about the previous Eastern Supreme Kai (before Shin) and his attempt to pull the Z Sword out of the rock it is stuck in.
    • Trickster is Meaningless - The story of Okinaro achieving his third tail.
    • How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary - The story of Kuriza pranking the Ginyu Force after they ate his space crab ice cream, and the story of how Appule came to work on Frieza's ship.
    • Killing General Copper - The story of Hasky breaking General Copper out of prison, and the attempt to forge an alliance between the New Red Ribbon Army and the Red Ribbon Army Remnant.
    • The Swindler - A story about Emperor Pilaf acquiring a Dragon Ball during the Androids Arc.
    • Welcome to Rapture - A story about a woman confusing Imperfect Cell's attack on Nicky Town with the Rapture.
    • The Big Ugly - A story about Yuki and Kuriza bonding.
    • One Word From The Crane - A story about Android 17 encountering the Crane Hermit and Mercenary Tao.
    • Bean Daddy - A story about Yajirobe attempting to find a girlfriend.
    • Softpetal - A story about Somen and his schoolmates visiting Lipanto to steal drugs and other valuable items.
    • One of Them - A story about Uub hunting marlin.
    • Three Foolish Monkeys - A story about Chari, Olivien, and Bulla tracking Jia to a Morizakura warehouse in Seikishi City.
    • The Legend of Upa - The story of Upa climbing Korin Tower a week before his sixtieth birthday.
  • Somewhere Between The Ocean and The Bottom of This Glass - A light one-shot collection asking the serious questions.
    • Every Turtle Has His Day - Did Master Roshi ever use the Micro Band to try to spy on Launch again?
    • No Second Chances - What happened to Colonel Silver after Commander Red sentenced him to death?
    • Blue Wolf - What happened to Wolfe and his remaining crew after they fled Diablo Desert at the end of Chasing Oblivion?
    • The Shunko Onsen - Did Goku have any more episode-long filler adventures during his three years of training for the Twenty-Second World Martial Arts Tournament?
    • Nam's Big Dive - How did Tambourine kill Nam?
    • Hard as Diamonds - What did Master Roshi do with the huge diamond that Bulma gave him from Pirate Cave?
    • In Search of Pork Buns - How did Yajirobe get home after going to Capsule Corp. with Gohan and Bulma during the Androids Saga?
    • Feeding Time - What happened to Naemi after Cooler blew her into space at the end of Memories of a Bloodless Thrall?
    • Chi-Chi's Got Talent - What is one of the songs Chi-Chi composed while Gohan studied?
    • Patient 240 - What is a typical day like in the life of a medical soldier in Frieza's Empire?
    • Divine in Maturity - What happened to Xiros in KidVegeta's universe?
    • Tail Don't Lie - What was the exact moment Bulma fell in love with Vegeta?
    • Pontas Pilot - Did Monaka ever prank another space news station?
    • Soft Matter - What happened to Majins Walu and Sesami in Universe 5?
    • PFR - What typically happens when Master Roshi asks Oolong to watch Kame Island for him while he's away?
  • Sink to the Bottom - A story about Yamcha before the Androids Saga. In it, he tries to get Bulma to fall back in love with him and forsake Vegeta. This story was written in collaboration with Destructivedisk.
  • Ain't No Hero - A story which tells how Grandpa Gohan found the 4-star Dragon Ball. This story was written in collaboration with Destructivedisk.
  • Be a Man - A story detailing General Blue's rise to becoming a powerful General in the Red Ribbon Army. It is told in the form of postcards to and from General Blue, his brother Samuel, their mother, and several Red Ribbon Army soldiers.
  • The Perfect Lifeform - A story detailing what happened to each one of Dr. Gero's androids. Each android has their own story arc.
  • From Magic to Monsters - A story about Bibidi's many Majin creations, successes and failures, leading up to Majin Buu.
  • Scourge - A story about a woman chasing ghosts.
  • Ode to Dodoria - A story told in song about Frieza's acquisition of Dodoria.
  • Dragonball KC - A satiric piece showcasing the absurdity that writers often employ in their stories.
  • A Mother's Love (DBWI Story) - A what if story, asking the question "What if Goku's mother came to Earth during the Pilaf Saga and killed all of Goku's childhood enemies?".
  • The Anonymous Series - A story written while under the influence of alcohol about characters with small roles going Super Saiyan and stuff. This story was written in collaboration with Destructivedisk.
  • Dragonball lies in the old hat - A roleplay written while under the influence of alcohol. It features the adventures of the Zeatles and also some other people. This roleplay is extremely musically-oriented and features quite a few KidVegeta-created lyrics and songs. This story was written in collaboration with Destructivedisk.

Other Pages

  • My views on Canonicity - A page where I specifically detail which animes, movies, mangas, and other media of the Dragon Ball universe are considered canon by me.
  • My article on Saiyans - An article with exhaustive information on the Saiyans not found on their species' canon article.
  • User:KidVegeta/KidVegeta's Universe - A list of which stories on this site I consider to be canon to the "real" universe. Only stories listed on this page have occurred within the Dragon Ball timeline in my humble opinion.
  • User:KidVegeta/Non-canon pages - Stories either written solely by me or in collaboration with other users that I do not deem to be canon to the Dragon Ball universe or my own universe.


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