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"So much homework. No time for fan fiction stuff. Save my soul, please, sir."
— A haiku by Creeper

"rule #1: there will be no jive babble in my house"
— KV's Rule

Hi there! I'm Creeperman129, or simply "Creeper". I haven't made, or even read, that many fan fictions yet and I've fallen out on regularly attempting to write them. However, I occasionally (very occasionally) lurk on here and could give some advice on improving your stories. Thank you.

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Fan Fiction Progress (most on inconclusive hiatus)[]

Currently Working On...[]

Probably Going to Work On...[]

*In order of importance

  • A Ginyu Force Story Collection
  • A General Rilldo Story
  • A Shen Story
  • King of the Demon World (An Alternate Buu Saga)
  • How Garlic Jr. got his minions during the Garlic Jr. Saga
  • An After GT Story (without Goku)
  • A 'What-if' where Whis couldn't do his Temporal Time Do Over
  • A Story about a War including the Frieza Force
  • An Ozotto Origin Story
  • A Dr. Kochin Story
  • A Story About Master Roshi Training Grandpa Gohan and the Ox-King

Possibly Going to Work On...[]

*In order of importance

  • A Yamcha Mystery Story
  • The Return of Garlic Jr. Sequel
  • A Nam Story
  • The History of the Shapeshifting School
  • How Master Roshi Got his Baby Gamera
  • A Story about Bee
  • A Story about the Fish at the Start of Dragon Ball 

Finished Working On...[]

*In order of completion, starting from the top