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"You, sir, have no grasp of reality."
— Hyper Zergling, showing Geti who's boss

"We should just have a list of times Toriyama dropped the ball, it's like a bouncing ball by now"
— Waffleminifigure

Hello. My name is Destructivedisk. I have been a user on this site since late 2010 and I have enjoyed a few minutes of it.

Some of my most important completed stories include:

  • Tien: Origins - The adventurous tale of Tien as he travels through time and space to understand his own origins.
  • A Front - The heroic story of Krillin, as he moves to West City and becomes a superhero.
  • That Magic Feeling - A collection of one-shots detailing the plights of various characters in Dragon Ball.
  • Sink to the Bottom - A collaborative story written with KidVegeta. In it, Yamcha tries to cope with his heartbreak after being left by Bulma.
  • Why Bother? - An introspective one-shot about Yajirobe as considers his past and present.
  • The Rise of Zarbon - A one-shot about Zarbon, and how he rose through the ranks of Frieza's soldiers.
  • Semi-Charmed - A poem about Tarble's arrival at Gure's planet and the ensuing catastrophy.
  • If Only You Knew - The epic, untold story of Zorn and his relationship with King Vegeta.
  • The Anonymous Series - A story written with KidVegeta while under the influence of alcohol!
  • The Ballad of Dango - A story about Chiaotzu written extemporaneously with KidVegeta.

Here are a few other pages of mine which may also be of interest to you:

Anyways, I used to be an admin on here, and was demoted for inactivity. I now trust KidVegeta and Hyper Zergling to do a good job with the wiki.

Hope you enjoy my stories!

Featured FanfictionsEdit

Here, I'm just going to list some un-featured stories that deserve more attention. These stories can be new or old, but they're all very good so you should definitely check them out if you have the time. If you think there's a story that should be added, let me know on my talk page.

Wall of ShameEdit

The following is a collection of quotes which are so unbelievably awful that I can't believe they exist.

  • "Mathematics Manipulation - The ability to alter values, etc. in the universe. Like altering the force of an attack, explosive radius, strength, etc.Geti186  14:15, July 10, 2013 (UTC)"
  • "I'm pretty sure anything which contains the word "Manipulation" in it, within a fictional story's background, which concerns the physical realm, is unrealistic by any means. Regardless, there is a reason why it is called "fiction" and not "fiction-which-is-reality-but-not-reality"Geti186 (talk) 14:21, July 10, 2013 (UTC)
  • "I think people give a minor small crap about what i say. So... do any of you have questions on my fanfics?" - Nobody700
  • "This is one of a very few stories that show why someone does for what they do." - Nobody700
  • "It was a amazing story, only one problem, that they said his name, it would have been better if the author replaced it with "This man... was not a man anymore. He was a well oiled machine now." - Nobody700
  • "Waffle said OP characters are always terrible and Sue-like. I mean, how is an ASURA likeable? Anyway, I'm sorry that my characters are too OP for your taste -_- Just treat my universe as entirely separate from DB, then it would be better." - Geti186
  • My abilities are attempting to draw away from that perceived notion of power just through explosions, etc. Rather than application. After all, Batman is known for creating contingency plans to defeat even superman and the flash." - Geti186
  • "Why are my quotes in there -_- You do understand that all this can be found in powerlisting.wikia right? Also, it is well-known that Batman is the god of prep, in the Justice League comics, forums, etc. he is portrayed as such." - Geti186
  • "I mean, what is wrong with having more power? Does it take away SOMETHING from the character? What does it do aside from preventing regular ol' plotlines from happening? After all, I VERY COMMONLY see characters without a soul gaining one... Yea, very unoriginalGeti186 (talk) 14:16, July 12, 2013 (UTC)"
  • "my mom told me it was a veggietable!" - Kameron esters-
  • "Sid has the odd habit of referring to people he doesn't know as "shitheads" ("Scum" in the FUNimation release)" - Zeon1
  • "Quit having a his say fit and be a... Pink blog" - Nobody700
  • "Blitz: Hold the fucking balls!" - Kameron esters-
  • "i just get pinky guy so whats up

the sky" - Gracesassy

  • "Reeko*Grabs it and throws it to Leo: Sir pass...what the hell am I doing!?" - Nobody700
  • "As I rip energies from others, I have no control over my own energy! That sounds like an amazing logical flaw to his ability!

I mean, it sounds like a noobefied version of the Android's abilities. How does it align life force again?Geti186 (talk) 08:41, July 17, 2013 (UTC)" - Geti186, discussing Energy Ripper

  • ""Things in Bultra's minds are confusing, insult him once and he will want to kidk you're ass until you cry for him to stop that's all..." - Nobody700
  • Quotes from Samehada by Samehada Sword:
    • "If you know how to use masterpiece of nature, you will soon realize that you are actually it's part."
    • "I more prefer scientic than spiritual abilities of mine now, but I know how to master them and I will purify this world from whatever it can be purified of"
    • Samehada, sometimes called Biological Genius, can be very dangerous, so don't mess with him, unless you have some sort of braveness or you are just crazy. With Dragon Heart he is unstoppable in physical strength and endurance, also connected with muscular wires on his body that give him massive look of Titans, Intellect based of complexed wires made of unknown galaxy's material that can make connections faster and make good techniques and tactical plans with fusion of both original human brain and the material."
    • Daily his body increases double size than casual human or saiyan by usage of Hypophysis' Growth Hormone Injection" and his height increased drastically, even if his age of maturing ended far ago. Samehada's at age of 901.484.128.241 and he managed to do that with time travel, from age of 1 to age of 1.000.000 or further, for example, and searching for new medicines that can save his youth and make him eternal.
    • "If we'd say more about his musculature, his muscles can easily overpower gravity of any single planet, which some combined together cannot be successful."
    • "Samehada took DNA from fish, specifically said shark and gained gills." (+5 points for complete lack of understanding of how reality works)
    • "Inside of Samehada can be seen many things, such as very important organs like: heart, lungs or genitalies"
    • "Due to his intellect, his personality can change drastically sometimes by condition he's at. In wildness he can be wild and act tough and destroy whole place in few seconds, but he can be different when it's word about culture and attitude. In front of intellect equal to his he can be smart, act like he's interested into point of conversation they talk about. All the travel trough time gave him so much culture from other times, people, species, but there must be mentioned that DNA has affect on personality too. As getting some DNA some animal characteristics can be kept from the same ones, but Samehada learned how to control them."
    • "During wars between species from other planets, Samehada's born."
    • "They died, got killed by "the grays" at his age of 5 and that motivated Samehada to become scientist too and defeat them all."
    • " When he found dead lion (that lion died few hours before Samehada found it), Samehada decided to mix DNA with alive shark, his pet. Then shark started mutating and created itself a interesting, new body parts. Legs grew it, it could breath by using oxygen with lungs and hair started growing. That made Samehada think, what if he mixes himself with lion-shark and create stronger himself. Samehada decided to risk and merge with it. That gave him shark skin, increased muscles, gave him ability to breath in water and gave him sharper teeth."
    • "But Samehada decided to use more DNA from other species and gain more abilities. He defeated most of species, including "Grays" and gained enough intellect to build amazing machines. With that, war stopped."
    • "He met Z-Fighters, known for saving universe many times. They tried to defeat him, but unsuccesful and they decided to learn him those abilities. "
    • "Pigment Changing is ability to change skin colour with colour cells called pigment cells."
    • "Though this sounds like nothing, it is very important for every unit, specific to Samehada. With immune system like this, bacterias can be afraid of Samehada, since it is melting bacterias within a second. During that process leukocytes take bacterias with them (what left of them) and separates energy and vitamins from those, making Samehada even stronger. With Dragon Heart, those travel much faster trough the organism and take every foreign body with themselves. If AIDS would attack the body, immune system reacts by killing those cells that were occupied with AIDS and kill them, not making any affect to organism, since they multiply very fast."
    • "You won't like to mess with Canis Flamma, because of it's unique traits and special abilities Samehada gave to it. Those fire abilities mixed with DNA give it ability to create fire with his cells. Those nails can scratch the strongest materials in the universe and spit acid with no problem, but beware - it's dangerous!"
  • "The page gives an impression (to me atleast) that it is Bultra who things Goar is stronger than Bultra instead of Bultra thinking that Goar thinks that Goar is stronger than Bultra. Could you please put an explanation in the page since believing that alone saiyans are strong and seeing Goar eating alone doesn't exactly mean that Bultra thinks that Goar thinks himself being stronger than Bultra." - Namekimanie
  • "You would want to play as Future Yajirobe because his moveset rocks

    many people think the first dragon ball universe game is better than the sequel" - User:ThenotoriousHeisenblokz

  • "Awesome you archived the previous talk's on your talk page, and when they enter the new talk page they see these message about that Retarded, Gay, and Mentally fucked vandal Secord one of these days' can you Archive my talk page?" - User:Deadpool the merc
  • more coming soon!
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