Wassup fam, da name is Gozon. Respect it.

Pretty freaking lit to be fourth greatest.

Super Kaioken 3 Goku

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For the Direst of Situations

Pele, the Hawai'ian goddess of volcanoes, lava, fire, and destruction

Birth name: Roman Philson
Height: 6'1"
Alternate names: Ro Ro Zilson, Ro Ro Philly, Super Nerd, Momo
Gender: Male
Location: Honolulu, Hawai'i
Race: French, Afghan, Black, Filipino
Occupation: School
Hobbies: Drawing, Programming


Favorite Quotes[edit | edit source]

"You monster! You killed Krillin!"
— Goku to every villain in the Dragon Ball Franchise

Current Fanfictions[edit | edit source]

Pour Moi[edit | edit source]

This article, Gozon, contains spoilers.

  • Dragon Ball GT: The Haunted Past: Order of deaths: Bulla or Bulma (whore), Uub or nearly any other Z-Fighter (athlete), Gohan or Trunks (scholar), Goten or Yamcha (fool), Pan or Marron (virgin)- based on Cabin in the Woods movie
  • Mo'o 'Ala- The Mighty Primate King: Sagas: Book One: The War, Book Two: The Pantheon, Book Three: The Invasion (Book is a tentative title, will probably find Hawaiian word for story in place of it)
    • Book One Villain(s): United Haole Nations (President Rubum, President Nigrum, Admiral Caeruleum, etc.)
    • Book Two Villain(s): Ali'i Loko 'ino (Demon King)
    • Book Three Villain(s): Hawai'ian Vegeta, Octopus Frieza
      • Forms:
        • Some sort of beast Oozaru form for Ra in first book, ability to call on a small burst of spiritual and minor godly energy (like Kaio Ken or False Super Saiyan) in second book, full god power (whatever we're finna call Super Saiyan) in third book
  • Mo'o 'Ala- Beyond Akua: Sagas: Book Four: The AbominationBook Five: The Demon
    • Book Four Villain(s): Several other aliens who achieve Akua (god) forms, an alien who absorbs other Akua form aliens and becomes even stronger (kinda like Cell)
    • Book Five Villain(s): God form Majin, tie in to Rift:Gods and Akua (the Majin will have been just sent by Kako)
    • Forms:
      • New form beyond god form in fourth book (incredibly bulky and huge, greatly increases power, lowers speed), another new form beyond god form in fourth book (very lean, hair grows back long in a pony tail, incredibly fast, slightly less strong than the normal god form), final post god form in fifth book (hairstyle of second post god form but slightly shorter, medium but very cut build like combo of last two forms).
  • Rift:Gods and Akua: will link other stories together (magnum opus)
    • including Mo'o 'Ala, Trunks: After Cell, Dragon Ball GT: The Haunted Past, etc.
  • сверхчеловек universe 13
  • fanfic idea: Saiyaman
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