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  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Uprising Author, Fan Fiction Author, Official Security Guard, Active wiki user, college student
  • I am A Legendary Warrior
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Goku484 — Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, We've been waiting for you! Majin Buu:
TALK — Saturday, 11 July 2020
It's Super Gotenks, The Grim Reaper of Justice, and your worst nightmare!

I am an active user who's constantly improving while on this wiki. I have studied DBZ since I was four years old, and now I'm 20. I love DBZ. I love DBZ, I have seen every episode from DB, to the end of GT, along with all of the movies, including the DB movies. I have played many DBZ Video Games. Besides Super, which I'm not fully caught up on.  I know more about DBZ then Akira Toriyama himself (who didn't even know who Broly was in an interview). I've been here since 2009/10 (although I didn't officially make an account until 2011). I love DC and Marvel as well as other fighting cartoons/comics, and video games so you may see the occasional crossover in many of my fics!

Future Works (main works)Edit

The Adventures of Pan and Bra A Spin-off of The Adventures of Goten and Trunks, following their younger relatives. 

Android VegetaEdit

Current WorksEdit

The Big Brawl (main project) (In-Progress) (resumed)Edit

The Tale of all tales. This unites countless worlds. You may finally see your all-time favorites from countless worlds compete in the ultimate battle royale.

The Big Brawl: Join the Fray (DBZ) 100% (Completed)

The Big Brawl: Connections (TMNT) (Usagi Miyamoto) (Kenshin) 100% (Completed)

The Big Brawl: DC 100% (Completed)

The Big Brawl: Marvel 100% (Completed)

The Big Brawl: YYH 100% (Completed)

The Big Brawl: Avatar (2%) (In progress)

The Big Brawl: Mortal Kombat (Haven't Started)

The Big Brawl: Tekken (Haven't Started)

The Big Brawl: Street Fighter (Haven't Started)

The Big Brawl: One Piece 100% (completed)

The Big Brawl: Naruto (Haven't Started)

The Big Brawl: Coming Together


Other WorksEdit

DragonBall: Dark Age 35% complete (small fic) (On Hiatus) (Pending)

A story that tells how Bardock came to retrieve his son from Earth after the tournament.

The Warriors Of The West (In Progress) (On Hiatus)(Collab with TFXan) (small project)

Break loose From Hell 15% (big project) (Pending) (On Hiatus)

The Adventures of Goten and Trunks 15% (main project) (On Hiatus) (In Progress)

The Innocence of Broly 75% complete (main project) (On Hiatus) (In Progress)Edit

DragonBall Z: Rebellion (Spin-Off) (On Hiatus) (In Progress)

The Clone Saga 15% complete (big project) (On Hiatus) (In Progress)

Surpassing the Legends (Small Project) (On Hiatus) (In Progress)

The Pride of a Prince (big project) (pending)

Universal Darkness (main project) (In-Progress) Edit

The Extraterrestrials (Tie-in story) (On Hiatus) (In-Progress)

The Namekian Legend (Tie-in story) (On Hiatus) (In-Progress)

Current Video GamesEdit

DragonBall Z: Own Path

My CharactersEdit



Android Buu

Android Goku






King Cablege







Extreme Kai



My PlanetsEdit

Planet JetStream

Planet Sadala (Goku484)

Planet Bardock (Goku484)

Planet Silence

Planet Tamaran

My TechniquesEdit

Vice Shout- The Dimension breaking child tamper tantrum scream first used by Super Buu and subsequently Gotenks. Used by Zuni during one of his rage moments.

What Goes Up Must Come Down!

Fave CharactersEdit

Vegeta - The right to be arrogant. Saiyan Prince, the best anime character development in the world. Should've been the strongest!

Gotenks - Badass little brat, he is hilarious as hell! The Grim Reaper of Justice! His fighting style with playful and childish yet still deadly combos and techniques/moves is fun to use, with my fanon characters, with him in the fanons, but especially in the games. 

Piccolo - thinks he's a badass but is smart as hell

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