The Ultimate Life Form

The Ultimate, sentient Life Form, the Seal, has come to show you TRUE POWER! He is my pet and I have taught him many tricks! =D

Seal Traits:

Strength - Capable of lifting a mass equivalent to a Googol Solar Masses casually.

Speed - Has access to the Speed Force, and is Omnipresent with speed. He can attack SS4 Gogeta with 1 billion Infinite Mass Punches before it even registers to Gogeta that he had moved.

Tail Smack - The sheer power brought forth from moving his tail allows him to casually wipe out the Omniverse.

Black Hole Creation - The Seal can casually create a black hole with enough mass to engulf the Universe Instantly.

Power Over Time - On top of speed, it has power over time, and makes it a daily habit to show those Time and Space Manipulator's that SPEED is still important.

Black Eyes - The Seal has access to Black Eyes, making him capable of casually taking control of everyone in the Universe, subjugating them to his every whim.


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